Let the memory of Abisola be with us forever
  • 38 years old
  • Born on June 13, 1974 in Nigeria.
  • Passed away on February 24, 2013 in Ibadan, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Abisola Olubunmi Osinaike, 38, born on June 13, 1974 and passed away on February 24, 2013. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen

Posted by Kemi Shoyinka on 13th June 2018
Continue to rest on, friend. June 13th is not the same without you.
Posted by Percy Williams on 13th June 2018
Happy Posthumous. 5 years. Time indeed heals wounds, but the scars remain :)
Posted by Leroy Odedele on 24th February 2018
Bisola,hhhhhhhmmmmm Beloved,still very fresh in my memory...your person,full of live,a rare gem in all ramification. 5 years gone,just like yesterday,am trying to imagine the rib cracking jokes you will be sharing over there walking on the streets of gold.
Posted by Percy Williams on 24th February 2018
5 years, like a breeze!
Posted by Kemi Shoyinka on 24th February 2018
Continue to rest in peace,'Bisola.
Posted by Toye Ishola on 13th November 2017
There are certain assurances one have in life, that, life in itself, cannot take from you, or change your perceptive about. And one of this, is the fact that you are in glory, you have seen, and met the Lord, and you are getting ready to return to the planet with the Lord for His reign. You are so very busy over there for the next move of God, more than you can ever be around here. I am so sure about this. My lady friend, the seed God sown through you has grown very big, and the product is about to take on the whole world, for His glory, according to His Words. Wish you could join the party with the Angels when it starts.. I know you can read this, so, talk to the LORD about this when next you meet Him one-on-one. And let us see how far this goes. Hope to see you soon, when the LORD authorizes a VISIT to the Land of Glory. And I will definitely bring back your greeting back to the planet. With God All Things are Possible.
Posted by Tunde Olafimihan on 13th October 2017
Rest in peace dear friend
Posted by Percy Williams on 14th June 2017
Sasla, so as I was saying, I went to your fb page yesterday. O ga gaan ni o. They claim time heals wounds. They lied bigly. But the hustle on this side of time is too real for comfort, so please enjoy your rest. O ye Oloun. Kofi is dead too. God dey. Anyways, happy belated post humous .... I didn't forget. I just didn't have the strength to come here. It's not like you see this, or do you? It's just cathartic .... k'Oloun saanu
Posted by Bukky Shoyinka on 26th February 2017
Ebi Mi, 4 years!!!!! Nah Wah...Continue to rest in the Lord.
Posted by Abbie A on 25th February 2017
I remember when this new icecream place opened in Mokola and you took me there; I still have the picture from that 'date'. Keep resting Sista Bisola. Thank you for being there.
Posted by Kemi Shoyinka on 24th February 2017
Continue to rest on, Bisola. Thanks for being a good friend.
Posted by Leroy Odedele on 24th February 2017
HHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMM..........Just like yesterday,we can only look back and say that GOD is faithful. Also I want to actually thank GOD that you live in HIM.It is a great privilege be in HIM.We take solace in the fact that Bisola lived for HIM & in HIM.
Posted by Oluwasola Olanipekun on 24th February 2017
Again Bisola, this is another day to remember you not as if I forget. Each time I drive pass Bodija I always remember you by the railway crossing where we stood and talk for hours and you promised to visit me in Abuja in February. What you didn't tell me is that you are departing in February. I still hear you speaking in tongues, I see your smiles, I see you driving like James Bond.........Kai, Bisola you left too soon. I missed you
Posted by Olasumbo Filani on 15th June 2016
Abisola! One of the saddest moments I have experienced in my lifetime was the news of your passing away. It came as a big shock and still seems like a dream. Even when we had lost touch over the years, you still were a friend very close to my heart and it is very hard now to come to terms with the fact that I will never see you on this side of life again until we meet at the feet of our saviour. I remember us then as young Christians, fervent and seeking God with all our might and strength in those days of Scripture Pasture Christian Centre. The foundation that was laid then still remains a strong foothold for me and if there is one thing I'm sure will make you smile now in heaven, it's knowing that I remain strong in the faith and now hold on to the hope of seeing you when the trumpet sounds. You were a good and faithful friend and you will forever hold a special place in my heart. I pray that God will continue to strengthen and uphold every member of your family. Rest in peace Ore mi, till we meet to part no more. Sumbo Filani (nee Ajibola)
Posted by Bukky Shoyinka on 13th June 2016
Ebi Mi, Bawo ni, just thought about the day we "tested" your 505 on UI-Secretariat road, still makes me cringe but never fails to make me smile. Happy Birthday!!! Bukky Boy.
