Online Memorial Reviews & Testimonials

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to have this memorial for my mom. This is so nice for friends and family, but I'm spending time right now and it is helping me through the first day of mom being gone. This is a wonderful resource for people to honor their loved ones. Thank you, this is truly a blessing.
Gerda Chow,
I am forever grateful to you for creating this wonderful program. My father was cremated, he is not in a place I can go sit to visit him. This is the only place I feel I can connect with him. Grieving is a hard process, and you help make it much easier. Honestly, without your memorial program, I don't know how I could have dealt with the loss of my father. I was his only baby girl... Thank you again. Your work is priceless.
Lori Geiger Ormsby
I can't thank you enough for this site. I lost my son to murder and his sister and I miss him so much an your site gives me the chance to see just how much he was loved by others by the candles lit , the stories and just by the over 600 visitors he has had .Thank you, thank you ,thank you. I will tell everyone I can think of about this online memorial site
Meloney Gemmell
Just wanted to let you know how much it has meant to me and helped me in finding ways to deal with my grief with the loss of my son. I can't express enough how much it means to have a place for all of us who loved him to have a place we can all visit and share our feelings and make sure he is remembered always.
Jane Hurley,
Thank you for publishing your thoughtful website "". I am so grateful for having a special place to go to when I am feeling alone. I miss Steve so much that I can hardly stand it, but your website helps me remember that he will always be with me.
Barbara Jacobellis,
Thank you for your recognizing a need for this type of service for grieving families. One of my best friends passed on 5/29/13, and this website has been such a great way for all of his family and friends to celebrate his life. I extend my condolences for your loss and just know that your efforts have been a great blessing for others.
Fredette Williams,
I just want to say THANKS since I have set up the page it has been of great comfort not just to me but to all the family to be able to, visit the page and have music and photos there is Brill and I know when it's some times difficult to visit grave or crematorium, due to weather or ill health you just need to find a computer switch it on and visit here. And the help received from the support team is important to always happy to help with photos or advice
Thanks ForeverMissed,
Richard Hurley
The hardest thing I have ever done was to say goodbye to my Daddy. He was taken quickly and I had/have so much more to say to him. I know that he knew I love him but I miss telling him. This memorial website has given me that chance to honor him and remember him. I love that I can hop on my phone and share a pic with friends or family. Thanks for making it a forever site, unlike the funeral homes. And thanks for making it affordable!
Janice Sparto
I love this site, as time goes on I will upgrade my subscription because my departed loved ones means the world to me. I found closure and an outlet to vent while energizing my spirit. I now feel at peace. Thank you so much...
Dori Bee,
Thank you so much for this site. It was an inspirational idea. I visit the memorial of my beautiful wife, taken from me at 43 years of age after just 36 hours illness. This memorial gives me great comfort especially seeing the tributes and stories coming in. It helps other friends and family also. Genius.
Lee Hardy,
Thank you for your warm welcome! I just wanted to say that I happened upon your site and I fell in love with it! Thank you for creating such a beautiful way of remembering our loved ones who have gone to be with God in heaven!! I lost my beautiful mother 3 years ago tomorrow! I will be creating her a memorial on your site very soon! I know my Angels brought me to your site so that I can share what a blessing my mother was and is to me with others!! God bless you!
Michelle Alderete,
Thank you very much for having the website there for us......I had checked two others before I found yours and I found yours the best to work with and it is all up front and I liked that idea. Very nice and I have received many compliments about the memorial that I only placed a day or two ago. So that pleased me and so I thank you for making it all possible to happen.
Regina Wood,
I must admit to you that you have provided a magnificent opportunity for people to touch each other in sensitive times. I was raised in a funeral home in Edmonds, Washington U.S.A.( Beck's Funeral Home ) and with your insights you have provided beyond the wildest of imaginations the ability to communicate on a Global basis the Expressions of Love, Joy and Sentimentality. Once more Thank You!!!
