Posted by Jadyn Nix on November 20, 2020
i miss you a lot. I made it to high school and i’m about to be 15, growing up fast. Your gonna be in my heart with me every move I make as in getting my first job, when i start driving, graduating, going to college, and becoming a nurse. I wish you were here to see that happen but i know your watching me and what I do up there in heaven. I know your up there riding that bike of yours. i still have your helmet and i hold it everyday and talk to myself because i feel like i’m talking to you. i miss you daddy- Jadyn
Posted by Tim Duffey on August 4, 2018
Wow, didn’t expect to see or find this. You were the brother I never had. Growing up I looked up to you, thought you were pretty awesome. Sad to see no one writes on here much. Memories of reckless dirt bike jumps and picking on me were the first thing that came to mind. Rest easy brother.
Posted by Arleen Klungle on October 30, 2017
6 years, you left us. 6 long struggling years to be without you. The pain does not go away and does not get any easier. No one posts here anymore, but I do because losing you was not suppose to be in the cards for us. Brandy and I miss you very much. We can talk about hearing one of your songs now maybe without shedding a tear but I still have to hold back and change the subject. I moved to SC to be near Brandy and help her with the coffee shop. Not being at the old home place helps me get through the days better. I love and miss you very much. Jadyn even says, I saw my dad in my room when she visits. So I know you are with us always taking care of us. Until I see you again my dear. MOMA
Posted by Arleen Klungle on March 11, 2017
Zeb Nix, I rode down memory lane this week. I went by where we lived when you were born and then by the house where you grew up with your many school and neighborhood buddies. Wow I thought, I just rode through 20 years in just a few minutes. I loved reminiscing the good old days before life got too complicated. I miss you so much and I know you are with our family building your dream home waiting for us left in this cruel world. I think of you everyday and every minute. You are with me always. I feel your spirit and I see your little signs you leave for me to find. I love you more than you ever knew here on earth. You know everything now. My heart is broken and always will be till I see you again. We are at peace, my prince of peace! Love hurts with you gone.
Posted by Arleen Klungle on October 24, 2016
Today and everyday you are missed by me your mom. As time goes by some people have forgotten how much it hurts for you to be gone away. I will grieve till the day I see you again. On that day I will be with you and my family that I lost so soon too. I am alone here on earth. I feel sometimes it's only me and God. But that's OK I am at peace. Love you Zeb. Miss you every second of each day.
Posted by Arleen Klungle on March 11, 2015
Dear Zeb Today is your birthday and everywhere I look through out the year 11 is all around me. One day we will see each other again in a much more beautiful setting full of happiness and joy. Living without you is harder than most people can ever imagine. Your smile and laugh was contagious and I can still hear you when I sit in my quiet spot. Please hold your loving arms around us as we need you and God now to lead us in the right direction. I know you live in our hearts and will forever walk beside us until we meet again. I love you, Moma
Posted by Arleen Klungle on October 24, 2014
Zeb, You have no idea how much you influenced people that came in contact with. Thank you my son for helping those that needed you back in the day, the present and in the future. We look up to you as our Guardian Angel that we always knew you to be and paving the way for us to be with you again soon with our Lord God Almighty. I love you and miss you my only son. You were perfect and had the biggest heart full of love as always. Love MOM
Posted by Alissa Nix on March 11, 2014
Happy Birthday Zeb! We love you and miss you so very much. The kids went to bed talking about you and woke up talking about you. I can't believe how much they are just like you in so many ways. We love you.
Posted by Arleen Klungle on October 23, 2013
Two Years have passed so quickly. Your memories are within my heart as I know you are walking with me until we meet again. Times have changed. You see the world as it is. Please Bless your family and friends and keep everyone safe. I know you will with your powerful caring and love for each and everyone. I miss you. There is not one day I don't think of you and our endearing LOVE we have.
Posted by Dorothy Treadwell on March 12, 2013
Zeb we have been talking about you alot and looking at pics of you and your beautiful kids. Bailey was worried that she didn't inherit any of your ways or looks. She def. has nothing to worry about.She looks more like you everyday and Arleen said does alot of things that remind her of you.Bailey is so smart and such a great ball player and I know she had to get that from you.Happy B-Day.
