There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief…and unspeakable love
  • 48 years old
  • Born on August 3, 1966 in Newburgh, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on December 20, 2014 in Newburgh, New York, United States.

*The music chosen for Tony's memorial page is very personal.  There are currently over 35 songs in the list and at the end, we've added his personal voicemail message.  If you plan on spending any time online, please consider allowing this page to stay open in the background so that you can hear all his music.  We are hoping that Forevermissed will accept our suggestion in allowing us to re-arrange the music without having to remove it all and then re-load it so that we can move songs around.  Thank you.*

Anthony Lambert Marullo (Tony) was born on August 3, 1966.  He passed away suddenly on December 20, 2014.  He was 48.

We created this memorial to honor our most beloved brother, son and friend.

Please, please feel free to leave a note of love to Tony, or words of support for his family and if you have any stories or photo's we ask that you post them here to share with us.  He touched so many lives.
All are welcome to contribute.  Rest assured that leaving your email address will not be used except for you to access this page, it is completely safe and we would be extremely grateful.

Tony was a lifelong resident of Newburgh, NY.  

Tony attended Liberty Street Elementary School (also known as PS 96), South Jr.and North Jr. High, Cornwall Central High School and graduated from Newburgh Free Academy (NFA) in 1985.
He excelled in electronics and was a member of the NFA Electronics team as well as the NFA track team where he set records in pole vaulting.
Tony was also an artist and drew exceptionally well, although he rarely did.  Tony also dabbled in automotive repair, solar energy and was a home restoration enthusiast.   He and his sisters would often attend flea markets and especially antique shops for hidden gems that they could restore and show off.
Tony worked for Price Chopper Supermarket (Market 32) in the town of Newburgh for over 21 years as a butcher. He also worked for Tarkett Inc., IBM of East Fishkill, Champion International Paper Division formerly of Walden, NY Ettie's of Newburgh, NY and several other jobs.

Tony was the very best friend to so many people, one cannot even count them, a s it would be like trying to count the stars.  He was always willing to help someone out, someone down or someone in a fix.

Even in death Tony was selfless, he was an organ donor and because of his gift we are told that up to 100 people will benefit.  We are eternally proud of him.   

He leaves behind his broken hearted family:

His mother Lucille Peroni of Modena, NY. (Lucille Plemmons)
Brother John Joseph Marullo Jr. and Ana Macias Marullo of California
Sisters Laura Elizabeth Gilmore of Arizona and
Roberta Marullo Kratochwil and David R. Kratochwil of Modena, NY

massively proud uncle to:
Stephanie Lynn Gilmore  
Jessica Ann Gilmore and
Cole Dominic Macias Marullo

Dozens of Aunts, Uncles and cousins. 

He is pre-deceased by his father John J. Marullo Sr. and brother in law Gary F. Gilmore.  

Tony was devoted to his family and to his rescue pets which he affectionately called his 'children'.  

Tony was also deeply devoted to his soul mate Laura-
She was his friend, compadre, confidant, side kick, two peas in a pod -  they were all these things and more. 
Their paths crossed and were forever intertwined- in what they believed to be a gift from God himself - destined to find two people who didn't know what they didn't have until the two pieces became one.
It has been said that we all live under the same sky, but we don't see the same light.  He was her light, and she was his.

It is our greatest consolation that Tony was so very happy when he left us.  We thank God everyday that Laura came into his life.

Visitation will be held from 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. on Monday, Decemeber 29, 2014 at Engel Funeral Home, located at 5319 Route 9W, Middlehope, NY   (845) 562-1144
A prayer service will be held at the conclusion of the evening visitation. 
Fr. William Scafidi of Sacred Heart Church will officiate the service.
Cremation will take place at Cedar Hill Cemetary. 

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made, in memory of Tony Marullo, to the Town of Newburgh Animal Shelter, 645 Gidney Avenue, Newburgh, NY 12550 (located behind Party Beverages on North Plank Road)

Anthony's obituary can be found in the Times Herald Record or can be copied and pasted into your browser if the link is down 

Below is a link for the "Anthony Marullo Health Fair" that we recently had.  We are raising funds for the American Heart Association's Heart Walk on May 3, 2015.  The link for that can be found below the first.

