Let the memory of ADENIKE be with us forever
  • 48 years old
  • Born on September 28, 1968 in LAGOS, LAGOS, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on September 29, 2016 in LAGOS, LAGOS, Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, ADENIKE OJEIKERE 48 years old , born on September 28, 1968 and passed away on September 29, 2016. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Faith Zakari on 30th September 2017
Madam Nike, Time really flies past. Can't believe its a year gone already. Hmm, May God give your loved ones and family the strength to keep on going. You are unique in your own way and can't be replaced. We love you but God loves you more. Rest in peace
Posted by Adeola Sokunbi on 29th September 2017
Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind. A year already gone so fast.! The world around me seemed bleak at the time as I pondered at the gap you left behind. i have however learnt to hold on to your sweet memories and not the loss as a beautiful soul like yours can never be forgotten. I continue to take solace knowing that you are smiling down at us and at peace with your maker. With a grateful heart , I say thank you Lord . Rest on my dear Sister and Friend
Posted by AMAIZE OJEIKERE on 29th September 2017
I KNOW WHERE YOU! Nike I know where you. I am at peace with myself because i know where you are. I rejoice and I can sing a new song Because I know where you are. I can smile and tell it all because I know where you are. Your absence comes with a void that is filled with the knowledge of where you are because I know where you are. The pains you bore are soothed with the pleasures of where you are, because I know where you. The troubles you went through have been overtaken by the peace of where you are, because I know where. I know where you are I know where you are Nike I know where you. AMAIZE 28TH SEPTEMBER 2017
Posted by Ademola Adejuyigbe on 29th September 2017
Your presence lights up my mood, even in your absence your thoughts lights up my mood. Thanks for making the world a wonderful place to live
Posted by Margaret Chigozie Nwosu on 28th September 2017
Adenike ! Omo oba! Where do I start from . I can believe it is already a year. You are one in a million , I know you are with the Lord Almighty . I can stop crying when I think of you but your last text and prayer is what helps me strong . Below was your text on sept 27th How's your Yoruba skills! ENI OKAN MI. (MY DEAREST) Ó yá, eni okan mi, té'wo àdúra: Mo gba àdúrà yi fún o ati fun gbogbo idile re ni iyoku odun 2016 yi wípé l'ónìí àti l'ójó gbogbo... Ojú kò ní tì e. Ayé kò ní yò e. Olórun kò ní gba ògo re fún elòmíràn láéláé. Igbá ilé re kò ní fó. Aso ìbora re kò ní fà ya. Ayé kò ní da àbàwón sí aso re. Àgbá omi re kò ní gbe. Kókóró ayò re kò ní bá omi lo. Bí o bá n taá, á máa jó. Bí o bá n lùú, á máa dún. Abéré olóore re kò ni bó s'ómi. Omo aráyé kò ní fi ire tìre se àpínle. Bí ó ti wù kí ilé ìwòsån dára tó, oò nì fi ibe se ibùgbé. Bí ó ti wù kí aso èwòn l'éwà tó, oò ní bá won wò ní'bè . Won o ní fi èjè re se ìrúbo. Ohun tí omo aráyé kò fi pamó sí o l'ówó, won kò ní bèèrè re l'ówóo re. Omo aráyé kò ní fi egba fún o l'óúnje. Bí ó ti wù kí àná ati òní re dára tó, òla re yóó l'éwà ju gbogbo won lo. Orí re kò ní burú, èdá re kò ní gb'àbòdè Gbogbo ibití elégbé re bá ti n ná owó, o kò ní bá won ná aájò nibe. Oò ní se àsetì. Wa á lu àlùyo. Omo aráyé kò ní bó bàtà òfò si enu ònà iléè re.....Aaaamin l'agbara Eledumare. Asiko yi a tuwa lara Ireti wa ko ni ja s'ofo. Gbogbo igi ti elegbede ba fowo lu didun lo ndun.. Gbogbo adawole re yo yori si rere. Gbogbo owo ti ogede ba na soke, ara re lo nfi lu kehin. Enikeni, edakeda, eeyan-keeyan ti abi ninu obinrin, abi ti a fabe gbebi e, to ba ro ibi ro e, ko fi ori ara re gbe. Ilekun aanu ko ni ti mo e. Ibukun ati alafia ti aye kole jakule ni yoo je ipin re. Oju owo ko ni pon e. Oro re yo dayo. Emi wa a se opolopo Odun laye. Amin. 2016 odun ayo ni Olorun yio se ooo. Owo wa a to eti,okan wa abale o. Oro jade, Ase gun.☀ God asked me to tell you: That everything will be alright from now on... You're going to be victorious and will achieve all your goals. Today, God will visit your home. On his way out, He will take all your problems with Him. Do me a favour. Trust God and share!Faith can move mountains! It is well in the name of Jesus Christ (Amin).. Miss you . Continue to Rest In Peace. . Margaret Chigozie - Nwosu
Posted by Dom-jabronski Ajabor on 28th September 2017
Adenike, today marks your 49th Birthday and sadly rather than us celebrating and clicking those wine glasses we are remembering your passing. Hmmmmmm!! What a world. Rest on Sis, Rest on till we meet to part no more. We continue to thank the Lord for the life you lived and so many you touched.
