Adefemi lived well and loved generously. He will forever be in our hearts!
  • 70 years old
  • Born on August 8, 1948 .
  • Passed away on February 26, 2019 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Adefemi John Adeleke Aladesanmi 70 years old , born on August 8, 1948 and passed away on February 26, 2019. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Jedidiah Kazeem on 22nd March 2019
Goodnight Grandpa, The seeds you sown in the morning are still feeding us. The trees you planted at noon are covering us. Thank you for all that you gave us and left behind for us. Wake up to glory Grandpa Aladesanmi.
Posted by Magret Fawehinmi on 20th March 2019
Tribute for our in-law You have fought the good fight of faith,you have finish the race. your life was a blessing. our in-law we miss you,may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace good night,mr&Mrs fawehinmi.
Posted by Olufunke Adebiyi on 19th March 2019
We remember you as a caring, loving Father, Uncle, Husband and Grandpa. Dearly loved by your family and friends. You will be greatly missed by all. We pray for strength for the family at this time. It is well. Rest in peace Grandpa Aladesanmi
Posted by Philip Durojaiye on 19th March 2019
Grandpa, you were truly a blessing to this world and lives you have touched and the impact you have made will continue to grow from generation to generation. Thank you for being a blessing Grandpa.
Posted by Elizabeth Babatunde on 18th March 2019
"Why do they weep? Why do they cry? I'm alive in the wind and I am soaring high." - Eternal Song, a requiem by Avian of Celieria. Thank you for being a great man and father: we see the evidence in the legacies you have left behind. But because we do not mourn as those without hope, we choose to rejoice instead and long for when we shall see you at the Master's feet. Adieu Sir.
Posted by TUNDE AFILAKA on 16th March 2019
MR. ALADESANMI, You were a solid man on whom you can count upon anyway, anytime. Your sense of duty and responsibility makes you a man out of men. We shall miss your contributions in all areas to the Klub; your caring, thoughtful and matured dispositions. Rest in peace till we meet to part no more. ADIEU FEMI KLUB SUPREME 83
Posted by TUNDE AFILAKA on 16th March 2019
MY PRESY, You came, you saw, you conquered. You fought the good fight and overcame. Your sense of duty, discipline, care and deep feeling and empathy for your fellow human beings marked you out of millions of people. We shall sorely miss you, but we have solace in the fact that are resting in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Rest in peace. TUNDE AFILAKA & FAMILY
Posted by Morenikeji Anafi on 15th March 2019
Daddy ikere or daddy Aladesanmi as fondly called in my family, you are a father to the core even to those that are not your biological children, an ICON to be emulated who is ever interested in everyone success in life with his good humour, I cherished every bit of knowing you as a father, I remembered those good old days when you use to take us to school in ikere while mommy will carry all girls and daddy will carry all boys or Vis visa, then it was fun but at the same you was teaching us to love one another and to live in peace, I can't mention it all but your good memory will remain ever fresh in our heart, Daddy you are an EPITOME of LOVE and PEACE to everyone around you. We love you but God loves you more, we meet to part!!! It is well with you soul Daddy! Continue to rest in eternal peace Daddy Aladesanmi. Thank you for your positive impact in my life, I will forever be grateful. #Rest on Daddy# # Aniconofpeaceandlove## #Goodnightdaddy# Aopade lese Jesu.................. ..............
Posted by Temola Sammy on 15th March 2019
That we didn't know you would be a wrong statement, haven't met your good son Pastor Femi Aladesanmi shows to us a good fruit out of a good tree. Enjoy Jesus's laps well... Good God will comfort the families. The Temola's
Posted by Abiodun Dan Owolabi on 15th March 2019
A SILENT TEACHER Shared by Abiodun Dan Owolabi on 15th March 2019 I met you at the right TIME of life, you gave birth to generations of great mind and am a Beneficiary of the first fruit (my wife) she is the BEST woman in the thought me prudence of TIME and RESOURCES in your silence but your ACTS make the laws so boldly written on the wall of my life, you don't give an appointment you can NOT keep ON TIME......Thanks for being you in the short journey call life, I know so well that to keep you alive is to keep your teachings alive in my life and the lives of people am able to cross path with in my own life TIME.....See you in the Morning Papy
Posted by Omolola Adeniyi on 14th March 2019
PAPPY, When I heard of your demise, It was so painful ,why does good people go early? At the same time am glad you lived a fulfilled life. You were more than a father, You represented you sister (my mum)well am sure she's not disappointed, All the memories keeps coming back,how you would correct with love,how you carried me from the theatre when i had appendicitis. I mean you were my hero.I planned bringing your twins during Easter but I understand you couldn't Wait. Thank you for everything. Just wish I can see you one more time. Rest on Superman.
