The fruit bat

Shared by Dawn Jackson on May 4, 2016

I lived next door to my cousin in a big duplex and one day she calls me up and is yelling for me to come over and to hurry....I was actually in the shower and told her I'd b a min...well in the shower I could hear all this banging and obviously SOMETHING was going on so I rushed the shower and ran over there to find Amy and our good friend Keely cate out of breath and Amy has a broom upside down in her hand she tells me to go on in the next room so I could c wat I thought the creature was they were so scared of....I looked FOR A MIN for whatever it was and couldn't c way their problem was THEN all sudden this HUGE( ok it wasn't but to me it was) BAT swooping down at me!!! I ran in where they had the weapons and Amy starts swatting again only this time its not giving wants ME.Keely calls animal control while I'm running around freaking and amys trying to help...Keely says its most likely a fruit bat and then I realize what the problem was is my fruity smelling shampoo since had wet hair still and so I voiced that opinion...and was telling to cover my head....Amy stops and starts dying laughing BC OK so yes I am BLOND but I really thought a fruit bat would eat fruity stuff....I dreamed about this last night and in my dream it had rabies!!!! Idk y out of all the stories I have that this has to b the first but if I dreamed of her protecting me than I think maybe she was trying to let me know that she still is.....

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