U.S. Wake Keeping Program
Queen Cecilia Nkwetta Tumi Fomenky
  • 74 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 30, 1941
  • Date of passing: Oct 29, 2016
May your kindness, warmth and altruism be a lasting memory to all whose life you touched!

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, friend, and the Queen of Kumba Mbeng and Fonkenganyi Chiefdom, Mrs. Cecilia Tumi Nkwetta Fomenky.  Mama Fomenky was born on November 30, 1941, and passed away on October 29, 2016. Oh Queen Mother, you will be remembered and live in our hearts forever.


 The Fomenky & Tumi Families at home and abroad announce with deep regret the passing of Mrs. Cecilia Tumi Fomenky, Crown Queen of Kumba Mbeng and Fonkenganyi Chiefdom, on Saturday, October 29th, 2016.  Mrs. C.T. Fomenky was the wife/widow of the late, venerable Chief JN FONKENGANYI FOMENKY I.


SATURDAY, Dec. 3rd, 2016
Vikings Party Center
15212 Dino Drive
Burtonsville, MD. 20866

7 PM
Memorial Mass at Vikings Center (Above Address)

8:30 PM

10 PM to 5 AM
Celebration of the life of Mrs. C.T. FOMENKY






Friday, 16 Dec. 2016
7 PM - 3 AM

Wake Keeping/Night Vigil
Fomenky Palace
Fomenky's  Street, Buea Road, Kumba

Saturday, 17th Dec. 2016

9AM - 11 AM

Removal of corpse from Hope Clinic
Kosala, Fiango, Kumba.

11 AM - 12:30 PM
Requiem Mass  at St. Anthony of Padua  Catholic Church
Buea Road,  Kumba.

1 PM - 4 PM
Laying in State and Viewing
Fomenky Palace, Kumba.

5 PM - 6 PM
Burial at Fomenky's  Palace Kumba.

6PM - 7PM
Repast & End of Burial

7PM - 9 PM
Traditional Rites/Cry-Die
Bangwa/Menky Traditional Rites
Banso Traditional Rites
Bafaw Traditional Rites
Cultural Animation/Expose

On behalf of the Fomenky/Tumi Family


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Biography and much more coming up... 

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Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Eunice Keng Lemfon on 2nd December 2016


I lay this flower for the rose you were to many.  You always make for a flowery moment.  

Let God be with you Mami.

Your daughter,


This tribute was added by Eunice Keng Lemfon on 2nd December 2016

"Dear Mami Cecy:

I thank God for your life.The news of your death from Uncle Wiyghan made me weep too much because of your love for me, the love you had for your sisters, and the love you had and showed to your elder brother, Cardinal Tumi.  

Mama I thought you will be a supporting pillar to these two sibblings of yours, as you are the youngest of them.  Mama you were a special Auntie and mother to me and many in the family.  When in Kumba you will tell me stories of the Tumis family,you will advise me to always support my husband in family matters.

Mama you were a loving and caring Mother in the family.  I am so sorry because I did not visit you in your sick bed ,forgive me dear mum. I love you but God loves most.

Mama Rest In Peace until we meet again to part no more.

Your daughter,

Eunice Keng Lemfon"

This tribute was added by Emma Sishu on 2nd December 2016

"Mama Cecy:

You've been a very strong, courageous, and inspiring woman all your life. You are an incredible example of selflessness and generosity. Anybody who knows you, or who even just came across your path, should applaud  you for your life. You attained the peak of your life at a very floral age; so Mama, God gave you everything- up to that baby boy you wanted so much, who is now our Pa/Chief JN Fomenky Fonkenganyi II.

I remember that day I accompanied you to the hospital for that historical delivery. Shouldn't we thank God for all that? You raised your kids to enviable heights. We all know you didn't limit yourself to your kids only. What generosity? It was from you I learned how to be hospitable, generous, kind; how to be classy! - All that is love. But like every rose flower, you rose and then the end came. I had always believed I would be by you if you happened to go to the Lord before me.

But things don't always happen the way we want them. I was away from you, on that trip I had to take in 2014- Remember? I did get the news you were in the hospital; I didn't expect the end was going to happen so soon. God willed it so. We get it and we accept it.

Your memories will never fade in our minds. Your legacy will remain alive and fresh in all of us. I remember how as a little girl, I saw you take care of your sisters including my mother, your cousin.  Mama, as you go majestically to your Father's house in heaven, please, embrace Yaah Lahka, Sister Emmanuella, Victorine, Mildred, Auntie Celine, Auntie Vero, and of course, your loving husband, Papa Joe.

I know you will pray for your kids. Stay happy where you are, and Mama, May your soul rest in perfect peace.


Your child,

Emma Sishu."

This tribute was added by Fondu Fabian Fomenky on 2nd December 2016


It's hard for me to write this Mami, but I don't have a choice. I remember how u molded me to who I am today. I'll miss the beautiful moments we shared together as mother and child.