Posted by Tolulope Daramola on 15th October 2016
Nike my cousin, where do I start? A woman of courage and wisdom is gone, leaving a big gap that can never be filled. You will surely be missed by all of the family, especially your siblings. Nike loved to bring a smile to everyone she came in contact with from what my mum told me. You have been the rock behind your sibling's success and may almighty God give them and the rest of the family, the heart and strength to bear your loss. It's a shame I haven't seen you face to face, but only spoken to you on the phone. Nike may the Lord almighty grant you internal rest. Amen. Until we meet again my dear cousin.
Posted by AMAIZE OJEIKERE on 15th October 2016
The news came to me direct and brief,"we lost Nike this Morning." I went blank, was that a nightmare? It was a bombshell. However we take solace in the fact that you lived for the Lord and you are resting in the bosom of the Almighty God. "O death where is thy Victory, death were is thy Sting."For all the precious gifts you and siblings showered me with, for all the visits when I was not putting up with you;for all the time you accompanied your husband to see me off at the Airport. I will never forget. We love you Nike, but Jesus loves you most. Adieu. RIP till we meet to part no more.From "your Mother -in-Law"Auntie May"
Posted by Oje Ojeikere on 14th October 2016
You always treated me with a lot of respect and consideration. You were never shy about your views and I was never restrained from sharing my own thoughts. There was never a dull moment… My father had and confessed a lot of respect for your incisive wit as I did; and you would burnish a write-up or two of mine… I came to you with a ragtag idea; but you understood it, articulated it, saw its potential and even started resourcing it without any prompting from me… I came home on one of those difficult days and we embraced and I could feel you say, “Look at me, Oje; look at what I have become…” I visited on another of those difficult days and you wanted to break down in tears once you saw me; but you noticed I came with someone and you quickly switched, composed yourself, put up a strong appearance and started fussing over hosting us…how could you be in such pain, such distress, such helplessness, and still want to be so hospitable..? That switch – it happened in a flash; but I saw it… I brought the guava you had been craving for and you kissed the fruit and my hand before you devoured it… I think you smirked when I made to leave the Sunday before…I think you didn’t 100% approve of my leaving… We want to be with those we love when they walk the last mile of their way. But I think the pain of this mile was too much, too personal to be felt by anyone else but you. I was with you sometimes; but I cannot say I was there… And the last time I saw you, you had gone – while I slept, haunted, you slipped into eternity… All these thoughts wrench my heart and flood my eyes… Your memory is immortal. A long goodbye, my sister-in-law…
Posted by Elesie Nnachi on 14th October 2016
Aunty Nike, my amiable boss. I have so much to say about you having worked with you directly. I must say that your type is rare, God only sends a few people like you at a time. You made my stay at WorkStation memorable and enjoyable. You were more than a boss to me, you were a big sister and a friend. I could tell you anything and I will always appreciate the listening ear, the love and concern you showed me. You always shared your lunch with me and the monkeys behind our office (laughs). You were extremely capable, fast thinking, very intelligent and you talked almost at the speed of light!! I'm laughing through tears, your memories still bright and fresh in my heart. I miss you already, it hurts that you're no longer here but I take comfort in the fact that you are in a far better place. I'm sure you've caught up with your friends and parents already. Rest in peace dearest Aunty Nike, till we meet to part no more.......
