Let the memory of Xiaochun be with us forever
  • 57 years old
  • Born on April 16, 1957 .
  • Passed away on November 12, 2014 .

Our enitre Avon family is saddened by the loss of our dear friend and colleague, Xiaochun Luo, Chief Scientific Officer.  Her passion for science and innovation inspired us all.  Her commitment to the team she led and her warm friendship will be remembered forever.

Posted by Vicki Powell on 13th November 2018
Remembering the sweet smile you always had, and the love of your family bless your heavenly soul.
Posted by Lisa Gallo on 12th November 2018
Remembering you today as I do everday and missing you as always.
Posted by Lisa Gallo on 16th April 2018
Thinking of you today and everyday. Remembering all that you taught me and how much I value that every day ❤️.
Posted by Vicki Powell on 16th April 2018
Missing my dear friend, will always keep you in my heart
Posted by Louise Scott on 16th April 2018
Remembering our lovely Xiaochun on her birthday....always missed.
Posted by Maha Raouf on 13th November 2017
3 years passed by and you are always remembered for your caring and love for this organisation and everyone. Prayers to you and your family
Posted by Lisa Gallo on 12th November 2017
Thinking of you today and everyday and remembering everything that you taught me so I can do my best to respect your incredible legacy. Lisa Gallo
Posted by Louise Scott on 12th November 2017
Xioachun will always be in our thoughts and hearts. She left such an amazing legacy in Avon R&D. She is truly missed.
Posted by Vicki Powell on 12th November 2017
Xiaochun today is 3 years since you are gone, I miss you, this is one f those days that I would be in your office telling you about the things going on in my life, you were such a wonderful, loving caring friend, you treated me like a friend, God bless you
Posted by Maha Raouf on 16th April 2017
Dear Xiaochun We miss everyday in R&D . Your spirit and teaching are always guiding everyone. You will always be with us
Posted by Louise Scott on 16th April 2017
Xiaochun has a special place in our hearts at Avon R&D in Suffern. Remembering her on this day that would have been her 60th birthday.
Posted by Lisa Gallo on 16th April 2017
Missing you today and everyday. Always on my mind and in my heart.
Posted by Vicki Powell on 16th April 2017
Xiaochun you are truly missed, I think of you often, you may have been the big boss at Avon, but you treated me like I was truly your friend, I love the talks we would have about life, and family, I hope you are loving being in HEAVEN, hugs and love always
Posted by Louise Scott on 13th November 2016
Xiaochun, you remain in our thoughts and hearts here at Avon. I will always remember your kindness, encouragement and friendship.
Posted by Lisa Gallo on 12th November 2016
Not a day goes by when I don't think of you. I was so privileged to have you as a boss and mentor. I am so fortunate to sit in the office you once sat in with so many great memories.
Posted by Vicki Powell on 12th November 2016
Xiaochun you will always be in my heart, I will never forget the kindness you showed to me, or the love you had in your eyes the day we talked about the earthquake in China, knowing you had family there, and the peace you had when you knew they were all well, God created in you a peaceful loving heart and you will be missed by me more than you will ever know.
Posted by Louise Scott on 16th April 2016
Remembering our lovely CSO and friend on her Birthday. We think of her often in Avon R&D and are inspired by her innovative spirit and her warmth and humbleness.
Posted by Lisa Lamberty on 16th April 2016
Thinking of you and missing you today and always.
Posted by Maha Raouf on 29th February 2016
Always remembered as how you encouraged and inspired us. You are truly missed. Miss your excitement in the status meeting when my team shared a new formula or an idea. Today is yet another day in our heart forever.
Posted by Lisa Lamberty on 12th November 2015
Not a day goes by when I don't think of you or something you have taught me. I feel so fortunate to have had you in my life and I am so lucky that I get to sit in the office where you used to sit. It inspires me everyday. Missing you, Lisa
Posted by Vicki Powell on 12th November 2015
Today I keep Xiaochun"s spirit in my prayers, she is still so deeply missed, wow I still can't believe that she is gone, but I will always remember her smiling face, the wonderful talks we had and the hugs at the end of the day. Bless you, you are always in my heart.
Posted by Lisa Lamberty on 16th April 2015
Thinking of you today on your birthday. Missing you especially today and always.
Posted by Janice Teal on 19th November 2014
It is with deepest sorrow that we all mourn the loss of Xiaochun. She was a remarkable woman both personally and professionally. She saw the best in everyone and generously gave her time to mentor and help others achieve their dreams. She was a visionary and caring leader who made a difference in the world. She was a dear friend to me and I will cherish the many wonderful memories I have of Xiaochun. She has left a strong legacy in R&D with her many achievements and inspirational leadership. Her vibrant spirit will live on in our hearts but she will be greatly missed. My prayers are with her dear family who were always in her thoughts. My she rest in peace.
Posted by Vicki Powell on 18th November 2014