Posted by Oluwasola Olanipekun on 13th June 2016
A few days ago I remember again that today will be Bisola's birthday. I cant seems to forget Bisola for so many reason. The last time we saw was on my way from school runs and we spoke at length and she even bought ice cream for my school buddies. Bisola, rest well. You know I love you
Posted by Kemi Shoyinka on 25th February 2016
Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord, Bisola.
Posted by Percy Williams on 24th February 2016
Sasla, like I said a coupla weeks ago... "Time flies" :-) Sometimes I wonder if you can read this stuff, lol... I'd continue to do this anyways. For as long as it makes me feel better. Three years like yesterday. Odigba!!!
Posted by Toye Ishola on 24th February 2016
I believe you are happy with joy unspeakable, have met The Lord Jesus several times and have been at the Throne Room to meet The Father, which we also so very much desire and look forward to. Its 3 years you have relocated to the presence of "THE ALL IN ALL". Wish the Angels will deliver this message to you: " We miss you ABISOLA, darling FRIEND and SISTER". I will eternally remember you, for God used you to save me from Eternal Destruction. Ore mi, you are always on our minds...
Posted by Percy Williams on 27th January 2016
Lol, I was arguing with myself till I visited this page. It's been three (3) years!!! Wow, it feels like yesterday...not yesterday per se but ... I just can't believe 3 years have passed. Time doth fly afterall How goes it in the bosom of the Lord?
Posted by Sunmolu Shoyinka on 13th June 2015
My sister, my friend. Still don't have the words to describe the pain and void your passing left behind. Comfort comes from knowing you are with the One who made and loves you, and knows all. Rest well in Eternity.
Posted by Kemi Shoyinka on 13th June 2015
Happy posthumous birthday. Continue to rest in peace, dear.
Posted by Tolu Daramola on 9th March 2015
Still can't find the right words after two years. I miss you Bisola, you were loved but I don't think you realised how much. May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Kemi Shoyinka on 24th February 2015
Continue to rest in peace, Ore.
Posted by Toye Ishola on 24th February 2015
Forever in our hearts. The impact you made cannot be forgotten, we will forever thank God for the blessings He gave through you... Live on friend and sister..
Posted by Olu Okunfulure on 29th January 2015
Words fails me at the moment cousin but I know we shall meet someday once again......... Your memory lives on dear. xx
Posted by Adeola Abiola on 28th November 2014
i am still speechless really...it looks like a dream and i just cant stop wondering........the goos ones keep going....the bad ones keep living.....well i know His mercies rain on both good and evil......but i just keep wondering....Biola RIP
Posted by Oluwasola Olanipekun on 28th November 2014
Abisola, how can? Even now I still wonder why, I love you, you were full of life and love, you gave your all. You were the Tom Boy of our class, the one that bring several laughter to NACA meetings, the one that drive the Puegeot 505 like a James Bond. The friend we can confide in. I still remember you clearly. We spoke in January and you promised to come to Abuja, you even called again two weeks before it all happened. Abisola you were my friend and I missed you so much. I still keep your picture in my phone and up till now, I still wonder why. Good night at noon Bisola
Posted by Percy Williams on 24th November 2014
Sasla... Thank you for everything you taught us by your lifestyle ... Your attitude to the good, the bad, and the ugly. And for simply smiling when "we just didn't understand" ... Keep on resting in the bosom of our Lord. A pade l'ese Jesu :)
Posted by Toye Ishola on 6th November 2014
Hold on friend, Resurrection is close by, will see you soon...1 Cor. 15:51
Posted by Percy Williams on 5th November 2014
Posted by Kemi Shoyinka on 13th June 2014
Continue to rest in peace,dear.
