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Shared by Deb Payne on May 9, 2015

the last hug goodbye was mothers day nite 2008. 

Shared by Deb Payne on May 9, 2015

Another year has passed us by and missing you is never easy.  was thinking about
so many good times we shared. 
i remember you always wanted a white wrought iron table n  4 chairs for the deck and
 when i got my first job out of school at with the norris family at ferry landing store
i earned $28 bucks for 6 days a week, and the chairs were advertised for 120.00
so for 6 weeks i saved my money to get them for u for mothers day 1981.

i will never forget your smile and tears when the truck turned up at the gate and
unloaded were over the moon.      and we had some cracker morning and afternoon teas full of love and laughter watching the cars go by.

i miss your brew and chats mum xxx       

Our South Island Trip

Shared by Deb Payne on August 6, 2011

 Nevilles 40th..

we were both so happy to be at Ned & Katrina"s place for Neds surprise 40th party. 

As Neither of us were feeling very good at the time. lol...On the flight down from wellington to Invercargille we were put up the front of the plane on the left hand side by and exit, mum was asked if in an emergency she would be able to lift the 20kg door to open it.  without thinking she said you "f..... u  better believe it"  and was so embassed she has sworn...I burst out laughing.  then the air hostess wanted us to move down the back further, but mum said no way, she had paid for this seat and she was staying.  she had lots of leg room thats why...  Normally mum would of just been a very easy going person, I learnt that day she didn;t really like flying as she grabbed my hand on take off and landing.   And I can always remember the joy & excitment she expressed when seeing Neville standing in the airport....on arrival, And the tears all the way home when we left. 

But she was going to be there for Ned no matter what.  I don;t think Ned had a clue about his party. 
But he sure abused me when He thought it was my fault we had been shopping all day and not doing jobs around the house as he had friends coming.

katrina and I had been decorating the hall, for his surprise party, we never even got near a shop!! 

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