Conrad Unimashi Iklaki
  • 20 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 19, 1996
  • Date of passing: Aug 27, 2016
Let the memory of Conrad be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Conrad Iklaki, 20, born on June 19, 1996 and passed away on August 27, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Obla Orim on 10th December 2016

"Ashi boo, you already know who it is. it's been 15 weeks oh! I still wake up and ask myself how I've gone another day without talking to you. I'm desperate to say goodbye to the year but I'm scared too. Ashi boo, starting a new year means starting it without you. I wish i had gone home when you asked me to. Udim I'm soooo sorry, please don't leave me...I love you sooo much. A large part of my heart is yours and it will be forever. Remember that room you said God showed you for us...even if it's 80 years after, we will live next to each other. I love you forever to you always, Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Obla Orim on 5th December 2016

"Ashi boo, today is my dad's remembrance and you're not here to check on me countless times. Don't you see me crying??? Ashi boo, this is legit the worst year ever and I pray it remains the worst. I cannot handle another year like this so I don't want to imagine a worse year. Tell my dad all about me today..please filter the I miss you baby boy. Love always...Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Obla Orim on 30th November 2016

"Ashi boo, I started exams yesterday and I cried so much, you know how I'm always so scared and how you never fail to tell me how much you believe in me, I miss that. I know you still believe in me, even though I don't even know if I believe in myself, I still hear your voice when I'm about to give up saying, "My Benyin, is it not you again? You've got this baby!" Ashi boo, I'm sorry I've been so weak this past week, I think all of these is just hitting me. The days I talk to you in my sleep, I wake up happy but then after a while I realize that this is reality and I don't want it to be udim. I miss you soooo much, I'm sorry i let you miss me on earth, I'm sorry for all the times we lost, I'm sorry I didn't go home this summer. I miss you handsome...I want us to live beside each other's mansions as you had planned....So many things I looked forward to, I did so because of you and you aren't here....I miss you soooo much... Love always...Your Benyin ❤️️❤️️❤️️"

This tribute was added by Endurance Ojogu on 27th November 2016

"For the last couple of days I have cried because of mixed feelings , I have been mad, I have missed you and I have wanted to see you. It's been 3 horrible months, 3 months of no happiness, 3 months of fake smile, 3 months of pretending am okay, 3 months of waiting for you to comeback, 3 months of hoping you'll keep your promise to me. It's so hard Conrad. It's really hard living this way wishing we did everything in the little time we had, wishing I travelled to see you when I was meant to, wishing I had not unnecessarily gotten mad all the times I did, wishing I had not spent the times I had making unnecessary arguments. I thought we had time. I regret it babe. It's so hard trying to forgive myself. Am mad at us, my headaches. I miss you so much. Not getting use to no more you... I LOVE YOU CONRAD UNIMASHI IKLAKI!!!"

This tribute was added by Obla Orim on 27th November 2016

"Ashi boo, it's been 3 whole months!!! I don't even remember what my life was like before all these. I try to be happy, but most times I'm faking it. I'm typing this in uncontrollable tears, the past 3 days have been so hard and I'm so sorry for the tears but I know  you can see that I'm trying. How can this be my new normal? People keep saying I'll be fine but deep down everything screams I won't be. I miss you Ashi, I miss you more than I can put into words and I know you want me to be happy, I know you do...I just don't want life to be this way. I've never known pain this great udim... I thought my dad's death toughened me but apparently, I've been lying to myself. I wonder if you hurt at all, but the truth is I don't want you to. I wish you more happiness than heaven can provide darling. One of the last things you said to me was "You and I are like me and whiskey" - Ashi (02/08/2016). Knowing how much you cared about me is something that keeps me going, where do I find such pure love on earth again? Where can I find a friend turned baby brother who is almost perfect? NOWHERE and that's what hurts!  I miss you and I'll never stop missing you. Love always...Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Obla Orim on 22nd November 2016

"Ashi boo, it's me again. Saturday made it 12 weeks since you left us. I dedicate this song to you because it always makes me cry. The funny thing is that I cried to you about missing my dad and Ashi you still left me??? I've blamed myself for letting you miss me even on earth. Ashi boo, you are my brother and knowing that my dad was there to welcome you is a thought that gives me some kind of peace. Udim,from me to you in tears:

Meet me tomorrow like we always do
But I know you’d be late, like you always do
And this time I promise to tell you how much I care
And to hold you close cause you mean everything to me dear

Olorun mi, gba adura mi
When you take all the ones we love
We’ll carry on and it won’t be long
I pray to be strong
Olorun mi, gba adura mi

I’m trying to remember the last thing you said
And wondering if you’re still near
Wish I could feel the silence with your voice
Now I’m staring at the wall
When you could be standing there instead

Olorun mi, gba adura mi
When you take all the ones we love
We’ll carry on and it won’t be long
I pray to be strong
Olorun mi, gba adura mi

Ashi boo, I dedicate this to you, I know you know how much I miss you, I'm trying sooooo hard udim. I'm sorry for the tears. I keep promising not to cry but I keep failing. Ashi boo, I miss you insanely! Love always...Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Obla Orim on 14th November 2016

"Ashi boo, it's Unimke's birthday today and I wasn't sure how I was going to feel a few days ago, but it's not as bad, it's still bad though. I miss you soooo much...the norm was, he calls me his baby sis and then I call you my baby bro but well you still are my baby bro. I know you'll be with him today and you'll pop a bottle of champagne in heaven for him. I miss you baby boy, Unimke does too, but we know you'll always look out for us. I really wish we could gossip about Unimke today though...maybe we could. Bye for now Ashi always...Your Benyin❤️❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Obla Orim on 13th November 2016

"Ashi boo, it's me again. I just miss you sooooo much. I was so angry yesterday, overworked myself last week and I know how you'd have reacted to that. I would've been too scared to tell you but then it hurt so much knowing that telling you isn't even an option anymore. Ashi boo, how can there be Ashi and Benyin without you...without Ashi? I miss you always, Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Endurance Ojogu on 12th November 2016

"Learning to live without you is really hard, it doesn't feel normal without you. The void and emptiness in my heart. its like getting over an addiction, letting go of what you crave for. Its never in the original plan to let go of what you need. I miss you babe, all i have are memories that remind me that i love you, messages that make me smile like an idiot, miss you more and each day it gets tougher, that emptiness that you don't need to wonder what's missing. I barely feel like me anymore, you became a part of me and now your gone. Am sorry you went babe, am sorry you went through it all alone, am sorry i didn't keep my promise of always being there for you. In my heart you'll be forever. I LOVE YOU CONRAD!!"

