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  • Passed away on March 12, 2016 .

Celebration of Alec's Life

There will be a celebration of Alec's life on Wednesday 30th March at 12pm at West Row Baptist Chapel - it would be lovely to see you if you are able to make it. Burial service to take place prior to the celebration at 11am at Mildenhall Cemetery.

Any questions please feel free to contact Michelle

West Row Baptist Church, Chapel Road, West Row, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 8PA

Posted by Derek Adamson on 21st April 2016
R.I.P. dear friend
Posted by Paul Hooper on 8th April 2016
I remember well the times that I used to visit Alec at the shop in South Croydon and spend many a happy morning or afternoon buying slides and chatting with him. Some great memories. Alec, you will be missed. RIP mate.
Posted by Richard Dowers on 6th April 2016
One of my first memories of Post was round the back of Cambrai waiting for daylight to break. We’d caught the midnight ferry from Dover and had put the tents up in the field opposite the base. We were all woken up by the sound of a Mirage IV departing but at the same time a very heavy hailstorm started with extremely large hail. As we all fell out of the tent needless to say the largest piece of hail hit Post on the back. That was the story for the rest of the trip, telling everyone he met just how large the hail was, which actually got bigger as the weekend progressed and the story was re-told. It was a pleasure knowing you Alec and your memories will live with me forever. God Bless and R.I.P my friend.
Posted by Alex Staruszkiewicz on 5th April 2016
I have particularly good memories on Alec - Our hearts go out to his family and friends at the loss of this great man.
Posted by Massimo Pregnolato on 4th April 2016
My first contact with Alec was a lot of years ago when I bought some slides from his paper lists, then with the new websites system I bought some others and Alec was always very helpful and punctual but especially "friendly". I'm very sad. R.I.P. Alec, and God Bless.
Posted by Peter Foster on 30th March 2016
There will be tales and tales of trips with Post some we can repeat and some perhaps left unsiad. He was certainly an inspiration and I probably would not have undertaken early trips to Brazil, Taiwan and South Korea had it not been for him. Then of course there was the trip to Cechoslvakia in 1990. The first air show open to the west at Protejov. Myself. CJ, Post and a fourth person who escapes my memory set off for this in I think Postie's Grenada. Upon arrival at the Cech/German border post announces he had ommitted to get a visa! He was of course politely told to find away around this or have a nice time in Germany whilst we took his car! Eventually he convinced the border guards that we were in transit so they gave him a transit visa. Alas on the way back through the same crossing we met the same guard. At one point it looked as though another trip across Cechoslovakia was on the cards so that we could exit the country at another location. Then a wallet appeared, a brief handshake and we were on our way. A laconic, "Well, thats solved" was the only comment. Never a dull moment when away with post. R.I.P old friend.
Posted by Chris Pocock on 25th March 2016
I also remember that blue Ford Poplar, and the punishment it took. Postie and I were very different types, but I did manage to survive two weeks touring airbases in the Northeastern US with him in 1972 - just the two of us. "Larger than Life" is indeed an apt description. Respecting his religious beliefs, I hope he is now where he wished to be.
Posted by Gem King on 21st March 2016
In so many of my childhood memories Postie plays such a big part; often supported by a Spam sandwich and that blue and white mug of tea. I have smiled at memories this week, of hiding behind him with huge ear defenders on as a Vulcan took off, climbing the mound at Mildenhall, racing across Europe to make that last ferry home and looking forward to Pa getting back from a trip they'd been on together and hearing tales of far off lands. Great memories that are treasured. You will be very much missed by us all. Gem x
Posted by Philip Henden on 21st March 2016
Sorry to hear Alec's passing I was going through South Croydon a few weeks ago and not seeing Alec for some years I suddenly remembered the great days in his shed at the bottom of the Garden and the slides lots of them great memories made all the more better by the man and his sheer enthusiasm for the subject.
Posted by Jean-louis Bleneau on 20th March 2016
The aviation community is loosing a friend. Many of us did improve their slide library with Alec. Blue skies forever my friend.
Posted by Cheryl Sheridan on 17th March 2016
Jason and I will remember Alec's kindness and hospitality when we lived in England. We had lively discussions about the Bible and enjoyed the fellowship with him and his whole famy. Jason and I were blessedly call h our friend. I will see you in Heaven!!
Posted by Grace Gadzama on 17th March 2016