Posted by Oluwatosin Sogunro on 14th March 2019
Grandpa Aladesanmi!!! I don't have the chance to know you in person but I know your wonderful son Pst Femi Aladesanmi, indeed you are a great man to have trained up a mighty man like him. Rest in peace, Grandpa Aladesanmi.
Posted by Wemimo Fagbohun on 14th March 2019
May babas soul rest in perfect peace. Amen. From the Oluwoles felele
Posted by Ibukun Orenaike on 14th March 2019
We are indeed grateful for a life well spent, thank you for coming into this world and being a blessing to our generation with the seeds you have left on earth. We will always remember you. Sleep well grandpa.
Posted by Adedayo Oshijinrin on 14th March 2019
We are grateful to God for all you were able to do while you were here. You raised Godly children that are true examples of a believer. I'm a beneficiary of your seeds and sacrifice. Thank you. We'll miss you Papi!
Posted by Olufemi Ayodele on 14th March 2019
When green leaves turn grey , a season ends. Goodnight brother John as we fondly called you.
Posted by Tola Olowolafe on 14th March 2019
Daddy Eko! Daddy Eko, the affectionate name, my siblings and I call you. I received with deep sadness the news of what I have now accepted as your "transition to glory." in spite of this, the blow of the news ripples through me in a sombre manner. Especially, because I had not had the chance in these recent times to call you once more affectionately "Daddy Eko", and to hear your calm, yet firm fatherly voice. I am comforted, however, knowing that you are in a better place with the Lord. I take absolute solace knowing that you left such a wonderful legacy of genuinely loving and caring for others. Your life was one that served the interest of others. No greater love exists more than this - for a man to serve the interests of others. You were indeed a man who drew your circle large and wide to accommodate all and sundry. Such a beautiful life. Such a beautiful legacy! Now you rest. Continue to rest Daddy Eko
Posted by Eyitayo George on 14th March 2019
While it is true that death is inevitable, it is also true that few people ever live, though they exist. It is evident from the testimonials that daddy lived. For which we are thankful to God. While he has transitioned into the realm of glory, we would always be reminded of the great man grandpa was while he lived, through the lives of those he has left behind. Though I never met you sir. Yet through Pastor Femi Aladesanmi I see that you were greatness bundled up in human form. Now you are in that place from which you cheer on those you left behind. You will surely be missed.
Posted by Danny Kads on 14th March 2019
Hey Superman just like the tributes connotes. Charity they says begins at home. We look no further where your son (our father in the lord) Pst Femi is coming from, with his loving and caring ways of life. The best legacy you can leave for your children (which you have left for them) is neither education nor money, but moral decorum. Thank you for given birth to a man like Pst Femi and others, which am sure you were proud of and will still be proud of in heaven. Sure, you will be greatly missed.
Posted by Olabode Aladesanmi on 14th March 2019
‘When a young man leaves home on a journey he may return to meet the absence of an elder, for the elder may have transitioned to the afterlife’ - African saying Since I heard the news of your departure, I still cannot find the right emotions to express what I feel. I am not sad (I know you have gone to a better place), yet I am not excited (I miss you dad) If I say you are the best dad, then we might need to set up a committee for the competition of daddies, after all every child should claim same but surely, you are my best. Many memories flood my heart. – You taught me to shoot and hunt for animals, you taught me to be loving and sacrificing. You taught me to be a good husband – you taught me well. Your time consciousness (always showing up on time), your neatness (simple yet elegant) and your ability to arrange many things to fit the tiniest of space remains a coveted skill. I tried so hard to remember you with an angry face and I couldn’t find or remember any day you gave an outburst of anger, you were always calm, cool and composed. Even when we are 'showing ourselves', you know how to get us kids what we need and make little seem like so much. I am yet to talk to or meet anyone who doesn’t have good memories and experiences with you – you will be greatly missed. You are accommodating and ever willing to go the extra mile just to make someone smile. I know our separation is but for a moment compared to eternity, we shall meet again to part no more. Till we meet again my SUPERHERO-DAD, I LOVE YOU GAAAN NI O.
