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Hello Forever Missed, My name is Marian Vaughn and I was very touched and moved by your website and how beautiful it is. Thank you for helping families and friends reach out and share their personal thoughts, prayers and memories of the love ones that God has called home. My sister has left her only remaining child, her daughter behind who is deeply affected by her passing. Your website will help show my niece that she is not alone and how much she is truly loved by so many of us who care, and that we will always be there to support her. Since the coronavirus has rob us of having a traditional homecoming for our beloved sister, all funeral services are now very short, and only a few family members and friends are allowed to attend for safety reasons. We completely understand this, however your service will give everyone an opportunity to express their love, encouragement and support from all over. My family thanks you and are eternally grateful, God bless you!
Today, Mother’s Day 2020, You’re wonderful website ForeverMissed brought me a flood of treasured memories. Forty one years ago today my grandmother Stella was taken to Heaven and you helped me remember it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May God Bless and keep you my friend!
Ray Zukowski
Great Job! You have done an awesome job of helping us to set up this Memorial for Bob Widing. Everyone was so happy about this as I come from a large family and so does Bob. He would be proud of the fact that our 3 kids spent a wk. putting this tribute together for him. The grandkids worked hard on their memory of Papa also.
Robert Widing
Thank you for a wonderful website! It has only been a couple days now, but I wanted to say thank you. Your memorial website is really great. It is easy to set up. It makes sense. It is easy to use. I have had zero problems with it. It integrates really well with various photo and video uploads and sources. I'm not a big fan of FaceBook, but you even integrate well there, too. A+ work. I know it isn't easy to make a public website with all these features and good performance and quality. As a family, we are all happy to be able to share memories of my mother. You actually have made that possible. For anyone considering, it is well worth the license fee. I heartily recommend it!
You provide a fantastic service -You deserve to be encouraged!! God bless you for this refreshing and uplifting service you provide. Keep your service up!
So, dear customer support, I am the person who started a site for my wonderful little brother whose guardian I was. He was an amazing man, with an incredible life until age 24 and then a different incredible impact on folks from his wheelchair until 64. I LOVE looking each day to see the new additions. The process for adding photos, video and audio is easy for all these new people and I find folks do go back over and over. Now my husband has passed as well. I surely hope to do the same for him.
Thanks for the great website! Love many features and ease of use. Well designed and thought out.
Jeff Goodwin
I would like to say THANK YOU so much for these reminders on my Sister... I appreciate what you all do...
Cindy Chartney
From the bottom to the top of my heart thank u. Having this is very therapeutic for me bc my mother was gone so fast and there were things I NVR had a chance to speak to her and alot of things I wasn't ready to speak...years later I've come to realize for me loosing someone( that teaches u how to tie ur shoes than how to be a woman that shows my children moral's character the true meaning of unconditional love and we'll everything) that wonderful is life changing and a process every moment I this of something she said or a smell of her hair or how the absence of her hugs makes me remember how perfect and healing her hugs were. This is something I carry with me every step of my journey n life. And how one day my son will feel ... This has been a way to respect n honor n the most important keep her alive n day to day life ... This is a priceless gift .. u have made a moment of true hopelessness n to a process of growth beauty still allowing memories n a relationship to grow without them physically here. Thank u will NVR show my gratitude to u guys...
This is extremely helpful and thank you for fixing the link. We are getting so many compliments on the page. My mother cried and smiled when she saw it.nI hope you and your family and the business is staying safe in this crisis. Thank you all so much.
So much, for your concern and for helping us deal with our grief, but mostly for the opportunity to help others.
La Donna Franklin
I want to thank Oleg and the team for creating My mother passed after a long battle with cancer, on 2/22/2020. Our family was so grieved it was difficult to start planning a memorial so soon. I did not want to bypass the grief process and move on to the next "event", but rather sit for a while and savor the memories of my dear mother. When I saw your website it was an ANSWER! I quickly and EASILY pulled together music and photos. So simple! It was a process where I could express my grief by building a memorial of respect for her. We will hold her memorial in July 2020. In the meantime, while we await the event, we can still show honor and share with other friends and family in this time of loss. It has further brought me encouragement when I see other memorials as well. I just read of a man, my mothers age, who also died of cancer, the DAY AFTER my mom. Even though I will never know the family...I know of their heartache and of their deep loss of such an amazing father, friend, and husband. THANK YOU!!! Thanks for making this affordable for all...and easy to use. You have a great heart!
