May the wind be forever in Zarko's sails
  • 47 years old
  • Born on October 1, 1966 .
  • Passed away on March 6, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Zarko Draganic, born on October 1, 1966 and passed away on March 6, 2014. We will remember him forever. Please share your thoughts and stories here.

Posted by Whitney Bardwick on 6th March 2019
I recently participated in a capital campaign kickoff at Marin Montessori for our newest building. Zarko you would love the project! My daughter spoke at the same event from the perspective of an MMS alumni. I was gathering pictures of her 12 years at the school and found photos of the solar panel installation Zarko helped the school engineer and fundraise for. It brought back many fond memories of Zarko's commitment to his family, MMS, and the environment. Sending lots of love to you Nellie, Sam and Vivi. Fondly, The Bardwick Family
Posted by Steve Cox on 6th March 2019
You’re probably still smiling about how much money you guys made on that software modem code. Hopefully, it was enough to take care of your family for life. I enjoyed working with you. You always had such a happy and positive personality. RIP
Posted by Erich Ringewald on 6th March 2019
It's been five years, my friend - still haven't found anything as calming and stimulating as our talks while walking around Belvedere.
Posted by James Joaquin on 1st October 2018
Miss you my friend.
Posted by Steve Cox on 1st October 2018
Zarko, I hope the sailing is great in heaven.
Posted by Kathleen Birtch on 1st October 2018
Thinking of Zarko today on his birthday...
Posted by Patrick Dyson on 1st October 2018
Wishing you free food, in student heaven
Posted by Virginia Morris on 6th March 2018
Dear Nelly, Vivvie and Sam, The only really vivid memory of Zarko I have is when he was at Aunt Becky's memorial...a beautiful, warm, quiet man with a thoughtful air and a beautiful smile. Thinking of you three today and sending lots of love, Ginio
Posted by Amy Lindburg on 6th March 2018
"Zarko the Magnificent" I miss you. One of the finest people I have ever known.
Posted by Leon Vandenberg on 6th March 2018
Zarko, My fun & gentle flatmate at University of Waterloo. Miss you man Leon Gerard Vandenberg
Posted by James Joaquin on 1st October 2017
Happy Birthday Z. We miss you every day.
Posted by Sondra Card on 1st October 2017
Dear Zarko, Your kind, gentle soul and legacy remains with us today and will be remembered forever more. Sondra
Posted by Alaina Sloo on 1st October 2017
Zarko, We miss you. Sitting here Paris, wishing we could tell you about it.
Posted by Virginia Morris on 1st October 2017
Dear Zarko, I remember you as a gentle person who very much loved his wife and daughter and was a loving stepfather to his stepson.
Posted by SHIGENORI KINO on 6th September 2017
Zarko-san I am sorry to come here late. You have been and are still living in my heart. I remember your gentle voice calling me an old friend when I visited your AltoCom office. Actually, you have been a legend among our engineers since late 90's. Thank you for your all warm welcomes. ex-Mitsubishi Ele-Japan, S.KINO
Posted by Jeff Soesbe on 17th June 2017
I was telling stories of my days in the Jaguar group at Apple in the early 90s and started wondering "whatever happened to ...". I am just so shocked to hear of Zarko's passing. He was always a fun, wonderful guy to work with and to hang out with. My condolences to his family and friends at his loss... - yeff
Posted by Kevin Foisy on 23rd March 2017
I am in shock. I just learned of Zarko's passing. We were friends in high school with a common passion for technology. We used to hang out now and then, often making a trip to the local Radio Shack. Zarko was a brilliant guy and someone that I looked up to. I had only been in touch with him a few times over the years. I'm just shocked that he's not with us anymore. Can't express how sad this leaves me. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Josh Carter on 6th March 2017
Z, I looked up to you so much when I started my career and you were there to guide me. I'm sure I annoyed the heck out of you at times, being a young new-to-the-job engineer, but you always made time for me. You didn't just make me a better technologist, you made me a better person. I wish you were still here.
Posted by Robb Wirts on 6th March 2017
Remembering Zarko today, and sending our love to those he left behind. The Wirts Family
Posted by Zem Joaquin on 6th March 2017
Z, we miss you so much. Our little community has such a hole without you. It is taking everything I have to not spend my day crying. I love you with all of my heart and I hope that you are sailing through the clouds.
Posted by Greg & Debbie Dorland on 1st October 2016
Zarko-we miss you often but never more than this summer while cruising in Croatia...we had planned to go together...your original homeland is a beautiful place...but sad without you...
