Let the memory of Yew Loong be with us forever
  • 51 years old
  • Born on December 21, 1959 in Malaysia.
  • Passed away on October 10, 2011 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Yew Loong Yee, 51, born in 1959 and passed away on October 10, 2011. We will remember him forever.

Please feel free to write a tribute to Yew Loong or a condolence message to his family.  If you have any stories about him, please do post them as well or send it to me so that I can post them.  Yew Loong's family would like to keep in touch so please mention your connection with Yew Loong if you do not know the family personally.

Here is a link of a short news report that was broadcasted in Calgary today (Oct 13, 2011). The news report starts at 6:37.  http://www.globaltvcalgary.com/video/early+news++oct+13/video.html?v=2153277832&p=1&s=dd#video

Here is a news article for the Okanagan region.  However some facts like ages are not correct.http://www.castanet.net/news/Kelowna/65777/Distracted-driver-strikes-pedestrians 



Here is a online photo album made by Yew-Loong's daughter.  Feel free to email other photos you wish to have added to natashay16@yahoo.ca:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150341912446247.357401.540796246&type=1&l=a4f80aafea


We have made funeral arrangements for my dad. -Natasha

WED, OCT 19, 2011 @ 8:30AM
McInnis and Holloway Chapel of Bells
2720 Centre St N (corner of Centre St. and 27 Ave N) 
Calgary, AB T2E2V6
            403 273-2296       

Reception will be held at Buffet Yangtze in Deerfoot Mall at 11am (same day). 

Here is map to Chapel of Bells:


Hi Family and Friends,

As many of you know, it was my dad's funeral today.  It was great to see all the support from everyone and to hear the stories and memories they shared with my dad.  


Nick, Natasha, and Margaret. (Oct 19, 2011)

