Let the memory of Arthur be with us forever
  • 65 years old
  • Born on September 18, 1946 in Camden, Tennessee, United States.
  • Passed away on May 1, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Arthur Shannon, 65, born on September 18, 1946 and passed away on May 1, 2012. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Julia Grantsynn on 18th September 2018
Happy 72nd Birthday Big Brother. You would love your grandkids Aubrey Marie now six & in kindergarten. Ethan James, 4 is growing into big boy. You & Janice would be so proud of what good parents Justin & Brenda are. Love & miss you
Posted by Keith Land on 18th September 2018
Bo, another day has come for us to celebrate the date of your birth. I think about you and Janice and how you cared for each other. I lost my brother, Leo, this past Friday. I now have 2 brothers still living and have lost 4. If you happen to bump in Leo, introduce yourself. I know you and he will get along great. You both like to talk and I am sure you will have some interesting conversations. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and say you are and will always be missed, here on Earth.
Posted by SuEllen Landriault on 1st May 2018
Well Bo now Jan is with you and both of you are in bliss. Missing you all can't believe its been 6 years since we lost you though. Knowing you will watch over Justin and his family and always be in his thoughts.
Posted by Roger Landriault on 1st May 2018
It does not seem like a year since my last message on here. More like 2 or 3 months. That is the thing about getting older, it seems that the each year goes by much quicker. I know that you and Jan are happy, being together again. That is the best blessing of being a believer in "everlasting life". Knowing that all that have gone before us and all that will go after us will be together, forever. Bo's life touched many people in many ways. He was truly a character that people couldn't help but like, even when he frustrated them. He is and will always be missed.
Posted by Roger Landriault on 21st September 2017
I returned home today from the memorial service for Janice, in Lamont. Now you and Janice have been returned to the earth and are joined for everlasting life, together. You both brought much joy as well as frustration and much of the time quite humorous entertainment to me and to many. You both were and will forever be loved by all that knew you. I know you two are likely playing Scrabble and arguing about some of the "off the wall" words that you played, that most if not always, turned out to be real words. Keep the dictionary close by.
Posted by Justin Shannon on 18th September 2017
Hey dad.. Well you guys are back together. I'm happy for that but I miss you both very much. I didn't realize how much I missed you when I still had her... I love you both.
Posted by SuEllen Landriault on 18th September 2017
Happy Birthday Bo this year you'll be much happier as Jan has joined you. We miss her terribly & love you both. But it's Gods plan you both are now together. And we will now bury you two together so you can both Rest In Peace.
Posted by Julia Grantsynn on 24th August 2017
Hello Art, Janice joined you this past Sunday, August 20, 2017. She missed you so much & now she is with you & the Lord and is at peace. The grandchildren, Aubrey Marie & Ethan James brought her so much joy. Justin & Brenda took good care of her. They miss both of you deeply. I'm trying to help by chatting with Justin as much as I can but it's not the same as having his parents. Mike & I were able to visit with them this past March. So glad with made that visit. Janice & your ashes are to be buried on morning of September 20th in Lamont, OK. Love you & will continue to miss you, big brother. Love, your sister, Julia
Posted by Janice Shannon on 2nd May 2017
this year they didn't send me any thing and I had to get the link from Justin not sure what is going on wow 5yr thats a long time i miss you so much d ream about you almost every night. Justin and his family are taking excellent care of me as my health is failing, I keep my spirits up tho and keep on truckin, love you
Posted by Justin Shannon on 2nd May 2017
I wish you could've been around to meet your grand kids. They're great.. You'd love them both very much. But sadly that's not how it is. I still think about you of course. I'm reminded of you by a lot of things. You'll always be a part of me I'm sure. I miss you dad. And I know mom misses you very much still as well. I sometimes believe she wished she had joined you sooner but that's just not how its been. I also know sometimes she feels anger that you left us so soon, but I know it's not up to any of us. I love you dad.
Posted by Roger Landriault on 1st May 2017
I agree with Susie, time goes by so fast. I know Jan, Justin and the rest of the family misses Bo. And I am part of that family.
Posted by SuEllen Landriault on 1st May 2017
I know the family still misses you. Can't believe it's been 5 years know that he watches over the family every day and enjoys seeing his grandchildren growing. Thank God for memories.
