May the good Lord grant us the strength to bear the grief and grant us peace for the rest of our days.
  • 65 years old
  • Born on April 1, 1951 in Ilesha, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on April 10, 2016 in Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Stephen Yinka Odunfa 65 years old , born on April 1, 1951 and passed away on April 10, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Yemi Odunfa on 10th April 2018
I still look out for your face in the crowds, and some days are easier than others.... Remembering you today, as with every other day...and choosing to thank God for the gift your life has been to us all. Your words still linger, your memories remain blessed, your legacies live on -- wouldn't trade any of these for another who'd walked with us a minute longer. These words expose the pain - You're not here, but it's ok. Rest well Dad. Having done all to stand, Stand still....(Eph 6:13) - Still Standing Yemi O
Posted by Seyi Odunfa on 10th April 2018
Life seems more sweet that Thou didst live And men more true Thou wert one; Nothing is lost that Thou didst give, Nothing destroyed that Thou hast done. 2years today..Sleep on Pops
Posted by Seyi Odunfa on 2nd April 2018
Your favourite month..season...not the same without in peace pops.
Posted by Titi Odunfa Adeoye on 2nd April 2018
Thinking of you on April 1 as usual. Happy celestial birthday Uncle Foli. Love always...
Posted by Toyin Seriki on 10th April 2017
Dear uncle Foli It s hard to believe a year has gone past since that painful day. We continue to thank God for your life and all that you accomplished. You raised 4 fanstatic children who are carrying on and making you proud. We miss you and remember you fondly now and always. Continue to Rest In Peace and give my mum and Aunty Susan a hug for me.
Posted by Seyi Odunfa on 9th April 2017
A year already! Thankful for the gift of having been born and raised by such a wonderful man!!
Posted by Mobolaji Odunfa on 3rd April 2017
Finally, I'm here on this page and it still hurts. I smile at the beautiful memories I have of you and also cry because there will be no new memories to create; my second home is just not the same without you. Thank you for the great times, unreserved love and acceptance, ever open arms to run into, wide shoulders to cry on and of course, your poor (though heartwarming) attempts at matchmaking :). You remain unforgettable and forever loved. Bolaji
Posted by Oludayo Odunfa on 2nd April 2017
Happy birthday dad!....
Posted by Yemi Odunfa on 1st April 2017
Dear Dad........
Posted by Funlola Badipe on 1st April 2017
We remember you today and always
Posted by Titi Odunfa Adeoye on 1st April 2017
My darling uncle foli :) thinking of you this morning. Happy birthday in heaven. So proud and lucky to have had you in my life. Love always ....
Posted by Seyi Odunfa on 1st April 2017
Fond memories of April the 1st, you are sorely missed. Sleep on dad
Posted by Oladipo Ojo on 22nd March 2017
It was with unbelief that I googled for your full name (Stephen Yinka Odunfa) when I heard from a friend and colleague that you are no more hoping to not find any unpalatable news. Alas, it is true. You were such a good man and leader of men. You never dealt with people on the basis of presumptions or assumptions. You were forthright and demanded upright conducts from us your Internal Control & Audit Staff of then Omegabank. You taught us to see ourselves as internal consultants seeking to enshrine order and credibility where such was lacking. It was no secret that your approach to audit and control helped in changing the perception of Omegabank's audit staff from 'Thief Catchers' to troubleshooters who brought solutions to problem situations. Whenever there was infraction, you taught us to look for motive rather than outcome because the motive defined the man, his conducts, behaviours etc. You must be convinced beyond reasonable doubts before you wield the big stick as a member of the Discom. You encouraged me to pioneer the concept of Resident Internal Control staff in the then Ondo & Ekiti branches of the bank when the group was to be split into core audit and internal control sections. You stood by me in my reports and How i wish I had the privilege of seeing you before you eventually transited after slight health indisposition as I gathered in some of the tributes. Not because I had any money to give you but to just appreciate and encourage you for being such a great mind that God made you. May your lineage reap from the legacy of mercy and good name that I sincerely believe you bequeathed. Sleep on in eternal rest SYO
Posted by Lawrence Ladejobi on 6th June 2016
My Oga and Mentor of high esteem. The best boss in the world. My guru of professional accountancy practice in Nigeria. My prayer is that God will give your lovely Wife and Children the fortitude to bear the great loss.