Posted by Arleen Klungle on March 12, 2013
Another year older in Heaven. 33. We miss you and love you very much. Your birthday was a hard day to get through. But I made it. Your friends miss you and come by to visit you from time to time. I know you know the ones and are walking by their side every step of the way. Mason Jadyn and Bailey are growing up way too fast and miss you very much. Keep them safe and God bless them, I Love U
Posted by Arleen Klungle on October 24, 2012
This year has been a lonesome year. Not being able to do the things we always did with the kids. Going to help your sister from time to time on her farm. I know you are in a better place with God. You are better off than we are. I dreamed of my mom last night, first time in years. I know all of you are together. Keep watching over us and keep us safe. We Need Ya, Love you more and miss ya
Posted by Amanda Irwin on October 23, 2012
Wow I can't believe it's been a year. You are still very loved and missed daily. But I know you are ok and you are watching over your beautiful family. Miss you and hate you aren't here with us on earth but we all will see you soon until then it's not goodbye it's see you later. Love and miss you Zeb.
Posted by Arleen Klungle on March 13, 2012
Zeb, so many people love you and miss you terribly. You left us too soon. I wish you had not left that day, I would have been home in one more hour. I wanted to talk with you and have dinner that night. On my way home from work, I knew something was wrong but I didnt know what. I looked for you as we drove to Monroe hoping I would run into you. You left at Gods Speed, I love you & miss ya!
Posted by Amanda Claek on December 2, 2011
Even though days pass I still like it was yesterday that I heard the news. I still hurt in my heart for you and your family. I dont think this pain will ever go away and I will do my best to make sure that you are ALWAYS rememebered for who you REALLY were. Yes my heart belongs to my husband, but there is a spot that will never be filled until I get to see you again. All my love, Amanda C.
Posted by Amanda Irwin on October 31, 2011
Alissa I haven't seen you in years. I have lost touch with several people but through Facebook I have found a lot of people again. I hated to hear the news of Zeb's death. He was always so full of life when we were in school. You never seen him without a smile on his face. I was glad to see you two ended up together what a sweet cute couple. He was taken away to soon. Praying for you all.
Posted by Alissa Nix on October 29, 2011
There are no words that any person can say to make the pain go away. I know that you are with me and the kids all the time. Jadyn even tells me. I miss you so much, but I know I'll see you again. It's not goodbye it's just c-ya later like we always said. I love you to the moon and back.
Posted by leanne rivas on October 28, 2011
Zeb I love ya man...I know your looking down on us I wish I could see u smile just once but I know if I did I would want to will forever be in my heart....
Posted by Valarie Turk on October 28, 2011
You might be gone from us, but you will forever be engraved into our hearts and never far from our thoughts..
Posted by Amanda Claek on October 28, 2011
Zeb Nix, you have no idea how much you touched peoples lives in so many different ways and I read stories about people that had such great times with you and it makes me smile. You scared me for life, everytime I look at my right foot I will remember Hurricane Shoals!!! I will ALWAYS hold you tight in my heart, feels good knowing we have you as another angel watching over us all. Love you!
Posted by Dorothy Treadwell on October 28, 2011
Gone to soon. You will be missed by many, I saw how many lives you touched the night at the funeral home. We will keep the memories alive for Bailey. R.I.P. Zeb.
Posted by Valarie Turk on October 27, 2011
you will be greatly missed zeb, missed by so many. rest in peace zeb...we love & miss you.
Posted by Jennifer Neely on October 27, 2011
Zeb - I consider myself very lucky that I got a chance to know you, laugh with you and create some memories that I hold dear to my heart now that your gone. Watch over us from up there. You are so incredibly missed. ~Jen
Posted by Arleen Klungle on October 27, 2011
Zeb, I know you are in Gods hands now and doing some good work with your powerful hands. I will miss you until we meet again in heaven. You are in my heart and our memories will keep me going. My angel My Son I love you and I know you will look over us and keep us safe. I am so proud of you. You have so many friends that love and miss you. Rest in peace Zeb, I will see you soon. MOM

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