Let the memory of Gigi be with us forever
  • 20 years old
  • Born on June 15, 1993 in Miami, Florida, United States.
  • Passed away on February 21, 2014 in Naples, Florida, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Yairis "Gigi" Hernandez, 20, born on June 15, 1993 and passed away on February 21, 2014. We will remember her forever.

Gigi was a beloved daughter to Frank and Sonia Caicedo-Hernandez, a granddaughter to Manuel (R.I.P. March 8, 2014) and Cordelia Caicedo, a niece to Dennis & Katy Caicedo, Diana & Orlando Louzado and a cousin to Justin and Jayden Caicedo,  a family who loved her so much. Gigi was a true friend to all. She always wanted to help others and find a way to make people smile. She had a heart of gold. She was truly an angel on Earth that was needed in Heaven.  We will miss her smile, her unique laugh, and above all, her kind heart.  

My Daughter Yairis Isabel Hernandez who better than her mom to tell her story.

Gigi was born prematurly at 32 weeks (7 months) I was only 21 years old when I gave birth to this little miracle.  Weighing only 3 lbs a tiny little thing, Spent 2 weeks in an incubator until she was ready to breathe on her own.  Spending many hours with her it never crossed my mind she was in any type of danger being born so early I guess me being so young and nieve.  But within 4 weeks she was released from the hospital weighing 5 lbs.  She was my baby doll, having given many tiny clothes I would pass the day just changing her clothes and taking pictures of her maybe thats why she could never decide what to wear. Gigi was always such a good little girl never gave me a tantrum the only thing she would do between the age of 2 and 3 was she liked to be naked,I would have to run after her around the house to get her pamper and clothes back on.  When gigi was about 4 yrs old she was in an dance in her preschool (Centeral Mater West) which was the only event I could not attend due to work but my sister and mom were there to see her performance.  The next day when I went to her school parents and teachers were telling me she was a star of the show  that she had a future in acting oh how I regretted not being there.  Later on in Elementry (Hialeah Elementry) she also performed in a dance for HIspanic month, she did such an awsome job I couldnt be any more prouder than that day when every one cheered her dance.  I would love to put that video on this website and will try to. She also performed in a Christmas show in Hialeah, Gigi just loved to dance, she had it in her blood just like her grandfather, dancing was what they loved to do. In 2005 we moved to Naples she made many friends, Gigi would do just about anything to help out a friend letting them stay in our home when they had no where else to go.  Gigi made a diffence in many lives one thing Gigi taught me was not to judge people.  Gigi had a variety of type of friends she could blend in with any group of people.  She always wanted the best for everyone. She was  such a good hearted person never held any grudges toward anyone no matter what.  Even when she knew she was right she would still apologize.  Gigi and I were more than just Mom and Daughter, we were like sisters, best friends.  She knew I would always be there for her no matter what. She always told me she loved me even until the last day I saw her on that morning of the 21st on my car with the morning mist on my window she wrote "I Love You" Gigi couldn't be loved any more than what her dad and I did. Even with the age she was, we stilled referred to her as the baby because that what she was to us (our only daughter).  Gigi loved to fashion, sit at the beach and watch the sunrise and sunset, dance, longboard, hola hoop, ride motorcycle and listened to a variety of music if you notice I change the back ground music on occasion me and her had the same taste in music too, though she also like rap and country which didn't go with me. She loved bachata, salsa, merengue, hip hop and R & B oh yeah and rave music. She loved life, she had so many plans but God had another plan for her, I still can't believe she gone, her father and I cry for her every day and ask why, why her. We will never know what if feels like to have grandkids, I would tease her on occation telling her when she has her own she would get pay back and she would laugh and say " yeah I know ". Gigi has left such a hole in our lives sometime we wonder how can we live without our baby.  We take it day by day and wait till the day that we reunite with her.  I am comforted she is with her grandfather who adored her.  Our family believe she didn't want to leave him behind since he was suffering in this world  by not being able to walk or function as he used to.  I still feel her with me all the time and that is helping me go on.  Gigi was my world my everything, oh how i miss her telling me to caress her hair and give her back massages. She had such beautiful skin, she didn't need sun tanning lotion she would just get that glow from laying in the sun.  My daughter had a beautiful smile that would light up a room and would make people laugh with her laughter.  
