In remembrance of Dr. Xuejun (Eugene) Zhao from Jeng-Eng Lin

Shared by Jeng-Eng Lin on June 20, 2019

M wife and I are very sorry and shocked to learn that Eugene passed away on April 21 of this year. He was a very nice person with a very passionate heart. I met him when he was a graduate student at George Mason University more than 20 years ago. We worked together for many activities at Mason. He was always very helpful when the fellow students had any need. Moreover we both graduated from Tsinghua University (Eugene was from Beijing and I was from Hsinchu). It is a true loss for both the Tsinghua alumni community and the Mason alumni community. Haiyan, please take care of yourself. I am sure that Eugene is now with the Lord in the paradise


Shared by Christine Zhao on May 3, 2019

I never imagined that my father’s own funeral would be happening so soon in my life, though I know I’m only one of many who lost a parent to cancer so young.I thought when I had gotten to this point, our family would have regrets: things that my dad never got to experience or things we never got to say to him.

But the only regret I have is not able to be with him in my final moments because he unfortunately passed so suddenly. My dad died in peace and his suffering was not so prolonged as it could’ve been his final days. He passed away on Easter Sunday after being well taken care of for those months following his diagnosis, always meeting a friend for dinner or lunch and never needing to be lonely in his last days. He was lucky to have all of you around him, such devoted friends to my close father, and I am lucky that you were able to be with him when I was not able to. He always carried an careless optimism with him that couldn’t be taken from him even in his hardest moments, when he was in the hospital the first time around or even when he lost his sight or ability to move. He was patient when both my mother and I could be short-tempered, always knew where I could find anything in the house, and approached every situation with a thoughtful meticulousness. He would always be selfless when it came to me, his daughter. Even when we were toasting him the night I found out he passed, I knew he would’ve wanted me to take the fuller cup because he was always been thinking of me.

I remembered how much he had wanted to see and raise his grandchildren. He had always been so gentle with me as a child: one of my favorite pictures is of him balancing me on his lap as I played with his glasses, and I’m sure he would’ve been unimaginably happy raising my own as a grandfather. I’m so sad he couldn’t do that, never got the chance to, but I know he is resting in peace now after so much suffering from this disease. He was a good-hearted person and we will always remember him in our hearts.

学军安息主怀 by 长虹

Shared by Xuejun Forever on May 3, 2019


我认识赵学军(EUGENE)一家很多年了,从小孩子4,5 岁起 我们两家就成了朋友。一直以来,我们都很感悟做为一个年轻的移民家庭,我们所面对的种种困境和挑战:感到疑惑困苦时我们深度交谈,适逢喜事时我们相聚举杯;节假日我们两家一起郊游,种菜季节他们总是出现在我家后院,我家门铃不响了,也是学军专程跑来修……他特爱吃我包的饺子,每次赞不绝口,直到吃得心满意足。后因病出门很少了,但曾记得海雁一说MARY包饺子,似乎具有极大的推动力,他欣然会来到我家…我家那后院的韭菜,那香椿树,那梨花,桃花,无花果树,处处都留下了学军悉心栽培的照料……两家都因为孩子上高中搬远了点,仍经常联络不断。










我坚信,学军已安息主怀中,他虽离去却孕育了新的生命和新生活的开始他,我们和我们在天上之父,我们有永生,将有一天会再见面,永远在一起,在天国得享其乐,自由自在! EUGENE, 我们永远怀念你!


​Eulogy for Dr. Xuejun (Eugene) Zhao ‐‐- by ID Osifade

Shared by Xuejun Forever on May 3, 2019

Good morning Everyone!