Mami, I know you have joined the company of the Angels. I pray you and those who had gone ahead of us, continue to watch over us from the heavens above. Tell Sr. Nkeng I'm getting stronger day by day.

Adieu Mami,

Fondu Fabian Fomenky"

This tribute was added by Nkenglefac Fomenky on 2nd December 2016

"Dear Mams,

It's been like a dream hearing of your demise. I bought my ticket to come see u at the hospital when told u had been rushed there. I talked with my big bro who comforted me. Just when I was at the travel agency, I received a call that u were dead.

Mams, is that what we agreed on? Who am I going to spend the night with when I come to the house? U haven't had what u wanted from me! Who do I give it to? Mams! Thanks for the lessons u thought me, I pray by God's grace never to disappoint u. U were my inspiration. I will forever miss the beautiful moments we shared together.

I know u are happy being re-united with your husband and my siblings who had gone ahead. I'll forever miss u Mams. RIP Mams, till we meet never to part! Adieu Mams! Abientot Mon Amie!

Nkeng Fondu Fomenky"

This tribute was added by Daniell ACHA-MORFAW on 30th November 2016

"Mami Ceci you can no longer be seen, by the human eye,
But your soul and love that you gave so many, will never ever die
Sometimes I wish I could tell myself that you'll be back someday
If I could make just one wish right now, I'd wish you back to stay
I guess this is the way life goes, and God's will we must accept
But I hope you didn't feel this pain or weep the way I've wept."

This tribute was added by Norbert Fomenky on 28th November 2016

"Well Ma, you've gone so soon. we shall miss your love, advice etc.  May your gentle soul rest in peace in the bosom of the LORD. Remember us to Pa and all the other Fomenkys you shall meet in the world beyond and together you people continue to intercede for us till we meet again to part no more. Adieu Ma"

This tribute was added by Paul Kindong on 27th November 2016

"Dear, Auntie,

We will miss you but we know you are in a better place and pain free. You were special, always thinking of the needs of others. During your lifetime, you opened your home to family members and welcomed them with open arms and did your best to demonstrate motherly love.  We thank you for all your good deeds and will pray continuously for your place at the heavily banquet table.  You have left us physically but you will always remain in our hearts. We will keep the light of love, compassion, perseverance, strength that you have handed down to our generation to keep illuminating. May your soul rest in perfect peace until we meet again.

Paul Kindong"

This tribute was added by Frederick Itoe on 26th November 2016

"Mami Cecilia was a wonderful mum and an inspiration to many women. As a kid, I still remember how well respected she was amongst her peers. Most of them always looked up to her for advise. She was so generous and caring to everyone around her.  She always tried to empower everyone instead of making you a dependent.

Mami Cecilia was an outstanding leader and member of the community. Thanks for all the wonderful meals and advise. We will all miss you. You are in our prayers.

We are comforted knowing you will be joining the KING of the YOUTHS of blessed memory."

This tribute was added by Tua Am in a Fese on 26th November 2016

""Mami Cecy"  as known by every one. Aminatou and Fadimatou miss you. You were a lovel , adorable and generous Mother to us. My mum talks about you every day about your kindness and caring for the time she knew and your Family. Am lack of words to express my self. I know the good God has a better plans for you. You are my thoughts each day. RIP Mami"

This tribute was added by Tua Am in a Fese on 26th November 2016

""Mami Cecy"  as known by every one. Aminatou and Fadimatou miss you. You were a lovel , adorable and generous Mother to us. My mum talks about you every day about your kindness and caring for the time she knew and your Family. Am lack of words to express my self. I know the good God has a better plans for you. You are my thoughts each day. RIP Mami"

This tribute was added by Tua Am in a Fese on 26th November 2016

""Mami Cecy"  as known by every one. Aminatou and Fadimatou miss you. You were a lovel , adorable and generous Mother to us. My mum talks about you every day about your kindness and caring for the time she knew and your Family. Am lack of words to express my self. I know the good God has a better plans for you. You are my thoughts each day. RIP Mami"

This tribute was added by Tua Am in a Fese on 25th November 2016

"Mami your pass away is devastating.Am in pains when I think of not hearing your voice again. Mami RIP"

This tribute was added by Henry Enonchong on 25th November 2016

"We will always love you and pray for you in our hearts. May your soul rest in perfect peace and from where you are now , keep watching over all your love ones you left behind and continue guiding their foot steps."

