Helen's Pharmacy School Graduation, June 2011
Yeon Ohk Park 신연옥
  • 62 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 23, 1951
  • Date of passing: May 30, 2014
With her loving family surrounding her, our beautiful mother and wife passed away at 7:09 PM on May 30, 2014. We will miss and love her forever.

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved mother and wife, Yeon Ohk Park (Shin).  She was a loving mother, devoted wife, doting grandmother, caring sister and aunt, loyal friend and classmate, and a compassionate nurse.  Please pay tribute to her by posting your favorite memories and photos of her on this memorial page.  

It was our mother's wish that we do not hold a funeral service or accept any gifts or donations on her behalf.  Her friends and family have been very generous to her throughout her life and she wanted us to express her utmost gratitude for all the love and generosity that all of you have provided.  On her behalf, we thank you for all the support and love you have given over the years.

이 Website는 딸 셋이 사랑하는 엄마를 기리려고 마련하였습니다.

저희에게 엄마는 사랑 스러웟고 현모양처 이었습니다.

고교 및 대학동문 그리고 지인들 및 병원동료들을 위하여 만들었사오니 많은 포스팅(가능한 사진을 포함)을 부탁드립니다.

엄마는 3달 전부터 내가 세상을 떠나게 되면 아빠, 세 자매 그리고 외삼촌 식구들만이 작별인사로 대신 할 것을 간곡히 부탁 하였습니다. 어떠한 선물 및 부의금을 받지 말라 하였습니다. 이유는 2년 넘게 투병 하는 동안 물심양면으로 너무나 과분한 도움을 받았으니 조금이나마 번거로움을 덜어드리고 싶다하시었고 돌아가시면 화장을 할 터 인데 시신기증을 하여 달라 하시였으며 미리 아빠와 함께 신청을 해 놓았습니다. 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Emma Okamura on 23rd December 2016

"Dear Halmuni,

Happy birthday! It's Emma and I wanted to tell you that I had a dream about you last night, and then this morning it was your birthday. I wish you were still here with us, and I know that you love us very much. I miss you a lot, and I will never forget about you. I thought of you all day today, and I knew that I should leave something for you on your special day. I hope you are having a blast celebrating it with your parents and husband together, reunited. I love you and miss you.


This tribute was added by Seungwook BAHNG on 16th December 2015

"오늘 밤에 시영 아저씨가 돌아가셨다는 소식을 들었습니다.  저희 어머니께서 최근에 몇번 전화 통화시도 하셨었는데 통화되지 않는다는 말을 들었었습니다.  그동안 수년 동안 한국에서 구하기 어려운 약도 저희 어머니께 보내주셨었는데, 저희 어머니도 소식을 듣고 참 가슴이 아프시답니다.  시영이 아저씨께서 한국에서 1970년대 초반 경 저에게 고급시계를 하나 주셨었는데, 그 생각이 지금 떠오릅니다.  미국이민 가시기 전에 저희 집에 그당시 구하기 힘든 고급 제과점 단팥 도너츠 한 박스 사 오셨는데 그 일도 생각납니다.  참 안타깝습니다.  

삼가 고인을 추모합니다."

This tribute was added by Changmyung Lee on 10th November 2015

"오늘 아빠가 엄마곁으로 가셨다는 소식 들었어
아! 하고 놀랐지만  한편  위안도 된다
이제 엄마하고 같이 계시니 옛날 우리 젊었을 때처럼
웃고 기대에 찼던 좋은 날들을 다시 보내실 거라고
상상해보며 좋은기억만 마음속에 간직한다.
며칠전에 갑자기 엄마결혼사진이 눈에 띄여서
들여다 봤단다.  그래서  더욱  두분이 함께  웃는  모습이
떠오르는지도  몰라.
지난 세월도 엄마는 계속 우리가슴 속에 계셨으니
앞으로도 그러실꺼야
엄마도 아빠도 40년,50년 알고 지냈으니
언제라도 엄마 아빠 얘기 듣고 싶으면 연락해라
이제 세대가 바뀌는 모양이야
너무 슬퍼하지  말고
씩씩하게 잘살아^^

엄마와 아빠의 친구
창명 아줌마"

This tribute was added by Changmyung Lee on 6th June 2015

"언제나  옆에 웃으며 있는 듯....
모두가 그렇게 느끼는 거 아닐까?
항상  기분좋게 기억하며 ..."

