Let the memory of Anna be with us forever
  • 68 years old
  • Born on May 24, 1945 .
  • Passed away on December 21, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Anna Taylor 68 years old , born on May 24, 1945 and passed away on December 21, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by John Crocker on 1st January 2019
Hello momma, Another crazy yesr done and gone another year passed without you and no it has not got any easier. We try out best to get through and celebrate the way we once did. We are hoping for chritmas at Ricky’s next year. This year we had a can of charles chips just like the can you had only not as big. Someday soon we will have a beautiful spot for you. Love you and miss you so much.
Posted by John Crocker on 31st January 2018
Hello momma just wanted to stop by and tell you i love you. I know you are looking down and checking in on us we miss you so god damn much we just try to get through the days and pretend your just down there with dad with all the animals keeping you busy. This seems like really the only place i can visit for you maybe we will buy a plot just to have that special place for you it will be nice. Well seeyou soon mom love you
Posted by John Crocker on 22nd December 2017
So its been 4 years now and well as you know it still feels like we just lost you i guess we think it will get better or easier but that just wont be the case. We stopped by gerry st we figured its the last house all of us were under one roof and we lived the longest with that comes just so many amzing memories. It has so much meaning and sentimental feelings just being on that street. Those were the best times of my life mom and thanks to you we had it all its taken us awhile to figure it out but we got it now. Wish i could just hug you again and be there for you in your time of need wish we just picked you up and brought you home with us im convinced you would be here today. We all love you mom miss you more each day. Christmas is so hard to try to celebrate hard to shop or get in the mood knowing your not here. We will try as its what you would want and taught us. I love you momma Merry Christmas in heaven.
Posted by John Crocker on 7th June 2017
Hi mom just wanted to say I Love You. Soon your 6 crazy kids will all be together. Gonna be fun, sure would be great if you stopped in with a sign. Never imgined my life without my rock the only one that somehow could put all my fears at ease. I wish i lived closer to you or just never left you. i would give anything to take you to the beach and get some seafood i know how much you loved it. Everyday my heart aches knowing you are not down here to just call to say hi and drive down for a visit and hit a few flea markets. All the times i never made it to visit! I love you momma.
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 3rd February 2017
as always thinking of you, just miss and love you Summer is coming and 99% of us will be together for a bbq weekend. come watch over us be with us.
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 21st December 2016
no words at all to explain the sadness........ miss and love you always
Posted by John Crocker on 21st December 2016
Another day, another christmas and just another reminder you are not here to laugh with hug,kiss and just be silly. all the times you were there and i never thought i could or would have lost you. It hurts and cuts so deep. All of us miss you so much, i know your saying its ok dont worry about you and i know you want us happy but without you we will never find peace or happiness. All of our best memories are with you. I love you mom! I would give anything for just one last chance to come down to see you.
Posted by Barbara Crocker on 21st December 2016
Mom, I can't believe that 3 yrs ago the most dreaded thing happened to us. The most important person in our lives was taken from us. Your thought of, spoken of and missed everyday. People say it gets easier, but Mom, that is not true, it has only gotten harder for us! I miss your calls, our visits, your hugs. I've lost not only my Mom, but my best friend!! Today I am overcome with so many emotions, so much to say, I miss you so much Mom!! Please continue to watch over us, continue to send us a sign from heaven above! I miss you Mom!!!! And if I could download a song, today it would be "You Should Be Here", by Cole Swindell :-(
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 28th November 2016
it is that time of year again, we miss you everyday yet holidays and especially Christmas we just fall apart. Any chance you could nudge rick just a little, I really want to make your blonde brownies for Christmas. It's sauce and meatballs for Dinner on Christmas, hoping that tiff can once again create what you always have. She makes a good sauce and last time, it so reminded me of yours. We all keep going back to Gerry Street, how could we not. Love and miss you always mom...
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 6th September 2016
miss you so much, wish there was a way to bring you back. it truly sucks that you are not with us.... you are missed more than you will ever know..........