Posted by Adedayo Badipe on 22nd April 2016
ODUNFA FAMILY ORATION AT FOLI’S LYING-IN-STATE 21/4/2016 Four months ago our family was inconsolable over the death of our sister, mother and grandmother Mrs Adepeju Agbeke Seriki. That we are again gathered today in mourning over another, even more painful, death is a manifestation of the inexorable way of God which passes all understanding. As human beings we have tended to situate our grief in the fact of this death, paying no attention whatsoever to yet another fact – that it could have been worse. So it took 65 years for him to succumb to death, a period during which God blessed him generously, he raised his own family, he dutifully raised his children to a level at which their life success was guaranteed and he saw his children’s children. Therefore even in our deep sorrow we realize and we proclaim that God has been faithful to the Odunfa family. Foli, we thank God for your life. Your last days were not as we would wish but we have chosen to remember you as you were in life – a hardworking man, an uncompromisingly honest person, very stubborn in sticking to your decided course of action, a husband without blemish, a devoted father and, above all, a true Christian. We can never forget the episode in your life story when Satan mobilized a fearsome army against your integrity. Rather than bow to the lure of instant wealth you remained true to your conscience and to God. We are proud of you now as we were then. Where are those warriors of iniquity today? We believe it would have been better had they never lived. Last week Seyi sent a message to the family on his discussion with you on your birthday, 1st of April. I quote him: “he emphasized the need for love and unity. Please remember him for who he was before his illness: a man who loved you all dearly and fought very hard to remain with us until he could fight no more.” Foli, we shall not do less. Dotun, may God Almighty stand by you in this unexpected phase of your life. You performed your wifely duty almost to perfection. Foli himself expressed it in the impromptu dance both of you performed at Bukola’s wedding party last September – a dance which drew all the guests’ attention and applause. Foli told us later that it was to mark your wedding anniversary. There could have been no better and public expression of the love between you. Have faith, our dear ‘Iya Alaje’, as all our children call you affectionately, the God who prospered our widowed mother will take care of you. Seyi, Opeyemi, Folake and Dayo, you are exemplary children. May God reward you generously for the excellent care you took of your father in his last years. You will receive more from your own children. Foli, omo agbo d’ere n’Isheri, o d’igb’ose, O d’arin’na ko, o d’oju ala!
Posted by Oludayo Odunfa on 21st April 2016
And today we had your sure you're proud of us all.....❤ Rest in peace dad
Posted by Oludayo Odunfa on 21st April 2016
May his gentle soul rest in peace in the Lord Jesus Christ! Adeniyi Sotayo & Family
Posted by Ayomide Odunsi on 19th April 2016
Dearest Uncle Yinka, Reading all your tributes has been very comforting to say the least. Your actions and the content of your character have indeed spoken louder than your voice. It is very difficult to deal with the fact that you are no longer with us physically. We wanted you to be here with us longer. We wanted you to bounce back from this being the resilient strong man of the family that you are but you did your best. You fought the good fight and you finished your course. We will remember you for your generosity, the many sleep overs at Wemabod. Trips to Big treat on Sunday after church, Saturday morning fellowship, buying delicious bread, lagos country club e.t.c. The memories are endless, which speaks volumes of your character. You taught us all how to be responsible and accountable by taking up responsibility at a young age. I remember from the many sleep overs at Wemabod, where you assigned everyone chores. It was fun to do as it was a valuable, learning and rewarding experience. We had fun times because you created an enabling environment for us to do so. You were a very principled man and an advocate for fairness. I remember when we pranked you on your birthday on April Fools in Wemabod with some burning palm oil(Seyi's doing). You woke up ready to put out the 'fake fire' and realized it was a prank and took it all as good fun. Looking through your pictures from Ope's wedding, you looked really happy Uncle, and I know it was a very proud moment for you amongst many others. I imagine you smiling from wherever you are. I know you are happy and still with us Uncle. We love you and will miss you very dearly.
