Let the memory of Andre be with us forever.
  • 36 years old
  • Born on February 12, 1982 in Oaklamd, California, United States.
  • Passed away on January 6, 2019 in Portland, Oregon, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Andre Gladen 36 years old , born on February 12, 1982 and passed away on January 6, 2019. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Donna Gray on August 3, 2019
I miss you so, bro. There's not a day i dont think of you. Wish you were still here.
Posted by Donna Gray on July 13, 2019
Hey bro, i miss you so much. Today is july 12 we're out camping at lake camancha wishing you were here.
Posted by Donna Gray on July 7, 2019
I love you Dre
Six months since you've been gone. Our lives will never be the same
Posted by Donna Gray on June 30, 2019
Hey bro out with my babe at the flea market. And riding around for a mintirle to get out the house.
I love you bro
Posted by Donna Gray on June 29, 2019
Morning Bro, I love you.
We miss you so much nothing's the same without you
Posted by Donna Gray on June 16, 2019
Happy Father's Day Dre
I love you so much the greatest gift would be to celebrate with you. Unfortunately, physically it isn't possible so you'll remain in my heart and celebrate you in spirit.
Posted by Donna Gray on May 24, 2019
Love you Dre
Posted by Donna Gray on May 4, 2019
I wont stop. Because i love you.
Posted by Donna Gray on March 23, 2019
Morning bro i love you
Posted by Donna Gray on March 20, 2019
Morning, Bro.
Yesterday Rekenya Marquis Kenneth and Myself went to go put up signs with your name over the ramps and overpasses. We trying our best to get Sacramento onboard but to know how that goes. Wish we disnt have to do any of this and you were still here of course. I miss you so dang much bro really majority of my hearts pain cant be expressed.
Posted by Donna Gray on March 17, 2019
Bro im just getting up . I love you
Posted by Donna Gray on March 17, 2019
I love you with my whole heart. Ill never let go, you will forever be in my thoughts ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Posted by Donna Gray on March 16, 2019
I love you taking Boobie and Jariah to The movies
Posted by Donna Gray on March 12, 2019
I love you bro..!! Theres no other way to put it. Told told rekenya and Jakara I was your favorite. Bahah....!!! They laught i was just kiddin. I miss to like crazy dude we're planning on going ro Portland on the 6th for the vigil. Still havent quit excepted the facts but i have know choice i wish you where here. We laught alil hard for alot lo ger longer i miss you big bro.
Posted by Donna Gray on March 7, 2019
I love you so much bro. Goodnight
Posted by Donna Gray on March 6, 2019
Morning Bro. Just looking at this sometimes I still can't believe it. Well I do but this shit ain't right by any means I miss you tremendously words are barely enough to describe it. Today me and quis are driving down to Oakland to get my dad's birth certificate w/ twins this is going to be interesting. I miss you Dre so much dude
Posted by Tawlanda Martin on March 3, 2019
Good morning Dre. Today we are taking the kids them to the snow. Something you always talked about doing as a family. I know you would be having a ball. What has happened to our family sure has changed us all. The devastating news has drawn us much closer together and although we get into it sometimes i know its apart of the grieving stages we go through. We love you Dre and miss you so much.. Wish you could be here with us..
Posted by Donna Gray on March 3, 2019
Hello Dre , Good Morning Brother
we going to the snow today with the kids (yo babies) and take some pictures.
I love and miss you so much bro.
Posted by Donna Gray on March 3, 2019
Hey Bro couldn't sleep know more. Polina and Zharia out here sleepin in mom's bed tomorrow we're all getting your going to the snow taking the kids. It should be alot of fun. We all miss you very much ❤️ I believe you brought everyone alittle closer. Man I miss you bro. I'm sittin in the living room now. It 3-2-19 @ 2:49am. I'm not 100% sure how to feel anymore but angry is my first accessible feelin than maddness and mayham I guess I do know how to feel. Marquis and I drove to the s. Area tonight for the S. Clark protest of we we're standin in support of him and his family but the objective was to get your name out the as well.
I'll ride til there's know wheels
Posted by Donna Gray on March 2, 2019
I Love you xoxoxo ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Donna Gray on February 28, 2019
Hey bro hammah, I miss yo ass something tuff. Did have a good day today. Just in deep thought about everything how he stole you from us and the system support he them they asses. We'll continue to push thru as I said because we fighting to the bitter end. Amir misses you Polina especially it's sad she didn't know you had her heart the way you did. She's always loved you bro you know that. Shit I don't think she really knew how much until now. But you know how that goes.
Anyways I'll caught you in my dreams one night maybe you can teach me to fly.
Posted by Donna Gray on February 28, 2019
Morning Dre, I love were still Fighting for you, you wouldn't believe the story's they come up with Fonte misses you like crazy well we all do. But you know what I mean.
Amir has his moments we trying to maintain and get thru.
You'll never be forgotten I love and miss you so much.
Posted by Donna Gray on February 27, 2019
I love you Dre, Good night . Put in a good word for me up there.
Posted by Donna Gray on February 26, 2019
I love you ❤️❤️
Posted by Donna Gray on February 21, 2019
Hey bro, we Marquis Rekenya. Mom and Kenneth and me are going down to Portland to represent you and your life. We received a call saying the officer will not have charge pressed against him for his wrong doing but I knew that would happen it's just the world we live in today. I won't fail you bro. I promise what was done to you we can't reverse good know if I could I would. Bit we can stand to make sure your Wolfpack won't suffer you same fate. I loved/love you with my whole heart you know in life there was nothing I wouldn't have done for you. Now we have to fight this fight together as Family in your name. We meet some awesome group of folks will to stand beside us in this fight their super genuine. Your sister loves you beyond the measures.
Posted by Donna Gray on February 19, 2019
Here Brother, I know if the you was on the other foot, you would have been out there on the pavement wilden out for one of us.
I just love and miss you so much bro. It's so many people suffering from the same thing you endured well their families. This stuff ain't right Bro I'll fight this fight to my last breath. I could think so at least 100 moments I'd trade just to be able to say bye. Although bye is the last thing I'd ever wanna say to my brothers any of you.
I hate that your gone I hate that you left us. I know it wasn't your choice but in was postta be there for you til the end like we always said no matter what.
I'd live in honor of you, but I'll die fight to you too. That's truth.
I love you, Black
Posted by Donna Gray on February 17, 2019
Hey, Bro

