Let the memory of WOOGIE be with us forever
  • 58 years old
  • Born on July 2, 1953 in New York, United States.
  • Passed away on April 4, 2012 in HOLLYWOOD, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, WOOGIE THOMAS 58 years old , born on July 2, 1953 and passed away on April 4, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Pauline Wilson on 4th July 2018
Happy Birthday The man with the giant voice and gently spirit. We love and miss you so much. Love Pauline and Robert
Posted by Laura Block-blandon on 2nd July 2018
Woogie, Thinking of you on this special day and missing you! Party hard in heaven!
Posted by Shirley Thomas on 2nd July 2018
Happy Birthday Woogie!!! Oh how you loved your birthday!!! What joy you had every day! What a privelege to have celebrated life with you, and witness your beautiful spirit shine brightly as you loved me and so many others. Joy of joys you were to me, a true gift from God with your pure-heartedness and unfailing love!!! Love you to Heaven and for Eternity! Shirley
Posted by Laura Block-blandon on 4th April 2018
Woogie, Stopping by to send some love and let you know you are forever in my heart. Until we meet again, peace, love and happiness! Your other little sis, Laura
Posted by Pauline Wilson on 2nd July 2017
-Happy Birthday to you!! Our friend and big brother WOOGIE -As you celebrate with the angels in heaven with Jesus by your side, we here on earth are remembering and celebrating you today. You are a that special gift that God gave us to cherish and love. Your kindness was wide and deep-the love you had in your heart for all was incredible. You are missed so so much. Love You ALWAYS, Robert and Pauline
Posted by Shirley Thomas on 2nd July 2017
Precious Woogie! What joy you took in celebrating your birthday! It was amazing how you appreciated each new year life brought. The fullness of your joy is memorable, inspiring, and praiseworthy. May all who loved you be blessed today as they remember your beautiful, strong, and loving spirit! I know I am always going to be blessed by having had you as my brother, my friend, my teacher, and my loving husband! Love always! Shirley
Posted by Laura Block-blandon on 2nd July 2017
Woogie, Happy birthday to you my friend, celebrate, beautiful angel in heaven!
Posted by Shirley Thomas on 5th April 2017
Precious Woogie, The you are my darling who is in Heaven where I can't see you, but the great joy you had and shared here on earth must be so much brighter, pure and perfect there with Jesus! You are so missed and your big heart of love and beautiful smile, gentleness, strength, and courageous heart changed my life forever for the better. A gift from God you will always be to me! Love forever! Shirley
Posted by Laura Block-blandon on 4th April 2017
Hey Woog, It's me, Laura, checking in, thinking about you today and always, missing you tremendously! You are forever in my heart and on my mind, will always love you lots! Your other little sis. Laura
Posted by Rockey Racoon on 5th December 2016
Posted by Shirley Thomas on 9th July 2016
Woogie Darling, You loved your Birthday and the beach and the people in your life with the purest kind of love, peace, and happiness! Miss Shirley
Posted by Pauline Wilson on 2nd July 2016
Miss you brother Woogie, seems so long, you are resting in the arms of beautiful Jesus and Shirley, Love Rob and Pauline
Posted by Laura Block-blandon on 2nd July 2016
Woogie Couldn't forget this special day! Sending love and good wishes to you . Letting you know you are always in my heart. Your "other" little sis, love you lots. Laura
Posted by Laura Block-blandon on 11th April 2016
Woog, I'm running late this year, sorry! You are in my thoughts always, just got caught up with "mom stuff"! I miss you so much, but will always know in my heart that I was blessed having you in my life for any amount of time! Love you always! Laura
Posted by Pauline Wilson on 5th April 2016
Dearest Woogie, You will always be remembered to me as a rose that left the fragrance in the room after you left it. Your smile and heart as large as the moon and back. The Love you displayed to everyone you came across left an impression in the hearts of many. We Love you Always, Robert and Pauline Wilson
Posted by Shirley Thomas on 4th April 2016
Precious Woogie, You were the light of my life, the best friend and husband I could ever have prayed and for and wished to have. All the people you loved and who loved you were many! Because of how I saw you love people, I was able to learn more abut what love really means than I ever could have earned without you teaching me. God must be so pleased your beautiful heart full of love. What an angel you are my darling! Strong and beautiful is how I remember you, full of joy and laughter. Peace, love and happiness as you would say. May it be in the hearts of all of us left here on earth without you. Until we meet again in Heaven, know that I a in the loving care of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your Shirley!
