To the memory of my Anne may it forever be remembered with Love and Fondness for My remarkable Lady.
  • 61 years old
  • Born on December 31, 1951 in Cowdenbeath, Fife, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on April 7, 2013 in Cowdenbeath, Fife, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in memory of my beloved wife, Annie McFadyean . She is forever in my heart, never a day will pass that I will not remember her.

Posted by Alex McFadyean on August 21, 2019
I write this a couple of days before our date in life. We would have been 49 years married on the 24th of this month. How time seems to pass bye all to quickly, but the memories are always as sharp as ever. I miss you still and love you still my heart will always be yours, even though I have moved on. We shared so very much in life you and I the good the bad and the ugly as the saying goes, no one but you and I know the stories of our time together. Nobody knows the true love we shared for each other and always will till the that time we meet again. Life is never easy and in a few days my heart will be heavy again whilst I remember you on that day we were married. So I leave my fondest wishes and my heart here on this page. I hope that you will remember as I do our love,and our life together, so much we should have still been able to share in life. The birth of our two great grandchildren I know you will be watching them from afar and will be shining your love on them. As another tear rolls down my cheek I will remember our day with love and fond memories as always. So I say as always as is written in my heart "Love you now and for Always" as is written so shall it always be "gra anois agus go deo". Alex xxxx
Posted by Alex McFadyean on April 10, 2019
My best friend & loving wife. A Much loved mother to Steven , Neil , an Lisa. Also a Much loved gran to Reece, Jade, Cheyanne, Liam, Paige,Mark, Elizabeth, Aaron.
Posted by Alex McFadyean on April 10, 2019
Posted by Alex McFadyean on 11th May 2016
We meet when I was 19 years old and she was 18 years old.We married less than a year later. She was my life partner, my soulmate, the love of my life. Never thinking that after 43 years we would come to the end of her life and the star of mine would be no longer shining in my life. Not a day passes that I do not think of her,miss her, and wish she was still here with me.
She was the most loving caring person I ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with. I miss her smile the cheek, the laughter we shared the silly things that go to make a couple. She had a huge heart for anyone and any animal that she came into contact with, would fight for injustice wherever she saw it be it towards a person or an animal. Such was the love in this lady of mine, so proud of her family and as a gran there were none like her grandchildren all 8 of them and would be over the moon at the thought of a little boy who is not here yet, her soon to be Great Grandson how much she would have loved that.....
I miss everything that went to make up "MY ANNE" such was and still is the love I have for her so very hard to go on without her.The songs on here mean a lot to me and to her when she was alive. It is hard to carry on when you love someone like her. I will be forever grateful to have meet her,loved her and shared my life with the Lady who became my wife. If nothing else God has a real Angel in Heaven and one day we shall be together again to hold each others hand to walk to talk and catch up and watch over our family with pride and always "gra anois agus go deo" xxxx Alex ........ GOD BLESS YOU MY LOVE.....
Posted by Alex McFadyean on April 10, 2019
Posted by Alex McFadyean on 31st December 2016
I leave you some flowers as I used to do when you were here, I now have them in a vase on this special day and others too. They bare my love for you as they always will, they come with the love for the lady I love, you may not be here but you know how much I loved you and what we shared. The good times the bad times and those sad sad events that took others away so on this day I remember them too those who were dear to you and me those that we can not see, we will all meet again and I belive that to be true but the one i really want to meet will always be you....... Love from my heart to you as always.... as always "gra anois agus go deo" xxxx Alex
Posted by Alex McFadyean on April 10, 2019
Posted by Alex McFadyean on 31st December 2016
Here we are again another year has gone bye and I am still heartbroken and missing you so very ,very much. You were the light in my life, my sweet and darling wife. My pal my friend forever till the end. The mother of our children and grandmother too, the whole great bunch of them those 8 grandchildren all growing up to. We had one special delivery and I wish you had been here, that little boy full of sunshine and light our first great grandchild our Rio I mean. He is a beautiful little man with a smile so cute would melt the heart of the biggest of brutes. I know you will be looking at him from above and leaving your gift of a great grandmothers love.How I wish you were still here with me but that was not meant to be, I think of you always and spesk to you a lot and would give my right arm to have you back here with us. we will meet again someday and renew what we hade our undying love for each other that many never had. I loved you then and I love you still and we both know that we shared such a lot. There are no words that can express how I feel but you know me so well and that is enough. So my darling I send you my love all the way up to the heavens above, your in my heart and in my soul and forever I will love you till I see you once more.May the good lord keep you safe for me till that day he calls me to you together again we will be and happy and glad to be once again the couple we were..... Love you forever and always "gra anois agus go deo" Alex xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Alex McFadyean on April 10, 2019
Here we are again that day of 4 years ago gone bye and there is never a day that you are never in my thoughts. How I wish that I could roll back the years to a time when you were still here and we were young again. Sadly that can not be, God came and called you away to ease your pain and suffering to take you into heaven where only the good belong. You were a remarkable lady and forever in this old heart of mine. There is nothing that could take it away, even if I wanted it to be. You will forever be My Anne, my heart, my soul, my life, my love. and my wife.Love you forever and always.... and as always "gra anois agus go deo" Alex xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Alex McFadyean on April 10, 2019
Here is another Christmas come to be and since you have been gone,nothing has been the same as it was. You will know what I will mean without the words.So done is the deed and there's no going back on what has passed.
I will always miss you no matter what.There is forever that part of me I shared with you for so long, I thought would go on and on. I will always love you and miss you the only one who ever understood me. Oh, how I wish you were here each and every year and yes I have moved on. It is not the same without you and that is the shame of it. You always loved this time of year,and possibly my bah humbug. I will forever cherish your memory and your love nothing and no one can take that away. So Merry Christmas my darling...and as always "gra anois agus go deo" xxxx Alex
Posted by Alex McFadyean on April 10, 2019
on 31st December 2018
I am back with you on this page. Anyway, my love, today marks your birthday. You are not here with me and my heart still remains with you. I miss you so often and so much, I recall the birthday you had when we met. There was you in a white dress with your friends out for a birthday drink. I remember looking at you and saying to myself I am sure I know that lassie.
Sure enough, I did, I even asked you if I knew you. Your reply you should do we used to go out with each other haha. We have laughed at that many a time you and I. We then became inseparable, and a few months later we got engaged and then in August of 1970, you became my wife. We had 43 years almost of love and affection for each other. I guess that I am trying to say even though I have moved on and remarried. I will never ever forget you as long as the sun shines and day turns to night. On this your birthday my head is full of memories you and shared for so many years to you in Heaven I send you a kiss and wish you " A Happy Birthday My Darling" love you now and for always. Love you forever and now as always "gra anois agus go deo" Alex xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Alex McFadyean on April 10, 2019
Posted by Alex McFadyean on 7th April 2019
Dear Wife in Heaven,
I sit here and ponder how very much I'd like to talk to you today so many things that we did not get to say I know you care for me very much and how much I care for you. Each time I think of you I know you will miss me too.
An angel came and took you by the hand and said your place in Heaven was ready for you far above..
You had to leave behind all those you dearly loved you had much to live for, you still had much more to do, It still seems impossible God called out for you.
Though your life on earth has passed, in heaven it starts anew. You have gone to life anew to heal the pain and the suffering too. I missed you then and I miss you now. Although life moves on, I can never forget the love of my life who was you, my darling wife. Though you have walked through Heaven's gate we will never be far apart, for every time I think of you, you are forever in my heart. My tears may never go and my heart will always ache till that day I to walk through Heavens gate. So once more to you my love. Love you forever and always... "gra anois agus go deo" Alex xxxxxxxxx

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