Posted by Leroy Odedele on 13th June 2014
There is a song we will like to sing in times like this for you........ I will just want to use this day to say " Thank YOU JESUS" for the grace that you have given us,we can never repay YOU,but from our heart we like to say that we Thank YOU.
Posted by Rotimi Ojo on 3rd May 2014
RIP Bisola,
Posted by Aderonke Akpata on 25th February 2014
RIP Bisola
Posted by Nike Shoyinka on 24th February 2014
Rest in peace, my dear friend......
Posted by Kemi Shoyinka on 24th February 2014
Continue to rest in peace, Ore...Forever missed. ..
Posted by Esan Oluyomi on 24th February 2014
its been a long 1 year....Bisola we miss you dearly....Forever in our hearts
Posted by Toyin Akinterinwa on 24th February 2014
Dear Bisola, A year is gone already? Continue to rest in peace. Very much missed. Toyin
Posted by Percy Williams on 24th February 2014
Sasla, It's a year already; Just like yesterday Continue to rest in peace ... In the bosom of your maker.
Posted by Leroy Odedele on 24th February 2014
My sis,My friend,it is still very hard to believe that it is one year already,hhhhhmmmmmm.Still can see your smile,and try to figure out 1 year of peace,love and joy with THE ONE Who loves you more than words can tell.Bisola,Bussy baby so I call you,I am just trying to figure out you have fun and playing around over there,and doing what you like best to do.It actually appear as though you are still very much around.Bless your heart,and enjoy your stay.
Posted by Toye Ishola on 24th February 2014
Its a year you left the planet, but your memories are still with us. Missing you is an understatement, but we take solace in the believe that you are where our Creator dwells. The lives you touched will forever be grateful you came our way. We love you, but Christ loves you most. Live on at the bosom of our Creator, The Almighty Father.
Posted by Titi Sonoiki on 26th September 2013
Abisola...Ore mi! I didn't know ur call in Dec was to say a final goodbye after we've being out of touch for 20years+. Ore mi... Odi ese Jesu lojo ajinde, Amin. Sleep on my my lovely friend...Sleep on...
Posted by Kenny Lakanmi on 8th September 2013
I find this hard to believe. Still in shock. Remain in the bossom of our LORD.
Posted by Olumaggie Eriavbe on 25th August 2013
...Sleep on my dear friend...
Posted by Tolu Uwadia on 25th August 2013
Bisola, I saw ur picture on a friend's dp and I chatted with her to say hello to u. I was so excited. Her response shattered my day. You were gone. To where?! I believe you are resting @ the Lord's bossom, where we all want to end. Rest on, gentle spirit. We will meet @ the Lord's bossom. Amen
Posted by Olubambo Adigun on 15th August 2013
Rest in peace, Abisola.......
Posted by Ephraim Ojima on 15th August 2013
My sister my friend, the one whose smile draws from within, I miss you and I love you but I know that where you are right now is far better than where we are. Enjoy the presence of our father while we finish our own bit of assignment and join you in the glorious by and by. At least I can say I have a friend in the cloud of witnessess cheering me on. Cheer on my friend cheer on!
Posted by Akande Adebayo on 13th August 2013
I love all the comments about her, what will be say about u when u are gone? The rapture is more than nigh. Repent and be saved. Sister Bisola, e sun re o. The righteous perisheth , and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. Isaiah 57:1
Posted by Akande Adebayo on 13th August 2013
Thank God for the time she spent on this planet called earth, she has in her little time on earth told u all about life after death. How are u all preparing for ur rapture? Her own rapture has taken place. If truly u all loved her as u all have claimed, then strive to see her again when our individual or collective rapture shall take place. I love all the comments about her, what will people say a

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