Posted by John Crocker on 23rd June 2016
hi momma, love you
Posted by Kim McMahon on 5th June 2016
Hi Mom, I was thinking of something new to make for dinner 2 things came to mind your home made sauce you would put pork in nd your fettuccine god wished I could pick up the phone ti ask how you made these things even if I knew it would still be missing the most important ingredient and that's the touch of your love, Everything ypu did for us 6 was all from love, there's not a day that goes by that I don't carry that with me, I guess that's why its,so hard getting over the loss of you, 2 yrs 5 moths 15 days still feels like yesterday, .. one day well be together again until then you will always be with me in my heart and memories so know i carry you no matter where I go, I love Ypu Mom To Heaven And Back ♡♡
Posted by John Crocker on 31st May 2016
just stopping by to say hi and I love you mom
Posted by John Crocker on 25th May 2016
Good Morning Momma, Well as you know your crazy kids went to revere beach in the rain for your birthday, it is something we will do now and forever in your honor and memory. its been some time since you have left us and it still hurts like it was yesterday. we miss you so much I don't believe any of us will ever heal from this I am sure your up in heaven looking down saying it will be ok but for us down here it is not and never will be again. we have lost you our rock, our glue at times, the one person in the world we could not live without. we do our best to carry on each day. I am sure you can see the empire you have built and how proud you must be. we drove down Gerry st. wow did that bring back the best memories of my life. you may at thought sometimes you did not do enough but mom you did it all and it was always more than enough, Gerry st will always be my forever home. I love you I hope they had a great birthday party up there for you with great grandma, aunty Nina, uncle durward. and Barbra. I LOVE YOU and miss you more than any words will ever express. Happy Birthday!
Posted by Barbara Crocker on 24th May 2016
Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday Mom! This is not where you should be celebrating your 71st birthday. We miss you so much!! Love you mom!
Posted by Barbara Crocker on 8th May 2016
Hi Mom. I just wanted to take this time and wish you a very Happy Mother's Day. As you've heard many times and we will keep saying it, we miss you every day!! Life's just not the same. I miss and love you mom!! Happy Mother's Day!!
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 8th April 2016
plain and simple I miss you and if I could do anything, it would be bring you back
Posted by Barbara Crocker on 27th March 2016
Happy Easter Mom!! Really wish you were here, we all missed calling you today. I believe though you paid us a visit today whole we were at Jim's. Please keep watching over us, and make a visit when you can. We love and miss you Mom!!
Posted by Barbara Crocker on 28th February 2016
Hi Mom, just wanted to visit and say hi. I'm in the process of packing to move. While packing, the thought came to mind of times of us moving. I don't know how you did it!!, I'm just one person while you had us 6 kids and yourself. You were such a strong person mom and again because of you we are who we are. While packing I thought, "if mom could do it for 7, I can do it for me!!" Oh how i wish you were here so i could share this with you! Thank you mom for who you were and what you taught us. I miss and love you more than words can even express. Love you Mom
Posted by Barbara Crocker on 27th February 2016
Hey Mom, I know it's been a while since I've left a message here for you, but you also know there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you or speak of you. I/we struggle every day with the questions, the what ifs, the whys. It sucks Mom, it really sucks that you were taken from us so young. It shouldn't have happened. We should have had more time with you!! You would be so proud, well I know you are, but us kids have continued to stay close - we've grown even closer, we will continue to do so and live the values that you taught us. We are today who we are because of you!! All the kids are growing up and starting to spread their wings, and you have great grandchildren that bring so much joy to the family - you would have so much fun with them!! There are so many times that I wish I could just pick up the phone to call you and just talk. I was listening to old voice mails on my phone the other day from you, I will NEVER delete them!! Although it's your voice I can hear, its just not the same as just picking up the phone to have a conversation with you. Oh how I miss you so much Mom!! I love & miss you every day!!
Posted by Kim McMahon on 1st February 2016
Hi Mom, It's no anniversary date, it's no special occasion, it's no Holiday just another day without you.I wanted you to know i was thinking of you but ypu know that, seems its all I do not a momment has gone by sense the day you left that I'm not thinking of ypu and missing you terribly. You left a huge legacy here with us one that could never be forgotten, I can't say it enough that you truly are the best Mom/ Grandma/ Great Grandmother anyone could ask for.. I love you Mom just here missing you
Posted by John Crocker on 22nd December 2015
Another chritmas coming up just another day to be reminded you are not here to enjoy with us. Holidays just really dont mean anything anymore. been watching christmas special and reminds me of gerry st and you and the six of us gathered round the TV watching rudolph and frosty and drummer boy and a few others. miss you wish i could just get in the car and visit all the times i could have and ofcourse i didnt. i love you mom i am everything i am because of you and everything you did for us kids all the sacrifices you made that we dont even know about. well look at all theses kids and grandkids its all because of you. No matter where i go or whatever im doing you are always in my heart and mind and someday i will be able to hug you again! love you momma love your baby boy always.
Posted by John Crocker on 22nd December 2015
A dozen yellow roses for you.
