Let the memory of YingXue "Jess" be with us forever
  • 37 years old
  • Born on August 11, 1974 .
  • Passed away on March 23, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Ying Xue "Jess" Lei, 37, born on August 11, 1974 and passed away on March 23, 2012.

Jess worked for QMS for almost 7 years as a software engineer and she was an exceptional engineer and person; a steady, quiet, and happy person, who was easy to work with and unfailingly cheerful, polite, and considerate. There are people who are easy to work with and be around, and Jess was such a person.  She was also a photographer with a good aesthetic ability that was a contrast to her analytical engineering abilities. Jess’s work and presence at QMS, will be deeply missed. Some losses in life are irreparable, and this is one such loss.

We will miss you dearly, Jess, and will remember you forever.

Posted by Nicole Lei on 29th August 2018
最近遇到一点点麻烦! 不过相信会解决好的~只是需要点时间~天堂的你会给我力量的对吧! 我们一起努力! Love U...
Posted by Cassandra Chan on 11th August 2018
Missing your smile and laugh everyday!
Posted by Nicole Lei on 14th July 2018
景物依旧· 人面全非~最近视力越来越不好了~但方向感越来越强劲! 是你们在保佑我的, 我知道了! 我们一起努力吧! Love u.
Posted by Nicole Lei on 14th April 2018
Love u forever, sis...她们都很好!!
Posted by L H on 24th March 2018
Miss you !
Posted by Bridgett Thompson on 24th March 2018
Thank you
Posted by Sadf Safasd on 13th December 2017
heard about this from breitbart. It was an illegal immigrant that killed her, he was supposed to be deported.
Posted by Bridgett Thompson on 24th March 2017
Still thinking of you and I thank you for kindness :)
Posted by Mei Huang on 11th August 2016
我们42岁了!SF 的房价这几年大幅升高,人多车多,塞车成为曰日会遇上的事!SF越来越受欢迎,天气好,美食多!忘了告诉你Uber, 好方便叫车服务!今年又大选,两个候选人都奇奇怪怪的. 下年再八多哋其他事你知!Miss you.
Posted by Nancee Khang on 11th August 2016
Happy birthday Jess. Still thinking of you.
Posted by Bridgett Thompson on 23rd March 2016
Thank you for your kindness :)
Posted by L H on 26th September 2015
BB. 生日快乐!Miss you!
Posted by Mei Huang on 11th August 2015
How time flies! 又一年了!科技又进步了!我们现在用微信,好方便!随时可以见到和吹水,还是免费!还有微群,建立各种各样群,吹吹水,晒晒美食!中国股市年中升了许多,但是很暴跌,然后出现国家队救市⋯ Miss you!!!
Posted by Bridgett Thompson on 23rd March 2015
Still thinking of you .....
Posted by L H on 26th September 2014
My BB , 生日快乐!
Posted by Bridgett Thompson on 23rd March 2014
Still thinking of you..
Posted by L H on 23rd March 2014
2 years... Forever miss you
Posted by L H on 26th September 2013
B B. Happy Birthday!
Posted by L H on 15th September 2013
BB, Miss you!!!
Posted by Lynda Tran on 25th March 2013
It's been one year.... I hope you are living well with your family in Paradise. RIP!
Posted by L H on 13th February 2013
Posted by L H on 26th September 2012
Happy Birthday ! B B. 生日快乐!!
Posted by L H on 7th July 2012
遥远的你从此相隔天涯 如何告诉你我梦里只有你 遥远的你是绚丽燃烧的火花 是我再也回不去的家
Posted by L H on 10th June 2012
Posted by L H on 9th May 2012
Miss you very much !!!
Posted by L H on 20th April 2012
Love you forever!
Posted by Venkatesan Manickam on 17th April 2012
Jess, you are a very nice person and a good friend i used to work with. You will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace
Posted by Shirley Blethen on 4th April 2012
I haven't worked with you since 2009 but you are not forgotten. You would come and visit me in my corner with your cup of green tea. You are missed by all the lives that you touched.
Posted by L Lee on 29th March 2012
Rest in peace, Jess. You were always genuinely kind and friendly. You will be missed and unforgotten.
Posted by Tamara TJ Johnston on 29th March 2012
Jess, Pure of Heart... I hear your voice saying "Nooooo" to me when I am convinced I am right (and I am wrong) and then I hear "Yes, my dear?" when I call you to my desk. You will forever remain in my heart and I will be reminded of you when I look at the Golden Gate Bridge and when I eat my "Cuties", now I will always eat two - one for me and one for you. You are missed...
Posted by Janice L on 29th March 2012
Jess, when most of us are still searching on how to live, you already know. You would stop and look out the windows to enjoy the view. You would walk down and up the stairs with others. I wish I have more time to get to know you better. Rest in peace! 憤怒, 悲傷, 不明所以都不能夠改變事實⃘ 我只能以你為榜樣, 認真地生活⃘ 願在另一個角度裡, 我能再次碰上和更加認識你⃘
Posted by Suzette Siu on 29th March 2012
Jess was a generous, friendly and helpful person. We had numerous lunches together and even took break times together at work. She always found time to help people and offered me fruits and baked stuff she brought from home. She was my coworker but I consider her a dear friend. She will be greatly missed.
Posted by Michelle Wang on 29th March 2012
Jess, 你来过, 带着你满腔热情, 分享过你的快乐; 你走了, 走的这么匆忙, 连告别的话语都来不及说; 留给我的是你的奋斗精神,你的笑语,和你的友谊; 怀念你! Jess, You came, came with your enthusiasm and love, shared with your joy and happiness; You left, you left so rush, no time for me to bid farewell to you; What you gave me is your friendship, and your happiness. Miss you Michelle
Posted by Lauren T on 28th March 2012