This tribute was added by Obla Orim on 5th November 2016

"Ashi boo, it's me again. It's been 10 weeks without you and I know you want me to be fine which is why I'm trying so hard to be. The good news is that I have so many plans baby bro, I told you death isn't enough to tear us apart. I'll make you soooo proud of me udim, just keep watching me. The world will keep hearing your name for as long as I live. I miss you sooooooo much udim, just remember that I love you and I know that even in death, you love and miss me. Keep slaying baby boy, I'll show the world that you were here....Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Endurance Ojogu on 1st November 2016

"love...I woke up this morning and saw a happy new month message from my friend and all that came to my mind was 'oh! its another month starting without Ashi'. I feel like me breathing is cheating you. Heaven took my star. I miss you baby. I love you Conrad!!!!"

This tribute was added by Adaeze Imelda on 29th October 2016

"Hey conrad.. Remember that song by soweto choir you told me you really liked? Well You crossed my mind this afternoon so I decided to listen to it again. I remember telling you it sucked and I never really listened to everything cus I didn't like it. Well I am listening to it right now, its actually a really great song and it's going to be on repeat for days!!! I miss you and I want you to know I am really sorry you had to go through all this. I am so sorry Conrad."

This tribute was added by Obla Orim on 27th October 2016

"Ashi boo, it's me again. You know it's been 2 months since you left us. I can't believe thing that keeps me going though is the certainty that you are fine. I remember just few days ago you told me that you miss me even more than I miss you, I doubted that coz you looked too good. Ashi you're happy!!! That's the important thing, coz I know if the tables were turned all you'd have wanted would have been my happiness so that's what I want for you even though it means I have to hurt so much. It hurts me everyday that you're physically gone but Ashi boo, you've shown me that even death couldn't break this friendship of ours. You're my angel Ashi, the only difference now is you show up when you want to but then you still look out for me. Udim, things happen daily and all I want to do is call you so we can gossip about those things (though you never accepted the fact that you loved my gossip) but I can't call you and then it hurts all over again. I wanna say thank you udim, for not just leaving me, for your sake baby bro I'll go to new places. I promise to keep checking up on those you love. All the plans we had about doing big things are not dead, I pray God keeps me on earth to fulfill it for both our sakes. I miss you sooooooooooo much udim.  Keep following me around angel and keep doing beautiful things with your golden heart. Love always, Your Benyin❤️❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Adaeze Imelda on 27th October 2016

"It's been two months Conrad Iklaki...I hope your soul found rest with the lord and you are doing well wherever you are. Continue to sleep well!! We miss you."

This tribute was added by Endurance Ojogu on 16th October 2016

"Reality really does suck and with every passing second I miss you even more.
I know everyone says its going to be okay but this is my today and it sucks.
I have wondered to myself “why am I still not okay? So many people are moving on but why can’t i?
Why am I still praying to wake up from this nightmare?
But then it occurs to me that its okay to not be okay, its fine to be this way, to feel this way, to miss you this much. Its not normal to go 7weeks without talking to that one person you spoke to everyday of your life for the past 18 months and be fine. Its hard to come each day to no messages or missed calls or get no replies to all your messages and calls and then reality slaps you real hard but doesn’t get any clearer.
I think of you every day in silence, thankful for the time I had, regretful for the times I have lost. I speak your name often at every chance I get, I feel you around me, I know you see me clearly, see my heart, know my hurt, but I also want to see you babe, to share in your happiness and hurt too. I want to hear your voice again, to hear you tell me all about your day, hear you say you miss me cause we didn’t talk for few hours, to laugh when you tease me about gossiping with oby, to see your adorable smile, to watch you laugh at my lame jokes, to hear to tease me about my Korean dramas, to tag me on funny videos and pictures and also the cars you intend to buy, I want all of you, I would give anything to have all this back the things we thought were little babe were my forever.
Love I hit the ground too hard my world crumbled in every way without you.
I never knew how to say so many things to you but I figured all those things I never said just come out now because I have nothing to lose anyways because I already lost everything. I am too broken, it hurt deeply to a point where I feel like am losing myself. Everything reminds me of you, this ache in my heart will never go away. But how? How can it stop when the one that gave you so many special memories becomes a memory? this memory I forever treasure.
I try to hide my tears sometimes but the pain in my heart wins. I try so hard seem carefree but oh how I shake with sorrow, bleed with pain, ache for your love, feel numb without you. Just the thought of you no longer being here hunts and consumes me. It didn’t seem possible to breath at some point but its surprising that am surviving this reality because no one will ever really understand what it really means losing you.
My shooting star. I love you, I love you for giving your heart to me, for imagining a future with me, for giving me a chance to feel what love is, for making me smile, for always saying am yours alone, for calling me goals, for calling me beautiful, for always telling me you adore me, for making me smile, for giving me a taste of happiness, thank you. I am forever grateful and will forever treasure you. I love you ASHI my forever."

This tribute was added by Obla Orim on 27th September 2016

"Ashi's been a month since you left us. I've gone through different stages. Everything reminds me of you. Clothes, shoes, food, people....every single thing! I miss you sooooooo much. I look for you everywhere, I keep waiting for you to pop up. Something random happened, I found two voice notes you sent to me, telling me how much you missed me and letting me know you were fine. Ashi, I believe it came up at the right time and you made that happen and I know it is true because you always told me how much you missed me and I believe you miss me as much as I miss you right now. The good thing now is you get to see me as often as you want to but I don't get to see you. I will always be your you always baby bro....Keep doing great things Angel...I will see you again when the time is right and we will still be Ashi and Oby...I'll fill you in on everything and you'll shout "Benyin and amebo" mi miss ugan di Udim! Love always....your Benyin❤️❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by ajetunmobi tomilola on 22nd September 2016

"Conrad! I miss you soo much, can't stop thinking about you, I don't know why you had to die, I'm soo glad I got to see you before you left, even though I didn't. Know you were not gonna come back, you are amazing, my fashionista,my slayer, my chocolate lips, iklaki shey. You've left a big hole in my heart. You've been a great friend to me, if tears could bring you back, buckets would have been lined up. Rest in perfect peace. Love you soo much baby."