Posted by Uwem. Okome on 14th October 2016
Nikus International. I will miss you. It is so sad that we were not able to accomplish ALL the things we thought and planned to do together. I am yet to meet your husband. You were expected to come and visit me here in Canada. All the travel plans that we had hemmmm. What a life? I wish I had prayed more... I wish I had called more ....I wish we had spoken more... Oh Nike my sister, my friend ... We never got to write the book on" Mbre offiong " .. We had big plans but God had a better plan. Nike life is funny. I am still wondering and I will keep wondering. I will keep asking? I will miss you. Rest in peace ufan mi. I know that you are Okay.
Posted by Aderonke Obayan on 13th October 2016
Dear Sister Nike, you left us too soon. When I saw you on June 20, 2016, I did not know that was our final meeting on this side of eternity. You were so warm and loving despite your situation. Thank you for sharing your life with us and for your generosity. My husband and I remember the roasted peanuts you gave us in February. I thank God for your life and all the lives that were touched and brought to Christ through your witness. I most especially thank God for your marriage to Amaize and the evident love, joy, and peace in your union. It is very hard to imagine how he is coping with your loss but we know that the Holy Spirit will comfort him as well the Adesuyi and Ojeikere families. Till will meet in Glory, ADIEU.
Posted by Babajide Adeniyi-Jones on 13th October 2016
Adenike, I knew how wonderful you were before I met you by the spark in my brother Amaize's eyes when he first told me about you. I did not get to know you as well as I would have liked to but I am thankful for the precious years that the two of you had together. Rest in Peace dear Adenike.
Posted by Yewande Aminu on 12th October 2016
I don't know what to say but i actually have to say something. I cant believe that you have gone so soon My Dearest Aunty Nike Ojeikere. I told you that am traveling, but l will comeback soon. I didn't expect not seeing you again. On your birthday, I saw you in my dream happy, you said goodbye and takecare in the dream, that you are going. I never knew this is the meaning of your goodbye, the next day you sleep in the Lord. You are so wonderful, easygoing, humble, fun to be with, you are a virtuous woman of God. I love u so much and i cant forget all your good legacy you leave behind. I believe God loves you more, because i keep asking myself 'why did you die now', but i strongly believe that God Almighty knows everything.Seeing you in my dream saying goodbye with joy and happiness signifies that you are happy to see your Creator. Rest in peace my good lovable Aunty, my adviser, all is well in Jesus name.Your good legacy never dies, knowing you is the best thing that happens to me. You live in my memory forever. God will take good care of your husband. Rest in the bosom of the Lord. Goodbye My Aunty Nike aya Amaiz Ojeikere. Sun re ooooooo
Posted by Adesola Alamutu on 11th October 2016
My dearest Adenike, Can't recall exactly when we met, because it seems like "we've known forever", using your common expression. However, I remember clearly meeting you at Terra Culture, V/I where we went separately for a literary evening, you wore a long skirt and blouse with a light blue headtie. We got introduced; we spoke; we clicked, the rest is history. Thereafter, we stuck together like 'White on Rice' as you became not just my bosom friend, but my sister - as Amaize used to say. We laughed, we cried, went for hospital visits, literary events together. We shared so many things; including clothes - your house was one of the very few places I could comfortably go to anytime of the day, or night and stay over for days. We also shared some uncommon and common things - Political Matters - we used to volunteer to monitor elections at Surulere polling booths; Environment Matters - you were passionate about cleaning the streets of Sabo area of Yaba and took me on several walks to see the filth that had accumilated in several places there ; Children Matters - you became my Technical Advisor at Children And The Environment,CATE and took several poetry sessions during our Green Festivals; Literary Matters - you became one of the frontrunners of the Women Writers of Nigeria and Association of Nigerian Authors (Lagos Branch); Health Matters - you joined in my advocacy for " a Greener and healthier lifestyle. We prayed together - for our families, our health, children, work, Nigeria, and everything in-between. I know you are resting in the bosom of your maker, but I miss you plenty, plenty!!!
Posted by Ijeoma Arguba on 11th October 2016
Regrettably I never met you Nike. Yet I knew that you were beautiful because it reflected on Amaize. Looking at your photographs I see a life well lived despite the battle that you had to fight. Your arms are laid down and you are at rest in your father's arms. Amaize my friend, there are no adequate words... The Lord will see you through.