Posted by Roberta Kratochwil on 4th September 2018
Tony first of all we miss you so much. i'll keep it short. Only you and i will understand this. First of all thank you for everything. Second i totally understand now . I miss our chats , I miss our conversations in the cooler . I miss you. Hope you're happy . Dave
Posted by Jill Ann on 3rd August 2018
Happy birthday in Heaven, Tony. You are missed and I know you are an angel in Heaven.
Posted by Laura Swanson on 3rd August 2018
It was once said that life and time are the best two teachers ..Life teaches us to make good use of time and time teaches us the value of life ... I am confident that I have not made the best of the time that I have had since you passed , but I am certainly aware of the burden that we have all carried : the load is heavy ... Heavy the load ... Through heavens gates , may my simple birthday wish meet your ear.. Shine bright today tomorrow always .
Posted by John Marullo on 3rd August 2018
Happy Birthday Ant!! Where has the time gone? Cole is two inches taller than me, which would make him a whole inch taller than you.... Times goes by so quickly....seems like yesterday I was holding him, head in my hand....body along my forearm patting his back....and at the same time it stands still. Once in a while I see a dragonfly....and know your checking in on me to make sure I'm still doing stupid the time you were jumping up and down on ice @ the quassaick creek waterfall....the ice broke and started downstream.....and there you were running like scooby doo in place....running out of ice and eventually into the falls getting soaking wet! We were laughing so hard I ended up falling into the water myself! Best part was trying to walk home with our jeans frozen!!!! LMBO.....I miss you! Happy birthday in heaven!!!!
Posted by Laura Swanson on 31st December 2017
Time left scars on my soul Dreams that I chased have all gone away Now I sit alone My past hollows me close So much I have planned that never began I'll never know.... For years I'd been waiting for someone to take me and tell me it'll all be alright My memory recalls, tears starts to fall from the memories not made And love, I knew little of but deep in my eyes are memories I hide, it's just not enough. 3 Years of New Years-
Posted by Jill Ann on 20th December 2017
Thinking of you Tony. You are missed.. <3
Posted by Addy Jennings on 20th December 2017
Today is a sad day for us all.. but we remember your lifting spirit always
Posted by ROBERT MARULLO on 20th December 2017
Merry Christmas on your 3rd Anniversary in Heaven Tony. I know you are with your Dad and The Blessed Trinity and Mary, our Heavenly Mother. Your earthy family misses you very much, but I know you would never want to return here, after tasting Eternal Joy. It is we who look forward to the day to join you and our whole family who is in Heaven with you. Give God a big kiss for me, and a big hug and kiss to Jesus and his Mother Mary whom I love very much, Pray for all of us here in exile Tony, as we need it very much, humanity as you knew it is in big trouble. Much love and kisses, Uncle Bobby
Posted by Roberta Kratochwil on 19th December 2017
Tony, tomorrow will be three years without you . Your sister really misses you ,as does your family. That includes me too bro . I think about you every damn day. I hope you are at peace. Til' we meet again. Your friend and bro In-law. Dave
Posted by Shelia Regan on 25th November 2017
Tony was my first boyfriend when I was 16 years old and he was 17. I have no idea why I thought of him today and had not in many years. What I thought of was his big smile, his love for his family, his amazing respect and care and eternal love for his mother, his easy going personality, thoughtfulness, and genuine personality. I am happy that he was loved by so many and clearly lived a meaningful life. Rest In Peace, Tony.
Posted by Laura Swanson on 23rd September 2017
I'm the darkness of the night - I send word that I'm sorry.. I know that I know I should be looking up and not down. The candle I light tonight is not for you but for me ... it's dark Tony and I need a beacon of guidance...
Posted by Roberta Kratochwil on 21st September 2017
Tony kinda need you back at work, getting alittle tired of doing your job. we all miss you very much. Dave
Posted by John Marullo on 18th August 2017
Miss you....see ya soon....
Posted by Roberta Kratochwil on 12th August 2017
Tony , What up? Happy birthday , sorry I'm late. So I hear your starting your own little meat business up there. You got the best of the best, including yourself. Now you have Nixon, Larry, and Tony Leva. You guys cant lose with that team . Have a good time. We miss you very much. Check in later bud. Dave
