Let the memory of Yarenis be with us forever
  • 29 years old
  • Born on August 3, 1984 .
  • Passed away on March 18, 2014 in Homestead, Florida, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Yarenis Rivera 29 years old , born on August 3, 1984 and passed away on March 18, 2014. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Tatiana Gonzalez on 18th March 2019
Wow 5 years already....I miss you dearly ....you will always have a special place in my heart forever and always.....love you Secret
Posted by Tatiana Gonzalez on 3rd August 2018
Happy birthday secret wish you was here to party it up....i miss you terribly
Posted by Tatiana Gonzalez on 18th March 2018
Wow can't believe its been 4 years...I miss you dearly ....you was a wonderful sweet caring soul and you'll forever be missed
Posted by Tatiana Gonzalez on 19th March 2017
Miss you so much girl can't believe it's been 3 years ...... I'll never forget you
Posted by Alejandro Marin on 3rd August 2016
Happy birthday and may God bless all your family and love ones I know there is a big celebration in heaven now rest in peace my friend
Posted by Alejandro Marin on 19th March 2016
May you continue to rest in peace I know your in heaven with my grandmother smiling down watching over me and my sons you are missed and loved a lot.
Posted by Michelle Torres on 3rd September 2015
You are still missed... it gets easier to live with but the hurt of your absence is still here... love you my friend!
Posted by Alejandro Marin on 3rd August 2014
Happy Birthday I know you are in a better place smiling down at us.Miss you thanks for everything you did for me and my son you will never be forgotten you will always have a special place in our hearts
Posted by Jesi Diaz on 3rd August 2014
sissy what can i say i miss u its hard moms cancer is getting worse u were my bestfriend my ridder i miss u everythings just a mess but i will never forget all the times u saved my ass when i did stupid shit i love u happy birthday!
Posted by Jessica Eplin on 27th March 2014
Its been a week and i miss you still. I know your in a much better place now and I'm at peace with it all. I miss your laugh and gross sense of humor lol…. sometimes i think i can just pick up the phone and call. It does not feel real…. then i realize your gone and the tightness in my chest and hurt in my heart comes back. I love you my angel, my hero my best friend. I don't think a day will ever go by that i don't think of you. I just wish i could hug you one more time…..
Posted by Brandon Tapia on 24th March 2014
I will miss you forever Yarenis I will never forget you. I never got to see you smile for your wig and I'm sorry I wasn't there in your final hours I wanted to grow up with you at my side I love you so much and I always will. Remember "brown balls"
Posted by Vanessa Hernandez on 23rd March 2014
Damn... Mami can't believe ur gone u were such an awesome person u always hated when they talked about me u were such a sweetheart u always gave me good advice on everything tremenda Amiga y hermana!!! They didn't call u secret for no reason u knew how too keep a secret my condolences goes out too your family and friends truly you may be gone but u will never ever be forgotten Cuz u touched so many hearts I havnt slept in three days Cuz I can feel your spirit still lingering in this hell hole I will keep praying till your lost soul rises I advice everyone to do the same we will all keep holding strong because we know u don't wanna see us hurting!!! May u rest in paradise baby girl u will be our guardian angel shining down from heaven one day we will meet again.... Love you Yaneris Rivera aka:secret :'( <3
Posted by Barbara Sosa on 22nd March 2014
I miss you so much big sister! Thank you for all of your advice and for always hearing me out! Thank you for always defending me when Laz would bother me! You will forever be a part of this family and we love you so much! I want you to know that I appreciate everything you did for us. You were a daughter to your second mom (like you used to call her) and a sister to all of us, someone we could trust who actually cared. We love you so much secret.
Posted by Caren Tondo on 22nd March 2014
Rest now in peace honey, you fought a gallant battle, I always admired you for what you endured and your fight to live. God gave the earth an angel when you were born, and in your death he has taken you home.
Posted by Alejandro Marin on 22nd March 2014
Thank you for always being a sweetheart to me and my son. Im going to miss our long talks and the advice that you use to give me. I will cherish those conversations forever. You will truly be missed. We all know that you are in a better place and are no longer suffering. I love the Joker jacket that you gave me and I will wear it and think of you always. May you rest in peace and I hope to see you again someday. Much love from Joker, Lil Joker, Baby Joker
Posted by Irene Amador on 22nd March 2014
Am going to miss u so much . Every morning when I think Of u I feel like crying something tells me to be strong and not to like ur next to me . You're such a strong person n out going always making people laugh...ur just leave us for little bit I can wait to see you on the other side watching over us as one of gods angels I love u i will always have you in my members going to put a candle for you my love with your name on so you can reach God with no problem so you won't get lost on ur way get to heaven may you rest in peace love Irene
Posted by Tatiana Gonzalez on 22nd March 2014
I miss you already so much.... I will miss our convos.... Love ya ma.... Till we meet......
