Keeping our memories of our beautiful daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter and best friend, Alero. We love you endlessly, so very much.
  • 10 years old
  • Born on August 24, 1995 in United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on December 22, 2005 in United Kingdom.

I created this memorial page for our beautiful angel, Alero Samuel Onyugo 10 years old, born on August 24, 1995 and passed away on December 22, 2005. Alero was a loving, kind and an overall beautiful soul who filled her family and friends with happiness.
We will remember Alero forever, and although she is in heaven now, she lives on in our memories and heart. We love you, forever. 

Posted by Sophie Spear on September 1, 2019
Hi Alero my beautiful angel,

Happy belated Birthday! Im so sorry this message is late, I hope you had the most amazing birthday in heaven and got all of the chocolate fudge cake you could eat! I can’t believe you are 24 ... its scary how old we are getting, how did we age so fast?! Is there a pause button?

I miss you so much Alero, you mean everything to me. I love you more than you could even imagine, my amazing best friend. I wish I could have spent your birthday with you, celebrating and making memories with you. It hurts knowing ill never get to sing happy birthday to you again, or to watch your face as you open your birthday cards and gifts. You deserve the world and more, I wish I could give it to you. I love you, so so so much. So much.

You’re in my thoughts 24/7, and always in my heart. Just know that if I dont message for a while ot theres long periods between them it doesn’teanbiv forgotten you, I never would you’re my number one! It’s hard Alero, it’s hard for me to put into words how I feel because it makes the grief all that more real. You’re in my dreams sweet angel. You’re with me and that’s all that matters, you’ll always ALWAYS be a part of me and I will love and cherish you forever.

Please continue to look over us all, to guide us. We love you endlessly and miss you beyond belief.

I love you Alero, xxx
Posted by Sophie Spear on June 17, 2019
Hi Alero,
What have you been up to in the stars? I finished my degree on Friday. I have to wait for my results until next month. But how crazy is that? When did I get so old? Haha.
I wish you were here to celebrate with me. I went to Byron Burgers you would have loved it there.
I miss you so very much. I love you millions and millions.
Your bff,
Posted by Sophie Spear on May 6, 2019
Hey Alero,
I hope you are having fun in heaven. Please look after my Missi. I love you thank you bestie xx
Posted by Sophie Spear on May 2, 2019
Alero, my angel. Please look after my Missi until I can join you both. I love you. Give her the biggest hugs from me. tell her I love her.
Posted by Sophie Spear on May 1, 2019
Hi Alero,
Sadly not a positive happy message today. My Missi passed away today, she was everything to me. She helped me get through losing you, she’s the only reason I did get through it. Please look after her for me until its my time to join you all, give her all the cuddles in the universe. Tell her i love her and im sorry i didnt make it to her in time.
I love you both so much.
Sophie x
Posted by Sophie Spear on April 21, 2019
2019. I will be graduating uni in July, its crazy. How has time gone by so quickly? I wish you were here, I wish you could have chased your dreams like I am. You had the world at your feet, you would have achieved your goals and more! I will succeed in what I do, because I have you to guide me. I am forever thankful for you, Alero. I wont give up. I promise you. Xx
Posted by Sophie Spear on April 21, 2019
I see you in the stars,
Lighting the night sky.
You’re an everlasting brightness,
You appear every night.
Dancing amongst the clounds,
Illuminating our lives.
Still brining us the beauty,
That you always had inside.
Reminding us of your presence,
Your everlasting guidance.
The worlds most beautiful angel,
Our beloved, princess Alero.
Posted by Sophie Spear on April 21, 2019
Happy Easter my beautiful angel. Love you endlessly bestie.
Posted by Sophie Spear on March 28, 2019
I love you.
Posted by Sophie Spear on March 26, 2019
Had a Mars milkshake today, always makes me think of you, you loved them. I miss you my beautiful friend, more than words could ever depict. I also miss everything we didnt get to experience and enjoy together. I bet you would have loved One Direction as much as me (or maybe not because i loved them on a whole new level, it was a crazy time). You would have loved the film Love Rosie, and i feel like we would be trying and failing to rap Cardi B’s new songs like we did with the black eyed peas lol!
I love you so much Alero, my amazing best friend.
Posted by Sophie Spear on March 19, 2019
Hey Alero, just to say I love you and I miss you.
Sophie xx
Posted by Sophie Spear on March 16, 2019
I love you, i love you, i love you
Posted by Sophie Spear on March 16, 2019
I miss you so much Alero. I miss hearing your laugh and your beautifully contagious smile. I wish I could hug you, I can’t sleep I just miss you too much. Keep thinking of our amazing memories. Love you so much
Posted by Sophie Spear on February 24, 2019
The most beautiful angel, Alero.
I miss you more and more every day, you are loved so very very much. I wish beyond anything to be able to see your smile and hear that laugh, which could brighten even the dullest of days. I was truly blessed to have someone as amazing as you in my life and I thank the heavens on a daily basis for our time together.
I will love you and miss you always my beautiful best friend.

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