Posted by Olusesi Oyero on April 25, 2022
Daddy Salau, may your gentle soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Adebukola Salau on April 25, 2022
A whole year without you my handsome dad…..
366 days of not speaking with you physically…
It has been an unscriptable on year without you dad. My best friend and confidant, I can’t put the experience and feelings into words. I think of you every single day and I miss you so much. Your grandchildren miss you too… Thanks for all you taught them.
I still read all our chats and listen to your voice notes. I miss our morning calls and say Amen to all your prayers for me and your grand daughters.
Your grand daughters miss you every day and they’re always praying for you.

Abiyamo tooto!
You loved and sacrificed for us. A quintessential father who took both roles and fulfilled all his duties... I love and respect you dad.
An exemplary father… You wore love and kindness as a skin.

You were the best father a child could ask for... if I had to choose again, I would choose you over and over again dad.
You prayed and fasted fervently day and night.
You transitioned into GLORY while fasting and still praying for all your children. You’re definitely our guardian Angel because I see you, I feel your presence and I always hear your caring and gentle voice.
I love you even more in death dad.

Rest in perfect peace dearest Dad.
Always and Forever in my heart ❤️

Infinite Love,
Adebukola Salau.
Posted by Adebukola Salau on April 25, 2022
Exactly this time last year….

My handsome Dad, I called your phone severally…. I called close family and friends. No one answered my call.
I knelt down by my bedside, my heart was heavy, my head was hurting, I closed my eyes, praying to God, tears wouldn’t stop flowing…. I didn’t even realise I was screaming!!!
All I wanted to hear is your voice, to see your handsome and ever smiling face on video….
All I wanted is for you to just come back to the UK.
Finally, Olori Ebi’s call came in! He called me the way you always call me. I couldn’t wait to hear the rest….

Haaa!!! *sigh*
I rejoice in pain.
Today, I borrow a chunk from the mountain of incomparable courage and say THANK YOU!
Thank you LORD for everything ‍♀️‍♀️
Thank you to close family and friends
Thank you to all who are present in this past 365 days .
Posted by Aderonke Asolo on April 25, 2022
I remember you Uncle. Continue to rest in peace. Your memories remain a blessing.
Posted by Olubusayo Fasidi on December 22, 2021
Happy birthday daddy aka Baba Salawu, aka Daddy 'Isale', I still can't believe you are no longer with us. You never forget to wish your birthday mate, my son Torife, a happy birthday...hmmmm o ga o. I miss your check in WhatsApp messages, your voice, your laughter still rings in my mind. You were a father indeed. I'll never forget the kindness you and mummy 'Isale' showed me all those years, you were my second parents, the joy and fun we had being with both of you is invaluable. When my parents died you naturally stepped, you cared for me, consistently checked up on me and you were never upset when I didn't call. To say I miss you Sir, is an understatement, rest well daddy, you fought a good lived an exemplary loved without holding back...your kindness was pure, with no expectations in return. Thank you for and mummy forever hold a special spot in my heart and memories.
Posted by Adebukola Salau on December 22, 2021
My handsome, caring, kind and selfless dad!!!
My best friend…
This wasn’t part of the plan at all but God knows best. He gives and He takes…. He’s the unquestionable God.
The pain in my heart since you left has been indescribable and unexplainable. 
I thank God for His grace and strength to move on…
I read all our chats and listen to your voice notes. I miss our morning calls and say Amen to all your prayers for me and your grand daughters.
Your grand daughters miss you every day. Your Queen wouldn’t stop crying most nights and she’s always praying for you.

I rejoice in pain… I thank God for the life you lived dad. You lived well and impacted lives.
I haven’t forgotten all you told me.
Your legacy lives on….

I celebrate you today and always dad. We did exactly what you would have done if you’re on earth this morning.

Happy 80th Posthumous Birthday to the best dad that ever lived!