G.Peter Beck,
Thank You, when I came across your site I said to my self "Thank U Jesus!" somewhere I can put it down in words how I feel so I don't have to keep saying it over and over again, that My Child was murdered! And YES I feel Like I'm dying inside!! I know they mean well but sometimes it overwhelms me and I just shut myself off from the world. at least this way I can still stay connected IN MY OWN WAY..Bless You for starting this web page.
Brenda Shead,
As my wife's birthday approaches, I wanted to visit her site. In the process of reading all that I wrote, I need to thank you for your site. You can't imagine how much it has helped me share - something I needed to do in order to help get through my grieving. It's been 15 months now since Shereen passed, and although I'm still in great grief from losing my precious Shereen, it's of a tremendous comfort that I have your site to return to - to remember - to add to - and generally put my heart at rest knowing she will not in fact ever be forgotten. When I finally get the energy, I will become a full member and post music and pictures in order to make her memorial complete. Thank you so much for having provided a means for so many of us to establish a permanent commemorative. God bless you all. Fondest Aloha.
Norm Boyajian,
Thank you for allowing us to have this beautiful site - everyone comments on how beautiful it is. I looked at several other sites on the internet which gave memorial services, but none of them came close to this one, both in style and user-friendliness, and also outlay. This is so easy to navigate, yet looks compact and beautiful! Well done! You are doing a marvelous job!
Vanda Bubear,
I read how you were inspired to create this website for memorials. Some days I can hardly stand the pain of missing my son. I visit this site and see that other people have seen it also. Furthermore, I see the thousands of other people are struggling with the loss of someone they love. What a blessing your inspiration is for so many others. Blessings and Peace.
Sherry Semrau,
I had just sent a message to the daughter of our late Vice Chancelor who is administering the page of Dr. Carew. Dr. Carew passed on this past weekend and this website is a great ministry you have. Its been very hard for the staff of Africa International University (AIU) this morning and we are happy to express how we feel and to remember Dr. Carew through God bless you.
Esther Nyagah. Staff member at AIU,
We lost one of our faculty members here at USC a couple of weeks ago and have been able to send out the link to her former students all over the world and give them an opportunity to pay their respects to their former teacher from wherever they are living now. One of our faculty members who has moved on to other work was able to share her thoughts and memories from as far aways as EAST TIMOR!
Jim Valentine,
Thank you ever so much for this beautiful website. It is such a wonderful thing you are doing for others, especially in these times of hardships. You are truly a blessing to me and I am sure many, many, many more people out there who have lost someone special in their life.
Just wanted to Thank You for being the Perfect Place to share with everyone the Photos and Stories of my Father. Your site is what I needed and I appreciate the hard work you did creating it. It was easy and simple. You responded right away without delay when I requested something from you. Very polite and helpful. Wishing you all a wonderful and safe holiday.
Pascale Reck,
Your memorial site is so very nice that I would love to refer your site to so many that I know. In appreciation for the beautiful work you do. Just a lovely God send. Thank You so much for, catching my attention.
Mrs Sharon Bell,
I enjoy working on this website. it is user friendly and attractive. I have had many compliment about how nice it looks and brings some peace to its viewers.
Janet Krause,
I have no suggestion, but I do thank God for your service to help people like myself heal through communication. It's comforting to know I can come here and send loving thoughts to my sister who I lost 3 months ago. Im still lost. So this site helps so much. THANK YOU!!!!!
Bernice Jackson,
I think this site is very awesome. Dennis was my cousin and I always liked how friendly he was. I was a lot younger than him so don't have memories of him growing up. But this is very nice seeing these pictures and reading what others say about him.
Linda Martinez,
Thank you for this. I too lost a soul mate a year and a half ago. Support of friends and family got me through that trying time along with all the memorials that were honored in his name. Thank you letting us share our feelings.
Gail Swegles,
Bless your heart! Whatever would I have done without this website? It's so comforting to "talk" to my sister through the tributes, share stories about her with people who remember her, as well as those who never knew her at all. I've even "met" other website administrators through Forever Missed and we are now friends, sharing our grief, supporting one another. Thank You so very much!