Posted by Soo Feng Cheong on 24th December 2018
It's hard to forget you (Yew Loong), who gave us so much fond memories.
Posted by LI Li Yee on 13th October 2018
Forever missed and will always remember
Posted by Kevin Gould on 11th October 2018
7 years. Still remembered. Peace and prosperity be with your family.
Posted by Mae Liew on 11th October 2018
7 years passed !!! missed all the memories we have many many years ago !! will remember your name till then. RIP !!!
Posted by Kevin Gould on 9th May 2018
Almost 7 years. We still remember. Best wishes to your family.
Posted by Soo Feng Cheong on 24th December 2017
During this festive season you are much more missed by all of us.
Posted by LI Li Yee on 9th October 2017
6th year! Forever missed & always remembered
Posted by Kevin Gould on 16th November 2016
Hey buddy, was just thinking about you as I do from time to time. I'm not sure why I write, I'm not one for the afterlife, I guess I hope it matters to your family that they're not the only ones who remember you. Rest easy.
Posted by LI Li Yee on 10th October 2016
Time flies. 5 years. Forever miss and always remembered.
Posted by LI Li Yee on 10th October 2015
Forever miss and always remembered
Posted by LI Li Yee on 9th October 2014
Forever missed. Always remembered.
Posted by Kevin Gould on 16th June 2014
I was just thinking of our old friend Yew Loong and thought I'd drop a note on his memorial page, just to let his family know he's not forgotten, and he is still missed. We at Teck hope his family is well and living the life he dreamed for you.
Posted by Soo Feng Cheong on 10th October 2013
Dear Margaret, Natasha & Nick. Ever though Yew-Loong is no longer with all of us, his memory will always stay with me no matter how many years have passed. I will always miss him and his particular ways and thoughts of life.
Posted by John Zhang on 10th October 2013
Still missing you.
Posted by LI Li Yee on 10th October 2013
My younger brother! Forever missed. Always thinking of those wonderful times we all shared together. Miss you very much.
Posted by Mohamad El Houjairy on 10th October 2013
Margaret, Natasha and Nick: I have known Yew-Loong since 2008, he was the first person I met in Teck. He was very supportive and professional. He visit me in Elkford and liked the Lebanese food. He had so many questions to my Wife about Lebanese meals. Yew-Loong will never be forgotten, he is being well missed. Condolences from Mohamad, Fida and the kids.
Posted by LI Li Yee on 21st December 2012
Forever missed and remembered by us all
Posted by Andrea Chan on 21st December 2012
Forever miss
Posted by Kevin Gould on 26th October 2012
You are not forgotten, Yew Loong.
Posted by LI Li Yee on 10th October 2012
Deeply missed forever.
Posted by Islam Eltreki on 10th October 2012
Thoughts of a missed friend surround me today
Posted by LI Li Yee on 22nd December 2011
My brother, memories of you will forever be with me. I miss you badly. Loving you always.
Posted by Denise Maigret on 21st December 2011
Remembering a dear man today ...
Posted by Yap Moo Onn on 21st December 2011
you are always in my mind 'yew loong',we will remember what you have did for everyone, especially to our classmate.may god bless his family members,so Magearet,Natasha and Nick! be happy all time.
Posted by Soo Feng Cheong on 21st December 2011
Going through my memories and looking at your pictures that's always what I do cos that's all you've left me just memories of you
Posted by Mae LM on 11th November 2011
Margeret, Natasha & Nick .... I hope happy memories bring a smile to your faces. Yew Loong has been a great friend, we (Eunice & Mae) will always remember him - " You will always on Our mind" & " Rest In Peace "
Posted by Norm Chan on 27th October 2011
I likely knew Yew-Loong the very least (considering all who've left messages here). Yew-Loong and I worked on three work related projects since the spring of 2011. We shared meals and stories about family and technology. What I remember most is the change in his demeanor when he spoke of his children. He spoke fondly and glowed with pride.
Posted by Bruce McHardy on 27th October 2011
Yew Loong and I worked together for the last 3 years, we traveled together a number of times. Shared food, laughter and taste in cars, I enjoyed working with and spending time with Yew Loong, I am very sorry to hear that he is no longer with us. I will always remember his easy infectuous smile and his quite intencity. I offer my condolences and my friendship to his family, Bruce.
Posted by Andrew Chan on 22nd October 2011
My dearest uncle Yew Loong, I'm always grateful to have you as my uncle. I truly appreciate all the things you've done for us. Thanks you so much for your guidance and support in life. You will always be remembered in heart.
Posted by Chris Chang on 22nd October 2011
I'm very sorry for your loss. Our condolences to Margaret, Natasha, and Nick. Chris & Tony
Posted by Jason Choy on 21st October 2011
Posted by LI Li Yee on 20th October 2011
To a wonderful brother -"chai",you will be deeply and sadly missed by all. You will always and forever be remembered by us all. Thank you very much for everything you have done for us. May your soul rest in peace. Hope to see you in my dreams.
Posted by Kenny TOONG on 20th October 2011
A remarkable Malaysian Canadian who touched the hearts and minds of the folks he interacted with. I am honoured to be at the Celebration of his Life amongst his family, colleagues and friends. My deepest condolence to his family for their loss.
Posted by Zeib Jeeva on 19th October 2011
To the Yee family. We are very sorry and saddened to learn of the tragic death of Yew Loong. As you grieve know that we are remembering you and honoring Yew Loong's memory. Please accept our heartfelt sympathies for your loss. From all his associates and friends at Cover-All Computer Services in
Posted by Jason Yee on 19th October 2011
Chai, You are such a great brother, thank you very much for your love and support. You will always in our mind. Miss you. Moon.
Posted by Jason Yee on 19th October 2011
Ahpak i miss you a lot ,thank to you.I will not forget you Ahpak.I will love u forever.
Posted by Ken Yeoh on 18th October 2011
I was shocked to receive a call from Margaret today. I met Yew Loong and his family more than 18 years ago when we both started our new life in Canada. It is sad news to hear of his sudden departure. My family and I offer our deepest condolences to Margaret, Natasha & Nick.
Posted by Irene Egbu on 18th October 2011
I was going to ask Sandy to link me to your office line when she broke this ugly and painful news to me!I screamed! "Yew is my friend! He must not die! How could death be so treacherous!why so soon? why? Yew!In life you asked me to remember you in my prayers and i will always RIP
Posted by Henri Hi on 18th October 2011
Yew Loong....Thanks For Keeping Us in Touch.... To Where You Are, You'll Always Be In Our Heart, Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever, Heaven Is Just A Breath Away.... Farewell ! God Knows When We Shall Meet Again !
Posted by Yew Wong on 18th October 2011
Yew Loong the soft spoken and always humble friend. You lived the furthest from everyone yet manage to gather more of us for our reunion. You will be missed my friend.
Posted by Leon Lee on 18th October 2011
This is on behalf of Fong Wong Fong Wong lit a candle on 17th October 2011 "To Margaret and family, I have known Yew Loong for many years. I will always remember him, a very friendly kind family orientated man. We offer our deepest condolences to your family on your los
Posted by Leon Lee on 18th October 2011
Margaret, Natasha, Nick, I am so sorry for your loss. Yew Loong was a good mentor for me. He always try to help me. I really miss him. Leon
Posted by KM Vong on 18th October 2011
Hi Margaret, Natasha and Nick, Yew Loong and I were classmates back in Maxwell. He was always helpful, kind and soft spoken and we're all deeply saddened by his departure. Your strength and love for each other will keep his love for you living forever.
Posted by Jimmy Yee on 18th October 2011
We all gonna miss you very much ... and we will always think about you , Uncle. <3
Posted by Billy Wong on 18th October 2011
Yew Loong, a most unassuming and down-to-earth person. A true Maxwellian. Will miss you my friend.
Posted by Florence Chong on 17th October 2011
Dear Margaret, Natasha & Nick Yew Loong may have left us but he will forever be remembered by all. I knew him since primary school and his late parents & mine were good friends. He has been a great friend !!
Posted by Kean Tan on 17th October 2011
Will miss you Yew Loong. Have known you for 13+ years and you are kind and loving person.My condolences to Margaret and the kids.
Posted by Yoon Hs on 17th October 2011
To Margaret and family, We offer our condolences to your family on your loss. The Maxwell group and our families will remember him as a great friend and classmate.
Posted by Sandipkumar Kanojia on 17th October 2011
I’ve known Yew-Loong for past 4 year. I enjoyed working with him and learned so much from him. He was a great mentor I have always cherished caring advice.Our thought and prayers are with you ~ Sandip & Devanshi
Posted by Sorin Bilt on 17th October 2011
Margaret, Natasha & Nicholas: there are no words to properly express how sorry we are for your loss. May all the wonderful memories that you have shared with Yew-Loong provide you the strenght and confort that you need now. Please accept our deepest condolences, Sorin & Tina Bilt

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