Xiaochun was a good friend to me, she was my boss but she never let that title stand in the way of our afternoon chats, she was so warm, loving and caring, I remember when that terrible storm was in China and we were in the hallway talking about it, and she asked me to pray for her family that were over there, and I did, to me she was one very special person and I will never forget her, may her soul rest in peace.
Posted by Josie Adams on 16th November 2014
Xiaochun was a brilliant scientist and visionary innovation leader. She led Avon to deliver many industry-first, superior technologies. She taught us to strive to give consumers benefits they never imagined -- to blaze new trails, instead of playing in competitive strongholds. She challenged us through insightful questions, and always with a humility and belief that others were smart (she would say smarter than herself – but we knew better). She believed in us and that makes us want to work so hard to never let her down. Her track record of award-winning new products speaks for itself, and she was quick to give her teams the credit. Beyond her technology leadership, Xiaochun showered us with her wisdom. She patiently helped me understand that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. “Others are smart” meant to try first to understand why they may have a different – and valid - point of view, when I couldn’t imagine why my persuasive arguments weren’t making any headway. She taught us much about collaboration and true teamwork. She said she really wanted R&D leaders to be a true team. And then she role modeled that on every occasion together afterward, deeply listening to all points of view, encouraging everyone to contribute and respecting all. Xiaochun compassionately led us through some difficult times for our business, including three rounds of downsizing. She shouldered as much of the burden herself as long as she could, but involved us where needed to make difficult headcount decisions. She taught us by example how to wear a “big hat” where the organization’s greater good came before any of our own interests. This credibility, her strong influence skills and the quiet resolve she had when wearing her red dress for budget discussions earned her the ultimate compliment from our CFO Kimberly, who entitled her “Toughest Budget Negotiator” in the company. Above all else, Xiaochun’s compassion leaves the strongest imprint on Avon and on each and every person she touched. During those tough headcount reduction exercises, more than once we found Xiaochun crying over spreadsheets late at night in her office. She cared for each and every R&D associate with the compassion of a big sister, and worked tirelessly to find the right fit somewhere in the organization wherever possible. She always made the tough decisions the business required, but all impacted – and all who remained - were comforted by her care and concern. I wish I had words to convey to you the deep love and admiration all in R&D and across the company have for Xiaochun. Walking through labs and offices over the past few days, we’ve been so deeply touched by the stories each colleague has to share. The chemist she recognized as new in the lab, and quietly asked a co-worker his name so she could introduce herself and welcome him. The associate she sent home from an important meeting at work so she could see her second grader give a performance in a school play. The two associates on their way to the Avon holiday party she hosted at Mt. Fuji, who were dancing in their parked car to music when she tapped on the window and started dancing with them. So authentic, so humble, connecting with all as equals, as a sister, as a friend. Xiaochun described Avon as a special place, and a company with a “big heart”. There is no one that better exemplifies all that is good with our culture and no one with a bigger heart. We will try our best to honor her legacy and keep this compassion alive. There has been an outpouring of grief over the past several days, but co-workers have also been bonding together and sharing so many fond and funny memories. We have been a comfort to each other, just as she had been to us. We wish we could offer some small comfort to her family and friends who have suffered such a great loss. Wei, Byran and Brandon, thank you for sharing such a remarkable and caring woman with us. Please know she has been deeply respected and deeply loved. She has touched our hearts and left each of us better in some way. We are eternally grateful to have had the privilege to know her. Her spirit shines brightly and lives on.
Posted by Ginger King on 15th November 2014
Dear Xiaochun, It was nice to see you in my dream last night when I heard about your passing. You told me you are happy and peaceful. I am glad. We had many fun times together both professionally and personally. Thank you for being my boss, my mentor, my cheer leader and my friend. You will be forever cherished. I have told Wei, Byron and Brandon to reach out any time as I am part of your friends and family. Rest in Peace as you told me you are! Love you always xo, Ginger
Posted by Jennifer Vaval on 15th November 2014
I am shocked by the loss of Xiaochun. She was a kind, caring and wonderful person. She was a great leader and never forgot to remember the people around her. She will be missed. God bless her and all of her family.
Posted by RONGLIN WANG on 15th November 2014
I am greatly saddened and shocked by this tragic news. Xiaochun is one of my most talented and accomplished classmates of 1977 from Sichuan Agricultural University. May her soul rest peacefully in heaven! She will be with us forever. 安息吧, 我的同学和朋友!

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