I missed bro yesterday I left the phone in the car. So I wasn't able to write. Im just doing anything I can think of right now to get justice for you
I love you.
Posted by Donna Gray on February 15, 2019
I need to hear from you bro.
Posted by Donna Gray on February 14, 2019
I love you so much bro, Happy Love Day.
Until I see you again.
Posted by Donna Gray on February 13, 2019
I really miss you bro...!!!!!
Not a day goes by I'm not thinking of you
Posted by Donna Gray on February 13, 2019
Hey Dre, it's pouring cats in dogs outside right now. It's 6:37 Wednesday the day after your birthday. You know what I was thinking yesterday we call ourselves having a birthday party for you without you being physically present. And look who shows up to the party. Andre C. Gladen. That's crazy bro like y'all ain't having no party without me. I thought that was hella cool.
I can't be there the whole time I'm sorry Amirre was hot. Gotta make it up to him so.
I love you bro
Posted by Donna Gray on February 12, 2019
I love you Brother, as selfish as I am I wish you were here with us. Happy birthday .
Posted by Donna Gray on February 10, 2019
Hey Bro, I love you we here at Applebee's on Arden with Polina, Zharia, Alayjah, Citas Lamar, Amirre, Kenneth,Rekenya, Mom Jakara, Marquis, Tawlanda. Enjoy the night in the name of JUSTICE4DRE
Posted by Donna Gray on February 10, 2019
I love you so much and I'm so sad that your gone it's going to take me a while to except that you're gone I know that you're in a better place I'll see you soon.

Amirre Perkins
Posted by Donna Gray on February 9, 2019
Here bro, I obviously thought about you yesterday, having conversations with you in my mind doesn't quit work out to well. Any who I miss the hell outta you bro. I suppose I better stop saying in tried of this world before God takes me without me being able to the justice we're fighting for on your behalf and the other families. I'm sad your not here I always wanted the best for you by any means necessary but not in million year was that one of the ways I'd amagine you received the heavenly glory. Nothing in the world couldve prepared me for this one. We weren't of the same minds but we always linked. Weren't as close as I'd like but I always pulled up for you. Busted stupid dope moves for you and with you wild goose chases. I remember when you had me squeeze pellets out your skin I was scared as hell but you said it hurt you and I needed to help take the pains away. Mostly I thought to my damn self there's no opening my bro fuckin crazy but true enough we got it out. I wish you just wouldn't come back home before New year's. 
Posted by Donna Gray on February 7, 2019
Bro I miss you so fucked much, I can't believe you went and left us on our own without you. Somethin gotta even bro I can't walk around with this hurt. This video is all I got left of you alive hearing your voice and watchin you I hate this fuck place for what its done to you. I'll stand up CAUSE AINT NOBODY PUTING THIS DOWN TIL THEY PAY STR8 UP. I nicca walk around with a smile to keep the questions away. No I'm not fuckin fine no I'm not lettin this ride no exceptions eye for an eye I need that muthafuka in hand bro there's no shutting me up I want skins frfr.
Free my aches and my mother pain.
Justice or esle
Posted by Donna Gray on February 7, 2019
I love you Brother,
Losing you is the worst thing this world has done to me thus far.
The blood rushes faster, harder, stronger, hotter each day with no answers. Tic tic tic he will pay somehow one day. The courts won't make me whole again.
Posted by Donna Gray on February 5, 2019
Hey Alpha,
It'll be a month tomorrow since you've be gone. We're fighting for you bro won't stop until justice is served, believe me.
I can see your smile and hear your laughter right now. I miss you bro
Posted by Donna Gray on February 4, 2019
As far as my eyes can trace the sky, I'm looking thru the grounds of heaven to see if God will allow me to see a glimpse of you playing in the clouds. I know your a peace. I wouldn't pull you from such a place. But I day dream of all the conversations had and those we'll never have. As the days are long I'm still here grateful but sadly missing you.
Posted by Tawlanda Martin on February 4, 2019
Morning young king. Your legacy will forever live on through your wolf pack, children and people you have met in your walk of life. You showed me a new look on life so i no longer take mess from anyone. Your presence is truly missed here but i can feel your presence more now than ever. Honestly today i just wanted to cry but i know i gotta stay strong for the babies though. I love you Dre. I can hear you say " KEEP YOUR HEAD UP TAWLANDA" #JUSTICEFORDRE
Posted by Donna Gray on February 4, 2019
Morning Alpha,
I think about you heavily, and how much you meant to us wish we could have shown you more of the love we had inside. We took for granted time not ever thinkin one day you'd leave us.
I love you with all my heart
Posted by Donna Gray on February 3, 2019
Good morning Bro,
I love you. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I won't quit fighting for you in anyway I can. Ppl reports will learn the truth.
Posted by Donna Gray on February 2, 2019
Morning Bro,
Ask God for a good one today, You closest to him.
Posted by Daniel Robles on February 1, 2019
Dre never fronted and was the realest person I ever met. He did not try to impress anyone, he was simply who he was and either you accepted it or you didnt, he did not seek your approval. He lived life the way he wanted it, and he always stood up for others and would tell you what is on his mind. I never met anyone who was a straight shooter until I met Danny Torres and Dre. That is why they were/are my best friends.