Thank you for being here. It’s an honor to stand before you to say a few words about my dearest friend and brother – Dr. Xuejun (Eugene) Zhao (Mr. Eugene, as he would prefer I call him).
I thank God for the priceless opportunity of meeting Mr. Eugene for the first time when I joined the Patent Office back in August 2012. And, I am especially grateful to God for his parents (still alive today) – who raised such a remarkable, morally sound & exceptionally brilliant human being in Mr. Eugene, along with his younger brother Xuemin.
While at the PTO, Mr. Eugene generously shared his wealth of knowledge in work‐related matter & beyond (e.g., Chinese teas – types, their origin, use, season(s) e.t.c.). On several occasions, we carpooled to work together, rode on the train, had lunch, and even went fishing together with friends – it’ll be my first and only fishing experience.
Mr. Eugene’s pure, gentle and kind soul made him, arguably, the most genuine & humble person I have ever met. Although very heavily decorated, academically, he never looked down on anyone; he was intentional about making sure that you felt comfortable and welcome around him. He sought to serve & understand, rather than to be served & understood.
His love for his immediate family – his wife & [especially] his daughter Christine, was hard to miss. In conversations, he referred to his daughter (Christine) as “his Christine” and not merely Christine. In turn, if I had to ask about her, I said for e.g., how is “your Christine” doing? Also, his love for his broad community of friends, far & wide, speaks for itself.
While his journey since late 2017 may have been extremely tough, he found the strength & fortitude that he needed to cope with his grueling situation through your love for him, your support & prayers. Through it all, we had every reason to thank God in every step of the way & celebrate the fact that he was not (and never) alone, that his appetite (for food) remained intact, and that God kept him from any prolonged form of unbearable pain.
In the end, it was clear that there was a peace (from God) – a peace that passeth all understanding, resting firmly on his heart; completely replacing any fear of an unknown (life after death) with the joy of life with Christ in Heaven. Christ, in whom he had now grown to believe and love.
On behalf of my family & I, I say farewell to my dearest friend & brother – Mr. Eugene. We love & miss YOU!

Eugene Eulogy from Nanlin Wang

Shared by Nanlin Wang on April 30, 2019

Distinguished guests, dear family member of Eugene, it is my greatest honor to stand here to express our deep miss to Eugene on behalf of his friends and alumni.

I still remember the moment when I met Eugene seven years ago. In the gym of the community, I saw a thin, tall, and kind man in his middle age. He was hale and hearty and brought a teenage girl, his daughter. She now grows up and is a college student in Rice University. He took the initiative to introduce himself. We realized that we came from a same university and worked in a same industry, and started to become close. From then on, we found that we share a lot of hobbies and gradually we become one of each other’s best friends.

Eugene is a man of integrity. He hates the injustice and evil in Society. He actively took part into the social activities where he has the opportunities to fight for the bright and hope.

Eugene is a man full of compassion. He had an enormous capacity to give of himself.  He nurtured and honored his many friendships with a generous and giving soul. He listened and he consoled. He was a friend for many people. He always tried to help those he knew or those he even never met but need help. One of his wills is to contribute to those lovely children who lost their families.

Eugene is a man of optimism. In his last several weeks, although he lost his vision and become severe weak, he never gave up his smile. I still remember two week ago, we talked in the phone and he told me he would appreciate the everyday the god gave him.

Eugene is brilliant and knowledgeable. He ranked second in the college entrance exam in the Hubei province of China, and admitted into the Tsinghua University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. After he graduated from George Mason University with a Ph.D. degree, he then joined Advanced Micro Devices, an always tough competitor to Intel, where he became a famous scientist in the semiconductor industry. He once proudly told me: Nanlin, guess what, I introduced Steve Jobs to give a speech. He laughed. He then joined USPTO, for the family reunion, and also for severing this country.

He loved to smile, and you can always see a smile face from him when you talked to him. He was never too busy to share his love of life with those around him. He taught me how to differentiate all kinds of red wines. He shared his knowledge with me from an electric circuit to a historical story. To me, he is my best friend, my kind elder brother, and my respected senior.

Eugene taught me how to live with dignity, humor and kindness. When the good lord finally called, how to meet him with courage and with the joy of the promise of what lies ahead.

From him, I learned how to cherish the gift of life, and how to live every day to the fullest.

From him, I learned how to contribute to our community, our society, our country, and those who we love.

From him, I learned never to be defeated by a failure or a disease. He showed us how setbacks can strengthen.

Well, Eugene, we're going to remember you for exactly that and much more, and we're going to miss you.

Your decency, sincerity, and kind soul will stay with us forever. So through our tears, let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great and noble man. 

Eugene Eulogy from Fan Tsang

Shared by Xuejun Forever on April 30, 2019

Dear friends and family gathered here today.

This day is a very difficult one for all of us.

I want to thank Haiyan for allowing me to say a few words about Eugene. Hello everyone my name is Fan Tsang and I am a supervisor patent examiner at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Eugene and I worked in the same unit in the Patent Office for many years.

I got to know Eugene mostly through work, where he was highly intelligent and a great colleague. However, as I got to know him over the years, he also became a great friend. I know I speak for everyone when I say how much he will be missed.

I am glad to have this opportunity to share just a few of my memories of Eugene with you.