Posted by John Marullo on 3rd August 2017
Happy Birthday Tony....well Cole starts high school in a week! Can you believe it?! Where does the time go....seems like yesterday we were running around on the bluff playing football without a care in the world...I joined the to spend four years back home seeing you almost everyday...stopping in at the Chopper to say hello. You were always my anchor no matter how heavy the seas or stormy the weather. I'm learning to weather the storms without you....some days its impossible.... Anyway...I love you.....damn pain in the ass! Thanks for being my big brother when I needed you too. Happy Birthday!
Posted by Theresa Grasso on 3rd August 2017
Happy Birthday......
Posted by Laura Swanson on 3rd August 2017
Perhaps this would explain why I have been blaming the moon and stars for why I have had more lows than highs this week - my body naturally disengages from this universe when days that relate to you are on the calendar.. It just seems like yesterday that I was running around to get just the right kind of toppings for the cheesecake I had gotten you , to which I will have you know I can now make a nasty cheesecake: it wasn't that hard to do like everyone had said . I'm sorry for not keeping my word - I know I have let myself go . I'm tired , so very tired .. But enough about me , today despite distance and time today is your day, beyond heavens gate my wish for you from the depths of the deepest crevices of my heart , I do hope that you have been covered with peace that only God himself can offer and that you heart is light ... Happy Birthday
Posted by ROBERT MARULLO on 3rd August 2017
Another Birthday for your Nephew John, but in Heaven, where every thing is part of Eternity, it is always the present, no past, no future, but always the present for all Eternity you are with all your loved ones who have also passed, May the Most Holy Trinity along with our Blessed Mother keep you in the palm of their hands, until we all meet with you in Heaven. Miss you and all my family who is also with you in Glory. Please give a big hug and kiss to my parents and my three brothers who are with you as well, Until we meet in Heaven, pray for us. Uncle Bob
Posted by Roberta Kratochwil on 1st April 2017
There are good days and then there are bad days. Today is an incredibly bad day. I find myself being very selfish in missing you. Im sitting here late at night crying over this silly computer, listening to your music and missing you like crazy. Sometimes the pain is so damned deep. Forgive me Tony, I wish you were here.
Posted by Laura Swanson on 1st January 2017
Another year has passed... May a star ⭐️ be lit tonight as way of you sending word that all is well.
Posted by Roberta Kratochwil on 25th December 2016
Merry Christmas sweet brother.
Posted by Addy Jennings on 20th December 2016
"You are missed each and every day, for you were someone special who meant more than words could say" ❤❤
Posted by Jill Ann on 20th December 2016
Tony, you were such a nice person. I will always remember your great smile and talking to you whenever I saw you. You were a kind, gentle person. I know you are in Heaven and that you are an angel. Rest in peace my friend. You are not forgotten.
Posted by ROBERT MARULLO on 20th December 2016
Although I never met you in this life Anthony, your father John J. Marullo, who is my brother and who also has passed from this life, talked most highly of you and I know he loved you dearly. Your passing, I know, is a loss to humanity, but I also know that you are in good hands with the Most Blessed Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of all Humanity. God Bless you both and know that you both are in my prayers and thoughts of this day. With deepest sympathy to all living members of your family, especially your Mom, whom I will always remember fondly as my friend. Uncle Bob
Posted by Sharon Moyer on 20th December 2016
Thinking of you today and always. John & I miss your stories and the laughs we shared. RIP Tony. John & Sharon
Posted by Laura Swanson on 4th December 2016
As the lights dance on the water, and the chill is in the air, you hear laughter in the distance..It's Christmas time, that particular spectacular time of year but for us its a prelude of counting down the days to the day you departed from us...Its that time where you press on , deliberately moving forward because that is what we must do but do know, no matter the distance from heavens gate to earth : the lights remain on, your laughter echos in the walls of our hearts and the brightness from your smile glistens in every twinkle of the stars above. Gone but never forgotten.