Posted by Roger Landriault on 18th September 2016
Time does go by quickly. Hard to believe it has been so many years since Bo's passing. I know Jan and Justin would have loved to have celebrated his birthday with him. No doubt he grandkids would be the "sparkle's" in his eyes. He seemed to enjoy kids and had fun with them. One of those things about being an adult, that is so wonderful, is being able to be a "big" kid. Wish he were here to be able to wish him happy birthday. But, I am sure he knows and sees the well wishes from all that knew him.
Posted by Janice Shannon on 18th September 2016
Happy birthday babe, wish we could have had a big celebration of the 70th but God had another plan, I love you still and always will.
Posted by SuEllen Landriault on 18th September 2016
I know Jan misses you everyday. But knows you are in a better place watching down over her & the kids
Posted by SuEllen Landriault on 1st May 2016
Can't believe it's been 4 yrs. you have a nice little family now with Justin, Brends & their kids. I know you see them & rejoice. Jan misses you so but her faith sustains her
Posted by Julia Grantsynn on 19th September 2015
Thinking of you, Art. This would have been your 69th birthday. You are missed. Hope you, Mother & Dad are having a good time together in Heaven. Aubrey Marie had her corrective eye surgery yesterday. She's a little trooper & so is your grandson, Ethan James. You would have loved being their Grandpa. Love, your sister, Julia
Posted by Janice Shannon on 18th September 2015
Thinking of you today, missing you so much, life goes on but it is not the same...
Posted by Justin Shannon on 18th September 2015
It's hard to think it's been another year since I last posted. Time is flying right now with the kids. They keep us busy and going constantly. But I know you see that though. God has to let us see the good things our family continue to do with us in their hearts. Love you dad, I'll be back here really soon as another year will just go right by.
Posted by Julia Grantsynn on 1st May 2015
Art, this is 3rd anniversary of your death. We had the honor recently of a visit from Justin, Brenda & family. They are great parents & your grandchildren- Aubrey Marie & Ethan James are adorable. Wish you could have lived long enough to have been with them. They would have brought you much joy as they do Janice. Wish Mother could have been here for the visit but it wasn't meant to be. Our dear Mother passed away to be with our Lord Dec 20th. She died as the clock stuck noon. As soon as she passed the sun came through her window & shined on her. She was radiant. The Lord was taking "his child" home. I like to believe the two of you are having a wonderful reunion. Miss you, brother. Love, Julia
Posted by Janice Shannon on 1st May 2015
Another year has come and gone, I miss you. My health has been a problem this year. I know you are in a better place. Justin has been wonderful, taking care of me. He is a good son and you would be even prouder of him than usual. Brenda has been just as helpful too. Their children are adorable. They had a son this year you would freak if you met him, he is such a good baby. Of course you and Aubrey could just talk for hours, we laugh about that allot. I love you still, take care....
Posted by Justin Shannon on 1st May 2015
I'm not angry about it. It's been too long now. But, I wish you would have taken better care of yourself and were still here today. The kids got to meet every other grandpa and grandma at this point. They've grown and traveled to Canada. Aubrey has gotten glasses.. Ethan is just growing like a weed. I don't know what the afterlife holds but I don't understand how not celebrating things with your family is part of it. Well whatever it holds I hope you can at least see what goes on... You're not forgotten though. I thought of you the other day when the kids met Julia and Mike. I think about you sometimes now but I must admit it's much less now. Maybe that's something that happens in the afterlife too. You think of us, but less and less each day.. Whatever may be the case, none of it changes anything now. We'll remember you as each year passes. May you do the same. Maybe one day you can help me wrap my head around all this.
Posted by Justin Shannon on 18th September 2014
I miss you dad. Your grandkids keep us all so busy most days I don't think about it. But I do on May 1st and September 18th. Tomorrow I switch back to happier times because that's when Brenda and I got married. Even though I move on each year I do not forget. I wish you were still here. Love you dad.
Posted by Janice Shannon on 18th September 2014
Today I remember your birthday, remembering how excited you used to get over it. Knowing you was the most wonderful thing I ever had going. Your granddaughter is the same sign as you and she seems to share your exuberance. She turned 2yr last week. This year you got another grandson, Ethan is his name. He is a fine boy. I remember the day Justin was born and how you carried him all over the delivery room pointing out how broad he was. I love you babe.