Posted by Sophie Azouaou on 6th March 2016
Heaven has gained a brilliant, innovative, generous angel. I am sure you are teaching angels to sail with you in the deep blue sky :-).
Posted by Virginia Morris on 6th March 2016
Dear Nellie and Sam and Vivvie, am sending you much love on this day. I know you must be sad and am just sending you each a big hug, love Ginio
Posted by Robb Wirts on 6th March 2016
Dear Nellie, Sam, and Vivi, We love you. Zarko is sorely missed. The Wirts Family
Posted by Nina Patterson on 6th March 2016
Still sad that you are not here still. Blessings upon you!
Posted by Scott Schereschewsky on 28th January 2016
Zarko had an incredible reach and plenty of passion. I am sure he touched many lives other than mine. The world has lost one of its bright lights. Sailing to Havana with you is one of the highlights of my life. Reminds me again of Hemingway's description: "it's ninety miles to Havana from Key West, but brother it's ninety miles! The world misses you.
Posted by Curt Wheeler on 12th October 2015
I have not seen you in over 20 years but do miss you as I teach in the halls of TISS, our old high school here in Brockville. I still mention you and our old classmates and to my physics classes. I speak of your warm smile and love of science. A framed 1984 photo of you smiling, sitting at an early, school IBM desk top computer with some words bragging about you being the school's first student to attend the World Science fair in London, England proudly adorn's my classroom. You are a shining light for many old friends and classmates. I do wish your family peace and best wishes.
Posted by Zem Joaquin on 2nd October 2015
Z, JJ & I miss you terribly. I hope you have found peace. You will never be forgotten and will always be deeply loved by us.
Posted by Virginia Morris on 1st October 2015
Nellie, am wishing you a beautiful day in memory of Zarko- on his birthday... Love, , Ginio
Posted by Patrick Dyson on 1st October 2015
Zarko - best wishes in the land of free food, student heaven.
Posted by Julie Sanchez on 24th August 2015
I'm a bit late as I just stumbled upon this news. I knew Zarko many years ago. For someone as talented and gifted as he was he always exuded a humbleness that I've never forgotten. This news has truly shook me. I hadn't seen him in years nor did I ever meet his family but I hope that your grief is subdued somewhat just by realizing what a gift you had, even if it was only temporary. When my son was born on Oct 1st 1996, 3 years after the last time I'd seen Zarko, the coincidence did not escape me. I vividly remember them handing me my beautiful little boy and thinking he was born on Zarkos Birthday. That happy thought now means 100x more. My heart truly hurts :(
Posted by Paul Fairfield on 26th July 2015
To the family of Zarko Draganic, please accept my deepest condolences. I learned only yesterday of Zarko’s death at a gathering of old friends. Unfortunately I lost touch with Zarko many years ago. We were childhood friends back in Brockville, Ontario in the 1970s and early 80s. A whole circle of us---Zarko, Tom Mitten, Dean Logie, Travis Cauley, Bill McCracken, myself, and some others---grew up together, from kindergarden at Brittania Heights through the elementary and high school years. Zarko was much loved by all of us. From the age of 5 when I met him he was full of life, a very smart kid and so funny. He kept us laughing in his inimitable way, jokes I still remember 40 years later, that twinkle in his eye and an infectious laugh. We had so much fun together. I’ll never forget the times we would hang out at his house, where he introduced me to such new inventions as the CD and the computer, that magical blue-screen Wordperfect. I was amazed to see him demonstrate how you can throw a CD at a wall without damaging it---you could never do that with LPs! Life takes us in different directions and Zarko (we always called him Jock, sometimes Zark) and I lost touch by the university years, but I think I speak for all of our old group when I say I’ll always remember him with great fondness. I remember him as a happy kid, very intelligent, always ready with some witty remark or out of left field joke. It doesn’t surprise me to learn what a success he made of his life. I didn’t know Zarko the man---how I wish we had kept in touch---but the boy I will never forget. Rest in peace, my old friend. To his wife and children, I am very sorry for your loss. If the man was anything like the boy---and when is that not the case?---then he was a great man indeed.
Posted by Peter Stoneberg on 7th April 2015
I think about you often and we miss you, buddy. I was on a road trip in a Tesla recently, and you were the first one to extol the virtues of electric cars, and Teslas in particularl to everyone that would listen. You were so excited and evangelical about everything new and cool. And I remembered fondly our trip from Biarritz to Nice and how much fun we had. I hope you are driving fast cars and boats with all your new buddies upstairs. Peter
Posted by Mark Gonikberg on 7th March 2015
Rest in peace my dear friend. Your smile will be forever in our hearts. You had touched so many so profoundly... And even when gone you are still part of our lives. Sad, sad occasion...
