Driving to Oregon
steven bosche
  • 59 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 23, 1956
  • Date of passing: Oct 24, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Stockton, California, United States
Let us honor Steve's life and celebrate that he has made it to his destination point. Now he is truly Happy, Joyous and Free forever!

This memorial website was created to honor the life and celebrate the passing of Steven Bosche ~aka~Cateyes or as we affectionately call him Papa Steve. He came into this world on August 23 1956.   If you ask him what his birthday was he would say "January 7 2004 is the day my life bagan."   He flew away to be with Jesus on October 24 2015 at the age of 59 years old, or 11 according to him, ;)   Steve was a man who wanted nothing but the best for eveyone, he carried a sense of peace within him.   He breezed through life with a sense of humor and a smile on his face always declaring that "God's in Charge" he touched many lives, far more then he ever knew.  I invite you to share chapters of your  life inwhich he touched, short stories or just quotes he used to say.   You can add songs, pictures and video clips  if you like.  Let's celebrate the time we were blessed with him...Thanks God   

                                 My First Christmas in Heaven

Hello dear loved ones,  I come with great cheer to tell you how excited I am to spend Christmas with Jesus this year. This year my gift won't be wrapped under a tree,  it will be the gift of Jesus smiling at me, in his amazing grace  forever will I be.   Heaven’s so beautiful, nothing compares, the angels sweet voices can be heard everywhere .   Now please don’t be sad and don’t you cry, even though I’m in heaven I’m still nearby.   I saw you hang the stockings, even the one for me and I was there with  as you decorated the tree.   You no longer see me by your side, deep into your heart is where I now reside.  Here is my Christmas list with gifts no money can buy.   What I want for Christmas this year is to see my memory to fill you with joy and bring a smile to your face.  I want to ride on your laughter and shine through your eyes, for this is where I’m kept alive.  I dance in your heart and speak to your soul, I do it more then you'll ever know.   I’m living more now than ever before, this place they call heaven I truly adore.  
                                                            written by
                                                            Amber shannon, with love 

P.S. This site is work in progress and needs special touches from all his friends and family to be complete so please add whatever you feel will honor him.    

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Amber Shannon on 5th October 2016

"On the 24th of this month it will be 1 year since you left us for Jesus.  This has been one of the hardest years of my life, I miss you as much today if not more.  I want to thank you for the influence you had on my life and recovery.  Every day something comes up and I ask myself what you would tell me to do.   Sometimes I don't agree and we argue in my head..smiles.  Not only am I still standing but I'm stronger then before and I owe so much of that to you.  You left us too, I wish God would have let you stay awhile longer but I guess he figured the Raiders needed an Angel.Winks!  I'm grateful for the time I had with you and want you to know that you were a wonderful man and made a difference in so many lives.  I miss you hunny. love you to heaven and back.
Thanks God..."

This tribute was added by Richard Galindo on 24th August 2016

"I sure do miss you love Richard"

This tribute was added by Amber Shannon on 26th December 2015

"Today has been 9 weeks, the business meeting came again.   Although they are hard for I'm determined to make you proud. I went and made it through with my head held high.   I wish I could say the same about Christmas, I didn't do so well.  But you've always said we're work in progress, so progress is what I'll do.  I'm moving forward like you said you'd want me too and I hope your looking down with pride.                      

Love you Papa"

This tribute was added by Amber Shannon on 30th November 2015

"It's been 5 weeks and one day since you went home.   I miss you more then I can ever say but I'm doing my best to make you proud.   I working through the process and not trying to go around it.   I went to the business meeting for you and turned in your key for you.   I know that would have been important to you.   I took a service commitment to honor you by giving back the way that you did.   My sorrow is deep, like nothing I ever knew existed, but I refuse to let you down.   I will do my best to make you proud and honor you.   Each new day is not another day that were apart but rather a day closer to when we'll be together again.   Until then your in my heart always, I love you Hunny."

This tribute was added by Amber Shannon on 15th November 2015

"I sat down to write an obituary, an it turned into a poem.   I think he was whispering in my ear because this came from no where.

