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Shared by SHARON STONER on 25th January 2019


Although I will not be attending Aunt Alice's service tomorrow, my thoughts will be with all of you.
Living miles apart separates families and Facebook has been so instrumental in keeping me close to all of you.  We have lost so many loved ones, but even though years and distance came between us, I never forgot the fond memories I shared with each and every one of you and those who are no longer with us. 
Saying goodbye is so hard, and although Aunt Alice had a long and fulfilled life, we never wanted to let go of her.
My thoughts are especially with all of her daughters, and Lisa, I am so thankful that God gave you that window to find her.  It was bittersweet for us to learn of a secret she carried alone all those years, and knowing she left with peace in her heart.  I can only imagine what she endured all those years, but such a blessing in the end.
I was so thankful that Sean brought her to the family reunion in TN.  I was so excited she was in the other half of the cabin, and got to visit with her alone.
Once I went to see her in Dayton and she was having a yard sale.
She had a serving plate that looked like leafs of lettuce.  I told her I wanted to buy it and she said it was not for sale, smiled and said for me to take it.  I've had it for years and think of her everytime I use it.   It will never make it in one of my yard sales.
I'm sorry I will miss being there tomorrow, hearing stories, sharing in the family being together, the hugs and tears.
But I will be there in heart and spirit and send my love.
We have a big beautiful family and through the years in happiness and our sorrows, we never forget that we are the children of the Hehls.  How lucky we were to have them as parents, aunts and uncles.
I will miss her...I loved her smile, I loved her tenderness, I loved her.
Sending my love,


Shared by SHARON STONER on 24th January 2019

One of our great adventures together was a cruise to Alaska.  Mom, Terry and I shared an outside cabin with a patio.  We took a train trip on the White-Yukon Railroad and it was the first time that Mom had left the United States.  The cruise was her 80th birthday present from her CA family and she absolutely loved it.  We docked in Vancouver and Samantha picked us up.  We even stopped at a yard sale in Canada.  One of our many exciting adventures together.  She was always up for an adventure. 

Saving Lt. Camarena

Shared by Bob Camarena on 23rd January 2019

In 1970 I was assigned to Wright-Patterson AFB as a young, brand-new Air Force 2nd Lieutenant.  One of the first projects I was assigned to do on my own was a work-flow improvement study at the Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory where Alice worked.  She "took me under her wing" and guided me through the process, advising me on the somewhat difficult personalities within the unit I was to study.  Her involvement was key to my development as a young officer.

When I first met Alice, one of the things she did was tell me about her daughters, whose photos were on her desk.  Little did I know that, some many months later, she would introduce me to her beautiful daughter, Kathy, who became my wife in November of 1972.  Thanks, Alice, for Kathy and my wonderful daughter, Samantha.


Shared by Family Trnka on 22nd January 2019

While helping make quilts for kids, Mom would tell about the time she and Jack spent the night at her Grandma Price's. 

It was still daylight when they had to go to bed, so she and Jack wisely spent their time untying all the knots in the bed quilt. Grandma Price was not pleased....

This is one of the reasons we thought a "knot-in" for the teachers of Paradise would be an appropriate tribute to her.

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