Posted by SuEllen Landriault on 4th May 2014
Memories last forever even though he's gone now 2 years, but life goes on & I know he watches over you & your family as it grows. Have comfort in that!
Posted by Roger Landriault on 1st May 2014
Time goes by so quickly, yet seems it has been longer since Bo's passing than it has been. Memories last a lifetime and longer and Bo has definitely left many great memories for all he met.
Posted by Justin Shannon on 1st May 2014
We love you dad and miss you. I wish you would've gotten to meet my kids. You and Aubrey could have talked for hours. Ethan is now getting bigger too. Although i'm sure you can see them..
Posted by Janice Shannon on 1st May 2014
Today I remember you, but that is no different from any other day. Another year has passed, your family has grown, Justin and Brenda have a fine son, they named him Ethan. Lori however lost her son, Caleb. I miss you but I am happy that I knew you and loved you for so many years. I am good with it, grief is unbearable so I am putting it down.
Posted by Roger Landriault on 18th September 2013
We will be going to Vegas in a couple of weeks and I haven't been to Vegas since Bo's passing and it will be "different" with Janice and Bo not being there. No doubt some memories of good times will be thought of while there.
Posted by Vicki Schuelein on 18th September 2013
It is funny how life goes on when we lose a loved one but that is the way God intended for us to be...not always looking back but not forgetting either...In memory of your life you don't have to count those birthdays anymore because you are in the arms of the one who gave you your first and last God Bless
Posted by Justin Shannon on 3rd May 2013
My mom has been very strong throughout the 1st. I think Aubrey keeps her occupied and helps keep her thoughts from constantly being on my dad being gone. I really wish he would have gotten to meet Aubrey. She's such a character and it was all he ever talked about every time I talked to him. I miss you dad. Maybe one day we'll see each other again but for now we keep going on and on.
Posted by SuEllen Landriault on 1st May 2013
Yes Sis I know its been a long year for you, just know that he is with you in spirit even if not in flesh, And all we really have is the spirit you will be together again just hold that dear. We all miss him as well.
Posted by Roger Landriault on 1st May 2013
It is hard to believe Bo has been gone for a year. Sure doesn't seem like it has been that long and I know for Janice is must seem like forever. Time does help heal though, but the memories will last forever.
Posted by Julia Grantsynn on 1st May 2013
It was a year ago today that my brother, Arthur Dewey Shannon, went to be with our Lord. I miss you Art. Love you. Julia Shannon Grantsynn
Posted by Brenda Shannon on 1st May 2013
I never got to meet Bo in person and that weighs heavy on my heart. But I did get the chance to talk to him. I have never met someone so masterful at the art of conversation as my father-in-law. He made me feel so comfortable and part of the family. I wish he could have held his granddaughter Aubrey. He was so excited to meet her, but passed before she was born. We miss you dad.
Posted by Janice Shannon on 1st May 2013
It has been a year since you have been gone, I have missed you every day. It has been the hardest year of my life. I never imagined that I would out live you. I found this today "You never know how strong you are until it is the only option you have." We were strong together to the end. I love you baby.
Posted by Roger Landriault on 19th September 2012
Bo was a one of a kind type guy. As others have said he loved to talk to people. Every time I saw him he would fill me in on what has been going on. Would be nice to have the opportunity to talk with him one more time. I am very grateful for what he did for Janice, and yes he is greatly missed.
Posted by Janice Shannon on 14th September 2012
It took me a while before I could get it together enough to come to this web site to establish this memorial. I have included a complete eulogy to Bo's memory and pictures of him over the past several years. The Urn is engraved and made of marble it is beautiful. Bo is missed everyday he was my whole life. I am trying to learn to live without him. We love you baby.... candle of love...
Posted by SuEllen Landriault on 8th September 2012
Bo was a good person, he really did take care of you in so many ways and I know you miss him, know he is in a much better place. He loved to chat & I know you really miss that now but as you said you have the memories. I'm sure he is chatting up a storm with the Angels :)
Posted by Vicki Schuelein on 5th September 2012
This is a lovely memorial to Bo and he would be so pleased He was very caring person. Just before Bo passed away he sent me an email saying he was praying for me because he was worried about the car wreck I was involved in. To my amazement I didn't know he had an email address and when I answered him I told him he was in for it now, getting all my funny emails. He will be missed

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