Barbara Paronto,
Hello...My name is Chris and I would just like to thank you for this wonderful site u have created....It definitely gives people a chance to say there good bye's or to say how much they love there lost one....I think it is brilliant...just wish i knew of it when i lost my baby boy and my dad....But Thank You anyway...
Your website was a godsend. My daughter never bragged about herself And no one knew how talented and smart she really was. This showed how accomplished she was and the sky would have been the limit. Also, allows us to show how much she was loved
I personally want to thank you for your encouraging words. I want everyone who shared moments with my son to have a role in his memoir. Thanks again. This will definitely keep me connected to my beautiful son who left this earthly journey too soon and without warning. That is the most devastating emotion to bear and to grapple with from day to day. Again, Thanks.
Demetria Maryland,
I have really enjoyed bring on this sight. It has all the privacy I need to spend with my brother, anytime on any day and share with family and friends who can share stories abt them and their times together. I suggest that you may add a few more options on it. But I like it just as it is. Thank You.
It will be a year tomorrow of my brother's passing and I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks for this site. It has helped me through a lot of rough days without him. God bless you.
Melanie Singleton,
Just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to have these pages for my daughter. It gives me a place to talk to her and feel as though she is listening. Sometimes I just need to vent and she was the best listener and problem solver. Thank you again so very much.
Linda Davis,
I just want to say from the bottom of my heart this is a beautiful site you have created. I lost my Husband, in April, and I am having the hardest time ever. Thank you this is really helping me. May GOD BLESS YOU FOR CREATING THIS SITE.
Debbie Lee,
Thank you so very much for allowing me to use this memorial site. It helps a lot. I am not computer smart and wanted something like this for family and close friends. I do journal, but it's nice to read others thoughts on how they are feeling or what she meant to them. My daughter was special in her ability to put others first and her devotion to family and friends.
Linda Davis
You are amazing , I appreciate your help. Thanks a million for the wonderful service to mankind.
Maurice Tassah
What you have done here is simply so Lovely. Thank You for this Great Web Page. It is greatly appreciated.
Mrs Robert Gannon
Your memorial website is wonderful and I am thrilled my husband is getting the tribute he deserves.
Vonnay Brook
Thanks for this service. Memorial Website has helped me cope with my mom's death.
Margaret Kellock
Thanks for offering a website like this. It helps family and friends that live across the country can see what each other posts.
Sharon Payne
This is a wonderful online memorial site that allows us to write stories about our beautiful daughter and her friends to share stories to help all of us deal with our grief.
Janice Malone
Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful site! It means the world to me that my lover's family created this. Your links and ability to post and contact others privately is marvelous.
Gretchen Kay
I was looking for his obituary and found this. Its wonderful, I never knew anything like this existed. You have a beautiful site. Helps us who are deep in grief...thanks.
Gretchen Soldat
I cannot get enough of this memorial website. There is nothing no better than remembering our loved ones. I enjoy every minute of putting it together. Each day that I come to visit I add more into it. Keeping memories alive.
Brenda Bazemore
This web site is just fantastic. I would like to have had something like this when my mother made her transition.
Barbara Jetty
I just seen your memorial website for the first time and all I can say is God Bless you. I might not have that long myself so knowing that there is a place like this for loved ones to help them remember me is priceless. I will help sponsor soon. Thank You!
David Duckworth
This is a wonderful website. I was not able to attend the funeral service of my dear friend Ella Nolley, this website has allowed me to bring closure to a very special friendship I shared with Ella for over 40 years.
Homa Smith
Let me thank you for creating an online memorial website where people can honor the memory of their loved ones. This is such a wonderful way to provide stories for future generations that may have been lost along the way. So bravo to you for providing this invaluable service.