Always and forever in my heart ❤️

Adebukola Salau
Posted by Olusesi Oyero on December 22, 2021
Happy Posthumous 80th birthday to a wonderful dad. We thank God for good years you spent with us. Olorun a da gbogbo awon omo si ati awon omo omo ni oruko Jesu.
Gbogbo adura ti won fun ee, Adebukola ase mo ee lori, Inu ee adu, ayo akun.
Thanks for letting me know him, Daddy we love you so much and may the good Lord continue to bless your lovely soul.
Posted by Emmanuel Ogar on July 13, 2021
Daddy you lived a very beautiful life, impacting everyone that comes in contact with you. A beautiful soul like yours should not be mourned but celebrated because you are in a better place. We will greatly miss you! May your beautiful legacies continue to spread through the lives of all of us that call you Daddy! Rest in peace sir.
Posted by Foluke Aderonmu on May 22, 2021
Hummmmm!!!!! What do I write about my darling Uncle Alhaji Yekeen Bolatito Salawu that will show to the world the type of person he was.I called him Uncle Bolar,he was my father,my uncle,my brother,my friend most importantly my "CONFIDANT" Many people find it so difficult to figure out our relationship.We have been together since I got married to my husband Tunde Aderonmu in Ilesa.Uncle Bolar was my husband's good friend and it remained so till his demise on 25th April,2021.We were together as families with his darling wife that I called Auntie Ropo and later Mummy,who died years back and the husband Uncle Bolar never got married again,what a disciplined man he was.He taught me how to drive with his Volkswagen in Ilesa along Agric road ,then Oyo State College of Education,Ilesa now in Osun State.I remember when I wanted to have my second Child,he took me General hospital,Ilesa because my husband had moved to Saki then,March1984,the second day I gave birth he travelled down to Saki to inform his friend as there was no functional phone as at that time.Hummmmm!!!! How many things will I remember about him.He was always ready to assist me,anytime I needed anything especially money,my Uncle was always on ground to make sure no shame for me,He was never a betrayal to his friend,he was kind hearted,generous,truthful,faithful,he was very neat,anytime you enter his house,it was sparkling shinning.Our last recent two outings were April 2019 Agodi gardens ,September 22 ,2020 at IIaji farms,and December 27 at Agodi gardens.We already had plans to celebrate the 2021 Itunu aawe as usual.but alas ,the news of his death came to me as a rude shock on Sunday 25th April,2021 around 2pm.The painful part of it was that our agreement for that day was to bring my new car to him for prayer only to be called to come and see his dead body.He usually called me "Omo Ilu Mi"hence many people wondered at such appellation because am an Ijesha and he was an Ibadan man.When I retired in January 2020,i made his house my second home,anytime I was going or coming back from church,I would branch to see him.He loved his wife even in death,he loved all his children,we were always discussing and praying for all of them.He loved moinmoin and obe ewuro too much.His memories will linger on till resurrection day when we shall meet to part no more.May his gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace.The Lord will guide,guard,protect and preserve all his children in Jesus Name amen. My darling Uncle Bolar I love you but God loves you most,rest on wonderful gentle man
Posted by Folake Oluwaleimu on May 22, 2021
Baa miii as I fondly called him will be greatly missed by all of us in the family!
You were indeed a father ! Abiamo toooto!
You were there for all of us , you prayed and fasted and interceded for us all most of the time .
Baamiii was fun to be with always looked for ways to teach and impact knowledge on us...His moral support was evident in him supporting us in whatever we needed to do, we were proud of you , so were all of our friends . Most would never forget your jokes and sweet memories.
Highly intelligent and versed in all topical issues , daddy would come to your level in every subject and dissect it.
A great Chelsea supporter ...Tamiloore will not forget how you encouraged him to be the best in his football career...
Sleep on my favourite uncle till we part no more - I will surely miss the way we used to proudly speak our undiluted Ibadan dialect I looked forward to rapping it with , how it made people laugh was sooo much fun !
Your death was a rude shock to us all! I had plans of reporting all that had happened whilst you were away in the UK ...but indeed you ‘’safejoed’’ Ba miii!
Your death is painful even though you lived a good life at almost 80, we still wish you were here with us
Farewell uncle ...and greet your brother if truly the dead meet down there...
Bukky is inconsolable, but we have no doubt that your prayers for us all are not in vain - I miss your prayer lines ... ‘Olorun o ba ngba fun o’
' O lalubarika! '
' Olorun o si ba nke o'
We loved you but God loves you more and HE has called you to be with Him , so who are we to question God?
Sun reee o baba Dadaa, you will always be in our hearts .
Wunmi n Folake Oluwaleimu
Posted by Dooshima Kumba on May 9, 2021
Kai! Daddy, you’ve left us all speechless, your demise is just too sudden, no warning, no time to mentally prepare, no nothing! Hmm, But who are we to question God? He giveth and taketh at His appointed time.

