Let the memory of Grace be with us forever as she rests with the lord
  • 58 years old
  • Born on May 7, 1957 in Kumba, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on April 30, 2016 in Olney, Maryland, United States.

The Ntoko royal family extend their sincere gratitude to you all for supporting them with prayers and touching words for this great loss 

Posted by Alexander Ajebe on 16th June 2016
I Love You, My Dearest Auntie, I’m so proud of you It’s hard to believe that you’re gone But your loving spirit is still strong I’ll always remember your beautiful face As it shines and glitters all over the place God now has you in his hands As your spirit is flowing like the sand We all know your love remains But life without you just isn’t the same All the doves are releasing their sorrow But your amazing song lives past tomorrow We all know you’re flying with the angels above But all we want to do is give you our love As your song involves your sweet sound Your eyes shine all year round To me there never will be another you, but you’re not just my Aunt You’re my second mother, too You’re not just an Aunt, but an amazing friend So sleep well, my Auntie, I promise we’ll all see you AGAIN Your Niece Muto Mesinze Ndanga
Posted by Alexander Ajebe on 16th June 2016
Goodbye, Auntie Bye Auntie. I hope you see the Lord. I’m sorry for what happened to you, but you’ll be there for us in spirit. I know you will. I wished that I could have seen you one more time, but we’ll see you again someday. I remember the days when mommy and daddy wouldn’t let us stay at home and we’d stay at your place. We’d fall asleep soon afterwards, and wake up early and stuff. We had so much fun together, and I loved you like I did mom. You are in a better place now. No more suffering, no more pain, only relief. I’m happy for that. Goodbye, Auntie. Your Nephew Mosima Ndanga

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