Posted by Laura Swanson on 15th November 2016
There are moments when you find yourself breathing and than the wind is knocked out because you were blindsided by a memory from the ghosts of yesterday past.... You didnt see it coming but somehow you let your mind to think freely and than you find yourself held captive by a life that no longer exists... The warmth burns another hole in an already tattered heart... There was nothing in my life that could have prepared me for this loss .... It is true that the days get easier but know the push forward is deliberate.... The tenderness .... how I miss it so... My voice it lays in these words , silently hoping that somehow this will all make sense and to believe that God has not forgotten me while I fumble through this darkness... I often ask him to take this cup from me but alas it is not so...
Posted by Roberta Kratochwil on 10th November 2016
Yesterday, while going through boxes, David and I found more pictures of you. You were such a goofball. I will post them soon, but not all at once. I miss you Tony, but I know that you know that. I really do miss you. every. single. day.
Posted by Roberta Kratochwil on 31st October 2016
Today is Halloween. We've would have been hanging out together, or getting ready for some party. Me doing your makeup, putting the final touches on your costume. I miss you. I miss everything about you. Everyday. single. day.
Posted by Roberta Kratochwil on 24th August 2016
He never will Laura. You were, and always will be, the love of his life.
Posted by Laura Swanson on 10th August 2016
Don't forget about me..
Posted by ROBERT MARULLO on 6th August 2016
Dear Tony! A very Happy Birthday in Heaven with The Blessed Trinity, and Holy Mary and all the Saints and Angels with you. Continue to watch over us and shower us with your heavenly love and blessings. Although I never personally met you, but from all the stories your Father John ever told and other members of your family, I know you were a very special and loving person to them. God rest your immortal soul and may it shine like the stars in the universe. Love and hugs, Uncle Bob
Posted by Sharon Moyer on 5th August 2016
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Tony! John and I miss your visits to your car at the shop! Every visit was full of stories and laughs. We always learned something new from you! I'm sure all your angels in heaven are enjoying your stories and getting some good laughs.. Peace and love, Sharon & John
Posted by Jill Ann on 4th August 2016
Happy birthday in Heaven, Tony! I miss seeing your smiling face and I miss talking to you when I go to Price Chopper. You were such a kind, gentle person. I know you are an angel in Heaven. Thinking of you....
Posted by Robert Kratochwil on 4th August 2016
Happy 2nd. birthday in Heaven! This probably would have been quite a celebration this year if you were with us. However, I'm sure you're bringing a smile to all up there with you. Again, Price Chopper will never be the same.
Posted by Virginia Edelen on 4th August 2016
Tony: As you are celebrating your new journey of life I pray that you are receiving this heart felt message that I am sending You. Being able to speak with You briefly on the phone was ever so pleasant. Your zest and compassion for life is truly a positive reminder of what we all should have within our daily lives. I am Wishing You a Very Blessed and Happy Birthday to You this day. Always in my heart and thoughts forever more. I do Love You and Miss You.
Posted by Laura Swanson on 3rd August 2016
My sun My moon Into this early midnight sky , I send a whisper on angels wings , from my heart to yours , Happy Birthday.
Posted by Laura Swanson on 18th July 2016
This time 2 years ago I brought you home to meet my family , to partake in Dakota's birthday... Not a day goes by where your not in a thought...
Posted by Roberta Kratochwil on 17th July 2016
Antoinette visited yesterday. She saw the poster I had on the wall from our Tri County Heart Walk with your picture on it. She just stared at it and said, "God, he was such a handsome man". Yes. Yes you were. Inside and out.
Posted by Laura Swanson on 26th June 2016