Posted by Dom-jabronski Ajabor on 10th October 2016
'Nike, What can I say. You still owe me that visit to Port-Harcourt. We kept talking about it and you and hubby (Amaize) promised that very soon you would make the trip. We (my wife and I) still have your room all cleaned up and ready for your visit. Yeah, true that exigencies of work and other commitments had delayed the trip but....Oh 'Nike, I still find it sad that you've left without saying goodbye. Our hearts are heavy. Very heavy. But I know you have gone to the right place. I know you are at peace where you are. Rest in Peace!!!
Posted by Salma Uche-Okeke on 9th October 2016
All I know of you Adenike Ojeikere was through the eyes of your husband Amaize. And yet without so many words I got the picture of you. A perfect soulmate to Amaize; his other half; the woman that gave him pure unadulterated joy. So that even before I spoke to you ever I knew you to be a beautiful soul. Amaize had searched long and hard to find you Nike. And he will forever cherish your years together. His life has been so beautifully enriched because of you. In spite of the pain of your ill health. He thought to grow into a ripe old with you but it is not in how long but in how well life's race is run. Adenike you have run your life's race well to the end. We know that in your dark moments you took solace in the unconditional love of Amaize and your unwavering trust in God. We miss you dearly but you are finally free of pain Nike and that has to be our consolation. Sleep in perfect peace dear sister. And may your final dwelling place be in the highest of heaven. Ameen.
Posted by Adaora Otubelu on 9th October 2016
Nike, We did not meet, so my consolation is 1 Thessalonians 4. That we will meet again, for this is not the end. You have simply gone ahead of us, to your Father's rest. Until we meet, May God's peace and comfort be ours who you have left behind. Glory be to our God for the wonderful Gift that was you. Amen
Posted by Rukayat Giwa on 8th October 2016
My beloved sister Nike, life they say it's a stage.....you have done your part and you left as a very strong woman, full of faith, well God know why, we can't question him, I know you are in a better place, resting in his bossom though it's painful but what can we say? Rest in peace sister.
Posted by Seyi Onabajo on 8th October 2016
'' Aunty Nike, i still can not believe you are gone.......i would really miss your kindness, love and care. You treated me no less than your daughter,,,I remember our late nights of you helping me with my assignments.... you were my mentor in my course of study. Your steadfast faith and trust in God even in sickness have strengthened my faith in God, ....I have learnt life's lessons through your experience....I am convinced you are in God's bosom...continue to rest sweetly....Forever love you!!!
Posted by Omotolani Olusanya on 7th October 2016
Sleep on beloved, sleep and take thy rest; Lay down thy head upon the saviour's breast; We love thee well but Jesus loves thee best; Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight Even in death, you remain a blessing... RIP
Posted by Praise Jeremiah on 7th October 2016
You lived a life full of memories, you touched souls and catered for the needy through your attention. you fought a good fight and finished the race. you are a LEGEND. Rest In the bosom of the Living GOD.
Posted by Comfort Ukeje on 7th October 2016
A woman of God, beautiful soul, unique and outstanding, your intelligence unnerves me. I cant forget my first encounter with you, how you analyzed and proffer solutions to my worries was so amazing. You assured me you will pull through and I had faith that you will but God had other plans because HE loves you more, I was in church last Sunday and I looked back in a bid to perform our Sunday rituals (THE LEMON PLUS) and found your seat empty, it was then that reality set in. I will miss you greatly, rest on my beloved Sis, till we meet to part no more!!!
Posted by Chioma Adetuyi on 7th October 2016
Posted by Anthony Gideon on 6th October 2016
My teacher who touched the lives of her students in diverse ways . I have had special teachers who have touched me deeply and changed the course of my live, Ma you're among these special teachers This is a place to immortalize you and give you the recognition, honor and respect you far deserve. Enjoy the bosom of the Lord
Posted by Ebun Dayisi on 6th October 2016
Our loving Sister Nike Ojeikere, our PRO, The Chairperson – Alaka FWI District Rallly 2014 Planning Committee, very hard working and committed co-labourer in His vineyard….. adieu our Sis. Nike Ojeikere passed on to glory. You have gone ahead of us and we trust God to meet again at the feet of JESUS. This has gone to show that, life is just a walking dream, while death is going home. Loss always has a way of reminding us to live and love as greatly as we can. ….. But although we love Sis. Ojekere surely Jesus loves her most. We will miss you, we know that even in your little strength, you always put in effort to do your part in the work of the KINGDOM. Rest in the bossom of our Jesus Christ till we meet to part no more. Remember she loved us all, we should therefore not lose heart because we'll see her again, when we all reach that distant shore. Our prayers to her family are that the Almighty God will grant them the grace and fortitude to bear her absence and continue in the Christian race……in Jesus name. On behalf of the Alaka District FWI Executive Members Dcns. Dayisi Ebunoluwa Esther. President.