Posted by Gail Sharpe on 4th April 2016
"Gone 2 Soon" My continued condolences 2 da family... R.I.P. Woogie
Posted by Shirley Thomas on 3rd July 2015
Happy Birthday precious darling! You were the best husband ever! I miss your smile and your heart for me and all the people you loved so beautifully with God's love in you BIG! Your Tiger Eyes!
Posted by Laura Block-blandon on 1st July 2015
Hey Woogie, Laura here, just checking in to say hey and happy birthday! Missing you lots now & always! Sending love your way! Laura
Posted by Laura Block-blandon on 4th April 2015
Hey Woog, Just checking in to say I love you & miss you! Hopefully you & Dad are up there smoking a big, fatty! Big hugs & kisses to you both, l miss you both immeasurably! Laura
Posted by Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe on 19th October 2014
Woogie, you are legendary. Always remembered. O digba o se
Posted by Laura Block-blandon on 2nd July 2014
Happy Birthday Woogie! Just letting you know today was the day an angel was born on 7/2/1953. I was lucky enough to have known that angel and will be forever grateful for having you in my life for many years! I miss you so much man! I love you always! Laura
Posted by Laura Block-blandon on 4th April 2014
You are always with me everyday in every way! I go from room to room in my house and there is that million dollar smile! Although they're only pictures your kind, dear, warm and loving ways will be with all of my life. We will meet again someday. I love you always! Laura
Posted by Laura Block-blandon on 2nd July 2013
Happy birthday Woogie! I hope you are having one big party at the beach! I love you and miss, you, you are forever in my heart! Hugs, Laura
Posted by Laura Block-blandon on 4th April 2013
Woogie, I miss you so much! I know you are watching over us saying "life is beautiful"! Peace, Love, and Happiness my brother! I love you! Laura
Posted by Audrey & Sol Block on 4th April 2013
Life is beautiful! Woogie is, was, and will always be the essence of beauty, kindness, love, peace and happiness. He showed all who knew him how to enjoy life. Life is beautiful!
Posted by Gail Sharpe on 3rd July 2012
""Gone To Soon"" Happy Birthday 2 Woogie & God's blessings to the bereaved family!! R.I.P. Woogie!!!
Posted by KipAnne Huntz on 5th May 2012
Woogie, God knew what I didn't, that I did indeed need "another" big brother, you made #4. I was just starting school when you walked into our family. Your advice was invaluable & never forgotten, your smile as bright as the sun & your laughter highly contagious, your shoulder strong & your hug comforting, Thank you for being in my life, what a true blessing. Love you & miss you! Kip
Posted by Laura Block-blandon on 26th April 2012
Woogie from the time we met I always knew you were a special person. Through all the years of knowing you, you have turned out to be more special than I could have imagined. Loving, kind, caring, compassionate, funny, uplifting and man oh man that smile, that killer smile! Your presence lit up the whole room and then some! I will miss you much and will always love you!
Posted by Richard Huntz on 21st April 2012
Woogie I am happy to know you and proud to call you brother. From Jr. High to delivering Pachinko machines in Atlanta. Teaching you how to drive a VW- I still laugh today, thank you, to you showing me the ropes at the horse track to, simply having a beer and laughing together. Woogie, I quietly reminisce, and thank you for being such a bright star in my life. "Love Ya Woogie"
Posted by DEBORAH THOMAS on 20th April 2012
Posted by Gail Sharpe on 20th April 2012
R.I.P. Woogie, my condolences to the family!!!!!
Posted by Sue Ramos on 20th April 2012
Ah Woogie... Your smile, your voice, your crazy wonderful personality, your compassion, your passion, your generosity, your heart that was so huge it touched anyone within miles of you... all these and more will ALWAYS remain alive in my heart. Our love & prayers will always be with Shirley and all the Thomas families ♥ Bless you all ♥ Love, Susan Huntz-Ramos & Family
Posted by DEBORAH THOMAS on 13th April 2012

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