I think your memorial website is a wonderful way for us all to NEVER forget the ones we loved and lost. No changes, just praise! Thank you so much!
carol parker
I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an important website. My mother, Ethel Neal, passed away recently and I decided to create a memorial, mostly for myself ,although I have sent it to my brother. It helps me greatly as it gives me a place where I can share my feelings with her through writing. I think I mostly want to keep it to "converse" with Mom while experiencing this grieving period. Thank you again for creating this wonderful online memorial place - it's a beautiful thing.
Patricia Smith
This is a great memorial website and I am so thankful to be able to share with our family and friends pictures of our Father, the "ROCK" of our family. Your website allows all our loved ones memory to live on.
Debbie Darst
Thank You so much for having this online memorial site. Because my mother was cremated, she has no grave to go to and nowhere for loved ones to come to honor her. This is a gift from God.
Theresa Chaque
I am forever grateful to you for creating this wonderful program. My father was cremated, he is not in a place I can go sit to visit him. This is the only place I feel I can connect with him. Grieving is a hard process, and you help make it much easier. Honestly, without your memorial program, I don't know how I could have dealt with the loss of my father. I was his only baby girl... Thank you again. Your work is priceless.
Lori Geiger Ormsby
I can't thank you enough for this site. I lost my son to murder and his sister and I miss him so much an your site gives me the chance to see just how much he was loved by others by the candles lit , the stories and just by the over 600 visitors he has had .Thank you, thank you ,thank you. I will tell everyone I can think of about this online memorial site
Meloney Gemmell
Just want to express on behalf of the family and friends of my Mother, Freida M. Snodgrass, a special "Thank you" for developing this memorial website so that we can remember and share, from all over the world, wonderful memories of Mom! Mom went to heaven during her sleep...It was so difficult, because it was so sudden and unexpected. She left a wonderful legacy.... Thanks again! I love the lifetime plan!
Debra Dudney
I wanted to thank you for creating FoeverMissed. My 24 year old son died tragically a few weeks ago and his best friend created his online memorial page. His name was Aaron Beard if you would like to see it. The site has become a source of great comfort to me and others. I love reviewing the photos of my son, some of which I had never seen before, and can tell how much he was loved by the comments that have been posted. I'm sorry for the personal loss that led you to create the site, but please know that you have eased the grief for many others through your thoughtfulness.
Lisa Powell
The site has been a God-send to us. We were unable to have a memorial (due to my sister's very specific wishes not to have one), but we still needed a place for people to direct their thoughts and prayers. The online memorial has worked perfectly for that purpose.
Carey Cuddeback
I just recently lost both my parents and I just found this website through a person I knew a very long time ago. I think I should friend him on facebook and thank him. I miss them very much but once I'm finished with project i will be able to visit them whenever I want and so will all the people I love and love them. Thank you so very much!
Elizabeth Aquino
Thank you so much for providing the opportunity for people to post these online memorials for loved one's. It hard enough to lose the loved one. But remembering them in a such a special way is amazing. Thank you.
Jacqueline Baker
I think this is so beautiful, I know everyone will enjoy coming here to remember Zeb. He touched some many lives, in such a small amount of time he will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. You have done an amazing job, I know it makes me smile when I come to the page, so thanks.
Amanda Claek
I can clearly see this is where I want Annie's memorial to be. When I'm 80 years old, I can still look at her in way that will forever keep her in my heart. Her legacy will also be here for the family for generations to come. What a noble idea for Forevermissed to be created. I love it!!
Bob Harrison
I just want to say Thank You! This is such an awesome website. I appreciate you granting us access to add our loved ones and honor them in a special way. God Bless you for your compassion.
G Yancy
I'm actually writing to say "Thank you". Thank you for providing this wonderful online memorial site in which we are able to pay tribute to our beloved friend, Linda Brandt. This affords all of us who are suffering deeply, to share our inner-most thoughts and in some way begin to heal from the tremendous void we are feeling in our loss.