One of the best things about having Eugene as a colleague was that he always had a positive attitude and was willing to give you a hand, something I’ve been grateful for myself on numerous occasions.There have been many times when I needed to ask Eugene for help or assistance in looking for some technical documents, and Eugene would always help and devote his full attention to making sure I was satisfied.

And I know I am not alone in that.

Whatever challenges you had, just having Eugene around made you feel better, and we all got to know his quick smile and ready words of encouragement.

Eugene was also an outstanding organizer.During his work life in the Patent Office, he organized many holiday parties and luncheons for fellow co-workers. So lots of us had a wonderful time during our gathering.

I still remember the fishing trip he organized about four years ago.It was my first fishing trip.We went to the Potomac River with other 10 co-workers.We caught big rock fishes and everyone had a great time.The day after the fishing trip, I asked him how he cooked the fish.He replied, “Fish soup”.Then, I said “it must be delicious and we should go to fish more often”.However, we were both busy and had never to go to fish again.

I am very impressed the way he was fighting against multiple cancers. One day, I asked him how he can handle all the side effects and emotional up and down during the cancer treatments.He told me that a positive attitude toward cancer treatments was as important as the treatment itself.Each time I visited him at the hospital, he was always in good spirits. This was the type of person that Eugene was, and I am very glad I got a chance to know him.

Eugene, we will miss you.

Thank you.

From Chusong Xiao, a friend from Bay Area California

Shared by Chusong Xiao on May 13, 2019

Dear Haiyan and Christine,

There are no words to tell you how sorry I am after I heard your loss. I got to know Eugene (Lao Zhao) back to year 2000 when he got a job in AMD, I were lucky to made friend with him through my roommate Yanfeng, a long term classmate of Eugene. During those  years he worked and lived in bay area, we three always hung around to go hiking, chatting and having dinner together. He was always smiling and talkative every time we met him, and he was always sharing us experiences and interesting stories when he was at school, most importantly  he taught us real american culture from east coast. I learned  a lot from him.  In additional, he always willing to help us whatever we needed.

He always had positive attitude to life regardless how difficult it was. In the last year when he lived in Bay Area, he was diagnosed to have brain tumor and  needed a major surgery. we were so worried about him, however he was so optimistic and told us not to worry, he would survive through surgery, in fact as he said, he made it after 12 hours of surgery and he never felt  it is the end of the world. I was watching him recovered well and got stronger and stronger.   As he told us, he would never give up.

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful friend together during his time in Bay Area California, Eugene's smile, wisdom and passion to life, like himself , will always be remembered forever. We missed him! 

My deepest condolence,

Chusong Xiao 

May 12th, 2019

From LinChun

Shared by Xuejun Forever on April 28, 2019




Shared by Sue Chen on April 27, 2019




From Niraj Subba, a mentee and friend of Xuejun

Shared by Xuejun Forever on April 27, 2019

Dear Haiyan and Christine,

I am sorry to hear of your loss, and pray for the strength to get you both through this. I first met Xuejun in Dr. Ioannou's lab back in January of 2000. He was then finishing his Ph.D and was about to leave for AMD. Later, we crossed paths again when I went to AMD for internship and then as a full time employee. I got to know him well during those couple of years. He was my mentor and a friend, guiding me and helping me during my time there.

I am forever grateful for the time we spent together in California, and have fond memories of his intellect, wisdom and compassion that he showed towards us all. He was an amazing and wonderful person. While it hurts that he left us so early, looking back and now, he has left an indelible mark by shaping my career and making me a better person. He will never be forgotten. 


From Xingwei

Shared by Xuejun Forever on April 28, 2019

只见过学军几面,没有深聊过。大街上偶遇,恐怕一时半会想不起来名字。总体来说,老赵看起来是个厚道的人, 也是个智者。




写给赵学军哥的纪念词 by Xiao Liu

Shared by Xuejun Forever on April 30, 2019






Shared by Justin Hua on April 27, 2019

今天在群里看到武建平同学转发的消息,知道高我们一届的学军师兄走了,非常震惊和惋惜!在清华读书期间,我和学军师兄同住一个楼层,过道水房活动室,常常见面,有一年暑假还一起去校外参加学生活动,印象中的“老赵”是一个很智慧而厚道的人。来美国后,可能是03或04年,又在硅谷一次聚会上见到师兄,听他谈起在DC地区的中美交流与社团活动,感觉师兄十分活跃,没想到那一别竟成永诀…… 愿学军师兄在天堂安息,愿师兄的家人节哀顺变,保重身体。师兄一路走好!

学弟 华军



Shared by Jianping Wu on April 26, 2019


学弟 武建平

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