You were so invested in the lives of your children and grand children, I used to see you accompany your daughter Bukky for school run, how you held the girls side-by-by, you loved the girls immensely and always did activities with them, Ha! Daddy, you left just when they were just about to start growing into young girls and fully understanding things.

I saw you at the galleria shopping mall the last time you visited, I greeted you and you answered joyfully, you looked bright and was so full of life, we never knew that would be your last visit.
Kai! This blow is hard gan, I pray for divine consolation for your daughter; my friend Bukky, and the rest of the family, may the almighty God grant them the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss, and may your soul find rest with the Lord, Amen.
Posted by Tunde Ogundele on May 8, 2021
The news of your death came as a rude shock, but who are we to question God? You were a complete gentleman; an exemplary father; funny and accomodating. You had strong bond with your children, and that is evident in your relationship with Adebukola. She hardly carries on a conversation without mentioning daddy. I'm sure your depature is going to leave a big void in her. I pray almighty God to give Adebukola, egbon Yemi, Tunde, Tolu, and Lolade the strength and peace which surpasses human understanding at this difficult time. You will be missed. May the soul of daddy rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Joyce Ayeni on May 7, 2021
Hmmm what can I say, the unquestionable God, we thank you for a life well spent. Daddy you were an example of an excellent, loving and caring father and Bukky held you in high esteem. We love you but the Lord loved you more continue to rest in peace sir
Posted by Tajudeen Kolawole Olaoseb... on May 6, 2021
Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayi roji'un

It was in the morning of Saturday 24th April, 2021, (12 Ramadan, 1442) that i got a call from Alhaji Amidu that Baba Salawu was a bit indisposed. I joined him and we moved Baba to his private hospital where the doctor there after examination referred him to UCH, Ibadan, for a more comprehensive medical attention.

He was billed for surgery the following day (Sunday morning) and when all arrangements have been concluded on Sunday morning to move him to the Theater, his condition changed and every effort could not savage the situation. He was reciting Surat Yasin with constant prayers for his children till he breathed his last as i was by his side helpless.

Baba Salawu as he was affectionately referred was a good man, father, husband and decent human being, very rare to find. He greatly influenced me positively as he has a way of looking at someone that spoke approval and a spirit that conveyed love.

I have taken Baba Salawu as a father figure, friend, confidant and counselor and it was just now as i am writing this tribute that it dawn on me that he has returned to his creator.

From the time our paths crossed, he made me feel wanted. In fact, i honestly don't remember ever going through an awkward transition of a "stranger" to being one of his trusted and loved one.

Baba Salawu compassion for others was so infectious and deep. He treated people with kindness, respect, trust, simplicity and generosity. Many life were blessed through his goodness as you would not miss any solat whenever you are with him. I also attested to many troubled marriages that were restored through his admonition.

He is survived by all his 5 children, Yemi, Tunde, Bukola, Tolu and 'Lolade. None of them and the grandchildren pre-deceased him, Aliamudulillahi.

He was an exemplary and devout Muslim. He attended Yusurullahi Association of Nigeria (YAN) where he voluntarily and joyfully took up the responsibilities of welfare activities before,during and after Asalatu every Sunday.

Life is a comedy and tragedy. The minute you are born, you spend the rest of your life either living or dying, Allahu Akbar, the former is what Baba Salawu represented.

Baba Salawu is neighbour's pride and delight as his community value were immeasurable. The things we do for ourselves are gone when we are gone, but the things we do for others remain as our legacy.

I am no longer grief at his demise, but thankfully and fully convinced that he should now be in Aljanah Fridous.
Baba Salawu deserves garlands not wreaths, Praises not tears, Smiles not sorrow and Happiness not sadness.

Baba Salawu, we bid you farewell, but this farewell is one we rather not do now, we wish we could have you for more years at least to do our domestic, political, religious and other general discussion we are used to as Tunde reminded me a couple of days ago. However, almighty Allah (swt) has decided that He needs you more than us, hence,we reluctantly have to let go.

You will forever be part and parcel of us, death only took your body, but Allah has your immaculate soul

*Indeed we belong to Allah and indeed to Him we shall return*

Sun re o, *Alhaji Alaman Yekeen Bolatito Salawu* erusin Olorun to to, oninu re, oniwa re.
Posted by Mabel Okafor on May 2, 2021
Death you are so wicked and causes pain when you attack loved ones. Daddy you will be greatly missed by my friend Bukky and us all, we're all looking forward to your 80th birthday celebrations as Bukky was looking forward to it and having you in summer but death struck.....ooh death why the pain. Daddy it is still shocking you are gone so soon, we will miss you. God bless you for the legacy of care and love you left behind. Bukky always passes your message of care and checks to me.