Paula Shoushani
can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your website. Many people have visited it and also have enjoyed it as well. I am adding things every day and have two video's which we will cut down on but want to add them to it as well. Thank you for creating a wonderful place for memories to be shared.
Vonnay Brook
Thank you so much for starting this memorial web site. It has been therapeutic and has brought back many happy memories!
Patti Nielsen
I cant begin to Thank you enough for this site ! I am having a very hard time with losing my husband so young and so young in our marriage !! This site lets me get my feelings and share our love we had !!!! God's Blessings to you all !!!!
Christie Dempsey
This site is brilliant for memories and basically to keep their life going. It is great, I love it. Brilliant idea, because now I can still talk and leave messages about my daughter and also my granddad etc. Thank you.
Laura Jackson
I want to thank you very much! My mom knew so many people... this is a great way for them to pay their respect. Thank you so much.
Stacy Ciccone
I don't have words to express how grateful I am to be able to do something like this for my father. I want to say thank you so much for giving people the opportunity to do this for their loved ones. Thank you.
Yerislaydi Melon
I would just like to say what a brilliant website! I hope those that are grieving will know that they are in people's prayers, hearts and mind's. Thank you!
Melanie Austin
Thank you for this website, it has helped me a lot. Its a good way for someone to take time by themselves and handle their loss in witch ever way is best for them and at the same time they still got others thoughts and prayers they can look at. Again thank you so much!
Mary Henk
I Love this site, my son is in California and I'm in Nevada, since I can't go to his grave, this is the next best thing and he'll never be forgotten... Thank You!
LaVerne Baptiste
Thank you so much for this wonderful website. It gives us the opportunity to share the love we had for our son's daughter with others. God Bless.
Dale Whetzel
I'm so glad that I found this web site it is really nice and i would just like to thank you for doing this for the loved ones that we have lost.
Brenda Wallace
Wonderful website, thank you for caring and showing compassion to the families who have lost loved ones. Thank you.
Alzada Steele
Thank you so much for this memorial website...I have enjoyed every part of it...It makes it so easy for us and I appreciate this.
Shona Rose Chisholm
Oleg, I can't thank you enough for making Forever Missed available! Creating my sister's website and working on it from time to time has been quite therapeutic in helping me deal with her death. I hope that family and friends who knew her well will smile when they are reminded of her through the stories and gallery. I hope that those who didn't know her very well will learn a little bit about what a special person Dar was. Once again, Thank You!
Barbara Paronto
We have been adding pictures this evening and it has been such a wonderful experience for my dear friend's wife to spend her time going though pictures she would like to share. We haven't even made this "public" and a couple close friends have visited and shared. Thank you, thank you for creating this. Such an easy way to make our friend's memory last forever.
Kindest regards,
Dana McShane
You have no idea how much I believe this site is a place of spirituality and a place to miss, cry and feel the presence of our loved ones.
Thank you,
My youngest son is 11 yrs old. This site means a lot to him. It is helping him heal from the sudden loss of his father. I am so grateful. Thank you.
Joy Horner
This is a wonderful site. I can always go to it and just say something to my loved one. It means a lot.
Meghan Angerhauser
This is a wonderful website! It is beautiful and I don't know a lot about websites, however this is really nice and I just wanted the creator of this site to know from one person to another, you created something special that people everywhere can benefit from. You are a blessing to the entire world, continue to let God use you to help and comfort people all over the world! May God bless and keep you is my prayer!!
Patsy Ceasar
Thank you for developing this site and making it available - it is a wonderful resource and format for remembering our loved ones!
Gary Kendig
Thanks so much for this wonderful service. I really enjoyed that and was able to come and thank my loved one.
With best wishes, ever grateful for this great website,
Grace Hinrichs
You guys are so awesome, I must say as soon as I move back in home in 2 months I will upgrade my husband's memorial this is the most beautiful site I have ever run across, God Bless You for your beautiful and caring hearts.