Jess you were such a nice, kind, and amazing person. Whenever we talked at work you were always so cheerful and pleasant. You will be greatly missed and you and your family will forever be in our hearts.
Posted by Cooky Yu on 28th March 2012
Jess(阿雪), my dear friend for more than 17 years! You gone too soon and I really miss you! Miss all the travellings we've gone together, miss all the gatherings, miss your sweet smile! You're such a trustworthy good friend! You're always and will be forever in my heart! RIP 阿雪and your family! 我懷念那些我故意拔弄你手臂上的細汗毛的日子,懷念你和我兒子玩功夫時的純真笑容,懷念你打羽毛球時讓我十五分!一路走好!miss you and love you forever!
Posted by MelMel Ton on 28th March 2012
Dearest 師姐...it was sad to hear such tragedy and more shocking to find out you were one of he victims to this crucial incident. I will always remember the times we worked together every Sunday morning and driving me home after work. You are a generous and cheerful person. May you and your family RIP.
Posted by Jenny Saelee on 28th March 2012
Jessy- Jess- if there is one person that I dont mind scolding at me, that would be you. You were one of few people I know that can be mad and over it within minutes. I will miss everything about you. No words can describe how much we will miss you. May you rest peacefully. Xoxo
Posted by Nancee Khang on 28th March 2012
"Jess, it's still really hard for me to accept that your gone. I will always remember my 1st QMS Christmas lunch you. "Mojito" After that day, everytime I had one I've always thought of you. May you and your family members heart and souls be at peace and thank you for being such a great person! I will miss you dearly....
Posted by Laura Garber on 28th March 2012
Jess - you will be missed! It's been a couple of yea the world unenrs since I've had the pleasure of working with Jess, but this horrible, senseless tragedy brings tears to my eyes over and over again. May peace be with you, Jess, as you travel the world unencumbered.
Posted by J W on 28th March 2012
Jess was such a kind, helpful and smart engineer to work with, you can feel her cheerful spirit when you talk to her. We will forever miss you! 我們將永遠懷念你, 尤其是你的好意,在工作中分享您的水果. 您帶給我們和平及喜樂.
Posted by Bridgett Thompson on 28th March 2012
I knew Jess for a short while, but she presented such a delightful aura one couldn't help but notice. She was intelligent ,kind, gentle and willing to assist with any task at hand. Take care Jess. you will be missed dearly.
Posted by Lynda Tran on 28th March 2012
Jess Lei will be dearly missed. You had the most gentle smile it will not be forgotten. May you and your family Rest In Peace & Paradise.
Posted by Eric Duyongco on 28th March 2012
Tons of e-mails were exchanged between Jess and me but I only had a chance to talk to Jess over the phone once. But just the same, I felt Jess and I have really become close. She is often assigned to review my call. And because of her keen eyes and anticipation, the result - Nothing but Success. She is my guardian angel at QMS. Thank you and take care.
Posted by Cedric Duyongco on 28th March 2012
It seemed just like yesterday when I got the chance to work with Jess. How quickly those years fly, especially when working with someone as easy to work with as Jess. We will miss you dearly and wish you peace and happiness in heaven.
Posted by B A on 27th March 2012
It is four o'clock in the afternoon, the time Jess would peel an orange (or less often, an apple). She would always offer me a piece. I never accepted. But every time she saw me, she offered me one anyway. Some people are just too stubborn; or too nice. Our angel in heaven, do take care of yourself. We miss you.
Posted by Yuko Tanaka on 27th March 2012
Jess was kind, caring, sweet person with heart warming smile who always made herself available to help others. She was also detailed, organized, smart engineer. Jess, you were loved, and you will ever be.
Posted by Nancy C on 27th March 2012
I crossed paths with her a few times in the last couple weeks and her bubbling persona always brought a smile to my face. Gone too soon but will always be cherished.
Posted by Cassandra Chan on 27th March 2012
No words can express what I feel in my heart as my friend was taken so young in life. Jess and I started with QMS on the same day nearly 7 yrs ago, sitting together in the lobby anxious to start a new path we looked up at each other and smiled, there it started a new friendship that I will always cherish! I will miss you my dear friend!!!
Posted by Tanna Sutherland on 27th March 2012
I didn't know Jess. I have just seen the story on the news and it saddens me. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.
Posted by Connie & Alberto Paredes on 27th March 2012
Ying! You are gone but you always be in our hearts. You were the sweetest kindest & the hardest working person I have ever known. We had good times since day one we met the Van Ness Bakery! You had taught us the value of friendships. You were there for us when we needed you and you never let us down! We love you. Rest in peace my dearest friend ! We will never forget your smiles & laughter

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