Posted by AFOLABI AFOLORUNSO on 6th October 2016
Posted by LekanBlessing Olofinlade on 5th October 2016
Sister Nike, Your journey through this part of eternity may truly be short but it has been an impactful one. Of a truth, you have ended your journey on earth but it is gladdening to note that you served your maker, ran your course and finished your race at His feet. Continue to rest in your maker, joyfully adorn your crown among the saints triumphant. Rest on dear sister, we will surely miss you but heaven deserve you more!
Posted by Princess Olofinlade on 5th October 2016
Dear Sister Nike, I thank God that I was privileged to have met and known you. It only hurts to know that you are not physically here anymore to fellowship with us. But as Paul would rightly say, to live is Christ and to die is gain (Phil. 1: 21); you are finally resting, free from all the distress and anguish of this sinful world. My dear, it is comforting to know that you are with your Lord and Master, Jesus. How can I forget your contributions to the singles fellowship in Church? Your infectious smile that delights the soul, your kindness and humbleness in all respect, your total commitments to the things of God in His vineyard? You can never be forgotten because your memory will continue to live on in our hearts. You are free from all pains now, rest on in the bosom of your dear Lord till we meet again to part no more at His glorious feet.
Posted by Adenike Ademola on 5th October 2016
Aunty Nike. I cannot believe you are gone. Who are we to question the lord. You are a great sister to me and name sake. When I first met you , you took me like your own blood sister. Whenever I was at the house to visit Adeola, you gave me words of advice that till today cannot forget. You are a real germ and I know you are in Heaven watching over us. Aunty Nike I love you but the lord loves you more. Continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Chisom Chukwuma on 5th October 2016
I really do not know how to start. Your face can never leave my heart. You smiled, laughed and shared a lot of jokes even while you were weak. You gave me courage and built up my faith about life even when I was supposed to encourage you. You were indeed a strong woman. Full of life and hopes. Very active in our intending couples classes even when you were weak. I cannot even fit into your shoes in that class. Sis Nike, your advice, inputs and efforts were tremendous. Always encouraging. We miss you at the intending couples class. I truly miss you so deeply sis Nike. Love you sis.
Posted by Ikeade Akisanmi on 5th October 2016
Nike; The news about your passing is completely devastating! As your second cousin, I didn't get to know you personally that much, but my oldest sister anti 'Depo always shares glowings tributes about your accomplishments. "And God will wipe away tears from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, no more pain" Rev 21 v. 4.....Rest on! dear cousin, rest on in the bosom of our Lord Jesus....till we meet again.....
Posted by Emmanuel Egwurube on 5th October 2016
Gallant soldier of the Lord!!! You fought a good fight and have finished the race gracefully. Even in ill health you showed resilience, faith and uncommon gallantry. I have no doubt in my mind that you are indeed right now in the bossom of our Lord and Saviour. I miss you. Rest on my dear sister until we meet again in heaven
Posted by Revolution Images on 5th October 2016
We still haven't come to terms with this shocking news, we ...don't even know what to say to you now but Our God whom we know and trust His judgments knows best why He allowed an angel to leave so soon. our thoughts have been with you and the entire family throughout this difficult period. May the good Lord console you all. May He give the strength to face this trying times!!!Our deepest sympathy!!!!
Posted by Olaotan Fawehinmi on 5th October 2016
She was always wearing "that smile" that says "hey, just hold on, e'erything's gonna be alright." She was my teacher in the intending couples class and she taught from the heart, the life she lived. The passion in her teachings revealed how much she wanted us all to enjoy our marriages like she enjoyed hers. During my wedding thanksgiving in Church, though frail, she still came out to rejoice with us. I got that soft tap on my back, I turned around, she gave "that smile" again... and a gentle wave. I guess that was the "goodbye"... Sleep Easy Sister Nike Ojeikere. May God rest your soul!