This tribute was added by Mololuwa Josiah on 22nd September 2016

"iklaki shey i wish you didnt have to die..i keep asking myself why why why you, why were a happy go lucky spirit boy, loved by all..bumblebee would definitely miss you, if i am glad for anything its the fact that we got to hangout one last time after so many years before you passed on. RIP MY SHOE FREAK, HANDSOME BOBO"

This tribute was added by cassandra collins on 13th September 2016

"A day never passes without me thinking about you, I can't delete you from my BBM nor delete your number darling because I can't bare to think that I will never speak to you again. We made plans to see a week before you passed on Conrad. You will forever remain in my heart, forever darling."

This tribute was added by sarah osikhuemhe on 7th September 2016

"Never met you in person,I only know one of your sisters,but seeing your pictures suggests you were a lively,fun to be with and a lover of life,you looked promising and intelligent not forgetting your handsome looks and fashion sense. Rest on brother,this place is too wicked and harsh for beautiful souls like yours."

This tribute was added by Tega Onu on 7th September 2016

"Don't know you. But looking through your pics I could see potential & promise. Rip. God knows best..."

This tribute was added by justine Utang on 6th September 2016

"RIP bro..Your life was an inspiration, I'll never forget you. You'll always live on in my heart. May God grant you eternal rest in his bossom. Amen"

This tribute was added by Efa-Iwa Egbe on 2nd September 2016

"This is a dirge so soon...
May the light of your creator lead you home.
Farewell Conrad Iklaki...It is well with your soul!"

This tribute was added by Faremi Folake on 1st September 2016

"I never knew you in person but I knew you where a friend and a former roommate to my friend its with tears I write this tribute and I pray you rest in the blossom of Christ God surely has a purpose for you. lots of love Conrad rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Alli-Balogun Ade-Emiola on 31st August 2016

"Now words hurt, memories with you hurt much, as I remember words were taken for granted between us and proscatinated. Who could have ever imagined that you would leave us behind... Now I have to carry that pain in my heart, as many words were hidden, buried inside my heart... I wish I said them earlier, maybe it could have been different... I love You Conrad Unimashi Iklaki, My Johnnie Walker Blue, and I promise to tell people about You... Now I have to say what I never got to say before... Goodbye"

This tribute was added by licia esame on 30th August 2016

""i never knew you in person ...we never met....but the news of your demise really hurt me......your death is a sad reality we are forced to live with........sleep on our dear Conrad Unimashi Iklaki"....."

This tribute was added by PRINCE ALOBI on 30th August 2016


This tribute was added by Moore Wells on 30th August 2016

"Ashi, i met you when you were very little, you grew into your teenagehood with so much energy and step into manhood with all attributes. we did not get  to see more often when you came around but the testimonies i have read and heard simplifies your greatness. You are truely going to be missed but i know you are in a better place. RIP!!!"

This tribute was added by MJ Uket on 30th August 2016

"Iklaki, I won't speak as though you're gone because you'll forever be alive.
The life you have lived is beyond expressing with words and actions.
I'm sad you won't get to read this but one thing I'm happy for is the fact
that you get to be with Jesus before me. I know there is no rush but
you're in a better place at least.
It's said "don't care about what man says about you, but God's testimony of you".
But take a look at this, you loved us and we love you back.
Live long my brother."

This tribute was added by Saraphina Daniels on 30th August 2016

"Have never cried so much for a lost soul,but you made me weep so much, how can such a vibrant and young boy full of potentials with a very bright future leave so soon. Time didn't allow me to know you well, but the little I know now has made me to understand what an amazing person you were.may your soul rest in the bossom of GOD always be in the heart of your love ones.....GREAT CONRAD"

This tribute was added by Williams Akem on 30th August 2016

"Man I sincerely wish I knew/know more about you but I can't forget hearing much from your friend and class mate Utsu Dennis and all I heard have been wonderful.... The Holy book says a "time and season is given for everything" It also says "70years is ripe and 80 for the strong" am left with no reason to ask why so soon but the same Holy book says "His plans for us are good" RIP BRO"

This tribute was added by Voltair Ogon on 30th August 2016

"Iklaki, Mehn it's really unbelievable, am short of words. Hmm, your smiles when asking made it hard not to grant, why don't you use that to ask God for second chance cause am sure even He won't resist. You never called me by my name rather you'd prefer (RSP muji)You were indeed a great Patrician and am as well glad I knew you. Live on iklaki"

This tribute was added by George Oyama on 30th August 2016

"News of your death... It came as a shock to us all,
I wished it was a joke. But it wasn't, we all have to live with it.
May God grant us the strength to accept this.
May your soul rest with the Lord. Amen!"

This tribute was added by Paul Ogar on 30th August 2016

"Can't believe I'm leaving a tribute for you at this age.
I'm short of words Conrad.
God will link the broken chain as one by one we meet again.
In our hearts you will always stay, loved and remembered.
Your life a beautiful memory
your absence a silent grief
A cluster of memories filled with tears, wishing God had spared you a few more years.
God bless you and keep you in his care until we meet again"

This tribute was added by Christy Mogar on 30th August 2016

"death you are wicked, RIP Bro tears still rolling on my eyes hmm"

This tribute was added by Yung-blud SLimzyee on 30th August 2016

"If only words n tears will bring u back for us but too bad u are gone far away where we can't see u no more. It hurts that u had to leave ur friends, families, fans behind without thinking of how they will feel during ur absence, well death has snatched u away from us and all I can say with deep pains in my heart is to rest in the bossom of our lord.
So bad the world has lost another young leader.
Sail on Captain"

This tribute was added by Eniye Brisibe on 30th August 2016

"I basically Neva knew u, I only saw your pictures wen I was lurking and I tot " damn my brother has cute friends" . I cried a lil wen I read a couple of your tributes and I didn't even know u, I can't begin to comprehend the amount of pain and hurt people who knew and loved you are going thru but well life isn't always great. RIP I hope you continue to slay in heaven."

