Posted by Linnea Willman on July 26, 2013
I miss the trips to NYC when my friend Marge and I would meet up with Yuri a.k.a Zhivago. We had many spirited discussions. Miss you, Zhivago.
Posted by Dory Green on May 21, 2013
Yuri was the best friend I ever had.For 10 years we shared meals, movies, walks, conversation & concerts.I was also his lawyer.He was caught in the airborne 9/11 debris field & walked home.Yuri always gave to the homeless.I loved him for his goodness & amazing intelligence, & still miss him. I visited Yuri his awful final weekend, when he screamed to die. And then he willed himself to die.
Posted by Muriel Jones on June 17, 2012
Yuri was a long-time online friend back in the 'old' days of AOL. I am stunned and saddened to have stumbled across this information. He always had a unique perspective on things, and I always enjoyed corresponding with him. He spoke very fondly of his family. My warmest belated sympathy and regards to you all.... "Fritzi"
Posted by peter prizel on August 19, 2011
A loving uncle with a lI've to impart knowledge. A catalyst that led me to my profession. Loved by all especially by his brother, sister-in-law, and parents. Adored by his nieces and nephew. Forever remembered uncle Y nephew Because
Posted by Terri Birch on July 23, 2011
Yes, complicated, conflicted, but very loyal, kind, and one of the most intelligent people I've ever met. He was one of my best friends: a rock. I loved him very much and I am so angry he is gone,devastated really. He wanted to die alone and wouldn't include me. I miss him.
Posted by ilya prizel on April 20, 2011
My brother a complicated and conflicted man. I loved him and miss him.
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