Posted by John Crocker on 22nd December 2015
if its not too much to ask is there anyway you could stop in and give me a sign for xmas that you there? its all i want or will ask for this chritmas or any other
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 21st December 2015
Hi Mom, its been two years today, this heartache is just like it happened yesterday, I miss and love you so much. this was just unfair to you and me being selfish, yes so unfair to me. We had so much more time needed, so much more life to share. One of my greatest joys is my Granddaughter and I cannot share her with you. Why cant you just be here, why did he take you
Posted by Kim McMahon on 7th November 2015
Hey Mom, just wanted you to know how very much I miss you I choose a flower here to me it's a yellow rose your favorite , I wished I could give you some personally or even wished you had a resting place where I could leave them, though I think I'd would never leave that spot . The pain of missing you is so unbearable at times but, I know you see this and that's why you come through at times you do Ty mom you were and still are always there for us
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 6th November 2015
Mom, I miss you so much! I only wish we had more time, so many days I want to call you, you are not here. We all have so much to share and want to talk about. My heart is so broken, I have so much good and love around me yet, still the heartache cannot be fixed or healed. I don't know maybe in time. Going to see Kenny Rogers, I know you will be with us, wish the boys and Don were coming too! Hope when you are watching and come for your visits you know how much you are loved and missed I called Grandpa Frank, it was good to talk to him. Wish we could talk with Grandma too
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 11th June 2015
18 months ago, we got a call they said we would loose you, well that trip brought the six of us to you and Don and we were able to bring Grandma too! For us it was a time we will never forget. Only wish everyone of your grandchildren and daughter/son in-laws made it too. We have those days to treasure and miss you so much
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 5th June 2015
miss you so much! so many things to talk about and share I talk to you often, I so hope you hear me
Posted by Kim McMahon on 23rd January 2015
Mom the last few days have been hard for me more so than days past, I am here again on the computer printing more pics of you. I have so much around my house of you things you gave me a few things after you passed i took home with me but, Mom they don't replace you I feel if i keep putting things around of you then it will help me but it truly hasn't oh don't get me wrong I love looking at your pics having some of your items to look at and think of the memories behind them but, again they are not you nothing could compare to you Mom I listen to a cd Cheri made for us we called it Growing up Gerry St oh some of the songs hit such a nerve in a good way I picture you singing you cleaning cooking with your smile always on Mom you were/are the best why did we have too loose such a gift an Angel you were on Earth and now in Angel in Heaven. I know you watch over us, I know you come to us in our dreams to let us know your o.k. and every time you have that smile on your face a smile I'll never forget .. every time my 2 girls see yellow they say Mommy that's Grandmas favorite color, especially if they see a yellow rose they know its your flower of choice we didn't live close we didn't get to visit as much as we would of liked but,WOW what an impression you left on my kids distance couldn't stop you from being a caring loving Grandma to all your Grandchildren... oh Mom I could go on the legacy you left behind is unheard of. I love You Mom and Miss you terribly....
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 24th December 2014
Merry Christmas Mom Miss and love you
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 19th December 2014
Posted by S P on 14th December 2014
Aunt Anna was a very fun aunt who shared her love of animals with me. She was funny too & taught me some naughty nursery rhymes as a kid, and gave my my 1st rabbit on my most memorable Christmas. Its such a shame that she had to leave us all so soon & I wish we all had more time with her. So sorry to all of my family. I hope she is in heaven & at this very moment, having coffee & laughing with my mom. Suzanne P.
Posted by Sue Snook on 11th December 2014
I can't believe it has been almost a yr now, I miss you so much Mom. I hope you really are out there watching over all of us, knowing how much you are Loved and Missed every day. Nothing has gotten easier for any of us. Love you forever.
Posted by Kim McMahon on 10th December 2014
Miss you more ea day Mom ♡♡♡
Posted by Kim McMahon on 30th October 2014
This flower is a Yellow Rose I'm sending to you in Heaven Iiss you so deeply Mom
Posted by John Crocker on 30th October 2014
we all miss you so much momma, its like it was just yesterday we lost you. Im truly sorry for not making it there in time to be by your side and somehow help you through maybe you would still be here today. i know each day your watching over all of us and yes there is a lot and it was all started by you and all your love!
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 20th October 2014
Miss you more and more everyday, its not getting easier it is getting harder
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 16th September 2014
Sept 14th marked your 27th wedding anniversary, Don taking it hard, not able to talk with anyone. He is just so heart broken. Life is and never will be the same without you
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 2nd June 2014
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 11th May 2014
How do I wish you a Happy Mothers day? Can you see me? Or even hear me? This is so much harder than I ever expected. I miss and love you so much! Everyone says it will get easier, I am not sure about that. My last conversation with you was you told me your time was coming, you were not sure when but it was. Hard to believe it did only 5 days later. So many times I want to call you share things just say hi, I have picked up the phone, but realized you won't answer me. So if you can see or hear me know my wish for you is as always that you have a very happy mothers day. I Love you mom
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 9th May 2014
Happy Mothers Day Mom, love and miss you every day.
Posted by Cheri Iantosca on 2nd May 2014
A candle for you to let you know you are and always will be with us

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