May your soul rest in peace and may God grant us grace to bear the lost and comfort the whole family and my dear friend Bukky especially, as I know how close Daddy was to her and her lovely daughters.

Posted by Ijeoma Fisher on May 2, 2021
You were a gentle soul, always had a word of prayer and blessing. May your gentle soul rest in peace and may God Almighty comfort your children.
Posted by Olanrewaju Owolabi on May 2, 2021
I want to say Daddy would be sorely missed. He was such a gentle soul touching everyone that came into contact with him with his humility and easy going nature. I fondly remember my visits to him every time I go to Ibadan, he always cracks a joke or two making you welcome and comfortable. May his gentle soul rest in peace and may God grant his family the fortitude to bear His loss. RIP Daddy
Posted by Temi Oti on May 2, 2021
Daddy, still unbelievable that you have been called home. Ever smiling, ever courteous and friendly. Thank you for being a friend to my dad. Your wonderful nature will never be forgotten. May your soul rest in peace. Amen
Posted by Tolulope Adekanye on May 2, 2021
A father to many you were, not just to your children; patient, loving and kind. The jokes you fondly make with hubby's pet name "Temi" still resounds. Your lifetime indicated peace and radiance. May you continually rest in the bossom of your creator, Grandpa.
We all miss you as your kind is rare.
Good night grandpa.
The Adekanye's
Posted by Temitope Akintoye on May 2, 2021
This is hard to believe!!! Daddy is gone!! I know you have gone to be with your maker, the one who gives and takes. I know you are in a better place Daddy, resting at the blossom of our Lord.
You were such a gentleman, so loving and caring. Your house in Ibadan practically became my home, no restrictions. You accepted all of us, caring for us all. The last time we spoke when you were in UK, you were still asking me when I would come and see u in Ibadan which I promised to do anytime am in IB. But the time never came.

Sun re ooo baba rere, abiyamo toto. A selfless man you were Daddy. Still in shock. Till we meet again, sun reee
Posted by Ade Omodele on May 2, 2021
Daddy, you will surely be missed. You were a dad to me! Always available to talk and give advice. With a jovial and open heart, you always spoke the truth. This is a hard blow to deal with. You lived life and enjoyed it. Sleep on dad!
Posted by Sunday Fadipe on May 2, 2021
Daddy You were not our friend and colleague’s parent but a father of all Loyola Boys who came over to the houses.
Daddy stood and lived for truth , honesty and diligence at whatever we do
We were always as welcome as your own children though a super religious and discipline father . His openness endeared a lot of us to him even while the children were living away from .
Some Of us cannot just drive by without remembering to check on him . Daddy we missed you . We pray for Alajaeenat Fridaos for you. Sun re o Baba Rere
Posted by Olusesi Oyero on May 2, 2021
Daddy, since l met you you're a wonderful dad, caring, loving, wonderful father to all your children including me and my family. I will forever cherish your love, caring and your prayers every time l called.
Daddy may your gentle soul rest in peace.
We love you but God loves you, we'll miss you.
Posted by Kanyinsola Obadan on May 2, 2021
Daddy, you loved your children and grandchildren so dearly and you extended that love to others including me. You always asked after me, Kanyinscoco and my family and that has left a lasting impression.

We take solace that yours was a life well spent daddy. Adieu!
Posted by Adeniran Bola on May 2, 2021
Alhaji ,my family will surely miss you. You are like a father to us at akede street. All children call you grandpa. Adieu. Rest in the bosom of our lord.
Posted by Abiodun Adeniran- Afuye on May 1, 2021
Adieu daddy Ilesha, may your gentle soul rest in peace .
Posted by Temitope Gbolagade on May 1, 2021
I just want to give thanks for a life well lived in good health and abundance of life, though it’s so soon, sudden and unexpected but who can question God ?
There are so many good memories of Daddy that brings laughter and joy so many it will take a whole day, that I had the privilege of growing up close to him, his advice and instructions shaped me to be a better man.