Funeral Services:
Wednesday, February 26th 2014 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Fuller Funeral Home
1625 Pine Ridge Rd
Naples, FL 34109

Posted by Sonia Caicedo on 15th June 2018
Happy 25th Birthday baby, Another year with sadness in my heart. Sending u lots of luv, hugs and kisses. mom and dad missing u always
Posted by Shalah Brown on 26th April 2018
I miss you so much GiGi. The last few times I got to see youi it's been hard because you have been haunting me horribly.... in a good way though..... but in the end I know anything I have ever done for you was because I WANTED to help you, I love u as a beautiful soul and I know you are still here. I always have spontaneous thoughts that I always try to hold back but can't... . I tried so soooo hard to keep you above water andbi blame myself so much for you passing onto your afterlife...
Posted by Sonia Caicedo on 15th June 2017
Happy 24th Birthday sweetheart feels like just yesterday we had our long talk . Miss you soooo much my liile one.
Posted by Diana Caicedo on 27th November 2016
My Dearest Gigi, Just wanted to lay a flower on your site and tell you how much I miss you and how much I have been thinking of you. On Thanksgiving day we were at your new house, although you never lived there I felt you there. You even appeared in my dream that first night I slept there. Your parents miss you so much it hurts my heart but I KNOW you are watching over them and giving them the strength to move forward. Keep it up! I love you babygirl... hope you and Lito had a feast in Heaven for Thanksgiving. xoxo
Posted by Diana Caicedo on 27th November 2016
My Dearest Gigi, Just wanted to lay a flower on your site and tell you how much I miss you and how much I have been thinking of you. On Thanksgiving day we were at your new house, although you never lived there I felt you there. You even appeared in my dream that first night I slept there. Your parents miss you so much it hurts my heart but I KNOW you are watching over them and giving them the strength to move forward. Keep it up! I love you babygirl... hope you and Lito had a feast in Heaven for Thanksgiving. xoxo
Posted by Sonia Caicedo on 20th June 2016
Happy Birthday my angel in heaven I took a couple of days to post on the website but always thinking of you in everything we do me and your dad , your bday always falls just before father's day and I remember thinking the day you were born 23 years ago how your dad was able to celebrate father's day that year and i was jealous. We miss you with all our hearts and as we keep on living this life with out you we hold on to all the memories we made. Your mom
Posted by Sonia Caicedo on 21st February 2016
My little one it has been 2years since you left our side and I still can't accept your gone. You send signs all the time when I need it the most and it comforts me you hear me. Your father and me live life in your memory and go day by day as you would want us to. Today I wore your favorite boots so I can say I walked in your shoes today. People say it gets easier with time but those people do not know what it feels to lose a child. We love you and miss you every day, hour and second we breathe. Luv your mom and dad
Posted by Diana Caicedo on 15th June 2015
Happy Birthday Babygirl!! I wanna say that you cant even imagine how much I miss you, but I know you must know. When I cry, I hear you whisper in my ear to stop. I love you so much!
Posted by Jasmine Reyes on 15th June 2015
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!!! I know all of your days are wonderful now and I hope this one is extra special, I think of you so often. Love your Butt cheek.
Posted by Diana Caicedo on 2nd March 2015
Sweet heart I miss you so very much, I hope you and lito look down at us and guide us through this pain the whole family feels with the loss of the two missing link that made our family one. When feeling sad I try to think of all the good time we spent together and the fun we had being more than just a mom and daughter, we had an undescribable relationship. I love you. Mami.... as you used to call me :*(
Posted by Diana Caicedo on 21st February 2015
I miss you...
Posted by Sonia Caicedo on 15th October 2014
Every day me and your dad think of you, we find ourselves in a daze remembering all the wonderful times we had and memories you left with us. We find it hard to function on a daily basis. All we do think how much we want to be with you and how can this have happened to you, to us, to everyone that misses you. you are missed so much. I don't think you knew how much you meant to people. I lay a flower for you here as i also have flowers for you always in your room. I love you my daughter, my only daughter that filled my life and now our lives are empty without you. I don't know how i can keep my self up ...... I just need to keep having faith i will see you one day..
