Memorial Websites for Loved Ones

Losing a loved one is incredibly painful, and very personal.

At ForeverMissed, we provide a shared, easily-accessible virtual space where family members and friends can pay homage to a very special life while helping each other heal by sharing their feelings, warm memories, and words of support.

We have designed memorial websites to be super easy to use. A website only takes minutes to set up, and no technical knowledge is required. Our platform is totally free from ads, even in its free-to-use BASIC version.

We invite you to get started on your loved one's online memorial:

  • Share your memories

    Share stories, tributes, photos, music and videos celebrating the life of a family member or friend who passed away.

    share memories
  • Personalize your memorial

    Make it personal with a wide selection of themes, personalized URL, the title phrase as well as range of privacy and notification options.

  • Invite and collaborate

    An online memorial is intended to be built collaboratively. You can invite family, friends, colleagues to participate in the creation of the website. This process provides a great way to heal and support one another in a difficult time.

  • control privacy

    Across distance and time

    Because the memorial is web-based, it can be visited any time from any location in the world. Sharing on the website helps unite families and friends that can not physically be together. We take great care to keep all the information safe and secure. We are committed to preserving all the content for future generations to read and remember.

    Control your privacy

    There is a choice of several privacy options for your website. Set it to be visible to all guests, or limit access only to the people you had invited. You can also make your memorial completely private until it is ready to be viewed by others.

    always accessible
  • What our users say

    This website is so great. It’s such a wonderful thing to help you get your feelings out, and let your loved ones know you haven’t forgotten them. My Mama has been gone 5 years now, and I love to talk to her, tell her about different events, letting her see her new great, great grand babies, by downloading pictures that you have. I could go on and on about this website, but if you ever need to help yourself feel as though you need to talk, just get on their page and tell them all about it. I recommend this to everyone that hasn’t already gotten it.
    Judy Flowers
    After my wife passed away, I wanted to find a place to remember her that would allow me to create the perfect expression of my feelings. Forever Missed has far exceeded my expectations, as I can post as many photos, videos and music of my choice to say the things that are so hard to verbalize. And all of this at an extremely fair price - about 1/4 the price of what an obit would have cost in the local paper allows me a perpetual tribute to her memory!
    Many of my loved ones were cremated and ashes spread in places they loved. I had nowhere to go to show my respect until I came across There I was able to enter family photo's and tell the history and memories of my loved ones. The grandchildren can visit the memorial and learn about our family history. They are now entering their children and enter information about their lives. It's like a family reunion every time I visit the memorial. It's become a site for celebration and keeping up with our heritage. With your favorite music, photos, videos, and family history, you could not ask for a more. My family will forever be grateful for the opportunity that has given us.
    Kim Jacqueline Klardie

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