Wells came to a stand still for the funeral of Arthur, let his memory be with us forever........
  • 72 years old
  • Born on June 29, 1939 in Ash Lane, Wells, Somerset, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on January 21, 2012 in Park Farm, Wells, Somerset, United Kingdom.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Arthur Hill 72 years old , born on June 29, 1939 and passed away on January 21, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Honor Stevens on 2nd July 2018
Happy 79th Birthday Dear Friend Arthur .think you often you will always be here in our Hearts Honor & Jim Stevensx
Posted by Honor Stevens on 21st January 2018
well another year has past Dear Friend 6 years since your beautiful soul passed away , seams hardly possible ,we are remembering you with love & affection ,Honor & Jim OZ
Posted by Honor Stevens on 29th June 2017
to our Dear departed Friend Arthur happy 78th Birthday ,you are forever in our thoughts & heart ,cant tell you how very much you are missed .you are in Heavan with my mum Phyllis,hope you are having a few scotches .I no you walk beside us Arthur,& are keeping a loving eye on your Beautiful Daughter Danielle ,you would be so Proud of her . you are greatly missed by all who new you dear Friend Honor & Jim OZxxx
Posted by Nicola Howse on 21st January 2017
Another year has passed Arthur. Remembering a lovely man with a great sense of humour.
Posted by Ashley-Marc Gainard on 22nd January 2016
" Dear Arthur " a gentle soul of the past, you poped up in conversation today my friend, amongst friends at the shooting party, a memorable reply " Ah yes the jolly old chap at mendip ", and those words are true. I still miss your presence at the grounds. A place where 8 years ago today my fiancé and I engaged in one of the most memorable days of our life's so far, our engagement party. Ps I still haven't made an honest lady of her yet, but I'm working on it <3. Like others so numerously have said a great man who always be remembered....computers might not be your friend mate but all of us you knew back down here certainly are! Remembered always, Arthur x
Posted by Honor Stevens on 21st January 2016
To our Dear Friend Arthur, always in our Hearts & thoughts ,we still talk about all the fun & good time we shared with you ,you are always at our gatherings ,Remembered always with Love & frondness ,Honor & jim OZ
Posted by Sheila Hawkins on 21st January 2016
Dear Arthur, The world has changed so much since you left us-so much insecurity and sadness. The Light that you left is still shining brightly and it shows in your dear daughter, Danielle's face. We will always miss you, dear Arthur, and our love for you will never die. Xxx
Posted by Nicola Howse on 21st January 2016
4 years ago someone decided they needed you Arthur to make their world a better place. No doubt you have done this but this one misses you. A true gentleman with a brilliant sense of humour. It was a pleasure working with you..
Posted by Sheila Hawkins on 30th June 2015
Dear Arthur: much has happened in this world since your passing, but the most outstanding thing of all is seeing how your wife Sharon, and your daughter, Danielle have carried you everywhere with them. Sharon will always miss you, but knowing you're beside her in spirit, she's faced difficulties and still manages to smile-and I know it's because of her love for you. Danielle is a beautiful young lady now-and I know you are so proud of her, as she is of you. We miss your joking, your presence, yet seeing Sharon and Danielle, we know you're not far away. Sending you love and prayers, Sheila xxx
Posted by Honor Stevens on 29th June 2015
Dear Arthur ,our dear Friend & great mate ,Happy Birthday Arthur ,you are always in our thoughts ,out here in OZ ,Jim & Richard Gould are always reminising about the the things you got up to as you were growing up & all the fun you had ,we fondly remember you with Love & affection ,Honor & Jim
Posted by Margie&Gene Creek on 23rd January 2015
Years ago Margie and I were headed to the UK and our neighbour Jim Stevens said,"You must stop to meet my friend Arthur Hill". I arrived at the Mendip Shooting Ground and asked for Arthur. After a brief conversation he called out, "You won't believe who this man's neighbour is". I left feeling that I had a new friend, one who was quite a character. Thank you Sharon and Danielle for organising this memorial tribute.
Posted by Ruth Large on 22nd January 2015
Still miss you 3 years on. the things you told me and the mick you took out of my husdand and father inlaw. Miss you so much allways in my heart x
Posted by Honor Stevens on 21st January 2015
Arthur you are always in our thought ,I cant believe its 3 years since your passing ,you would be so proud of your very Beautiful Daughter Dannielle,she has taken on your roll of keeping intouch with us here in OZ ,I no you will always be beside her & Sharon ,we miss you in our lives ,but we will catch up for a chat one of these days
Posted by Richard Large on 21st January 2015
I was helping Arthur in the grouse butt, When my wife Joan tripped over some cable and went base over apex on the Vitasc layout. I thought Arthur was gooing to have a stroke, He collapsed laughing. He was still in hysterics when we picked her up. He reckoned that she tripped, staggered for a few seconds and then went down like a sack of spuds. I got a rollicking for telling joan off, which made him laugh even more! His sense of humour was wicked.He is still sorely missed by all my family.