Posted by Tosin Marcel-Falase on 13th March 2019
PAPPY RAGGAE!!! My Father, my mother, my friend, my jist partner, my partner in crime. To say that I miss you is an understatement, how do I explain the void you have left in my heart, how do I express how much it hurts. You helped me understand life, you taught me the value of time and life. I remember the first novel I read bought by you "All that glitters is not gold". You taught me love, sacrifice and responsibility. You have touched a lot of lives and made impact even with my friends. I wasn't ready for the impact of the void but knowing your legacy lives on in me gives me the strength I need at this time. I love you Dad, you are forever missed. Oluwatosin
Posted by Tolu Aladesanmi on 13th March 2019
I remember the first time I met you daddy, It was so interesting to see the way you related with your biological children. ( like friends) I saw how you hugged and spoke to my husband, who was my fiance at the time and I knew that God had brought me into the right family. I saw where my husband got his loving, respectful, humble, caring and selfless nature from. I appreciate how you made me feel so welcome the first time daddy, it didn't leave me and never will. I saw how you related with mummy, truth be told, your sons sure honor their wives like you did. And the grandchildren? Wow, your role and place in their lives will never be forgotten. Gentle, but yet firm. My son would never put his finger in his mouth when grandpa came around! I miss the times we spent at the beach and picnics, you watching and listening to our gists and so glad those times were well spent. Truly, blessed is the memory of the just. I am forever grateful to the Lord for the gift of you to me dearest PAPPY!!!! I am glad it's a good night and not a good bye. Till we see again grandpa, with love from your daughter, Tolu.
Posted by Femi Aladesanmi on 11th March 2019
Hey Pappy, Omo alagbado ayaayatan. My ever warm, caring, selfless, sociable, dependable and loving father. Thanks for being the great man that you were, always wishing everyone well and doing everything in your power to help. Thanks for being a great husband, a wonderful father and an exemplary leader. Thanks for teaching me that love is more important than money and that a good name is better than riches. I can still hear you saying "whatever one wants to do, it is good to start early." I am blessed to have come to the world through you and mom. I knew this day was coming, and i thought i was ready. Little did I know that it will lead me into uncharted territory. My heart aches in ways I have never known. I love you and I miss you more than words. My greatest joy is that you gave your life to Jesus before you passed. So, it's not goodbye dad, till we meet again, good night pappy.
Posted by Kikelomo Aladesanmi on 9th March 2019
Grandpa!!!! Cool Calm and Collected. I am grateful for the few years i knew you. Few years that attest to all the beautiful things been said about you. I remember your simplicity, your giving, your love for family, your children and grandchildren. My mum still recounts till date how you tenderly carried baby zarah into their house then, when you came visiting. I remember your joy and strength during your 70th birthday. The joy when you saw your club members and friends come around. Oh Grandpa!!! You are just at peace seeing all of us your kids and grandkids around gisting and talking in the house even if you won't say anything, your gentle smile reflects your contentment. Days we went to the beach, vacation in Ikere ekiti etc..oh Grandpa!! Even little zarah remembers how she used to play and jump on you in the house on ikere street. You and grandma were there in her very early days growing up. Hmmm!!!! Thank you for all you' ve done Pappy and mostly thank you for raising beautiful sons that have become awesome husbands. We are proud and glad they are connected to you. Rest on Grandpa..Rest on Pappy. We love you big and your memory lives on in our minds forever.
Posted by Kemi Dan-Owolabi (Aladesa... on 9th March 2019
PAPPY!!! A father like no other! My hero!! How do I put my thoughts to words? How does the hand explain the emotions raging in the heart? You taught like a father, loved like a mother, indulged like a grandpa and was accepting like a friend. An unusual father, I am blessed to be birth by you. You taught me to love, to care for others, to give and keep giving. You taught me to be adventurous, to dream, to explore, to soar... You had faith in me, trusted me to do the right thing. You made it easy for me to understand love without limits - to accept the love of God, I could totally relate with and receive that Gift. How happy you must be to finally see your bosom friend, your “boy oh boy” @ Wuyi Falore You lived well, You loved generously, You gave sacrificially, You impacted, You influenced, You mentored, You fought a good fight, You will never be forgotten! Rest Pappy, rest my hero, rest my friend, rest well my father. You will awake in THE MORNING! (1Thess 4:16) Goodnight dad! Lotta luv Oluwakemi

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