What a wonderful site this is it allows all who wanted to leave their memories our their condolence. Everything was private and this was a way to bring us together, words can not express our gratitude for this site.
Just wanted to thank you for the reminders of Sigrid Khera's birth and death dates that I receive from you. It draws my attention to her and recalls the warm feelings of friendship and always brings a smile to my face. Thank you!
Carolina Butler
I want you to know I really appreciate your site. It was easy to create and we have had almost 300 views. We are spread out across the country and this website made my mother's passing easy to share.I want you to know I really appreciate your site. It was easy to create and we have had almost 300 views. We are spread out across the country and this website made my mother's passing easy to share. Thank you.
Thank you for creating this beautiful site! I love that I could share it with my family and friends! God Bless you!
How can I thank you, I am so happy I can further with my daughters memory site. Thousand thanks for this.
I want to thank you for letting me write these little notes to my husband it is hard to let go. So thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.
The forever missed website is very user-friendly and I like the setup of this website. This is exactly what I wanted - to be able to reach out to family and friends to share and celebrate the life of my brother Stanley John Moyyen and also to get contribution from others who played an important part of his life.
Maryann Moyyen
This site I found after my daddy died, it was a way I could leave a tribute to him, my mother and husband. I come here to talk to him, Today I upgraded, I wanted others to see what a great person he was. I miss him a lot. Thanks for letting me share with others, The man I loved so much who I called daddy.
Linda Elton
Ringraziamento diretto agli autori del presente sito. Ho creato dei memorials su siti italiani per ricordare la mia cara madre Angelina Cerizza (la mia famiglia è di Cernusco Sul Naviglio, Milan, Italy), e poi ho voluto creare memorials anche su siti più internazionali come appunto ForeverMissed perchè permanga nel corso di lunghi anni la sua memoria. Un doveroso e sentito ringraziamento per la Vostra meritevole opera.
Love this website. It gives me comfort that I can light a candle or a message or a story.
Forevermissed has helped me through my dark times my husband john Reynolds 2013 and my daughter Lynne Reynolds 2016 .and my daughter Samantha Reynolds 2019. When l write or put a photo on it does ease my pain thank you so much forevermissed it really helps.
I just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate this web site. It brings me so much comfort and helps to keep the memories of all of my loved ones who have passed before me. I also want to say I like the Summer Meadow theme very much, and I'm sure that any others you use will be just as pleasant, again Thank you.
Thank you kindly for your reply, and I do want to add a HUGE thank you for providing this priceless service to us. I’ve received many compliments on the site, and you guys have really helped us provide a real place of comfort and connection to my mom’s visitors. May all of life’s joys find their way to your home and your heart. Peace and respect.
Love this website. It’s nice to have a place to come to and write down how you’re feeling. Thank you guys for this. It’s very comforting.
Your website appears to be the number one memorial site in the world wide web, for people to have a lasting record, and tangible tribute, to their loved one, who passed. I call your website, more practically... an online tombstone. I am impressed, with the site, the ease of use, and the reasonable fees.
Thank you. Just a note to thank you for maintaining this wonderful web site. It is good to be able to remember our loved ones in this way.
Thank you so much for your wonderful site! And all I can say is God Bless you.
Angelo Barco
I cannot tell you how much having been able to write my thoughts and share them with my family and friends on these sites has meant to me. It has helped me a great deal through last 4 years and almost 9 months now since I have lost my Mom, my Dad and my Mother-in-Law along with two of my aunts. This has been a terrible time for me and being able to just talk to the ones I have lost has been of great help to me. Thanks again.
I just want to thank you its a wonderful act for you to do this for those of us that are grieving for our loved ones in my case is for my 23 yr young son that I miss so bad it takes my breath, I just wanted to thank you.