This tribute was added by yomzee Ashibekong on 30th August 2016

"Rest in peace bro."

This tribute was added by Faith Ishang on 30th August 2016

"My brother, my cousin, my everyday crush....I keep going through our chats in expectation of a reply from you. I can't bring myself to believe that you're gone cause I still feel your impact deep inside of me....your life affected many positively. You always gave me a reason to smile. I will forever miss you bro. Much love as you ride on the wings of God's glory. RIP sweet....RIP Iklaki, Conrad Unimashi."

This tribute was added by john Michael on 30th August 2016

"I look around and see so many mean people who get
to keep living
Why did God take you if He is just in His giving?
I have thought maybe He chose you
Because you were better than the rest
I pray everyday that heaven is as perfect as you;
You only deserve the absolute best
They say that only the good die young, never were
words so true
I wonder if I had lived the way you did, if God would
have taken me too?
  Rest in perfect Conrad Ikalaki"

This tribute was added by DESTINY NOLIMS on 30th August 2016


This tribute was added by Justin Ugbe on 29th August 2016

""Death is a necessary end..." Shakespear's Caesar. But this is coming too early and too soon. Young brother-in-law, you left so much goodwill behind. Adieu! RIP in the Lord's bosom."

This tribute was added by Rareş-Cristian Stoica on 29th August 2016

"We all miss you here in Romania, man... I am still waiting for you to come back... You left an empty hole in each of us, filled with tears. I am proud that i learned from you to stay positive all the time. Maybe it s not the end, maybe it s just a new begining. Hope you are happy up there, bro! #RIP"

This tribute was added by Agianpuye Adaga on 29th August 2016

"Death is not a defeat,Ashi.Even in it,you still win.I wish you could back and see your footsteps in the sand.But sail on brother,into Abraham's bossom.Adieu!"

This tribute was added by Gift Agan on 29th August 2016

"The tears were and why...I kept on wishing this was a dream...but no it wasn't and now you've gone 6ft under...I love u I feel the pain I can't explain...but ure with in peace dear ❤️"

This tribute was added by Peter Ikwen on 29th August 2016

"Gone too soon. RIP"

This tribute was added by Atiepib Ushie on 29th August 2016

"Unimashi. My grown baby boy, enga boy grown to the finest man in the house, so sweet, so caring. So much pain. My cousin/ brother/ son. I love you.Jesus keep you safe. You left too soon and Hurt me so bad. You will forever be in my memory."

This tribute was added by Frederick Bassey on 29th August 2016

"..Angels are meant for Heaven..You're an Angel.
rest on mate."

This tribute was added by Lilly Hills on 29th August 2016

"I honestly don't know what to say boo, the tears keep pouring in. U were a good friend, u alwyz had my time and made me laff my best. I spoke with u in Lagos on the 21st and u promised cmin bk for us to have a proper date, Buh no boo, life just cheated. I remember our Skype calls even with jamal and gift. U were always there to keep me awake at work during my radio shows on the nightshift. I'm broken already boo, Buh I know God got u always. RIP Boo. I miss and love u dearly my friend."

This tribute was added by Richard Okut on 29th August 2016

"Conrad Iklaki you've left this world, I believe to a better place, but your memories will forever live on in our hearts. Rest in peace brother till we meet to path no more..We love you.."

This tribute was added by Unyin Adigeb on 29th August 2016

"Words fail me!! Rip bro"

This tribute was added by Anthonette Matiki on 29th August 2016

"I feel so empty that I never got to see u. All I have is the memory of ur voice from that single phone call. Ozumba still won't talk to me cos of the pain, pls give him strength and also ur family and host of friends. Rest in peace Conrad. U are greatly missed!"

This tribute was added by Philomena Inyang on 29th August 2016

"It hurts so much writing a tribute for such a young and promising child...oh death where is thy sting? Rest on Ashi for God alone knows it all."

This tribute was added by Jessy Ewoma on 29th August 2016

"My cupcake like I would always call you while rubbing your baby cheek,"

This tribute was added by Bisong Josh on 29th August 2016

"It kills me sometimes, how people die, The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death, The Lost of a child is the greatest lost of all!!!!!!!! accept my condolence The Iklaki Family"

This tribute was added by Benita Egbi on 29th August 2016

"May his soul rest in peace. I never knew him but his story touched me. I wish his family the strength of the Lord in this trying time. May his soul rest in peace. Amen!!"

This tribute was added by Clarke Samuel on 29th August 2016

"Padi mi..... Brother...... NOSA my man.... I'm not the typing kind, so lemme just say it was great knowing,chilling,meeting and being frds with u.... I don't think I'll ever forget u... Cause one day someone is still gonna mistake my name "Clarke" and call me "Iklaki" as always... I'll only be pained cause when someone calls me ur name.. I can't say don't call me that's not my name bcuz it's nt my name, bt I'll be saying so cause that person has giving me a reason nt to enjoy my day without the thoughts of how we chilled... Mehn my last post on Fb and IG was abt chilling with u... Not even a month yet and u gone bruh... I'll pass on dis one... Rest absolutely padi mi... GOD KNOWS BEST."

This tribute was added by Eric Akpo on 29th August 2016

"Ashi,  so sad this one,  really very sad,  just short of words,  go well, rest in peace bro,  your light went out too soon,  such a promise compromised,  but our God and Father knows best,  he calls,  we answer,  choicelessly, to eternity,  Peace bro,  peace!"