This tribute was added by Minhee Lee on 30th May 2015

"I can't believe it has been already a year. I feel like you still live in corona and still think you can pick up the phone when I call. I couldn't remove your phone number in my contact list for a while...
Jay and I still talk about you and miss you so much. But we think that you are in great place and be very happy up there! We pray for you!! Have a lovely day up there!!!^^"

This tribute was added by Linda Jucaban on 11th May 2015

"Missed you , my friend and most of the time "my Mother ""

This tribute was added by Helen Park on 10th May 2015

"It's my first Mother's Day without you... I miss you so much. I love you, umma."

This tribute was added by Julie Kang on 11th February 2015

"Happy Birthday!  Funny how you always celebrated your birthday based on the lunar calendar.  I miss you and I love you."

This tribute was added by Seungwook BAHNG on 5th August 2014

"삼가 고인을 추모합니다.

제가 10여년 전에 네브래스카에 거주할 때 한국음식을 두 박스나 보내주셔서 늘 감사하게 생각하고 있었습니다.   더 건강하게 오래사셨으면 좋았을 터인데 참 안타까운 마음입니다."

This tribute was added by Joyce Anderson on 10th July 2014

"Dear Mrs. Park,
People have such beautiful things to say about you, and although we only met a few times, you were always so poised, gracious, and strong.  These are all things I see in Lisa.  Not to mention your great bone structure, which Lisa also inherited.  We were all brought to tears when we heard the news of your passing and wept even more when we heard that Lisa and Jeff are expecting their first child.  And then we guffawed with tearful joy when we learned that Lisa was able to tell you herself on Mother's Day that she was expecting your next grandchild.  We promise to take care of Lisa and your new grand baby."

This tribute was added by Bryan Um on 1st July 2014

"Yeon Park:
Can't think of any better words to describe how I am grateful for all your caring and support when I first came to Irvine back in 1996. Still have the photo of you and your family taken in the night of Christmas Eve when you invited me for dinner. It was you that helped me to settle in and to finish up my degree when I was totally lost in direction, and provided comfort when I was feeling homesick. What makes me deeply saddened is that I will never have a chance to tell you "Thank You" in person again. I truly thank you for your comforting and cheering words.

Mr. Park, Julie, Helen and Lisa:
Though I am deeply mourning for your loss, I do believe God has taken your wife/mom because she was such an extraordinarily wonderful person that he wanted to have her with him, and believe she will rest in peace and stay in our hearts in eternity.

God bless all.


This tribute was added by Grace Joo on 16th June 2014

"신연옥 회장님

"생각난다 그 오솔길...그대가 만들어 준 꽃반지 끼고.."
다정히 손-잡고 거닐던 그 오솔길.. "

기억하세요?   Keyboard들고 찾아간 저에게 투병중에도 청아한 음성으로 남편과 함께 불러 주신 노래 선물.

슬픔도 고통도 없는 그 곳에서 평화의 안식을 누리소서!
우리 만나는 그날까지..."

This tribute was added by Minhee Lee on 13th June 2014

"어제 아줌마께서 떠나셨다는 얘기를 듣고 많이 놀랐습니다. 많이 아프셨지만 그래도 기적을 기대했었나봅니다.
항상 따뜻한 말과 지혜로운 생각을 늘 해주셨던 분.
왜 우리와 더 오래오래 함께 하지않으셨는지 참 많이 서운합니다.
자주 찾아뵙지못해도 오래도록 만난 사람처럼 늘 다정했던 분, 마음이 바다같이 넓었던 분, 참 지혜로우셨던 분으로 늘 기억하겠습니다.
하늘나라에서 건강하고 행복하게 지내세요."

This tribute was added by Heeja Kim on 7th June 2014


내 친구 연옥은 큰 나무다.

그 곁에 가면
구겨진 마음이 펴지고
시끄러운 마음 가라앉고
어두운 마음에 미소띄게 해주는,그래서 다가 가고픈 나무.

그 어떤 것에서도 자유로운 영혼을 지닌
아름다운 사람,

내가 연옥을 만난 건 행운이다!

