His Life

His Life

Brondairess Stephens JR. Was born January 20, 1990 in Lincoln hospital if the Bronx. To Luz Nancy Pinto and Brondairess Stephens, and his older sister Shakiela. Growing up in the 90s on Cypress & Sheridan Avenue was nothing but fun and love with his family. We always had Parties with Merengue and rice & beans at Abuela’s house. Most of the time the Stephens  family would come over for the parties. Both Grandmothers were there these Parties (Mary Stephens & Maria Pinto). What great times we had.  The family called Brondairess Stephens JR. “Bae”. However so many times his mother would call him her little “Bookie”. if you are one of the lucky ones then you would’ve heard her sing this song. He later moved with his mom to Nelson Avenue and then Finally onto Shakespeare Avenue, but his father and mother always remained very close. Many weekends growing up he spent his time with his titi Enid  & cousins Jonathan, Elizabeth, Mario, Louis or titi Jenn with Cousins Charlene, LaTanya and Jonathan.  Almost every birthday was shared with his sister Shakiela, since their birthdays were just days apart.  Bae had so many more cousins, Aunts, Uncles and friends. He was always a child of god. He dedicated his whole life to god, Completing his Baptism and following the guidances of the god parents, (Rosa, Jennifer, Darryl& Macho).
I remember his kindergarten graduation, he marched proudly to the song (Believe it or not I’m walking on air). He was present for many more graduations...including his high school graduation from Bronx Leadership Academy! I remember that Evening as well. He smiled gladly while his parents, titi Jen, my children and I watched him take a very important step, in attainhis diploma. The 1st male in the Stephens family to get his High School  Diploma.
He went into the workforce full throttle with various security positions. However it was not his true calling. He begin writing lyrics to songs he would later spit and do so with pure talent! 
He reconnected with a high school friend who would share his talent with the world through various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, And YouTube. “Ya Boi Bron” was born again! He was a YouTube hit, dropping song after song, album after album, video after video, and interview after interview! He continued to stay close to his family throughout his endeavors, with his biggest fans cheering him on. CrazyLove & Bron B were featured many times in their sons videos. 
I must say this guy was a prankster, scaring his mother for the most part and recording it and sharing with close family and friends for a laugh. He would always find a way to get you to smile or smile himself. Unfortunately he began to suffer with illness. He was hospitalized and had a very close call which inspired new music and a different way of life. He focused more on his health and spending time with his children. His health did improve but only for a short time. He became very sick, and he did succumb to his illness on March 27th 2021, Surrounded by doctors, his parents, god-mother, cousins and friends. Most importantly he was anointed and prayed over and given the sacrament of (last rights/Annointing of the sick.) 
“God is so good”, he would often say.. and god is. We may not understand why, but we are not to question our lord. Lets never forget my cousin Bae. Let’s remember his happiness, listen to his music and remember to always enjoy life with a smile. 
he is survived by his mother, father, two sons,  hey sister, his grandmothers, uncles aunts and cousins, friends, followers  and his music