We love you but God loves you more.
Posted by aderonke Asolo on May 1, 2021
Uncle, it’s hard to believe you left. In all things, I have been taught to give thanks. Indeed, I give thanks that I met you. For all your support even at my Dad’s burial, you showed up.
I went back to read your message to me on Mother’s Day. I found solace in it. Another pointer to who you were.
I have no regrets knowing you and I am happy I visited you at Bukky’s place. You never stopped talking about the ‘panla’ and how you enjoyed it.
Uncle, Aronkuse, as you called me, I will never forget you because your memories remain a blessing. Good night Uncle.
Posted by Bolarinwa Popoola on May 1, 2021
Daddy, Grandpa as we all fondly called you. I can only thank God for the person you were, a kind hearted man, generous almost to a fault. Always too concerned about others. He would pick my kids from school when I couldn't make it. An Alhaji that compelled us to hold a church meeting in his sitting room, I still can't believe I won't hear that call of "aunty Aina". May your soul find eternal rest daddy. Love you more than we can tell.
Posted by Bolarinwa Popoola on May 1, 2021
Daddy, Grandpa as we all fondly called you. I can only thank God for the person you were, a kind hearted man, generous almost to a fault. Always too concerned about others. He would pick my kids from school when I couldn't make it. An Alhaji that compelled us to hold a church meeting in his sitting room, I still can't believe I won't hear that call of "aunty Aina". May your soul find eternal rest daddy. Love you more than we can tell.
Posted by Femi Popoola on May 1, 2021
Grandpa it's so unbelievable that you are no longer with us. I thought we would have oodles of time more but you have left with no fuss as you lived your life. Your kindness and generosity of spirit will be forever missed. Rest in peace in Allah's bosom.

Posted by Olagbenro Bola on May 1, 2021
Daddy daddy as I fondly called him was a good and kindhearted person, I personally thank God on his behalf for a life well spent, May Almighty Allah forgive His shortcomings and grant him Aljanah. Rest well sir.
Posted by Adebukola Salau on May 1, 2021
One day is not enough to write about how special you are to me dad.

No words can adequately describe you my handsome Dad. Words cannot express how much I love you dad... I will love you forever my best friend, my prayer warrior, my one and only true confidant. Your worth is inestimable.

Abiyamo tooto! You loved and sacrificed for us. A quintessential father who took both roles and fulfilled all his duties... I love and respect you dad.

You were the best father a child could ask for... if I had to choose again, I would choose you over and over again dad. You were too kind, hardworking and selfless. You loved and served GOD... Even in your last hours, you were still praying. No doubt you are in a better place resting with your maker.
You loved and served people genuinely without expecting anything in return. My dearest dad, a person of repute, loving, giving and father to many!

My unconditional supporter and number one cheerleader...
You taught and showed me the way of the Lord. Constantly encouraging me... You did not make me stand alone. The most potent moral force in my life.

You touched the lives of everyone you met and loved unconditionally. Abiyamo tooto!! You played both roles of a father and mother. I could not have asked for anything more.

I can proudly say it aloud that you lived well dad!!!

One of the many lessons you taught me is to love people genuinely, never hold any grudges, be kind always, be selfless, and forgive even when it is difficult to, just forgive and move on.

You stayed and supported me through my darkest period!!! When everyone deserted, you stood by me. You were there through it all... through thick and thin... highs and lows.... You were there when people whom I loved genuinely cheated and rejected me, you still told me to forgive. I went through all sorts of abuse in your presence, you still told me to be patient and trust God. I did trust God and He vindicated me. I will forever trust GOD as you have taught me dad.

You loved and cared for me effortlessly, you will clear the dishes and clean my house. Your love for your granddaughters was unquestionable, you bathed them, walked them to school, carried their school bags, sang and chatted with them. This continued even after you returned to Nigeria, you spoke to your granddaughters everyday and they will sorely miss their daily chitchat with you.
You prayed and fasted fervently day and night.

Thanks for all the love and sacrifices you made for us. I appreciate all you did my dearest dad. I will miss our unlimited calls, our gists, your teasing, jokes and stories... The stories told and retold and precious time spent together. Times that made so many beautiful memories... and that is what I am left with now dad.
Still like a dream... but it is real.

It has been a roller coaster of emotions for me and the rest of the family, but I am thankful to God for a life well spent.

Sleep on my dearest dad... my handsome Bola... Rest in perfect peace dearest Dad.
Always and Forever in my heart ❤️.

Infinite Love,
Adebukola Salau.

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