Posted by Christian Guardians on 19th April 2016
"TRIBUTE FROM THE CHRISTIAN GUARDIANS, ANGLICAN CHURCH OF THE ASCENSION, OPEBI What a loss. What a bewildering sadness. We were waiting for our brother Stephen Yinka Odunfa to return to fellowship in our church society believing that the worst was over concerning his health challenges. Alas, it was not to be. His Creator had a time-table invisible to us. He recalled the soul of our brother back to himself when we imagined the home-call was decades away. Now he has transited to join the saints in heaven and we are left with memories of him. Memories of a true gentleman, genial, accommodating and always ready to help even at noticeable inconvenience to himself. We will always remember him for his roles in the parish (as Harvest Chairman, Building Committee Secretary, Auditor as well as Consultant for Admin & Financial Procedures at different times) and in our church society (Treasurer). We will remember that he was not given to being voluble in expression. Always a man of very few words but never failing to make his point. Many of us are still in shock. Our immediate individual reactions, when the news was broken on social media, are sampled below. May his soul find eternal rest in the bosom of the Lord. Bro. Folahan Olumide, President Christian Guardians: "Our brother struggled for life for a while, so we must trust that the Lord took him for a rest. May his soul rest in peace" Bro. Dayo Sowemimo: "We thank God for the life of our departed brother. This reminds all of us of our temporary sojourn on earth. We believe that God called him at his own time for reasons beyond our human understanding. It is well" Bro. Bisi Sanda "What a big loss. Yinka was a genial and likeable during all our being together since 1990 that we got closer in PWC. May God grant him eternal rest and grant the wife and children the fortitude to bear the loss" Bro. Kayode Onabowale: "A sad loss. May his soul rest in peace" Bro. Wale Adepitan "In shock" Bro. Yinka Oladitan "Bewildering. May the Lord grant him eternal rest" Bro. Sam Falayi "It is well. May the Lord grant him eternal rest" Bro Kola Onadipe "Very, very sad" Bro. Sola Akingboye "So sad. What a loss. May he rest well in the Lord" Bro. Wole Ogunjobi "May his gentle soul rest in peace" Bro. Bolaji Oladehinde "May his gentle soul find rest in the bosom of God Almighty" Bro. Dapo Ojo "Painful. But God knows best" Bro. Lanre Akin-Deko "May the Lord grant him eternal rest and give the family the fortitude to bear the loss" Bro. Olumide Ojutalayo "Oh dear...!! May his soul rest in perfect peace. So sad" Bro. Laolu Sholate: "May his soul rest in peace" Bro. Omo Oleghe: "Lost for words! This is quite sad. Our hearts go to the family" Bro. Tayo Douglas: "May the Almighty admit his soul to life and rest eternal" Bro. Jide Johnson: "My condlences and prayers to his family at this difficult time" Bro. Segun Oshinyimika: "What a shocking news. May God grant him eternal rest and the family the fortitude to bear this great los Bro. Tokunbo Fowode: "My heart goes to the family of our departed brother. May God grant his soul a good repose" Bro. & Sis. Tokunbo Akanbi: "Sad news indeed. Our deepest sympathy to Mrs. Odunfa and the children. Requisecat in peace, dear brother" Bro. Funto Adebayo: "Really sad news. May his soul rest in peace" Bro. Dayo Ajakaiye: "Shocking. This life sef....May his soul rest in perfect peace" Bro. Supo Adebayo: "God will grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss and may the soul of the departed rest in peace" Bro. Gbade Amao "It was well. It is well. It will still be well""
Posted by Femi Dosumu on 18th April 2016
I fondly referred to you as my Chairman. I would call from afar " My Chair, My Chair" and you would always respond with a smile and genuine warmth. Bro Leye Kupoluyi & I were the Church Wardens, during the period of your stewardship as Church Auditor at The Anglican Church of Ascension (ACA) Opebi. How could we ever forget your total commitment to the service of God during your tenure? You were a thorough bred professional and The Lord endowed you with uncommon wisdom. You gave your best talents, treasure and time to the church. You would spend long hours to painstakingly and diligently check through the church records and account reports. The Lord surely remembers your labour in His vineyard and He would give you a crown to wear, now that you have finished your race. It was such a surprise to learn of your transition. How true the words of William Cowper when he wrote: "Sometimes a light Surprises The Christian while He sings It is The Lord who rises With healing in His wings" We pray that The Lord would comfort your wife - Sister Adedotun, your children, their spouses, grandchildren and the entire family . Femi & Foluke Dosumu