This tribute was added by Shebba Williams on 24th November 2016

"Mami - we miss you so much. You were a woman of beauty, dignity and strength. We all strived to be half of the woman that you are. Today, I am a strong woman, because of the examples you provided. As your first granddaughter, I want you to know that your legacy will live on. You effected more people than you know. I cherish the times we spent when you were in Silver Spring, MD. I am happy that you got to meet your great grand daughters (Nayla and Savanna). I could see the pride in your eyes when you were around them. Those are the memories I will cherish and hold on to. Long live the Queen!
Your granddaughter, Shebba Williams"

This tribute was added by Chiara Burinyuy on 18th November 2016

"Aunty it was nice pending my leave with at Hope clinic.It was a period of sadness and fun time   as you were killing us with funny stories and jokes and when ever you were in pains u make us sad as you keep on crying with your normal saying ," kiiwo Ma'ti  bey" meaning please leave itike that. Mami you were a strong disciplinarian, a teacher and above all an exemplary. Your home was a place where both the rich and the poor were fed just like late Grandma Catherine La,aka ur mum,s home.Aunty it hard to accept that I will never hear those words of advice from you again.Tears fill my eyes mum.Will for ever miss you dear aunty.RIP"

This tribute was added by Angelica Keng on 17th November 2016

"Dear Mami Cecy, auntie Cecy and my beloveth godmother. though the last time I saw you. your health was on the decline; I still have not accepted that the end came so fast. You lived with so much vigor, you achieved so much, taught your friends business, taught many women in Kumba how to succeed and live beautifully, touched many lives and brought smiles to many faces. You were a strong disciplinarian in the Tume  family and we; all the children of Tume generation looked up to you. You were a WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE and your cooking, beauty and elegance was Pa Joe 's(Chief Fomenky) pride. You shone everywhere you went.
May your spirit and radiance continue to brighten our hearts as we mourn your departure.
Will forever miss you mami!
Your Neice and god daughter Angeli(DVM)"

This tribute was added by Ajong Fomenky on 17th November 2016

"strong woman till the end.RIP mami Cecile.u will be forever missed"

This tribute was added by Etchi Helen on 15th November 2016


1998: I had just come down from the North. CWA Kumba Mbeng had to travel to Buea for a corpse removal. Departure time 6:30am. All were punctual even the puffpuff seller. In the bus I sat beside a lady, I was very quite. She offered me puffpuff  "My God " I said to myself, puffpuff this early morning? So I just said "Thank you but I don't want to eat". She looked at me and said " ehmm nyong girl" . I smiled quitely, I didn't know who she was.
My eldest sister Rose was urging me " Aren't you going to greet your mother "Cecelia Fomenky"?. " Sister I don't know her and besides I don't like going out ." then she insisted " how could you be closed to the brother and then you don't want to meet her ?". I finally made up my mind and drove up the hill. And who did I see ? The puffpuff lady !
Mammy you embraced me like you had know me forever and that began our lasting and genuine relationship. I came to love you like my own mother. May is because my mother too was called " Cecelia ", or perhaps it was because of your humerus nature. It was easy to dialogue with you and you were filled with interesting stories.
You welcome all who came in contact with you always ready to share and help all those who were in need, regardless of their social status. You kept on giving and giving. You we such a generous person. Illness and death kept us apart for a while, but I thank God I was able to visit you at the hospital a week before your demise. That was a memorable day for me, because on that day you were anointed and received the holy Eucharist for the last time. We joined the priest in praying and singing for you and I felt a strange relief.
Mammy, you've had your own share of suffering these passed years. I hope you find rest where ever you are. I will miss you Mammy, my grandchildren miss their grandma " antenna " already. Fair well Mammy, you will be remembered by your good dids with all who came in contact with you. May God admit you in his sweet embrace in Paradise.
A Dieu Mammy, your daughter Mammy Etchi."

This tribute was added by French Jenkins on 15th November 2016

"Dear Mams

  I see us at the Dinning during Breakfast and will never forget the lessons of a Knife an Butter. You were Warm ,full of Smiles,Ready to there for us your children. Tears fill my eyes but I still say Thank God you fought and will fight no more Mams .RIP

Greet J N Fonkenganyi Fomenky I"

This tribute was added by Ismaila White on 15th November 2016

"Love u n will always. See! U smiling Bb mom."

This tribute was added by Yanke Gillis on 15th November 2016

"Mama you had always being a part of the Yanke's family through the sun raise and sun set of Late Pa Yanke, his widow and kids, as its said its a part we will all have to follow some day, and it was yours on the 29 oct 2016.
  On behalf of the Yanke's family your son Gillis Yanke says my your soul RIP, and u will be for ever missed mother."

This tribute was added by C*JN FOMENKY*II on 12th November 2016

"You passed on and took part of my heart with you, mother. The strength you showed, even while ill, gives me reasons to face any adversity that may come my way in your absence. You are the greatest woman I ever knew. Thanks for all you did for me in molding me to be the man I am today. I loved you as a child, I loved you as I grew up, I loved you while you were younger, loved you even more as you aged, and loved you the most during your time of sickness. I will always love you. RIP Mama."

This tribute was added by C*JN FOMENKY*II on 12th November 2016

"A rose flower for you.  Beautiful and kind you were!  A dominant force to reckon with.  I pray I get to marry a strong and powerful woman like you.  Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by C*JN FOMENKY*II on 12th November 2016

"Dear Mother, may you continue to rest in peace and intercede for all your loved ones you left behind.  We will continue to pray for the repose of your soul.  Endless love!  Your son, JNFF*II"

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