Posted by Jumoke Verissimo on 4th October 2016
I have finding the right words since I heard of your departure. I keep thinking you're there, travelled, silent on facebook but not gone forever. You make words difficult to write, but I trust God to help us understand this why your beautiful soul had to go. May you find peace in Jesus Christ, as you rest in peace. You will not be forgotten.
Posted by Eze Uchechukwu on 4th October 2016
Well, I deemed it necessary to write to you Bro Amaize sir, your kindness led me to be a partaker of all the goodness Sis Nike had in her. You see, your wife is a perfect being. I often wonder how she came to be. You gave your ALL to her, you are an amazing person;that is the meaning of your name. Sir, you're brave and really dedicated. God bless you for caring... Till death created a parting.
Posted by Eze Uchechukwu on 4th October 2016
Dear Sister Nike A priceless jewel. I don't have enough words to describe you. I knew you're a Christian because you treat everybody the same, with loads of respect, you have a kind word for everyone. I miss you. We can only come to you. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Omorenuwa Erhabor on 4th October 2016
Words fail me but say something I must. I met you early 80s and you were nice and friendly despite the gap between us. When you left FGGC I did not see you again until at an OGA meeting and you were still nice and friendly. I did not know then that you are married to Amaize until I read Wole Abu's post on FB a few minutes ago. You were married to my brother... double loss but i will quickly remind myself to mourn as a person with hope. Rest in peace, Senior Nike, as I first knew to call you. No more sorrows, no more pain. Amaize... It is well bro.
Posted by Info. Fotoojeikere on 4th October 2016
Dear Sister Nike, You truly have gone? It is so painful to lose a dear friend. Indeed you were just like a big sister. A true woman of God, a giver, good conversationalist. You fought gallantly with great determination and Faith until your last moment. I remember our last moments together, i fought back tears as it hurt badly to see you go through such pain. Sis Nike dear you are now resting in Peace in the bosom of our Lord! I will miss you dearly. Shalom!Olukemi Onabanjo
Posted by Olawale Adegboyega on 4th October 2016
My dear Sis Nike, Times like this, words are not adequate to convey the message of the heart. In the midst of the emotions and the heartaches and maybe heartbreaks, we must take our spiritual lessons from your extra ordinary life. Indeed, your life teaches that: We must remember our Creator in the days of our youth; we must put and leave Him at the center of our existence. Our lives must bless others by giving, loving and serving. God is Faithful and still hears our prayers but His ways and thoughts are far above our own. We must remain faithful to the Faith till the end, no matter what. God will be with us in life, He will be with us when the time comes that the best that our loved ones can do for us is to cover us up and leave us to ourselves; He will be there in the dark to be our Light and finally, He will be on the other side to welcome us into Himself Ps. 16:10-11. That the believer is blessed indeed because he or she gains either way according to Apostle Paul in Phil. 1:21. Whilst we pray for ourselves, we should care physically – God bless sister Lara Oniti and sister Kemi Oduwaye and their families. Sis Nike, I remember: Your beautiful voice in the Sanctuary Choir; as a singer, I picked that. That day you rendered Ewi in Oriki of our great God, I was moved to tears by the gift of the song you offered that day. Your testimonies about the unconditional love of your husband and his family, may God bless them. Your generosity, the gifts; that unique stainless steel fruits holder is still in my kitchen. How fast you speak, it is fast thinkers that talk that fast. Your professional write ups. Your wit and the sparkles in your eyes; the sparkles were there, throughout. Your dedication to the singles fellowship. The ‘’fellowship’’ after the house fellowship; talking and sharing peanuts, apples, bananas, malts; God bless daddy and mummy Amosun. How you came to church even with your last strength. You have taught me personally; just by the way you lived. As you join the choir in heaven, we are persuaded that we are sealed with His Spirit and we will not miss His appearing whether in rapture or in death. Our prayer is that God will heal the hearts of your husband, extended family, friends and we your brethren in Foursquare Gospel Church, Sabo; may He grant us length of days in peace, joy, strength and fulfillment of His purpose for our lives. Good night angel, you will be cherished forever. Lots of love from David & Olawale Adegboyega
Posted by Sis Egwurube on 4th October 2016
Even on your sick bed, you taught me how to trust the Lord the more, how to be calm even in pains. You were so kind and so loving. I cannot forget your love for the things of the Lord, especially when it relates to women and children. Even in the midst of your health challenges you still sponsored our FWI breakfast meetings and Mother’s day. Oh! how FWI longed to see you fully recovered, how we longed to dance with you in thanksgiving! All the same, my sweet sister, we will still dance together when we all meet in the presence of the Master. Sister Nike, I am so certain that you are resting at the bosom of our Lord and our Master. My sister rest on, you have finished your race, rest on Sister Nike, Rest, solider of the Lord. You will forever live in my heart. Love you always dearest sister
Posted by Biola Ogunfolabi on 4th October 2016
You are free from this world of sorrow and pain. Rest now sister Nike. Brother Amaize, the Adesuyis, take heart, the Lord will comfort you all, amen.