Posted by Missy Tatum on 22nd March 2014
Mamichuli you impacted all of our lives como tu no hay you were so awesome and unique . Im sorry I wasnt able to give you your gift i really i still cant believe it .. we had a makeover date on friday
Posted by Ese M on 22nd March 2014
As i remember you, i will never forget you or the things you did not only for me but for all those that were there when you needed the support to keep you together. I did not expect this, i still cant accept this because i feel in my heart you are still here. You could be so strong charactered at times because that was always you and at the end i was always able to get a laugh or a smile from you. You loved all your friends like family and no one could ever talk bad about them or you would put a stop to it as soon as you heard of it happening. Your heart was soo good though because you cared and gave what you have to please others and ill never forget that because i remember you always wanting people to be happy. It hurts because i will never see that side of you and all i have is a memory of this. I tried to always put a smile on your face and to motivate you to keep putting on your makeup. At times you would love to clown around and i would go along with whatever you wanted because it was the best feeling in the world to see you happy...R.I.P "Secret"
Posted by Jesi Meigide on 22nd March 2014
yarenis what can i say.... im so confused with everything! i wish i could turn back time and as i sat with you when the dr came in and said oh your going home i coulda told them no make her stay you still woulda been here :( ily so much we had so many plans so many things to do my mom is in shock that your gone she doesnt want to believe it shes trying to act like its a lie i wish it were a lie or a horrible nightmare we can all wake up from ill never forget since day one you were always there i remember my crazy pregnant journey you always stood there for me hearing my bitching and even after you loved my son so much the last thing besides i love you you told me friday the last day id see you take damien this balloon :'( i still dont want to believe this i dont i really dont idk how to feel you were a strong brave woman and i looked up to you always you inspire me no matter how hard things are keep pushing and fighting for what i believe in i love you my sister for life! see you when god calls me home!
Posted by Michelle Torres on 21st March 2014
Secret, I can't believe your gone... how you loved my babies! When my son almost died. Lucas he was like 15 years old, and we were in the hospital with him for 3 months, and when they sent him home he couldn't get out of bed cause he was too weak and in bed for weeks, and you came over and gave him your dog, omg secret, and the dog Chuchi and him hit it off. The dog fell in love with him off rip, and even made him Get happy and smile and after a few days he sat up! It was a miracle! I THANK you so much for putting life back into my baby boy. He's 22 now! And when Pnut and Lyza wanted turtles and you went out and bought THEM they're turtles Michael Angelo and Raphael, you made themoso happy! They love you Secret! They will always remember you fondly! Thank you for being the angel they loved. And now you will be they're heavenly Angel! Love you princess! You will be missed.
Posted by Chiko Raskal on 21st March 2014
I love u so much.... is eatin me up inside u ain't with me mo more. You was my backbone. U made me the man I'm right now. I had good times with you boo that i will always cherish forever. u was my everything yarenis .u was an amazing person & it was a blessing to be with you. I promise u will always have my heart. I miss you #restinparadise
Posted by Angie Tapia on 21st March 2014
Mi negra... No words can explain the bond we had together... We were more than cousins, we were sisters.. Black and white..I feel this is a bad dream that I need to wake up from... Please wake me up! You were supposed to see your sons getting married (Kevin and Dylan)
Posted by Angie Tapia on 21st March 2014
We had plans together... What happened! I miss you so much
Posted by Jessica Eplin on 21st March 2014
Tomorrow I will go and say my final good bye, I don't know how this will go but i know you will guide me and keep me steady. I feel like its all a bad dream and does not feel real. I miss your laugh, your jokes…. I miss you :( I love you. Help us get through this
Posted by Jessica Eplin on 20th March 2014
I love you
Posted by Marika Ball on 20th March 2014
I will never forget the day i met you and rabbit she brought me to your crib the minute I met you I knew you was good people ....welcomed me in your home. Swore up and down I was Hispanic couldn't believe I was a white girl you even joked about it. We all went to play pool and drive around Mia. Good times .....All the messages we had on fb cause im too far to have visited you. Me telling you to be strong and never give up. I prayed every night and I will continue. I should have left more love on your page I'm just glad I have a copy of our conversations to rememeber you by. Your one in a million Secret you will foreve be loved. Xoxoxo xoxo Lady
Posted by Yoli Schnur-Reddy on 20th March 2014
Dearest Yarenis... First of all, I must ask your forgiveness for not having been out to meet you... For the times that we chatted, I can tell that you were a very sweet and caring person... May you be resting in peace, finally. Thank you for sharing your friendship with me. I hope that I somehow made a difference in your life... :( I will miss you and your funny profile names... :) Love you, sweet Yarenis...<3 Yoli
Posted by Michelle S. on 20th March 2014
Secret, I want u to know i miss u n love u i still cant believe the news but i know u r in heaven watching down on us n u r no longer suffering.I am happy i was able to talk to u a few days ago.You were such a beautiful person with a strong heart a beautiful smile you touched so many people may God bless your soul n may u rest in His glory. Thank u for always giving me advice that i will always hold close to my heart.Thank u for being like a sister to me Sleep In Peace angel

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