지금도 너희 세 딸 Julie와 Helen과 Lisa 에게서
그 나무는 함께 하겠지?

엄마 표현대로

보고 싶은 마음이 커
먹먹해 진다."

This tribute was added by Megan Baltruzak on 6th June 2014

"Dear Mrs. Park,

Even though we only met a few times, I am so blessed to be friends with your amazing daughter, Lisa. I remember when I first met you at Lisa's shower.  I enjoyed talking to you so much! You were so gracious, so kind, gentle and such a good listener.  Lisa certainly takes after you! Please know I will be thinking of you often and saying prayers for the whole family.  


This tribute was added by Martha Decker on 6th June 2014

"Dear Mrs. Park,

Your family and friends do (and always will) miss you terribly.  You raised such remarkable women, and I am sure you were so proud of each of them for what they have accomplished, the families they have created, and the women they have become.  The pictures of you as a young woman are so beautiful, and remind me so much of Lisa.

We are praying for you and your family.


This tribute was added by Julie Kang on 6th June 2014


오늘도 하루를 보내면서 어머님이 우리와 함께 있지않다는게 믿끼지가 않네요.  어머님 집으로가서 또 제가좋아하는 낙지볶음을 요리해주시고 웃는 얼굴로 저희를 맏아주실것 같아요.  항상 저희를 사랑해주시고 모자란 것을 감싸해주신 어머님이 또 보고 싶고 그리워요.  


This tribute was added by Jeff Agase on 5th June 2014

"Dear Mrs. Park,

We are so very saddened that you have left us, but it warms all our hearts to know that your kindness, generosity and love will forever live on in your loving family and all those who had the good fortune to know you.

Throughout your life, you managed to always bring energy and enthusiasm to everyone around you, even as you worked tirelessly to give your wonderful daughters the best life possible.  You are, quite simply, an inspiration.

We honor you, we thank you, we miss you, we love you.



This tribute was added by Julie Kang on 5th June 2014

"Dear 할머니,

I really miss you. I'll miss you very much. You did a lot for me. Do not forget how much I love you!

Love you forever and ever,
Jeremy Y Kang"

This tribute was added by Beverly Cunningham on 4th June 2014

"Dear Julie,  

Thank you for sharing your mother's memorial website. Its wonderful to see a glimpse into your mother's life and the memories your family has shared.  She was such a beautiful woman and I will continue to say prayers for your family.

Much love - Beverly"

This tribute was added by Susan Watanabe on 4th June 2014

"Dear Julie,

So sorry for your loss.  These photos are a beautiful tribute to her life and the family and friends who loved her dearly.   She will be missed.  Praying for you and your family during this sad time.  Love you!  Susan"

This tribute was added by Julie Kang on 4th June 2014

"Dear Halmuni,
I love you very, very much and I wanted to say hi. We miss you very much and I want you to know that I'll never forget you and you will always stay in my heart.<3 <3 <3

This tribute was added by Julie Kang on 4th June 2014

"Dear Halmuni,
                      I loved hanging out with you. I wish you were still with me. I love you very much.

This tribute was added by Julie Kang on 4th June 2014

"Dear Halmuni,

I love you and miss you so much. I'm glad you are in a better place now and no longer in pain. I love you so much! You are very close and will always be dear to my heart.<3 <3 <3

Annabelle <3 <3 <3"

This tribute was added by jeanny chung on 4th June 2014

"Dear Julie,
Sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace. Your mother is a beautiful woman inside and out. I will pray for your strength and comfort.

This tribute was added by Changmyung Lee on 4th June 2014

엄마  생각에 가슴이 미어진다.
엄마는 정말 대단한 사람이었어!
이젠 너희들을 잊지 않고 기억할 께.
아빠 모시고 행복하게 지내.."

This tribute was added by Linda Jucaban on 4th June 2014

"Yeon , we will miss you , you are in our hearts , in our thoughts always , the memories that we have are forever and we love you ......our prayers for James , Julie and family , Helen and Emma , Lisa and family .  

Love ,

This tribute was added by Julie Kang on 3rd June 2014

"Dear Halmi,

I love you very much. I want to tell you I miss you very much. I am sad you left. You were very nice to me.



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