Posted by Juliet Adenuga on 4th October 2016
Beautiful inside out. Now at Peace.
Posted by Toni Daramola on 4th October 2016
Aunty Nike, I write with heavy heart, having to share a sunday school class with you gave me an opportunity to know you closely and i am amazed by your simplicity and unassuming nature, your love for God was truly contagious and depth of wisdom was liberating. I believe i speak for all your students when i say you're irreplaceable. You will be sorely missed. Till we meet at the master's feet. Rest in peace
Posted by Mary Olawoyin on 4th October 2016
Dear Sis Nike, though we met just once, i can't say that i knew you so well. Be that as it may, i'm convinced you must have been a very lovely person as attested to by Bro Amaize and even Bro Ehiz. May you rest peacefully in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Adeyinka Abodunrin on 4th October 2016
I write this with great sadness over the unimaginable loss of a good Sister. She fought a brave and strong. This beautiful woman, inside and out, was a wonderful sister to me, supporting me and my other colleagues with her gentle and caring nature. One of her beliefs in life was the importance of being authentic with people, saying what needs to be said because it’s good for the relationship and for the soul. Unfinished business causes pain and having peace is essential for a healthy and joyful life. Also, I always admired how she never judged or forced her opinions on anyone, but offered valuable and truthful advice that I will surely miss. Aunty Nike was loving and real. She was a wonderful woman to everyone. Her beautiful spirit will live on through her legacy. I love Aunty Nike but God loves you most. Adeyinka Abodunrin (WorkStation)
Posted by Festus Ibidunmoye on 4th October 2016
DEAR SISTER ADENIKE ADEBUKOLA OJIEKERE Can we believe what others say of a better place, Where our beloved ones rest in God's warm embrace? I should be happy you're free of pain and sorrow, And rejoice that you'll always have tomorrow. How can I then be so heartbroken and selfishly cry, Return to me from that peaceful place where you lie!" Now I look down at your name on a cold hard stone That says little of the loving light you have shone; It tells nothing of the wonderful person you were, And only serves to remind me of the painful loss I endure; But I know your kind soul wants no tears or pain, Instead you'd want warm memories and love to remain. Although I cry and stand grief-stricken by your grave, I promise not to forget the loving memories you gave; But still I miss you so very much my sister dear, And your caring words I once again long to hear; My heart's only solace is one day I will see you as before, Beckoning me to come join you on that white distant shore. I believed that you're with the LORD, Rejoicing, Resting and we shall see you later. we missed you. R I P
Posted by Omolola Ezeifeoma on 4th October 2016
wow. hmm short of Words but we trust in God to comfort us all. I looked forward to your recovery but alas we trust God in all because you truly belonged to Him. Thank you for being sweet and showing us all an example of how to truly live. I remember you singing at the Carol last year, you wore a red top, you sang to your maker, now you sing right in His presence with the celestial. we have not lost you, you have only gone ahead of us. Thank you for reaching out while planning for Christmas las year, i remember. our last conversation said we will be celebrating in December...... Glory to God for His ways are not our they are better so we know you are in a better place, no pain, no sorrow. We miss you Physical presence but we know death is Gain. You Gained. We trust God for Every loved one left behind, His Grace will be more than sufficient.

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