Let the memory of Amany be with us forever.

Amany Morgan, born February 15th, 1969, of Montreal, QC, passed away peacefully Wednesday, January 9th, 2019. Born in Cairo, Egypt, she was the eldest daughter of the late Soad and Rateb Morgan. Amany is survived by her husband of 25 years, Mamdouh Louis, her son Emanuel Louis, her sister Ingy Morgan (Nunzio Colannino, Abigail Colannino), her brother Andre Morgan (Nermeen Soliman, Martin Morgan), her sister in law Amira Louis, her parents in law Hoda and Saeed Louis, her uncle Samir Yassa (Kawsar Wassef) and their family, her aunt Samiha Khalil and her family, her aunt Samira Rostom (Heshmat Zaki) and their family, and her dear friend Suzette Antony. Predeceased by her aunt Samia Rostom (who is survived by her family).

Amany graduated from Ain Shams University in Cairo with a Bachelor of Science in Control Engineering, (Electrical Engineering with a specialty in Computer Systems and Automation Control). She worked in mechanical and industrial engineering for 28 years. Early in her career, she was Partner and Vice President of Process and Integration at Axium Inc. She then worked as Strategic National Account Manager, Senior Engineering Manager, and Plant Manager at Schneider Electric. Most recently, she was General Manager of Velan Inc. She was often praised for her leadership and collaborative management style.

Amany was a person of great faith and a member of the Coptic Orthodox Church. A devoted mother and wife, she was immensely proud of her son, Emanuel, a graduate of College Charlemagne, a gifted student and musician, who has her kind heart. She and her husband, Mamdouh, who was her best friend and partner not only in life but in work, adored each other. Their marriage was strengthened with each passing year and challenge. Above all, Amany valued family. Of particular importance to her was her relationship with her sister, Ingy and brother, Andre.  

Those who knew her know that Amany was quick to laugh and slow to judge. She met the challenge of her illness with spiritual strength and trust in God. She was a remarkable woman, and will be dearly missed. 

Last goodbyes and condolences will be held Friday, January 11th, 2019, 7 pm to 9 pm at Voluntas Funeral Home (4695 Boul. St-Jean, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, H9H 2A7).

Funeral/Celebration of Life will be held Saturday, January 12th, 2019, at 12 PM at the St-George St-Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church (17400 Boul. Pierrefonds, Montreal, H9J 2V4) followed by:

The burial at the St-Geneviève Cemetary (20176 Boul. Gouin O, Montreal, H9K 1B6). 

Amany has requested all in attendance come with her spirit of joy and gratidude. 

Special thanks to the medical staff of McGill University Health Centre for their diligent care.

In lieu of flower, donations can be made to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Posted by Nevine Barsoum on January 11, 2019
مفيش كلام يوصف جرح فراقك يا أماني يا...
انت كنت دايما الأخت و الصاحبة الجدعة اللي تشجع و تحتوي و تفرح و تتفاني...
بعد سفرك للسما اكتشفت إنك أجمل و أجمل كمان...
كل اللي يعرفك و حتي اللي مش عارفك صعبان عليه فراقك...
ربنا يعزينا و يعزي حبايبك ممدوح و مانو و يصبرهم علي فراقك و يديهم عزاء مقدار غلاوتك...
بحبك قوي...
Posted by Mervvat Tamer on January 11, 2019
لتكن مشيئتك يا رب تعزيات السماء لنا جميعا مبروك عليكى السماء حبيبتى انعمى بالافراح السماويه و اطلبى و تشفعى لنا عند رب المجد ليسكب تعزياته فى قلوبنا جميعا و بالأخص ممدوح و مانو ربنا يكون معاهم و يقويهم و يقوينا على فراقك حبيبتى صحيح انا و انت افترقنا منذ أيام دراسه الجامعه بس كان عندى امل انى اشوفك لكن انت استعجلتى و سبقتينا إلى الملكوت صلى لكى يعيننا الله كما اعانك ارتاحى و انعمى بالفردوس
Posted by Rose Reda on January 11, 2019
اماني حبيبتي الانسانه الجميله احلي ذكريات معاكي و مع اسرتك... جاهدت الجهاد الحسن و اكملت السعي و اخيراً وضع لك اكليل البر.... الله يرحمك حبيبتي و تعزيات السماء لكل الاسره و كل اصحابك و ربنا يعطي الصبر و السلام للكل
Posted by Lourdes Albarran on January 11, 2019
I am truly sorry to hear of the loss of Amany. She was such a great and generous person. It is hard to believe that she is no longer with us. I will pray to the Lord to give her family the much-needed comfort and peace during this difficult time, my condolences to her family.
Posted by Jina Ina on January 11, 2019
كبخار مضمحل عمرنا      مثل برق سوف يمضي مثل ومض
"جاهدت الجهاد الحسن أكملت السعي حفظت الايمان"
قد رأى الله ان محبتك قد كملت و رسالتك أتممتها بكل جد و اخلاص كما تعودتي . تعزيات السماء لكل أسرتك و محبيكي و أصدقاءك و كل من عرفك   جانيت
Posted by Jina Ina on January 11, 2019
Cette terrible nouvelle m'a touchée au plus profond de moi.
Je suis près de toi par la pensée.pas assez de mots pour dire toute ma peine et ma tristesse.En ces moments de disparition, il faut laisser du temps pour que les bons souvenirs reviennent et apaisent les souffrances.
Toujours tu as été une bonne et belle amie qui savait bien soutenir ses proches et amis . Maintenant , tu es dans une meilleure place où tu peux nous soutenir tous . Prie pour nous chérie. Jeannette
Posted by Amira Louis on January 11, 2019
كل حاجه فيكى كانت مميزه الله ينيح نفسك يا حبيبتى و يقوينا على فقدانك مصابنا كبير و أليم لكن عزاءنا أنك روحتى لموضع الراحة الله ينيح نفسك و يصبرنا

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