Posted by Oludayo Odunfa on 18th April 2016
OLUDAYO ODUNFA (SON) This really is a tough one, words can’t possibly describe it. I never thought I’ll be writing this at my young age. But no worries dad, you raised one tough young man! Although it’s not easy to accept this, I take solace in the fact that God works all things together for the good of His own. You taught me everything I know. Everything I am, I owe to you. You were my career mentor, my confidant, my counselor, my friend and father. You were that one person who understood my ‘last born tantrums’ as a child. You weren’t perfect but you were my role model. Words can’t express how much I miss you... Good night daddy, keep watch over us from heaven. I love you
Posted by Tola Olusoga on 18th April 2016
Word fail me but the reality is Uncle Yinka is gone!. Gone from the troubles and challenges of this world. You have answered the clarion call to be with the saints. There in our solace lies. I walk into the house hoping to hear 'Bawo ni' Tola as i kneel to say good evening Uncle. I remember Sunday mornings of omelette and bread made by you while you hurry us up to get ready for church. I also remember Saturday morning devotions. I remember you enrolling with myself, Ope & Folake for swimming classes at the Lagos Country Club. You even got me my first set of swimming costumes. You ensured I learnt how to drive by paying for an instructor. You equally ensured I attended confirmation classes so I can get married in an Anglican Church. I remember the days i get reprimanded by Aunty Dot and how you'd quietly say 'o ti to Dotun'. You taught me how to say sorry and mean it. I hold on dear to these memories and get consolation in the fact that you are now at rest. Sun re O! Uncle Yinka
Posted by Oludayo Odunfa on 18th April 2016
It is sad you left your love ones so soon. But we believe you have gone to rest with the Lord. May your gentle soul rest in peace. Teniola Olusola-Ogunti
Posted by Tosin Odunfa on 17th April 2016
JOINT TRIBUTE FROM HIS BROTHERS - Mr Sola Odunfa, Engr Kunle Odunfa and Prof. Sunday Odunfa Folorunso was the name so prophetically given to you by our father on 8th April 1951. Although your friends called you Yinka, but we call you Foli [a.k.a. Father Foli]! God has been faithful in taking care of you even till the time He called you home. We remember our years together at Ebute-Ero when you were the baby of the family. We had to be careful when washing your clothes because we could not tell what would be in those pockets - nails, pencil, or marbles! You were ever so busy and adventurous. Your gentle spirit and harmlessness were so apparent. We can't forget the happy times we had after moving to Ibadan. Your escapades with Olubunmi and Sina earn you the nick-name 'the 3 stooges.' We had marvellous time with Segun, Kike, Idowu, Bose, Gbemi, Tope, Peju and Kayode. How about those times when we would go to run round the Liberty Stadium practising field. The years you spent at Loyola College and Government College, Ibadan made you more mature and drew you nearer to God and the Catholic Church. Hence your desire to go into the Holy Orders. You even went so far as to add Stephen to your name - dropping Folorunso. But it wasn't to be so. This decision to become a priest earn you the nickname "Father Foli". Folorunso went to the U. K. to study accounting after graduating from the University of Ife in 1974. He became more realistic in his thinking and way of life. Until his homecall, Folorunso was a stickler to his ideas and value system. He loved all members of the family very dearly. His nephews and nieces found it easy to relate with him and so became their counsellor. We recollect the assistance he gave to one of the nieces who discovered at SS3 that she did not offer enough Social Science subjects to get admission for business studies in the University. Despite his busy schedule, Foli arranged a personal coaching for her to make up for the "shortfall" in the foundation to the subject. She had a distinction in the subject and even went further to graduate with first class in Accounting in the University. We cannot forget how he brought life into the annual family Xmas party with his constant supply of fireworks for many years! We thank God for giving him a stable family life through his marriage to Abiola Adedotun ( nee Odunsi), a dutiful wife, children and grandchildren. He was an accomplished accountant and auditor. He worked for Nigerian Breweries, Owena Bank and Price Waterhouse before retiring and setting up his own firm S. Y. Odunfa & Co. He was the family's accountant. With age, Folorunso's love for God and matters of God increased. God was very faithful. He upheld him to the end. We, Odunfas, Ogunbanjos and Olunugas shall miss him dearly.