Hello,I am happy with this memorial for my brother. We shared our thoughts even when the distance separated us, living without my brother is a daily ache. I hope to know you better and share Fiyinfoluwa's legacy together with the world. Thanks.
Opeyemi Onarinde
This is such a wonderful place to add memories of my sweet son. Eric was only 46 when he died rather unexpectedly. I so love to come here and share memories of him and his life. Thank you so kindly and may God bless the memory of your loved ones.
Thank you for space where I can come and reflect upon the love of those who truly loved me, and I will miss them forever. Thank you.
Thank you Oleg for this very lovely on line service. Amazingly, as I thought of Lucy, wrote a little tribute, and added an old photo, it seemed to help with the healing process.Thank you again.
Zulma Soto
This is a fabulous site and I thank you for it. It's helping not only me but his other friends and relatives. I go to it several times a day and cry and to also see if anyone has left a tribute. I just can't say enough about how much this site means to me. Thank you.
Thank you for this is such a special way to have people share stories about my niece and a place for my sister to feel the love Kelsey brought to all of us...
Heidi Palmiero
Thank you so much for responding to my concern so quickly. Your website means the world to me. Thanks to you we(family, friends & I) still have Kim in our lives to remember her by. And that means a lot!
Thank you so much this is such a blessing to be able to have my grandson to live on through family and friends that loves him very very much..gone too soon.
Thank you Oleg. I found your website after had a bad experience with another website that was recommended by Facebook. They would not even verify the account I tried to setup with them so I could do a memorial page. Your sight is great and my mom is well pleased with it. I am my step dad’s durable power of attorney and I have been helping my mom carry out all his wishes every step of the way. This is helping everyone with closure and I already have family members commenting on how wonderful your site is. Again thank you and God bless.
The hardest thing I have ever done was to say goodbye to my Daddy. He was taken quickly and I had/have so much more to say to him. I know that he knew I love him but I miss telling him. This memorial website has given me that chance to honor him and remember him. I love that I can hop on my phone and share a pic with friends or family. Thanks for making it a forever site, unlike the funeral homes. And thanks for making it affordable!
Thank you so very much for allowing me to use this memorial site. It helps a lot. I am not computer smart and wanted something like this for family and close friends. I do journal, but it's nice to read others thoughts on how they are feeling or what she meant to them. My daughter was special in her ability to put others first and her devotion to family and friends.
I just want to say THANKS since i have set up the page it has been of great comfort not just to me but to all the family to be able to, visit the page and have music and photos there is Brill and i know when its some times difficult to vist grave or crematorium, due to weather or ill health you just need to find a computer swith it on and visit here. And the help received from the support team is important to always happy to help with photos or advice
You are amazing , I appreciate your help. Thanks a million for the wonderful service to mankind.
What you have done here is simply so Lovely. Thank You for this Great Web Page. It is greatly appreciated.
Mrs Robert Gannon
Your memorial website is wonderful and I am thrilled my husband is getting the tribute he deserves.
Thanks for this service. Memorial Webiste has helped me cope with my mom's death.
Thanks for offering a website like this. It helps family and friends that live across the country can see what each other posts.
This is a wonderful online memorial site that allows us to write stories about our beautiful daughter and her friends to share stories to help all of us deal with our grief.
Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful site! It means the world to me that my lover's family created this. Your links and ability to post and contact others privately is marvelous.
I was looking for his obituary and found this. Its wonderful, I never knew anything like this existed. You have a beautiful site. Helps us who are deep in grief...thanks.
Gretchen Soldat
I cannot get enough of this memorial website. There is nothing no better than remembering our loved ones. I enjoy every minute of putting it together. Each day that I come to visit I add more into it. Keeping memories alive.
Brenda Bazemore
This web site is just fantastic. I would like to have had something like this when my mother made her transition.
I just seen your memorial website for the first time and all I can say is God Bless you. I might not have that long myself so knowing that there is a place like this for loved ones to help them remember me is priceless. I will help sponsor soon. Thank You!
