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Shared by Adebukola Salau on April 25, 2022
Exactly this time last year….

My handsome Dad, I called your phone severally…. I called close family and friends. No one answered my call.

I knelt down by my bedside, my heart was heavy, my head was hurting, I closed my eyes, praying to God, tears wouldn’t stop flowing….  I didn’t even realise I was screaming!!!

All I wanted to hear is your voice, to see your handsome and ever smiling face on video….

All I wanted is for you to just come back to the UK.

Finally, Olori Ebi’s call came in! He called me the way you always call me. I couldn’t wait to hear the rest….

Haaa!!! *sigh* I rejoice in pain.

Today, I borrow a chunk from the mountain of incomparable courage and say THANK YOU!

Thank you LORD for everything ‍♀️‍♀️

Thank you to close family and friends

Thank you to all who are present in this past 365 days .

Shared by Adebukola Salau on May 9, 2021

I remember this dayand time, two weeks ago! I couldn’t sleep... praying and crying to God, trusting God to be able to speak with you in the morning. 

I miss you my dearest daddy!!!
Shared by Yemi Olagbenro on May 1, 2021
I still find it hard to believe that you are gone for real, daddy you were a father to all, God fearing, kindhearted, loving, patient,........oh Allah please make his questioning easy, save him from the punishment of the grave and grant him Aljannatul firdous Ameeeeeeeeeen. We miss you daddy

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