What a difference a day makes.... I too had a dream , but in my dream you were not there... I came alone and entered the house, it was messy and dark... Apparently I had left Bear and AZE behind the food bowl was empty, it look liked someone had been there but no one had taken care of the cats... I filled the bowl and their water dish, I then cleaned out the cat box... As I walked around everything was there but dark and dusty , I climbed the stairs and the light to our room was on, as I approached I breathed in and knocked, there was no answer , I slowly opened the door but you were not there... As my eyes rolled over , a heavy burden weighed on me... I was knew that I was alone , when I ought not.. I could feel you in the wood and the ghosts of us replayed all the conversations we had... It's like living in two worlds the world that was and the world that is... I grew weary and put my head down on your pillow as I stared out the window I heard noises and I lept to my feet... The court man was in the house... I slowly but swiftly darted through the house and grabbed what I could , down the steps and over the stones I began to run down the driveway but the side door swung open and I ran right into his arms... He looked at me , and released... I ran I remember waking from that dream and I asked if I could go back but no matter how I tried it was gone ... Home ..... No matter how many days pass I often find myself viewing from the secret window of the ghosts from yesterday...
Posted by Laura Swanson on 21st February 2016
There are moments where the grief continues to wash over me, to say that you are missed would be an is a day to day process to keep it together but I will admit I lose the battle more often then I care to admit and the tears well they come and I flow with them... I hold on to those precious moments that we shared,packed a lifetime into our short time together and I go there often to hold on to the memory of us. Struggle I do to reacquaint myself with my identity. Gone but not forgotten Xo
Posted by Roberta Kratochwil on 14th February 2016
Happy Valentine's Day Tony. I love you.
Posted by Roberta Kratochwil on 9th February 2016
You've been on my mind so much lately. I miss you terribly. David said he has dreams of you. If I've had any, I do'nt remember them. That bothers me. I want you to visit me in my dreams. I want to talk to you again. I want to see you again. Please visit me, if only in my dreams. I love you.
Posted by Laura Swanson on 25th December 2015
I'm dreaming tonight of a place I love Even More than I usually do And although its a long road back I promise you... I'll be home for Christmas You can count on me Please have snow and mistletoe And presents under the tree Christmas Eve will find me Where the love light beams I'll be home for Christmas If only in my dreams Christmas Eve will find me Where the love light beams I'll be home for Christmas If only in my Dreams If only in my Dreams My love, you had a full moon last night, if my tears could rise they would have touched the stars above.... This is a difficult time still for all of us, and although much has changed over the year, know that you are still in all things lovely and true.... My heart aches, the tears still fall and the heart, it still aches.... From the deepest parts of this heart of mine, I send up a prayer and may it pass through heavens gates to your heart.....I love you, and I miss you..Forget me not... Always, Laura
Posted by Roberta Kratochwil on 25th December 2015
Merry Christmas sweet brother. <3
Posted by Flo Batzer on 23rd December 2015
As you watch over us from above please know that your memory is alive here.
Posted by Jill Ann on 20th December 2015
Tony, I can't believe that you have been gone a year already. I think of you every time I go into Price Chopper. I miss seing your smiling face Rest in peace my friend. You are missed.... <3
Posted by Robert Kratochwil on 20th December 2015
wow, a year has past already and we know how much your family is missing you and hurting. God only takes the good ones so young but we know you are looking over them. Rest in peace, Tony!
Posted by Theresa Grasso on 20th December 2015
Wow one year since you've been gone I still can't believe it. I think about you all the time I miss our long talks on the phone....we use to laugh about the Silliest things I can still hear your laugh ... Miss you so much... Rest in peace my love...
Posted by Bobby Collum on 20th December 2015
Tony, we never met and that doesn't mean that I will forget you, we are cousins and I feel that I knew you. I know you have enjoyed this last year in Heaven with our kin who have gone before. So we are waiting until we can all be together one day, never to be apart again. You just keep an eye open for our arrival.. You are surely missed by your family..

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