This is a wonderful website. I was not able to attend the funeral service of my dear friend Ella Nolley, this website has allowed me to bring closure to a very special friendship I shared with Ella for over 40 years.
Oleg, I can't thank you enough for making Forever Missed available! Creating my sister's website and working on it from time to time has been quite therapeutic in helping me deal with her death. I hope that family and friends who knew her well will smile when they are reminded of her through the stories and gallery. I hope that those who didn't know her very well will learn a little bit about what a special person Dar was. Once again, Thank You!
We have been adding pictures this evening and it has been such a wonderful experience for my dear friend's wife to spend her time going though pictures she would like to share. We haven't even made this "public" and a couple close friends have visited and shared. Thank you, thank you for creating this. Such an easy way to make our friend's memory last forever.
Kindest regards,
Dana McShane
You have no idea how much I believe this site is a place of spirituality and a place to miss, cry and feel the presence of our loved ones.
Thank you,
My youngest son is 11 yrs old. This site means a lot to him. It is helping him heal from the sudden loss of his father. I am so grateful. Thank you.
This is a wonderful site. I can always go to it and just say something to my loved one. It means a lot.
Meghan Angerhauser
This is a wonderful website! It is beautiful and I don't know a lot about websites, however this is really nice and I just wanted the creator of this site to know from one person to another, you created something special that people everywhere can benefit from. You are a blessing to the entire world,continue to let God use you to help and comfort people all over the world! May God bless and keep you is my prayer!!
Thank you for developing this site and making it available - it is a wonderful resource and format for remembering our loved ones!
Thanks so much for this wonderful service. I really enjoyed that and was able to come and thank my loved one.
With best wishes, ever grateful for this great website,
Grace Hinrichs
You guys are so awesome, I must say as soon as I move back in home in 2 months I will upgrade my husband's memorial this is the most beautiful site I have ever run across, God Bless You for your beautiful and caring hearts.
Lovingly and Respectfully, Love,
Cynthia McPhee
Allow me to also take this opportunity to thank you for coming up with this memorial on-line which many of our relatives and friends found so beautiful. It was so easy to work with.
I think it is beautiful that someone thought of this. It's a gift through you, from God.
Thank you,
Nancy Hall
I'm just really grateful for this site it's been a great comfort to me. Thank you so much.
What an incredible idea! We have family living in different countries, and the site help us to share memories and emotions regarding this great woman who influenced so many lives in her 99 years life. Thank you!
Alicia Martin del Campo de Valdes
Forever Missed has been my "go to" place to share thoughts, stories, photos, videos, poems and music with and about my sister. Creating her memorial, visiting and reading notes that others have left, have been the most therapeutic way to deal with losing her. If you're in doubt, just go to their website and check out the memorial I created for Darlene Paulette.
This is a wonderful site for family and friends to view the memories of your loved one. I would recommend this to everyone.
Site is wonderful. My daughter could not get through this any other way.
I would like to mention how incredibly blessed I feel that I found your site, I feel so happy and touched by your wonderful site I am referring all my friends from find a grave to come here and make their own memorial's they will love it so much more here it is more than words can express from heart, I thank You so very Much, I will share this with everyone I know who has lost a loved one.
We are in Florida and everyone here that has seen Bernie's memorial site is so impressed. It will be brought up and shown at the luncheon on Friday to familiarize people with it. After both memorial services in January, I'm sure there will be many more people coming to you in the future.
Thanks again,
Dana McShane
Let me tell you that after 5 days in the web, the site has had more than a hundred of visits, and several family members living in different countries and different cities have shared, photos and left tributes.
Thank you!
I just wanted to say how i love this site. I come here often to look at his pictures and alot of his friends come here too. He has had 690 visits and so I know his friends like it too. Thank you for this site! I love it.
I look forward to sharing Forevermissed with our family when we are all get together over the holidays; everyone should do this. Awesome, a great way to remember & be prepared. What a peace of mind. I really & truly can't thank you enough.
Sincerely, Ann
Many thanks, great site by the way, cant think what we would have done without it!
