her Life

Winnie born on the 23rd day of March, 1934 was a wife to Charles Isidore  and a mother to seven children namely Eddison, Corinthia, Eileen, Cynthia, Clement, Ronnie & Randy .  She was born and raised in Campbell in Dominica  and had two brothers, Robelto and St.Hillaire, four sisters Misilie, Foo Foo, Botoe and lisima. She was a beautiful person and had a cheerful and bubbling heart that made everyone in her path happy, wether man, woman or child. she was loved by everyone and always made you happy to be around her. lets say there was never a dull moment with her.

she leaved her life to the fullest , but talk about being stubborn that was mamie alright. One could not stop her from doing the things she wanted to do. She had a favourite way of sitting i remembered with her knees touching under her chin. Everyone use to be amazed at that, especially in that position when a joke is being given by her or the other party. She loved laughing and with taste too.

Mammie was very special and had been afraid to travel oversea. She got invited first to Trinidad to spend some time with me and noway you could not get her to do so.  Many times Ronnie, Randy and Clement even her grand children wanted her to visit the USA but no way she would say. There came that time she answered Ronnie Yes and my heart was in my hand. i said to myself unless i saw that plane leave the ground i would not trust her. well it did happened and boy when she came back she had put on a little weight and looking real good. She had a good time with all who was up state.   She was suppose to go to England to spend some time with her sister foo foo and said no, when she is back in Dominica that will happen. Well it never happened. She must have said to herself in patoi moi zor le trew a le plane la? zor takay we moi eh "lol" (all you want to kill me on the plane? all you would  laugh me eh)  Winnie was not an easy cookie to deal with.

At nights she would alway come home sit and watch her little TV if she is not down in the village visiting someone.  Her Coke and Ice  were three major things to take,with you know what (ha ha ha) before she goes to bed. I  guess that gave her a sound good night rest. Mind you jackson she never know to take off her nighty before she came outside. Madame X all by the road sweeping taking care of her flower, just as she got up.  One thing she hated was for us or anyone  to come in the morning and wake her up from bed. lol. but i did it anyway. that fatal morning she did not want me to see where she was and allowed me to close her front door with my back facing the inside of her house.  You know she was lying down on that floor for maybe 14hrs and no one knew because she always use to go out early some days to the market to buy her breadnut to cook. That is what i thought when i called her through her bedroom window with her bed well made up as though she fixed it before going and did not hear her. Little did i know when i got that telephone call at sometime midmorning from my brother ronnie to give me the news that he met her on the floor colapsed. It just took me a second to tell him that she was dead if that is the case, and the rest was history to the ears of the entire village and the rest of her friends all over. Mammie i will continue sometime again rest in peace. love you always.