Posted by Diana Caicedo on 7th August 2014
Thinking of you, little one. I cant believe its been over 5 months since you left us. I've had such a hard time trying NOT to text/call you to see how you are doing, asking you whose heart you're breakin' ;), what job are you working at now or reminding you to enroll in college. I miss you SOOOO much. The thought that the only way to see you is in my dreams breaks my heart over and over again. But for now that will have to do. I love you and always will. See ya in my next dream lovely... -Your Tia, Diana
Posted by Sonia Caicedo on 15th June 2014
Happy 21st Birthday , first one since you've been born I was not able to awaken you with a birthday kiss and hug. Your birthday oh so very special to me, I would take you shopping, movies and dinner. I had been waiting for this day to make it the best ever. I miss you so very much. We love you your mom and dad.
Posted by Diana Caicedo on 15th June 2014
Love u Gigi! Sky lanterns, flowers, dove ballons, a bbq all on your bday. We felt u with us all day. I even saw a shooting star while we released the lanterns... happy birthday boo boo Love, your aunt Diana :')
Posted by Chelsy Marie on 15th June 2014
Happy Birthday gigi i know you're watching down. I miss you and your missing out on so much with our crew i feel your spirit everywhere i go. I love you Rip
Posted by Diana Caicedo on 16th May 2014
Mami, this past Sunday - Mothers Day was the first one without you, Cindy brung me flowers with a note I will always cherish because I know that message not only came from her but you too. There are so many signs you send me that even though you are not here physically I feel your presence, your spirit , your love. I love you baby ...your mami.
Posted by Diana Caicedo on 20th April 2014
Happy Easter babygirl, I missed making you an Easter basket this year... no matter how old you were i loved making one for you. I know you and Lito are celebrating with Jesus this special day. I love you and I miss you... -Diana
Posted by Jasmine Reyes on 17th April 2014
Gigi, I have found myself thinking so much about you lately. I still don't believe you are gone, its true what they say about telling the one's you love how much you care about them, they could be gone when you list expect it. I feel guilty,sad, mad i don't know what the feeling is, but i wish distance wouldn't have changed our friendship. The best childhood memories i have are with you. We were always getting into something. I remember when we would do each others make up and sneek into Diana's room when she wasnt there, And how Lita would give us ice-cream money if we folded Trapitos for her. I use to get so mad at you when you would fall asleep first at our sleep overs and leave me awake with those creepy dolls your grandma had. We used to love playing in the rain and then fighting about who got to shower in Litas bathroom. That was about how serious our fights got, we were never mad at each other. We always had the best time together, we would laugh for hours. I can still hear your laughter we shared so much together. I could go on and on with all the memories we have together, my favorite will always be the day we became buttcheeks. I love you….
Posted by Diana Caicedo on 17th April 2014
Thinking about you a lot today... You must be near :) I'm trying to fight the urge to text you "Hey hooker I miss you!" lol Love you Gigi... Give Lito a big hug for me. <3 -Your Aunt, Diana
Posted by Diana Caicedo on 28th March 2014
Missing our Fridays pizza after work. xoxo your mom
Posted by Princess Sylvia on 24th March 2014
Gigi! This week i'll be having our favorite mix! Cranberry watermelon <3 cheers!
Posted by Michelle Fernandez on 27th February 2014
Gigi, I find myself wanting to text you and tell you to come over. I want to hang out with you and feel that familiar sense of comfort and my guard completely down. Tell you about my life and listen to your stories and give each other advice. I miss your laugh and smile. You and I would always feed off of each other's energy. My favorite was laughing together. There is no denying that we were best friends Gig. I also miss that calling you that pronounced "GIJ". I miss how we would call each other bitch. Like "I love you bitch". I miss talking about our goals. I miss our hugs every time we saw each other. I miss reminiscing with you about all our funny stupid memories. I know you must be looking down and saying you love me and that it will all be okay. It is just so hard dude. I miss you more that any words can describe. You were the perfect person to me. This is a void that nothing can fill in my heart Gig. I miss all our sleepovers. My life will never be the same Gigi, not just because you're gone but because I had you while you were here. I feel sooo soo blessed that you were my best friend. I am so lucky I have an angel looking over me forever now. I know you must know what you meant to me always. I seriously saw you as a sister Gigi. I will never ever ever stop thinking about you. Please stay with me forever. I love you so much my best friend. I am sooo happy you are finally free and happy, That is all I have ever wanted for you dude. To see you happy and not have any negativity around. Say hi to my grandparents in heaven for me, I know they must love you to pieces.I can't wait for the day I get to wrap my arms around you and be with you forever. I will be telling my children about you. And I promise to keep in touch with your family. After all they do love me, duh. :) Love you forever Gigi. Still cant express how much I miss you.