This website is so great. It’s such a wonderful thing to help you get your feelings out, and let your loved ones know you haven’t forgotten them. My Mama has been gone 5 years now, and I love to talk to her, tell her about different events, letting her see her new great, great grand babies, by downloading pictures that you have. I could go on and on about this website, but if you ever need to help yourself feel as though you need to talk, just get on their page and tell them all about it. I recommend this to everyone that hasn’t already gotten it.
Judy Flowers
After my wife passed away, I wanted to find a place to remember her that would allow me to create the perfect expression of my feelings. Forever Missed has far exceeded my expectations, as I can post as many photos, videos and music of my choice to say the things that are so hard to verbalize. And all of this at an extremely fair price - about 1/4 the price of what an obit would have cost in the local paper allows me a perpetual tribute to her memory!
While a newspaper obituary is often a credible source of information about a person, an online memorial allows you to go deeper and truly honor your lost loved one. Personal stories, photographs, special memories, and videos can all be added over days, weeks and months by friends and family to truly create a tribute to a special life.
Tom Brown
I thank god for this website it is amazing and a wonderful way for me to express the loving thoughts of my beloved and "forever missed" son Shawn. Your site is beautiful and I have also reccommended your site to people I know and have posted it on some of the grieving websites that I am a member of because this is the only memorial website I use thank you very much for giving us a way to memorialize the ones we love and have lost.
What an excellant thing you have done here. Thank you. This will make it easier for so many people.
Rita Schultz
I am very happy with this site. Thank you.
Katie Flynn
What a Beautiful web site....I would love to be rememberd that way
Lesley Jefferson
Just letting you know this is a great site So that we are able to remember our loved ones... Just what i been looking for...
You have a womderful site, thank you so much.
I just want to thank you for your memorial site. I just started it and it is such a comfort to me. I really appreciate that you have such a site. Thank you so much.
This an amazing gives famly a place to vent...relieves stress etc....Thank you
An outstanding site. It is well designed and very helpful at a difficult time. You have made difficult time easier for many people.
Terry Lloyd
That is a really wonderful thing you have created and the people in the cancer chat room are making good use of it. Thank you.
Barbara Ann
This is a wonderful site and it means so much to me to be able to remember my dad in this way.
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so very much, this site has been a blessing and such a wonderful way to share and remember my Mother with family and friends. It was so easy to setup and add information...i am truly thankful and wish you many blessings.
Thank you for your site...being able to see someone you love like this is wonderful....thank you...
This is such a wonderful way of paying tribute to our beloved mother. Also a great way for family and friends to be able to commemorate her eternal rest. Thank you to the staff of forevermissed for this online memorial. I truly appreciate it dearly.
Eve Sosa
I am so truly blessed seeing my brothers Memorial, and photos that were shared by all the family. This meant a lot because he passed away in Australia, and I am here in Missouri, USA and was unable to make the trip. This brought comfort and peace to me. Thank you so very much. This is a wonderful time to be living in, with such technology, we congratulate your company in developing such a beautiful and well organized site to be shared by all.
Thank you,
Anne-Marie Easter
What a great website - a lasting memorial to those who we love.
I dont know how to thank you.. for creating this site.... we all got an opportunity to share our pain with each other... Thanks a Lot...
Love, Dolly.
What a fantastic site thanks i really is great, i have created a memorial for my brother i am over the moon with the set up and features. Thank you.
I love your service. Your site is a godsend!
Thank you so much for keeping me up to date and I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly. I will look forward to seeing the changes in the site as they occur. Your website though, is such a wonderful way to commemorate your loved one and I am so glad I found it. We lost our brave little girl late last year and it's been terribly hard. Working on her memorial is a way that I can feel that I am still able to do something for her. Thank you for building it!
Warm regards,
Love the site it has been very comforting. Thanks!
I think what you are doing is wonderful. This has helped my family greatly. Tomorrow on 28 of October we are holding a candlelight visual in memory of the little girl we lost so suddenly. Our family has not been the same since we lost her but thanks to this website most of our family will be there for the memorial so thank you so much in our time of need!