Posted by Danielle Safaric Ploder on 6th March 2015
Dear Nellie, We think of you often and send our prayers of comfort. Dear Z, not a day goes by........ Still heartbroken. May you all find comforts among those near you to stride through today and the days to come. Xoxo
Posted by Robb Wirts on 6th March 2015
Dear Sam, Nellie, and Vivi, We send our love your way today. The Wirts Family
Posted by Dee (Young) Gardetti on 6th March 2015
Dear Nellie, Sam and Vivi, Thinking about you all today. Not a day goes by without thinking about Zarko and how much he is missed. He gave me strength when i needed it the most and I am so saddened that I couldn't give it to him when he needed it. I will always be heartbroken. With love, Dee
Posted by Bonnie McCoy on 6th March 2015
The feel of the wind, the warmth of the sun, the reality dawning-an unimaginable pain, may his love for you and your love him be forever tucked away in your heart." Dear Nellie, sending comforting prayers and gentle hugs to you and the kids.
Posted by Kevin Surace on 6th March 2015
It's been a year today. Hard to believe. I keep thinking you'll post some new sailing pics on Facebook! Well...maybe you will. Be well my friend.
Posted by Danny Blake on 6th March 2015
i cant believe its been a year since we saw you last. i think of you often. you where one of the kindest, smartest man i have ever known. it was great having coffee with you while be were painting your homes for the past decade. we will have coffee again some day. our thoughts are with your family.
Posted by Dee (Young) Gardetti on 2nd October 2014
Dear Nellie, I am so sorry that I was not able to attend the Eight Bells ceremony for Z yesterday. I was there in spirit. I am sure it was a beautiful day, one that Z would have loved being out on the water. My heart will always have an empty spot for him. I miss him.....there are just no words for what we have all lost. --dee
Posted by Virginia Morris on 1st October 2014
dear Nellie , Sam and Vivvie- thinking of you today and sending love to all three- xo xo Ginio
Posted by Gregory Burnett on 1st October 2014
HAPPY BIRTHDAY My Friend! Cheers, G.
Posted by Kevin Surace on 1st October 2014
Today is your birthday. And a great day for sailing wherever you are.
Posted by Kathleen Birtch on 1st October 2014
Thinking of Zarko on his birthday....Missing You.
Posted by Steve Cox on 1st October 2014
So weird to get a birthday notice for Zarko from LinkedIn today. I still don't know what took you Zarko, but I guess it really doesn't matter. RIP Zarko.
Posted by Tom Bauch on 1st October 2014
Zarko, A sad day when we cannot join the boats on the bay for you. I wish I could row in the line, but am pleased to leave this thought for you, Nellie, Sam Vivi and all your many friends. We miss you very much. The office is much emptier without your ever returning to show me how to make decent espresso. I can barely manage a row past Point Blunt without you. Ellen, the Ganesha crew and I have all our best thoughts with you. I am posting a picture of my only art work in 40 plus years I did a few days after we lost you. It is not clear but it quotes one of my favorite eecommings poems and asks "How do you like your blue eyce boy now Mr Death?" Not half as much as we do. All our love
Posted by Gregory Burnett on 1st July 2014
Zarko...first off you were an inspiring figure in my iLife when i first met you at my father's business in Mississauga ON. CANADA circa. 1989...we shared many views of world travel within South East Asia, you helped me sort out my ambitions to finally choose the simple less complicated solution to all of my inhibitions...Furthermore, Following an awesome conversation with my 9 year old daughter this evening which involved a lot of content...I said to wouldn't believe it...but I met a guy named Zarko, friend of your uncle Steven who he studied with at Waterloo University and changed the world forever!...she did he do that?...I said...he cared!!! Cheers, Zarko, Not sure if the above makes a lot of sense...but I think you know what I am getting @...Love, Greg, Sharon, Danielle & Richelle
Posted by Bob McNinch on 4th April 2014
"Zarko the Magnificent" We first met Zarko during Telecom 88 in Geneva. He was sleeping on the floor to get everything for the NT/BNR/Apple alliance working. We loved his passion, talent, and enthusiasm so much it wasn't long before he was with us in Cupertino where he soon earned the nickname "the magnificent" To us, this is how we will always remember him.
Posted by Andy Rebele on 27th March 2014
Zarko, your life, and the way you touched people's lives and inspired so many, are enduring examples from which to learn. Thank you for showing me how much living can fit into a life.

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