Posted by Oludayo Odunfa on 17th April 2016
Still haven't found the courage to call you Dayo, and am so sorry for the loss. May Almighty God console the while family and may his legacy live on...
Posted by Oludayo Odunfa on 17th April 2016
May his gentle soul rest in peace. And may God comfort you Dayo and the entire family. God bless The Odunfas. Amen - Pastor B
Posted by Oludayo Odunfa on 17th April 2016
ZAINAB AJANAKU Dayo... I am sorry about your dad... His passing away has been nothing but surreal to me. His face was all I could think about throughout the day I heard I can probably count how many times I met your dad but he was always so awesome and I saw nothing but love respect and pride for him in your eyes no matter how many times you said " don't mind the man jare" Through everyone of us, his memories will live on and always be cherished. And though he has left us in body... his legacy continues through everybody who knew and loved him. I pray God grants your family peace.
Posted by Oludayo Odunfa on 17th April 2016
A rude shock it was to my face as i saw your dp this morning seyi and the next question was is this your dad still baffled as the answer was not coming i went back to the dp and saw this link then it dawned on me he is no more. Seyi may GOD give you and your entire family the fortitude to bear the loss.
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
SOLA OLUSOGA Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory? But in every situation we must give thanks. We love you but God loves you best. Uncle Yinka, husband to my beloved sister, rest in perfect peace. Goodnight!
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
Olayinka & Titobioluwa Ogunti Although i have only known you for six years, being one of the newest members of the family and all; the impact you have had in my life has been extraordinary to say the least. I still remember the first time we met like it was yesterday. I came to visit your beautiful daughter at your home and noticed you watching me through the window of your office for over fifteen (15) minutes before coming out to say hello. That was a scary moment. I told my wife that I do not think you liked me and she assured me that with time I would realize that you were not much of a talker and you probably wanted to know if I was a serious person and not one of those irresponsible boys. As time went on, we became really close. You mentored and provided me with invaluable advice on a wide range of issues and never told me anything was impossible. You taught me professional integrity, to be a man of my word and to do everything within my power to protect and provide for my family. When Tito was born, the connection between both of you was instant. You were the only person she wanted to play with or even allowed to carry her. I promise to share stories of your unconditional love with her until she is fully grown. I promise to also assume the responsibilities you have bestowed on me with pride and continue to listen to all the work stories your baby girl (Folakemi) shares with you every night and try my best to give feedback like you would. You are a great man and I am proud to have had you as a father and a grandfather to our daughter. Olayinka & Titobioluwa Ogunti
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
The Odunsi's Dearest Uncle Yinka, Your passing was sudden and has been very tough to deal with. However, we take solace in the fact that you are now resting with the Lord. We will remember you for the values you instilled in all of us and the legacy you left behind. You were an advocate for unity in the family. You were a generous disciplinarian, a man of many talents who gave great speeches. Looking back at the Summer holidays we spent at your house, you made sure we all participated in Saturday Morning fellowship and church activities on Sundays as you valued the importance of building a home with a foundation on God. You were the cool uncle that made sure we were comfortable in your home and even gave us extra pocket money. You were very keen on family and instilling values that will outlive you. You commanded respect when you spoke and gave unparalleled advice as you were wise beyond your years. You were always thinking about others. Even on your sick bed, our mom informed us about how you would ask after each of us, our careers and our welfare. Uncle, we will miss you dearly and your signature laughter and statement 'Tete se kia'. You will forever remain alive in our hearts. Thank you for being you and sharing your life with us. Till we meet again...... Love always, The Odunsi's
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
Mobolaji, Adebisi, Olubukunola & Funmilayo In life, we get to choose our friends but we don’t get to choose our family; God gives us our family. We are so grateful to God and feel so privileged to have had you, Uncle Foli as a part of our family and our lives. You were daddy’s younger brother so “technically” you were our uncle but you were so much more than that to us, you were our friend; Loving, trustworthy, very supportive, generous, a man of honour. We hope you knew just how we respected and loved you. You are still greatly loved. Thank you for all you were and for all you did. You are simply unforgettable and irreplaceable. Rest In Peace Mobolaji, Adebisi, Olubukunola & Funmilayo
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