This tribute was added by Justin Molokwu on 29th August 2016

"May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Cleff Cleff on 29th August 2016

"They said it was on the twenty-seventh(27th) hope you're in heaven... They said it was August,  but I was hoping to see you in the autumn, Met you in a place called exclusive, although it was not conclusive,  but I knew I met a cool guy, but no point asking why,  like why you, why so early, why do the beautiful ones die?.... Why does life hate on the ones who shine the brightest,  in all frankness life's a hater,
I remember how you'd smile and call me "oloshi" each time I teased you about your nose, calling you "Nosa", but God knows Coz like Nosa I go dey always pray for you, I hope the light of Christ never strays from you.... Lord I hope my brother is in heaven!!!!!
How heavy my heart is, as I write this,  hoping to tell the world I once knew someone as cool as you, Coz your soul is as good as new,  tear rubber, but who gives a damn if a man isn't suppose to cry,  as these tears rob us.......... Of sleep, hope you found peace.
#ReturnIfPosibble #Conrad (son, friend,  brother, helmsman )"

This tribute was added by Rico Adalikwu on 29th August 2016

"I've been thinking deeply what's the essence of being alive.... Thanks to the holy bible where all answers are sought-after.
Knowing that you always had special threats growing up and with so much expectations from all of us that know you from childhood, we can not question God but only say; THANK YOU LORD!! (Unim- Ashi) for everything you ever lived for and continue to pray for your innocent soul to rest peacefully IJMN!!"

This tribute was added by Jessica David on 29th August 2016

"May your 'beautiful soul' Rest In Perfect Peace."

This tribute was added by Ogunmodede Olaoluwa on 29th August 2016

"Rest in peace bro .  We love you , but God loves you more. Till will meet to part no more. Sleep on"

This tribute was added by Daniel Assim-ita on 29th August 2016

"stock_boi_iklaki!! S.P(school prefect)remember wen I used to call u dat?..mehnn..can't believe that u're gone mehnn..memories of wen I used to see u bk den in st.Patrick college weneva I kum around to see my bro josh ur A.S.P(assistant school prefect) bk den..we wud gist and laugh together cus u were veri free and down to earth even wen I was not a student there..mehhnn bro.can't still believe your gone so God knows the best..R.I.P stock_boi iklaki..u will always be remembered bro.."

This tribute was added by Okechukwu Okafor on 29th August 2016

"Writing words can't convey the feelings and emotions running through my mind as i'm paying my last respects to a GREAT PATRICIAN ,IKLAKI CONRAD UNIMASHI
Life's cruel to the best of souls and you were one of those few souls i knew oh man i know you're watching me type this tribute from heaven and smiling cause bro you're in a better place next to our creator.
I pray God grant your family and friends the fortitude to bear this disheartening loss.
Bro,you know i can keep on typing till letters no longer exist to use. REST IN PERFECT PEACE MY SP, BROTHER AND FRIEND, A GREAT SOUL WILL FOREVER LIVE ON, RIP CONRAD."

This tribute was added by Steven Atuake on 29th August 2016

"Dear Conrad I wish I could find you all over again. You should see your bro. No amount of joy can take away the pain not even the rain can wash away your memories. We'll continue our unfinished convo in heaven. Respect to you sir and rest in perfect peace. I love you forever and a day more."

This tribute was added by Adam Cosmin on 29th August 2016

"Words can't express how your  brothers from Romania feel bruh. We're devastated, we still can't believe that this happened to you. We were waiting for you to come back to party again. All my life i've been searching for that person who couldn't be mad and one thing I loved about u bruh was that you were so inspiring. I'm still waiting for that 3AM call from you telling me to come over because you're partying. It's horrible man, you left us in pain, we miss you like crazy. Deuces up from your brother with white skin as u used to say. I miss you man!"

This tribute was added by cecilia ekpa on 29th August 2016

"Live on dear one.....words can't express how sad your death is to us we all miss you. You're a great loss to the world but God loves you more"

This tribute was added by Phaith Idoko on 29th August 2016

"Dear Conrad, I just want to apologize first for not reaching out while you were within contact on my various social media platforms. We had mutual friends from high school and afterwards we managed to stay connected. Your life was one that I admired deeply, from little snippets and words you posted I could tell you were a nice, charming and quite reserved person who was all about his fashion and family. Your death really affected me n resonates deep because I too have lost loved ones and the pain is unimaginable and I shared in your life and you saw part of mine. Rest in perfect peace Conrad Iklaki , your memory will forever live on."

This tribute was added by Best Effiom on 29th August 2016

"A star has fallen in his prime of youths... It's really a painful exit but most importantly,we all pray the lord receive your soul and strengthen your family always.REST IN PEACE!"

This tribute was added by Dave Moosey on 29th August 2016

"Am still in tears listening to this soundtrack trying to figure the right words to say. You had a good soul man, I always looked up to you. You were more than a brother to me man, we slept on this same bed, balled together, ate from this same bed, wore this same cloths, we literally lived this same lives. You the kind of person who was always willing to help no matter what, there was never a doll moment with you around. I remember how you used to disturb everyone around the house because you woke up early, no its always gonna be something missing. You can never be forgotten, you left more than a sparkle everywhere you went man. Am so heart broken to live with the fact that your gonna be someone I used to know. I pray you find a better path and we meet again on the other side. If only you stayed back this summer, like they say everything happens for a reason' but this is one reason i never want to know because you didn't deserve this. I LOVE YOU MAN!!!"

This tribute was added by Peter Ogar on 29th August 2016

"Conrad,Never met you in person or know you. But ur family Iklaki is well known to me..It hurts to see a young guy with plenty of dreams and ambition cut short like u..God knows best..RIP. And to the Iklaki,s God will sure strengthen you in this dark hour and let the cup pass away. Be consoled."

This tribute was added by Bisong Joshua on 29th August 2016

"It kills me sometimes, how people die, The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death, The Lost of a child is the greatest lost of all!!!!!!!! accept my condolence The Iklaki Family"

This tribute was added by Damilare Adewale on 29th August 2016

"To a real, humble and funny brother.. Our last conversation on friday was like a goodbye to me.. I remember clearly when you gave me a nickname "Mr Chopper" that trended in school.. Mehn it's really not fair.. I'm gon' really miss you bro.. Words can't explain how i feel right now.. I will forever remember you bro.. Goodnight iklaki Sheyyy"

This tribute was added by Stephanie Effah on 29th August 2016

"I never got to know you but news of your death hurts alot..cnt even imagine what your family and loved ones are going thoughts and prayers are with all of us that are hurt by his demise..sleep on..RIP CONRAD.."

