His Life

In Memory of Dr. Yury Kronn

Dr. Yury Kronn, born April 22, 1935 in Tashkent, (former) USSR passed away on April 9th, 2021 in Eagle Point, Oregon. He was of Russian, Greek and Jewish descent and was preceded in death by his mother, father and his second wife Constance Kronn. He is survived by his daughters Olga, residing in British Columbia, Canada, Anna in Novgorod, Russia, and Laila in Saint Petersburg, Russia, his sister Violeta, of Saint Petersburg, Russia, brothers Alexander and Oleg of Moscow, Russia, as well as his companion Kathy Cahalan, of Eagle Point, Oregon, his faithful dog companion Merlin and many loving friends and colleagues. His journey through life was like a rock being thrown into a still lake, sending positive ripples outward to be felt by many, now and in future generations. HIs groundbreaking technologies brought new understanding to the field of subtle energy.

Yury was a brilliant scientist recognized worldwide as a phenomenal contributor in the field of nonlinear quantum radio physics. He was awarded a degree from Gorky University, followed by a PHD. Recognized as a “scientist who opened a new direction in his branch of science”, he was awarded a doctorate degree. He developed the comprehensive theory of quantum nonlinear interaction of coherent electromagnetic fields with atoms and molecules. He co-authored the definitive book in his field, “Nonlinear Resonant Interactions of Light with Matter”. He has also published more than 75 scientific articles.

Dr. Kronn has been involved in Subtle Energy Physics research for the past 30 years, including extensive studies into various Eastern medical traditions in continuous use for the past 5,000 years.  Understanding and embracing the ancient Chinese concept of “Chi” energy and the benefits of balancing Subtle Energy in the body’s meridian system, Yury blended this traditional knowledge with the best of his scientific studies and practices.

As a scientist in the Soviet Union, working in the subtle energy field, Yury was an advocate for scientific and cultural exchanges worldwide. He was an organizer of the “Trust Group” which was known internationally for promoting peace, disarmament, and trust between the East & West. The work was recognized by the Washington Post, NY Times, and many other news sources. It was also broadcast live on the BBC and Voice of America. This international publicity increased Yury’s public recognition and provided some protection from Russian authorities, ultimately leading Dr. Kronn to leave the Soviet Union
as a political refugee in 1988. After a short stay in a refugee center in Italy, he relocated to New York. Initially Dr. Kronn was offered a position with Columbia University, but he chose instead to work with a private firm, with a focus on subtle energy work. While this experience was short lived, it gave him a taste of business and a prompting to focus his attention exclusively on subtle energy, eventually leading to the creation of his own company Energy Tools International. During his career as a recognized physicist, Dr. Kronn moved from the established physics paradigms to, the subtle energy field, considered controversial at that time. Much of his innovative work is summarized in his book “96%. Scientific Experiments that Illustrate Subtle Energy”, completed shortly before his passing and to be published soon.

Dr. Kronn’s most notable contribution to this world was his brilliant mind, sense of social justice, a curiosity about the workings of the Universe, and his ability to blend pure science with spirituality combined with a true sense of love and care for his fellow humans. He will be missed by all those who loved him.