A TRIBUTE TO THE FIRST MAN THAT EVER LOVED ME AND THE FIRST MAN I EVER LOVED (FOLAKEMI) Dear Dad, As I write this tribute, lots of memories flood through my mind….. you teaching me to fly a kite, ride a bike and make an omelette with the sunny side up. You attending every PTA organized by my School and taking me for my Sunday School church rehearsals. I recall our Friday trips to either Lagos Country or Ikoyi Club, and you cheering me on during holiday swimming classes. I remember having panic attacks each time I was about to write an exam. You would encourage me, pray with me and hug me tight till I was forced to relax and smile. Right from my common entrance days till date, not minding the fact that I am now married with a child, you would still leave everything you are doing just to take me to write my exams. You would sit with me till it was time for me to go in, and when I came out of the exam hall, you would welcome me with a hug and refreshments; only for me to realize that you had waited for me throughout the duration of the paper. You taught me to be a woman of virtue and integrity and you instilled in me a strong commitment to loved ones around me. With these in place, you walked me down the aisle and watched me say I do. While in labour for your grandchild Titobioluwa, you spoke to me, prayed for me and assured me that everything would be ok. You were my personal guidance counselor; mentoring me in my career and professional life. You taught me to be dogged, hard working and resilient. Indeed you were my greatest cheerleader. Last week we celebrated your 65th birthday and when I was leaving, you touched my face and told me not to worry, that everything will be ok. Those were your last words to me, a silent promise that you may have left us in body, but in spirit you would always be close, watching my back like the guardian angel that you have always been. Thank you for being the most incredible father any daughter could ever wish for. Thank you for reminding me everyday how much you loved me and how proud you are of me, making me exude confidence and pride no one could ever understand. I am truly honoured to be your daughter and I promise to continually make you proud. I haven’t quite come to terms with the fact that I would never have a conversation with you again. Who do I talk to everyday after work while stuck in traffic and on my way to pick Titobioluwa? Who do I call to chat with about work and life generally? Who would smile proudly at me and hug me close when I finally complete professional exams and become a Chartered Secretary? Myself and Titobioluwa went into your room yesterday, and she asked after you. What do I tell her? How do we carry on without you? I miss you sorely; but God knows best. Rest in peace till we meet again in eternity. You remain forever in our hearts. Folakemi Odunfa ………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
Opeyemi Odunfa (SON) Dear Daddy, There are far too many words than can be expressed in a few paragraphs. And this new reality that you are no longer physically here with us…is heartbreaking in more ways than words can express. But I hold on to all the finer memories, and the consolation of faith – that this is not goodbye forever, so we will remain strong till we meet again. Thank you for EVERYTHING. You remain forever alive in my heart – My Father, My Confidant, My Mentor and My Rock. Love you and miss you so…so…so…so…much. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, May the name of the Lord be praised. Opeyemi Odunfa
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
OLUSEYI ODUNFA ( FIRST SON) The reality that you are no longer a call away still seems like a myth. However I take comfort in my faith, that indeed you are in a better place. A place where one day we will meet again to part no more A place where pain, sufferings and hurt do not exist. I am grateful for the gift of the past 35years with you. Your memories I will treasure till I am also no more. I am grateful for the honor of having such a wonderful man as a father Your teachings, advice and values will remain my anchor. Thank you for being a father, friend and confidant Thank you for always having my back and giving me a good home Thank you for waiting for me, to say your final goodbye Thank you for living up to your end of the bargain – to fight till the end And just like in the words of Timothy, You have fought a good fight and now finished your course You have kept your faith till the end Your future now is the crown of righteousness by the God you loved and served. Till we meet again Goodbye my dear dad, Stephen Yinka Odunfa Oluseyi Odunfa
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