This tribute was added by Jones Ufot Jnr on 29th August 2016

"My Friend Conrad, the news of your death still remains a great shock to me. You were a focused, smart and humble young man. God knows best, that is why HE has called you to leave us and be with HIM. Adieus my Friend! You will continue to live on in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Kween Dee on 29th August 2016

"U were a great guy,filled with life,we all miss u but God knows best...R.I.P love"

This tribute was added by Grace Assim-ita on 29th August 2016

"You were an outstanding,humble,honest & unique person. Your intelligence & charisma always made you a star.
   Great kings have precious gifts,
     Little smiles & little tears are                  we all brought.                  
One thing I know is that you're in a better place,I know Christ has taken a beautiful soul to His bossom"

This tribute was added by Donald Uzoma on 29th August 2016

"Rest in peace bro. You will be forever missed."

This tribute was added by Vicky Oyekpen on 29th August 2016

"True we were not so close but so sad and even in tears right now. It's still so unbelievable. My greatest regret right now is the fact that I wasn't checking up on you regularly after you left Crowther and it's going to hurt me for the rest of my life anytime I think about it. If you can see or hear me right now I'm SORRY. R.I.P dear you'll be missed"

This tribute was added by Josephine Odugbesan on 29th August 2016

"Gone too soon Ashi!! I never had the chance to meet you as an adult but everyone has such wonderful things to say about your personality...I remember the cute little boy I used to play with back then.
Death has rubbed us all but God knows best....May God grant your beautiful Soul eternal rest and grant your family the fortitude to bear your loss. xx"

This tribute was added by Fanny Aboh on 29th August 2016

"I really wish I didn't have to write this now, but God knows best. I shed tears Lord because you gave me a friend and as we going to do that which You created us for, You took him away from me. Ashi meet me later like we have planned and I know you won't be late like u always do, this time I promise to show you how much I care, I hope I won't be staring at the wall when you could be standing there instead. No else thought my legs were cuter than my face just you Ashi. I love you, but God loves you more. Rest in peace dearie."

This tribute was added by lawrencia Archibong on 29th August 2016


This tribute was added by lawrencia Archibong on 29th August 2016

"Its so painful to see someone young as you gone.But we can't question God.May your gentle soul rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Micheal Jamal on 29th August 2016

"Stacks man,iklaki_c, ashi, lamar, blood....
Words cannot xpress how I feel,if only u listened to us man , u know how turnt we use to be when we are together,u know how we struggle to speak the Romanian language so we can order sharwama, we use to b G's but u left us to become an OG. This is not fair man, how do u want me to wake up in that house knowing ain't gon b seeing you no more..
If only money can bring you back am very sure u know your goons gon go xtra miles to pay for your life
RIP stacks man

This tribute was added by Acha Gabriel on 29th August 2016

"Deep in our hearts a memory is kept,
Of one we loved and shall never forget

Your life a beautiful memory
Your absence a silent grief

You fell asleep without goodbye,
But memories of you will never die.

Time may pass and fade away,
But memories of you will always stay.

In God’s care you rest above,
In our hearts you rest with love.

Words are few, thoughts are deep,
Memories of you we will always keep.

Happy memories silently kept,
No need for words, we’ll never forget.

Simple words but very true,
We’ll always love and remember you.

A cluster of memories sprinkled with tears,
Wishing God had spared you a few more years.

Tenderly we treasure the past,
With memories that will always last.

Partings come and hearts are broken,
Loved ones go with words unspoken.

Never selfish, always loving and kind,
These are memories you leave behind.

Ours is just a simple prayer,
God bless and keep you in His care.

With a heavy heart, Rest in the bosom
Of the Almighty.


This tribute was added by Hephzibah Egoro on 29th August 2016

"So sad! R.I.P dear. We'll forever miss you"

This tribute was added by Charles Oji on 29th August 2016

"My friend, my brother, i don't really know what to say or do, i wished this was just a dream and that I'll wake up soon. But God knows best, he knows why he decided to call you now. Your memories will live in us forever, i will miss you friend. Adieu Conrad Unimashi Iklaki!!!"

This tribute was added by faith olulana on 28th August 2016

"This is too heavy to bear.. I really don't know you but it breaks my heart to know you've gone toooooo soon.. May you find favour and peace from the Almighty and secure a place in His kingdom (Amen)
          Sunreeeee ooo..
Sleep on brother,sleep on..."

This tribute was added by Endurance Ojogu on 28th August 2016

"Are you a friend of Conrad? Are you family?Have you had contact with Conrad one way or another?  are you a well wisher ? Has he had an impact in your life in any way? If so why don't we all come together to pay our final respect to this wonderful soul, since most of us would be unable to attend the funeral, we have decided to come together at the airport garden calabar
time:5pm on Monday the 29th of August 2016. God bless you"

This tribute was added by Edidiong Udo on 28th August 2016

"Words cannot express how sad I am. God knows best. Rest on dear one"

This tribute was added by Adeola Ajiboye on 28th August 2016

"Ah.....i'm short of's feels like a dream....Rest in the blossom of our God"

This tribute was added by desmond Walter on 28th August 2016

"Rip bro your a great lost to our generation, you'll be missed for real"

This tribute was added by Modestus Mbanuzuo on 28th August 2016

"It saddened me when I heard of your sudden demise.... U leaved a quality life..... Rest in peace my broda, friend nd leader... I'll 4eva remember u in mai heart"

This tribute was added by kate Andorshiye on 28th August 2016

"Rest in peace Unimashi, if only tears could bring you back to us but God knows best.We love you and will miss you forever"

This tribute was added by Mpeh Akan on 28th August 2016

"Dead Conrad... This is realli hard for me... U wer part of my childhood, how can I possibly get over this void... I will miss Ashi. We will all miss u... Rest well sweetheart until we meet to part no more... Rip Unimashi Conrad Iklaki"

This tribute was added by Bisong Joe on 28th August 2016

"Though I know you not, but I  belief you've been part of this world. I pray Conrad for your gentle soul to rest in Peace with the Lord God in Heaven."