He would always have a positive attitude regardless of his situation. He was a stand up guy. A man. He always stayed strong and did not feel sorry for himself. He perservered. I will miss hearing that deep ass voice whisper followed by his laugh which always lifted me up. You dont meet many people like him in a lifetime, his realness is rare. Everyone in our neighborhood in Concord had nothing but respect for him. He was our brother and I wish I spent more time with him. I will miss you brodie, you didnt deserve this. IN COMBAT AGAINST AN ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES, I COULD NOT FIRE UNLESS FIRED UPON! YET HERE AT HOME, COWARD POLICE SHOOT OUR OWN CITIZENS WITHOUT FOLLOWING THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT I HAD TO FOLLOW IN COMBAT DURING WAR, AGAINST OUR ENEMY. THIS IS NOT RIGHT, IT IS NOT OK, AND IS PURE FUCKING COWARDICE!

RIP DRE gone but never forget

Sincerely your brother,

Daniel Robles
Alpha Company 1-2INFANTRY "WOLFPACK!"
Posted by Donna Gray on February 1, 2019
I love you Bro
Posted by Tawlanda Martin on February 1, 2019
Hey Dre.. Wish we where face to face so i could say it to you. Man some days are harder than most but i feel you pushing me and saying, " Get up! We got work to do Tawlanda." What has happened has truly woken up a lot of our eyes to the way we love one another and our time that we never cherished before. The years we had with you was something special to us all. What we took for granted we wish we had that back. They said God don't make any mistakes but this i will never understand. Wrapping my head around it isn't working because like i said before i don't understand the reason for this. I love you bro. Keep watch.. #WOLFPACK
Posted by Donna Gray on February 1, 2019
Morning Dre, Tell God I'm not ready yet I got a new portion this morning and I'm gone do better cause I wanna see you again. See you seeing me ain't that something.
I love you Dre, part the cloud and wave
# imsodre
Posted by Donna Gray on February 1, 2019
Today is like many others to come I'm sure. Bro I miss you alot I've became accustom to not seeing you every single day but time will only tell. You told me so many things I begged you to hush for a second. Caught a breath or let me speak. At this every moment I'd give anything to hear your voice Black what cha up to? You coming back where my nephew. I wanna see you be around you have pleasant dreams about you at least. Oh word can't describe how much Im missing you and how dear you where to my heart. Little did I know you wouldn't be apart of my future but definitely left a lasting impression on my past. My big baby brother the love and momeries will never fade.
I love you
Posted by Donna Gray on January 26, 2019
I said see ya later, never thought i wouldnt. I said, I'm out and told you I loved you never in a million did I know that was my final goodbye. Its been 2weeks and six days you left bro I'll never be able to mourn you properly you leaving took a lot from me from us. I truly can't understand it and honestly I never will why you were taken from this life. Like you struggled enough with life. Life is a b**** and now we all suffer because you're gone you leaving this place is different from Tyree. And now that you're gone I have to find another way to love on you, the vision of you, your laughter and joking you getting on my nerves. There's nothing I would change about you bro are you exactly who you were supposed to be and there was no more room in this life for you and I wish I had a proper way to say bye to you now if I know that that was our last time I would have said with you all night and just talk in love with you I miss you so much. I miss you so much I wish I never happened to you I just want you back.

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