Posted by Princess Sylvia on 27th February 2014
Gigi, I love you so much. I am so lucky to have had a friend like you! You were always that friend that no matter how much time we spent away from each other, we can always pick it back up. Distance never set us apart. You always had a smile on your face when we were together. The sound of your voice and cute laugh you had still lingers in my head. Its so sad that you had to leave us so early! But I know you are in God's hands now. Dancing your soul away ! <3
Posted by Joan Villavicencio on 26th February 2014
I love and miss you beautiful. You were always such a sweet funny strong person. I am so happy and blessed to have met you and I know you will continue to spread your love in heaven. May your body rest in peace and your soul dance with the angels.
Posted by Barby Camacho on 26th February 2014
Gigi, beautiful angel. I never had the opportunity to really get to know you but have to say since you were very little all I heard was great and wonderful things about you from your aunt. You have always been her heart. There has not been one single day where I haven't though of you and prayed for you and your family. You were gone way to soon but I know you are in a much better place right now where there is no hurt, violence, or sadness. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Chelsy O'dell on 26th February 2014
Gigi you were a great friend and a little sister. I miss your smile and laugh. You were always an amazing fun glowing person. Watch over us rest in a peaceful place now. I miss you
Posted by Julian Tocio on 25th February 2014
Gigi, what am I going to do now? You were that person that was always full of life. Smiling laughing with you loud sponge bob laugh! You always had such a beautiful light inside you that everyone could see. You brought the best out of people, including myself. Without you I would have never picked you that hula hoop and become the hooper I am today because of it. You have inspired me, and have changed my life so much i really don't know where I would be right now. I wish I could make it to pay my respects at the services but colorado is a long ways from home. I love you Gigi you will always be my hoop mamma Rest well baby girl we'll see yah soon
Posted by Scorpio Girl on 25th February 2014
GIGI you will be truely missed.. you had a beautiful smile and you were so nice.. r.i.p
Posted by Eddie Love on 25th February 2014
i love you gigi remember that baby and always
Posted by Musa Yildiz on 24th February 2014
I miss you, and I love you. Forever I hope you rest in the most beautiful place, for one day we will all meet you there. Thank you for being there when I needed a friend the most, thank you for being so accepting, thank you for being Gigi for no one can ever replace you, thank you thank you and thank you again, every time I think of you I see your pretty smile, god given, uplifting, as if that's all you needed to do in life for your purpose to be fulfilled, and you fulfilled all of us. Thank you. Now you are in god's hands.
Posted by Lisset Sanchez on 24th February 2014
I was blessed to have met you. You have an amazing family and know that they will forever have you in their hearts. RIP.
Posted by Natalie Hernandez on 24th February 2014
Gigi, you were the sister I always wanted. You pulled my head out of my ass so many times. You held me when I cried and made me laugh when it felt impossible. You did the same fir everyone else around in your life. You touched so many people, you had an amazing gift. To have known you for a day was a blessing, but I was lucky for knowing you for 10 years. You were and still are beautiful inside and out. You've touched many peoples lives and hearts. I can't imagine not hearing your laugh, not hitting you up to go skating for hours. I miss you more than you can ever know. Your parents were my second parents, a beautiful lady raised by beautiful people. You're forever in all if our hearts and minds. I can't believe you're gone, but I know you will never be forgotten. Much love
Posted by Joshua DeHaan on 24th February 2014
Gigi, I never got the chance to get to know you I've only seen you the couple times you came into my store. It's hard to believe I will never see you, or your beautiful smile to brighten up my day, again. I only knew of you but I would have loved to gotten to know you you seemed like a really sweet girl. It's unfortunate you had to be taken back to heaven so early. But you will be missed dearly.
Posted by Diana Caicedo on 23rd February 2014
Gigi, my sweet baby niece. I love you and you will forever be in my heart. I know you are now resting in peace and looking over all of us which comforts my heart but i will forever miss you babygirl. - Your "coolest aunt" ( as you would always say) Diana

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