This tribute was added by Hannah Udoh on 28th August 2016

"You will forever be in our heart Conrad, we love you. REST IN PEACE"

This tribute was added by ekom gabriel on 28th August 2016

"Conrad..I'm speechless! You will never be forgotten.. I pray for your soul that you will find peace and happiness where you are right now..goodbye my friend"

This tribute was added by Ntishor Udam on 28th August 2016

"Still trying to believe the news of your untimely demise...remember the first day I met you talked and laughed like we knew ourselves for decades...R.I.P bro...may you find rest in the bossom of the most high"

This tribute was added by idara umoffia on 28th August 2016

"Ashi...the tears keep pouring..i still cant believe your nomore.
.but why? have left us heartbroken...RIP hunnay"

This tribute was added by Sheba Moyosola on 28th August 2016

"***God loves you best***
Rest on Bro!!!!"

This tribute was added by Roxana Nicoleta on 28th August 2016

"I love you Conrad Iklaki ! You be always in my you !"

This tribute was added by Bridan O DC on 28th August 2016

"I keep wishing I didn't have to write this. But I believe God know best and the reason why. . Conrad I can only say #RIP Return if Possible. God be with you in your Journey #tears Goodnight"

This tribute was added by Aidee Millz on 28th August 2016

"Uhm Although I Never Knew U When U Were Alive But I Feel Really Sad About Your Death.Its Really Painful.But God Knows Best, Why You Had To Leave So Soon.I Hope Your In A Better Place.Rest In Peace Fam."

This tribute was added by Eunice Erim on 28th August 2016

"With so much sadness in my heart,I say may you rest in the bossom of the lord.I'll miss you.a rare gem you were and will continue to be,even in death.Rip.Conrad iklaki."

This tribute was added by Chiamaka Happiness on 28th August 2016

"Rip Conrad"

This tribute was added by Emangne Enamhe on 28th August 2016

"Na wa Conrad, not you too. I got the news of your harsh exit on Saturday night and I've been devastated and heartbroken ever since. I remember our last phone call, we planned to link up this summer but never got the chance. I will cherish the memories of you for the longest time.You're one of a kind and I trust you're in a better place. I pray God heals all our hearts esp those of your family at this time. Who am I to ask questions? In all things we will give thanks. Thank you for reminding us to be grateful for each new day, to cherish our loved ones  and to continuously ask for His grace. This sucks fr. Although you are gone from the earth you live in our hearts forever and you will be greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Peliqan Ibesi on 28th August 2016

"Didn't know you up too close, but your looks tell me you were a nice person. Being part of the NSDP program made me one of your scholarly family, and for that I mourn in deep pain and grief over your unexpected loss. We sincerely miss you brother. No one can surely replace your good memories in our hearts. I commiserate with your bereaved family. May God console and unladen thier heart from the grief over your death, and May the good lord accept your soul in the eternal repose in heaven, Adieu Cadet Conrad... Until we meet again, May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Our mother of pepertual help... Pray us,"

This tribute was added by Collins Ekoh on 28th August 2016

"It's just so sad and heartbreaking to hear this. and I don't really understand how this really happened, You will for ever be the Best High school SP I ever had. God bless your soul. you went too soon, I am shaking in tears right now and I pray you find rest in the afterlife Conrad Unimashi Iklaki."

This tribute was added by Hilaryebi Mendez on 28th August 2016


This tribute was added by rhoda ubi on 28th August 2016

"I just hope you're sleeping Conrad or resting or
Something apart from dead. This is the saddest thing that has happened this yr. No more Conrad's Style for me to admire. Slay for the angels in heaven,
We love you and you'll forever remain in our hearts,

This tribute was added by Foresight Amah on 28th August 2016

"Words alone wouldn't be enough to explain the pain we feel inside hearing this sad news. Such a humble, generous and easy going young leader....We'll miss you bro..May you have peace eternal
The world lost a Legend"

This tribute was added by Bigboß Rasta Rasta on 28th August 2016

"I Don't Really know You Bro But
But Is painful To Me You went So Soon Rest in peace
I cry"

This tribute was added by Esime Young on 28th August 2016

"Too painful to loose a true, humble and caring friend like u..i always remember ur words "its nothing bro".
sleep well in d bosom of the lord. I will forever miss u bro"

This tribute was added by Jordin Nwobueze on 28th August 2016

"Still finding it hard to believe that we are never gonna see you again
Very gentle and nice. Still shocked gonna miss you. RIP Conrad!!!"

This tribute was added by Ndifreke Jnr on 28th August 2016

"My brother from another mother.. Life is so cruel to take you away from us.. I miss your gentle voice .. You were just like a brother and I wouldn't forget such a brother like you.. My one and only prayer is that you make heaven"

This tribute was added by Calvin Remijus on 28th August 2016

"Live On Brother! In God's Eternal Kingdom. We'll Miss You SP.
God Knows Best...."

This tribute was added by Ray Animpuye on 28th August 2016

"Words can't express the content of my heart. I really wish this was a dream and I so much want to wake up. You were more than a brother Conrad, and I'll so much miss you, but God knows best. Rest in his bosom."

This tribute was added by Matthew Atambi on 28th August 2016

"When i told u of my plans to go to a football academy after secondary school, smiling u said "Matthew do go bring that money make we chop ooo"now u're gone, who do I give ur own part of the money to wen it comes.Ur smile could heal wounds, ur words encouraged many, ur fashion sense was out of this world my dear friend Conrad Unimashi Iklaki you'll be greatly missed.We love u sleep well bro.. #ConradLivesOn"

This tribute was added by Biwom Abu on 28th August 2016

"My beautiful soul, unimahi the sky turned red yesterday because u left us all, darkness in our hearts, we have shed to many tears if only tears could bring u back I would cry a million more times.. you are no more but in my heart your memories will never ever be erased. Sleep with the lord."

This tribute was added by Freda Williams on 28th August 2016

"Words can't explain how I feel right now
I was in shock hearing this sad news and I'm still in shock
Can't believe you're really gone
Rest in peace dear
You'll always live in our hearts and minds

This tribute was added by Freda Williams on 28th August 2016

"Words can't explain how I feel right now
I was in shock hearing this sad news and I'm still in shock
Can't believe you're really gone
Rest in peace dear
You'll always live in our hearts

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Oweibe on 28th August 2016

"Bros mi, you indeed did this to us? Unforgeable, Unbelievable, Unrecoverable, You're one of the Nicest and Koolest person have ever seen, with da cute smile, So young and filled with Life. Multiply your age by 5 still you will be Illuminate the world with your smile. Yet you still left without even saying EXCO howfa na, make i stroll small. Man you do me this one i swear..Emmanuel's eyes is filled with tears. You'll forever be in our heart... Love you bro...MYGSRIP"

This tribute was added by lizzy ngwu on 28th August 2016

"Ashi..... Am short of words, can't still believe, just like a dream that I will wake up from..... Death whyyyyyyy.....  May ur soul rest in peace......."