Lovingly and Respectfully, Love,
Cynthia McPhee
Allow me to also take this opportunity to thank you for coming up with this memorial on-line which many of our relatives and friends found so beautiful. It was so easy to work with.
Thank you,
Anna Madamba
I think it is beautiful that someone thought of this. It's a gift through you, from God.
Thank you,
Nancy Hall
I'm just really grateful for this site it's been a great comfort to me. Thank you so much.
Teresa Saussy
What an incredible idea! We have family living in different countries, and the site help us to share memories and emotions regarding this great woman who influenced so many lives in her 99 years life. Thank you!
Alicia Martin del Campo de Valdes
This is a wonderful site for family and friends to view the memories of your loved one. I would recommend this to everyone.
Carolyn Timman
Praveen Kumar
Martin S. Smith
Site is wonderful. My daughter could not get through this any other way.
I would like to mention how incredibly blessed I feel that I found your site, I feel so happy and touched by your wonderful site I am referring all my friends from find a grave to come here and make their own memorial's they will love it so much more here it is more than words can express from heart, I thank You so very Much, I will share this with everyone I know who has lost a loved one.
Cynthia McPhee
We are in Florida and everyone here that has seen Bernie's memorial site is so impressed. It will be brought up and shown at the luncheon on Friday to familiarize people with it. After both memorial services in January, I'm sure there will be many more people coming to you in the future.
Thanks again,
Dana McShane
Let me tell you that after 5 days in the web, the site has had more than a hundred of visits, and several family members living in different countries and different cities have shared, photos and left tributes.
Thank you!
I just wanted to say how i love this site. I come here often to look at his pictures and a lot of his friends come here too. He has had 690 visits and so I know his friends like it too. Thank you for this site! I love it.
Wilma Templeton
I look forward to sharing Forevermissed with our family when we are all get together over the holidays; everyone should do this. Awesome, a great way to remember & be prepared. What a peace of mind. I really & truly can't thank you enough.
Sincerely, Ann
Many thanks, great site by the way, cant think what we would have done without it!
Best wishes,
I thank god for this website it is amazing and a wonderful way for me to express the loving thoughts of my beloved and "forever missed" son Shawn. Your site is beautiful and I have also recommended your site to people I know and have posted it on some of the grieving websites that I am a member of because this is the only memorial website I use thank you very much for giving us a way to memorialize the ones we love and have lost.
Barbara Paronto
What an excellent thing you have done here. Thank you. This will make it easier for so many people.
Rita Schultz
I am very happy with this site. Thank you.
Katie Flynn
What a Beautiful web site....I would love to be remembered that way
Lesley Jefferson
Just letting you know this is a great site So that we are able to remember our loved ones... Just what i been looking for...
Joanne Griffith
You have a wonderful site, thank you so much.
Brett C. Spencer
I just want to thank you for your memorial site. I just started it and it is such a comfort to me. I really appreciate that you have such a site. Thank you so much.
This an amazing gives family a place to vent...relieves stress etc....Thank you
Wayne Blackshear
An outstanding site. It is well designed and very helpful at a difficult time. You have made difficult time easier for many people.
Terry Lloyd
That is a really wonderful thing you have created and the people in the cancer chat room are making good use of it. Thank you.
Barbara Ann
This is a wonderful site and it means so much to me to be able to remember my dad in this way.
Merleta Byers
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so very much, this site has been a blessing and such a wonderful way to share and remember my Mother with family and friends. It was so easy to setup and add information...i am truly thankful and wish you many blessings.
Charlie Brown
Thank you for your site...being able to see someone you love like this is wonderful....thank you...
Betty Gladfelder
This is such a wonderful way of paying tribute to our beloved mother. Also a great way for family and friends to be able to commemorate her eternal rest. Thank you to the staff of ForeverMissed for this online memorial. I truly appreciate it dearly.