                                A Spot Here Next To Me

My Hunny received the call from heaven up above.   He was told his wings complete and ready for pick up.  He rushed off in hurry no time to say goodbye.   That call he had been waiting for his whole entire life.  Until now he'd only dreamed of what heaven could be like.   He had his plans prepared, he knew just what he'd do, the first was to kiss Jesus and tell him    ” I thank you. “    Next it was his mother’s arms that he’d fly into, She hold him and remember him just like she used to do.  He'd gaze into his fathers eyes and see reflecting pride, He'd say ”dad I made it  just like I'd promised you”.   Of course he'd reach down to pet his old pal bubba, the dog that saved his life and tell him that he missed him so and that no dog was he alike.   Soon he’d be seeking, for the perfect spot to save for those he’d not forgot.    He remembered his son Wayne and granddaughter Constance, His brothers and sister, and all their families too.   Emmy's papa was still watching her from heavens great skylight.   Andrew and Jacobs guide he is, though they may net see him, he’s right there by their side.  He wraps his angel wings around his sweet heart as she Cry's, he whispers come now Amber, you know that it's my time.   We've talked about this before and I've made it very clear, I want no tears of sorrow but a smile filled with cheer.   This is what I've waited for and dreamed of all my life; to be with Jesus everyday and feel all peace inside.   You are not alone, not ever will you be, for I am right here with you and forever I will be.   I've saved a spot right here for you, right here next to me.   My work there is all done but yours my dear is not.  With my hands I've helped you stand, I stayed till you were strong, you know I couldn't stay there all along.  I told you together we'd always be and that is the truth I told. I wouldn't t leave you my sweetheart, my love, that I'd never do.  I'm right here in heaven preparing a table, a dinner just for two.   When it comes your time and he calls out your name,  I'll be here to hold you and kiss you just the same.   Together again the two we will be, me in my spot and yours right here next to me."

This tribute was added by Amber Shannon on 15th November 2015

"It filled my heart with pride to see that large room filled with friends and family who'd gathered to celebrate your life.   To hear the stories shared and see the lives you touched brings peace to my heart. You are not gone, your all around us, your words in every one of those stories and your fingerprints on their lives.  You were a remarkable man of many colors.  I'm honored you showed me each color, trusted me with your secrets and included me in your dreams.   I don't know why you picked me but I am grateful you did. I was blessed to be chosen by you, the best man in the world.  I'll will forever keep you in the core of my heart until we meet again. I miss you everyday hunny bunny and I'm looking forward to when we meet again.  I love you...more then you know."

This tribute was added by Woody Roderick on 8th November 2015

"Steve was generous with his time.   I appreciated the support he provided when I was speaking whether it was in or out of town.  Raider Nation losing a devoted fan.  I'm sure he's already found a good card game in heaven."

This tribute was added by Kelly Coffey on 7th November 2015

"Steve was a man of peace. He had difficult times, though his recovery and service work were always important to him. I met Steve about twelve yrs ago. No matter if one of us were having a bad day, we would lift each other out of our negativity. The fact is he was part of my inner circle.
The life you lived was truly good.  
U will be missed.
Love Kelly"

This tribute was added by Amber Shannon on 7th November 2015

"Since I sat down to write about Steve I have not been able to put it into words what I loved the most about him.   It was on the tip of my tongue, I felt and I knew it but the words were not there.   It finally came to me.... What I loved the very most about Steve was his childlike faith.   That's it...child like faith.   He never got hung up on religious law or rules.   He'd say "God loves us," "God wants us to help people," God's in charge," "God just wants us to say thank you,"   He had the ability to deeply understand such a profound concept and apply it into his life in a refreshingly simple way.   He walked with blind faith and never feared the next step.   He trusted God without fear just as a child trusts his mother.   That's what I loved and admired most about Mr. Steve Bosche.   That's what I have never seen in another human being and found so refreshing.  
His simple sweet innocent child like faith, his genuine heart, a
his generous spirit that truly wished everyone happiness.   That's it....That's what I loved the most about him."

This tribute was added by JASON WEEKS on 7th November 2015

"Monday night Football
Oakland Raiders - San Diego Chargers
Steve-cateyes, Rick Wallace, Billy M, "uptown"Chuck,
"downtown" Chuck,Paul B, "jason weeks" little Ray"

This tribute was added by Darrell Rose on 7th November 2015

"I never realize how much I care about someone until there gone. When I heard that Steve had passed I didn't really feel anything at first, but tears come to my eyes now when I think of him. He was a good guy. I remember the times he would come over to visit with Chuck and I would barge in the room and insert myself into the conversation lol. Sitting in Chucks room with me, Chuck and Steve would almost always turn into either a heated debate or an in depth conversation  regarding spirituality, God, Religion, or other deep contemplations. I enjoyed the times we all sat around and would contemplate and try to explain the the unexplainable things of  the spiritual world. I have no doubt that Steve knows now what the answers are to the questions we  would  ponder and discuss.  Recently I would call him and invite him fishing with me,  he always had some other plans, but I wish he would have
gone.  I'll see ya later Bosche."

This tribute was added by Amber Shannon on 3rd November 2015

"You were the calm in my storm and my soft pillow to land.   Save a spot for me hunny, I'll be with again someday. I love you."

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