This tribute was added by Victorjasper Chinyeaka on 28th August 2016

"Chief, we never met and even if we did, I'd never know you were the CONRAD.
However, the pain and hurt that has been expressed by those who did know you during your brief sojourn on earth speaks to what an amazing person you must have been.
The good die young but the truth is this, only the physical body takes leave of us. The memories you gave those who knew you, the good times, the smiles you brought to their faces and the totality of who you were to them will forever remain fresh in their hearts.

This tribute was added by Anake Lucia on 28th August 2016

"Conrad dear.... M still trying to believe this news n all...... U were tooooo nice n caring.... Also had a way of making me feel loved n cheerful.... Ur always gonna be remembered brother"

This tribute was added by Laura Onyeka on 28th August 2016

"I never knew i won't see u again i never knew i would hear these sad words that klarki is dead it pained me so much that i could not stand nor sit i was confused but i resolved that God knows best he allows everything for a reason i could not question I didn't want to say these words because i didn't believe it but waking up this morning it dawned on me it was true iklaki is gone i mean gone REST IN PEACE my dear until we meet again"

This tribute was added by bright david on 28th August 2016

"RIP Conrad... Rest on!!!"

This tribute was added by Ikwuadi Gaby on 28th August 2016

"If tears would bring you back we will cry you an ocean,
Painfully we lost them and more painful we have non to replace them...


This tribute was added by Onyechere Bright on 28th August 2016

"Hmm conrad Unimashi lklaki this is never part of the plan. Where have you gone to am yet to believe you are no more. I receved this shocking call of your dismissal this morning and I fell on my knees I wept like a 2 years old. Who calls me igbo boy better than you do, who calls me politician better than you do. You we forever remain fresh in my heart we love you."

This tribute was added by Richman Best on 28th August 2016

"Still Speechless.... R.I.P Boss...."

This tribute was added by Kennie Jnr on 28th August 2016

"a good person is like being,cute
why do we only rest in peace....?why can't we live in peace too.....see how time passes,memories fades,feelings change,people leave.BUT THE HEART NEVER FORGET......WE MISS YOU CONRAD.."

This tribute was added by Denniz Utsu on 28th August 2016

"Words can't explain my pain. Deep down from my heart I will forever remember u in my heart. Rip brother"

This tribute was added by Marvel O Emebeyo on 28th August 2016

"Words are not enough to express how I feel about the news that you are no more, the though of not seeing you again is more hurting. Live on brother and colleague.
Continue to rest in the Bossom of the lord.

This tribute was added by Faith Anake on 28th August 2016

"Conrad!!! sooo short of words. You were not just a friend bt u were more like a nice brother to me.° MA_OBUDU_BROTHER° like i do call you. Cnt believe ur gone *sob*..
The last time i heard from you was on my birthday, you were among the 1st 10 to wish me happy birthday, and you told me you were coming home for summer.OMG!!!.. You are a legend and loved by many, u will b forever remembered nd loved.
I love u "my_obudu_broda" and you will never be forgotten. I never wished to write RIP to any of my beloved ones *tear*, itz just so painful. You are part of my family. RIP my dear brother..till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Boma Uriel on 28th August 2016

"Words can not explain how i feel right now, i write this in hope that you have found peace in a place better than what this life offered you.

Rest MY Friend.

Goodnight Brof."

This tribute was added by Pearl Nwamuo on 28th August 2016

"Dis one is too hard. Ashi, i cant bliv u r gone. U had such a sweet hrt. I must say i feel honoured to have known u. May u find rest in God's bosom, u finally get to live in dat beautiful mansion. U'll always be remembered my darling. Love u always"

This tribute was added by Celestine Egwim on 28th August 2016

"First all, i am so sad by the news of my wonderful friend iklaki... I knew to be cool and stylish as well... May your gentle soul rest in the bossom of the lord, your friends and loved ones will miss you greatly ... Life is so short, this calls for us to move closer to God"

This tribute was added by Irene Ufot on 28th August 2016

"Conrad. Wow. Words have failed me. How? You were, you are too young. You can't be dead. It's too cold for someone as warm as you are. How, Conrad? why?
We tend to forget death until it confronts us, reminding us of life's frailty. My prayer is with your family. Rest, Unimashi. There is no past tense. You will never be forgotten."

This tribute was added by Praise Akpama on 28th August 2016

"My friend, no amount of words can help me express my pain but all I can is that you live in my heart forever and I'll miss every moment and convo we shared together from college till date. I pray for your family, friends and your soul. LIVE ON! God bless you. Love you forever"

This tribute was added by Rennymay Ugbong on 28th August 2016

"It is painful.... It I sad.... It Is disheartening..... But who are we to question God?..... He gives and has taken.... Rest on dear.... Your memories will remain with us.  May The Angels receive you and take you to be with the Lord.  Amen, fare thee well!"

This tribute was added by Andrew Chigbu on 28th August 2016

"Conrad, you weren't  only a friend but also a brother who believed in me. You were full of ideas and together we put our ideas into action. We had many more planned. We had both long term and short term goals. Its sad the way you left unexpectedly. You left a hole in the hearts of many. You were easy going, full of humor and loved. I am still trying to come to terms with reality as regards your demise. Rest in Glory brother. God loves you! I love you!"

This tribute was added by Obla Orim on 28th August 2016

"Ashi darling, the tears keep pouring...will they ever stop? You promised that I will see you soon. Ashi how about all our plans? You are my brother! This memorial page is just so your memories never die and everyone that loves you can see how much others love you too. I love you Conrad Unimashi Iklaki!!! Love always, Your Benyin ❤️❤️❤️"

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