Eve Sosa
I am so truly blessed seeing my brothers Memorial, and photos that were shared by all the family. This meant a lot because he passed away in Australia, and I am here in Missouri, USA and was unable to make the trip. This brought comfort and peace to me. Thank you so very much. This is a wonderful time to be living in, with such technology, we congratulate your company in developing such a beautiful and well organized site to be shared by all.
Thank you,
Anne-Marie Easter
What a great website - a lasting memorial to those who we love.
Wanda Bates
I don't know how to thank you.. for creating this site.... we all got an opportunity to share our pain with each other... Thanks a Lot...
Love, Dolly.
What a fantastic site thanks i really is great, i have created a memorial for my brother i am over the moon with the set up and features. Thank you.
Richard Hurley
I love your service. Your site is a godsend!
Paul Bush
Thank you so much for keeping me up to date and I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly. I will look forward to seeing the changes in the site as they occur. Your website though, is such a wonderful way to commemorate your loved one and I am so glad I found it. We lost our brave little girl late last year and it's been terribly hard. Working on her memorial is a way that I can feel that I am still able to do something for her. Thank you for building it!
Warm regards,
Love the site it has been very comforting. Thanks!
David Carruthers
I think what you are doing is wonderful. This has helped my family greatly. Tomorrow on 28 of October we are holding a candlelight visual in memory of the little girl we lost so suddenly. Our family has not been the same since we lost her but thanks to this website most of our family will be there for the memorial so thank you so much in our time of need!
Michelle Irby
This has been a wonderful way to honor someone very dear to us. We are deeply grateful for this opportunity and for the ease this made in getting funeral info out to all. Thank you so much for this wonderful service. Everyone thinks I an amazing web-page designer and it really was so easy!
Theresa Petersen
This is such a wonderful way to pay tributes to loved ones.
Linda Davis
This is a great opportunity for friends and family to express their feelings. Thanks for providing this in memory of Bob.
MaryAnn Hulse
Thanks Oleg, both for your email, but more for As you can see our Reg Ross was a very well loved and well known man. Your site was exactly what everybody needed to lighten their hearts of their loss.
God Bless,
Victor Macchia
Thank you and really love this site. Thanks for having this website so we can go to.
Joyce Reynolds
We really like the features and are quite pleased in this time of our grief/ wish to celebrate a wonderful person and father have found it.
Ibi Hinrichs
Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful service. The memorial I created for my dad turned out to be such a wonderful place to remember a remarkable man. I have received many compliments from family members and friends that have visited the memorial. All are now thankful they know about this service and plan on using it in the future for their loved ones.
Thank you,
Courtney Sward
Thank you for this web site, it is helping us a lot to come to terms with our lot.
Kathleen Anderson
I can't possibly find the words that can express My gratitude. I have been struggling with my sons passing and this site has lifted a lot of pain. We now have a place to go to express our emotions and add stories that hopefully will help us all in our grieving process.. Thank you so very much.
Austin's MuM Elma,
I wondered upon this site. I really appreciate you offering this page to grieving families. It gives me another outlet when I want to write about his life, love, and spirit. Thank you again, for having a heart for all of us who suffered a loss of a love one.
Debbie Hardy-Clark
This is a wonderful site and it means so much to me to be able to remember my dad in this way.
Merleta Byers
Thank you. This is a wonderful service and we are happy to be a part of it.
Christos Ringos
I love the candle aspect of this site. If I found someone with 0 candles lit, I lit a candle though I did not know the person. I wrote: "May your light shine above us forever with the stars." On a few I simply wrote "Peace." On one I commented on how when looking through their pictures- "I saw such beautiful souls." We are never alone. Thank you.
Colleen Hammond
I would like to thank you for having such a site it was great to be able to open this site yesterday a very special day to me and our children because yesterday was Eric's birthday and once again i would like to say thank you.
Gina Frenden
Michael thank you soooo much for this opportunity to celebrate my sisters life. May God continue to bless you for your kindness.
Joyce McDonald
This is a fantastic site with exciting features. A beautiful opportunity for everyone to pay tribute to their loved ones.
Melissa Dolores
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