This has been a wonderful way to honor someone very dear to us. We are deeply grateful for this opportunity and for the ease this made in getting funeral info out to all. Thank you so much for this wonderful service. Everyone thinks I an amazing web-page designer and it really was so easy!
Theresa Petersen
This is such a wonderful way to pay tributes to loved ones.
This is a great opportunity for friends and family to express their feelings. Thanks for providing this in memory of Bob.
Thanks Oleg, both for your email, but morefor As you can see our Reg Ross was a very well lovedand well known man. Your site was exactly what everybody needed tolighten their hearts of their loss.
God Bless,
Victor Macchia
Thank you and really love this site. Thanks for having this website so we can go to.
Joyce Reynolds
We really like the features and are quite pleased in this time of our grief/ wish to celebrate a wonderful person and father have found it.
Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful service. The memorial I created for my dad turned out to be such a wonderful place to remember a remarkable man. I have received many compliments from family members and friends that have visited the memorial. All are now thankful they know about this service and plan on using it in the future for their loved ones.
Thank you,
Courtney Sward
Thank you for this web site, it is helping us a lot to come to terms with our lot.
I can't possibly find the words that can express My gratitude. I have been struggling with my sons passing and this site has lifted a lot of pain. We now have a place to go to express our emotions and add stories that hopefully will help us all in our grieving precess.. Thank you so very much.
Austin's MuM Elma,
I wondered upon this site. I really appreciate you offering this page to grieving families. It gives me another outlet when I want to write about his life, love, and spirit. Thank you again, for having a heart for all of us who suffered a loss of a love one.
This is a wonderful site and it means so much to me to be able to remember my dad in this way.
Thank you. This is a wonderful service and we are happy to be a part of it.
I love the candle aspect of this site. If I found someone with 0 candles lit, I lit a candle though I did not know the person. I wrote: "May your light shine above us forever with the stars." On a few I simply wrote "Peace." On one I commented on how when looking through their pictures- "I saw such beautiful souls." We are never alone. Thank you.
Many of my loved ones were cremated and ashes spread in places they loved. I had nowhere to go to show my respect until I came across There I was able to enter family photo's and tell the history and memories of my loved ones. The grandchildren can visit the memorial and learn about our family history. They are now entering their children and enter information about their lives. It's like a family reunion every time I visit the memorial. It's become a site for celebration and keeping up with our heritage. With your favorite music, photos, videos, and family history, you could not ask for a more. My family will forever be grateful for the opportunity that has given us.
Kim Jacqueline Klardie
I highly recommend this to everyone. It is very easy to create and share a tribute to a loved one. With lots of features and the ability to share stories and photos, I can’t think of a better way to announce a passing and have guests leave their comments. I chose to upgrade to add even more pictures and music, and I found the price very reasonable. With the cost of newspaper obituaries getting higher and higher all the time, I chose to keep the print obituary brief and include the link to my Mom’s Forever Missed page right in the obituary.
I would like to thank you for having such a site it was great to be able to open this site yesterday a very special day to me and our children because yesterday was Eric's birthday and once again i would like to say thank you.
Michael thank you soooo much for this opportunity to celebrate my sisters life. May God continue to bless you for your kindness.
This is a fantastic site with exciting features. A beautiful opportunity for everyone to pay tribute to their loved ones.
Melissa Dolores
This is a wonderful web site and thank you for creating it.
Such a great idea, yet so easy to use.
Tom Isenberg,
New York, NY
Thank your for this web site! I am having a rough time dealing with the loss of my little brother, you this really does help.
Lisa Schrecongost
I would like to say thank you so much, web site creators to make this incredible project happen. I have always thought of creating a web site for my grandpa, but my technical and financial abilities were limited. Now my dream came through thanks to this web site.
Max Silverstone,
Denver, CO
Anyone can afford a web site for someone he loved. Thanks folks, keep up the good work you're doing.
Pierre LeBrun,
Paris, France
I am truly amazed by the beauty of the web site that I have built in just 5 minutes. Now I spend a lot of time browsing my own site and remembering my dear friend, gone forever. Thank you very much.
Lana Abrahams,
Los Angeles, CA

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