Tribute to my Husband, the love of my life ( ADEDOTUN ODUNFA) Dear Yinka, I have woken up every day waiting to realize that this is all a dream. I’m still waiting to hear your voice again as usual, but instead, all I hear are echoes of my own many mind boggling questions. It is hard to believe that you are gone, and no longer here to listen to my many untiring speeches, after which you would tease me saying that your wife is a ‘parrot, who can talk for Africa’! Yinka, the pain is hard to bear, but the fruits of our lives together give me many reasons to be thankful. Thank you for being an incredible husband, an amazing father and a loving grandfather. You have done well; Myself and the children are extremely proud of you. You have stood by us and fought for us in countless ways – providing, loving and being the sturdy reliable man that you have always been. You have stood strong till the end, and it is clear to see that you only left after you ensured that you left things in a good state. Thank you for the many memories of a loving relationship. I think back about starting our married life together as a young couple – exploring places and growing up together. I remember lots of late night crawling - visiting our favorite beaches together, making plans for our family, and then the joys of settling down to nurture our young family. We have always been equally passionate about families and togetherness, so it was easy to respect and love your family, as you did same to mine. We were both fond of saying that, ‘let there be love in our families’, and we would fondly joke about how both our families together alone are enough crowd for a happy party! Thank you for your diligent devotion to our children. You would always say that your children are your life’s investment, so all of your toil and labour was invested in their future. You extended this same care to our nephews and nieces – also encouraging them to aim high with their education and professional careers. You would often joke about how a first degree is only a first step, and so firmly supported their endeavors at professional qualifications, postgraduate studies and entrepreneurial accomplishments. Thank you for providing a real life example of hard work and excellence. You proved yourself to be an expert in your chosen career. You loved your accounting profession with such passion. You made me proud to be the wife of a seasoned auditor with your brilliant work experiences at Nigerian Breweries, UTC, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Omega Bank and your own private practice at SYO Management services. You worked tirelessly and I can’t remember a day when you excused yourself from work or any official work duty. Even till these last days, you were ensuring that you delivered on your promises. Thank you for being a praying husband. You loved and served God all of your life. You always explained how you appreciated priestly duties because you grew up with your uncle, Late Reverend Canon Ogunbanjo, and how that inspired you to commit to services as a lay reader within the Anglican Church. You would wake up early in the morning to study your Bible, and also nurtured a family that grew up praying together and so stayed together by praying together. I can see that God blessed your faithfulness, and also your final prayers of ensuring that you were among your family and loved ones at your final days. I have many questions Yinka, and it is painful that we do not get to live our final dreams of retiring together to enjoy peaceful holidays together like we planned, but God knows best. Thank you my husband for everything – for being the love of my life and the father of our children and grand children. And I thank God that now you have gone to rest without anymore pains. So sleep on my dear husband and rest well in the boson of our creator. We love and miss you so much, but God loves you more. Ma sun Olufe, Sun ko si ma sinmi; Gbe ori le aya olugbala re. A fe o sugbon Jesu fe o ju. Sunre! Sunre! Sunre! Adedotun Odunfa ………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
Wole Ogunjobi GCI Sad news. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
Tom Obanya GCI Very sad news indeed. May his soul rest in peace
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
Alan Fatai Williams GCI This is indeed very sad news. May his gentle soul rest in peace
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
Ladi Okuboyejo GCI May his gentle soul rest in peace.
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
Tom Obanya GCI What a shame or what a loss!
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
Demola Onifade GCI May the gentle soul of Yinka Odunfa rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
Tunde Aiyegbusi GCI May the Host of heaven accept his gentle soul.Amen
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
Kehinde Adeniyi GCI Hmmmmm. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
Ayo Fawole GCI We lost a gentleman. Sorry about this.
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
Taiwo Macaulay We would all have our exits sooner or later. When comet mine? Only Babaloke knows. My fervent prayer is that we would be buried by our children, not the other way round IJMN, amen. RIP Yinka Odunfa.
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
-Afolabi Oladele Sad news for a Sunday! We lost a true son, a friend and colleague. May the Lord comfort his wife and children. Teach us O Lord to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
-Bayo Oyemade Oh Yinka Odunfa just passed on. What a Shame. He was a Jolly Good Fella. But God Knows Best and We dare Not Ask Why Said Our Lord Jesus Christ. We give Praise to your Glorious Name. May the Jesus Christ Accept him to His Bosom Sola Rest In Perfect Peace. We thank God For your Life. Our Sincere Condolence Goes to d Wife and Children. And other member of his Family Good Nite Yinka Odious
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
-Kunle Alli Very sad news. May His soul rest in peace.
Posted by Olayinka Ogunti on 15th April 2016
Biodun Jolaoso We are sorry to hear of Yinka's passage. May his soul rest in the Lord.

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