Ever so sorry to hear this. I just informed my parents Kathleen and Daniel Gula who live in Nigeria. They send their love and were blessed to know him and have him as a prayer partner and also enjoy fellowship at Carey conference. Please accept our sympathy and may the Lord comfort you all as a family. He is resting with the Lord and one day we will meet at the Lords feet. Remain blessed.
Posted by Michelle Webb on 17th March 2016
Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to share your memories of our Dad. We are have a celebration of Dad's life at 12 midday at West Row Baptist Chapel, West Row on Wednesday 30th March be lovely to see you if you are able to make it. Burial service with take place at 11am at Mildenhall Cemetary. Any question please feel free to contact me Michelle
Posted by Alan Macey on 16th March 2016
Where do you start with that guy! I could never forget the trips around the UK, Europe and the States in the 70's. Of practicing hand brake turns in his For Poplar in a field round the back of Heyford until the exhaust pipe fell off. Of course he had to continue to Alconbury and the Hall and insisted we store the exhaust pipe between us on the back seat in case we got stopped by the Police.. Describing someone as larger than life is an overused cliché. But in Alec's case it is spot on. R.I.P.
Posted by Tom Singfield on 16th March 2016
I am shocked at Postie's passing, very sad news. I spent so many hours out the back of the shop in Croydon rummaging through slides. I recall he drove very fast and after an airshow I helped at, Yeovilton? the oil warning light came on in his Escort? It was a high spec model. We looked in the engine and shrugged our shoulders, set off for Croydon at high speed and got home with a totally wrecked engine! Certainly one of a kind. RIP. I have many MILSLIDES slides in my collection - happy days.
Posted by Mike Wilson on 15th March 2016
I have corresponded with Alec for several years about airplanes and church. I am at a loss with his passing. Fair Winds and Following Seas, friend. you are in God's company now.
Posted by Claudio Carretta on 15th March 2016
I have no words, I'm very sad. RIP
Posted by Mike King on 15th March 2016
The days of playing football on the green at Gatwick as pistons came and went and watching in amazement as Roger arrived in an old car of dubious vintage with an opening front windscreen and skidded to a halt as the front wheel fell off.Just one of many many fun moments enjoyed with Al in many different countrys. We will all miss you post. I know the journey you are on now mate is the most important to you. God Bless. Mick.
Posted by Adrian Balch on 15th March 2016
I have also known Alec for some 40 years, so his passing is a sad loss to the aviation community. He endeared me to his larger-than-life character.His passion for aircraft slides was unbounded and I occasionally helped him on his stall at air shows and was helping him with his slide listings on E. Bay on the very day he departed. At some stage he became very religious, so hope God is taking care of him now. RIP Alec.
Posted by George Van Der Schoor on 15th March 2016
early on I bought a number of slides from Alec, before all the current websites were available, just ordering from a list. Alec was always very helpful and I enjoyed the e-mails, conversation we had. You will be greatly missed my friend R.I.P.
Posted by Graham Wickens on 15th March 2016
The only person I know who went to an airshow in shorts, t-shirt and slippers! Rest in peace old friend
Posted by Robbie Shaw on 15th March 2016
A long time friend. Know Alec for over 40 years. Remember him putting me up for the night in Redhill when I bummed a ride from Wildenrath to Northolt to pick up a car. Who can forget some of the trips we did to places like Brazil, China, Japan and Taiwan. He certainly was a larger than life character who loved a good laugh. I still chuckle at some of his / our escapades. Like Recife in Brazil. Staying on base we were invited to use the Mess swimming pool. He didn't have a swimming costume with him but, as there was nobody else around he said 'sod it' and went 'au natural'. You will be missed 'Postie'. Robbie
Posted by Martin Fenner on 15th March 2016
Thanks for all the kind words, encouragement and assistance with my aviation slide collection Alec. The shots taken by or supplied by you will remain cherished within my collection. RIP and forever blue skies.........
Posted by PETE SMITH on 15th March 2016
The '3 Gear Wonder' 70RPL (from memory), many a weekend spent in the Fens/France etc., hurtling around, leaving Redhill in the early hours after Alec managed to escape another night shift at the Post Office, off to Heyford/Hall/Bentwaters etc., via Shawbury/Kemble on one occasion to check what was outside, amazing hilarious trips, never forgotten. Was there when 70RPL expired in a cloud of steam at Six Mile Bottom whilst hurtling down the old A11, on a Saturday night, Alec had his best suit in the boot for the Postmen's ball he was attending that evening, we were running late off course, another 'number' had pitched up at the Hall, which had to be got-great times/great memories......RIP

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