Posted by Dave Large on 21st January 2015
You may be gone but you'll never be forgotten!
Posted by Nicola Howse on 21st January 2015
Still missing that great sense of humour 3 years on Arthur.
Posted by Sheila Hawkins on 29th June 2014
Dear Arthur, you are still thought of and remembered with such love and affection. Danielle has blossomed into a lovely looking young lady, and I am sure you walk with her everyday. Her love for you seeps through every part of her being, and reaches us over here in America. The world is sadder without you in it, but you are in a better place with no more illness or death, a place where we will all meet again one day. Sharon goes on with life, daily, but there is a void in her life which only you could fill. It is hard to see her without you at her side. Yet you walk with her too. To Arthur, a man well respected and loved, to a nephew who was so respectful and loving, know that I will never forget you. God Bless, Sheila xxx
Posted by Ruth Large on 29th June 2014
Happy Birthday Arthur all ways missed and all ways loved miss you xx
Posted by Graham Payne on 29th June 2014
Happy Birthday Arthur miss you loads, Irene and I are proud to have known you and I know you would have been proud of Sharon and Danielle.
Posted by Ian Drake on 30th May 2014
Matter is neither gained nor lost. So Arthur is still here. A little in all those fortunate enough to have met him. So you'll be with me on the next hunt bro.
Posted by Richard Large on 21st January 2014
It Does not seem possible that 2 years have elapsed since you left us. I miss the mickey taking and the constant moving of goalposts!
Posted by Nicola Howse on 21st January 2014
2 years ago today Arthur. Remembering a great man with a wicked sense of humour a heart of gold.
Posted by Darrell Britton on 21st January 2014
God Bless Arthur, we lost our dear Friend 2 years ago today. Will always remember you.
Posted by Andrew Rout on 21st January 2014
A legend in my shooting world, sadly missed
Posted by Honor Stevens on 29th June 2013
" Arthur Happy 74 th Birthday to you " how can I say in words ,how so very much I miss you ,you were my big Brother I never had ,& the very best Friend any one could wish to have ,you have given us so many memorys we hold dear in our Hearts Jim & I ,all the great times we all had together ,all the fun things all you Boys got up to ,all the hay making days ,you are very Deeply missed
Posted by Ashley-Marc Gainard on 25th June 2013
" Arthur " 10 years ago to date provided me with my first rifle which I still have today. from that date forward he provided me with numerous help for my interest in the sport, advice which I'll hold forever. His quote to me was " we like it when you come here' you spend lots of money ", one that I'll always remember. A wonderful chap to me and many others, REST IN PEACE my friend.
Posted by Ruth Large on 19th April 2013
Arthur I will always remember you.The last time I was with you when we sat on the wall and you told me one of your storys about the old times. you always made me smile. you very sadly mist. always in our hearts and minds. RIP Arthur love always.
Posted by Dave Large on 18th April 2013
thanks to Arthur,I will always remember where steaks and walnuts come from!dearly missed! REST IN PEACE
Posted by Darrell Britton on 18th April 2013
Arthur was one of the nicest friend I had, his warm character was always uplifting.God bless him.
Posted by Richard Large on 10th April 2013
I still expect to see him coming down the cellar stairs to my workshop and hearing his comment "Now look here Littler" Which was his nick name for me. His infectious sense of humour and kindness will never be forgotten. I consider myself privileged to have known hin albeit for such a relatively short period of time
Posted by Andrew Rout on 9th April 2013
A great man who will be sadly missed by his family and the shooting community
Posted by Cathy Shellard on 8th April 2013
What a great man me and dad were only talking about him todayxxx him and his stories will never be forgotten xxxx
Posted by Shaun Hobbs on 8th April 2013
Never forgotten, Always remembered and missed by so many... Such a great man, and I was lucky to have known him.....
Posted by Graham Payne on 8th April 2013
If only more people were like Arthur it would be a better world I will always remember the good times, there were no bad ones, I always loved the stories of days gone by. Especialy over a bottle of whiskey or gin.
Posted by Sheila Hawkins on 7th April 2013
Arthur passed away much before his time. He was wonderful as a father, a husband, a nephew and a wise friend. He was comforting and conflicting, but most of all, protective. He walks beside us, and inside our hearts. Arthur is not dead to us, he is just behind a door we haven't found yet. But we will.....someday. He is lovingly missed.
Posted by Jaade Wingrove on 7th April 2013
Arthur was a good man, a funny guy too.. could never work out how to use the computer! but he will never be forgotten. he was for sure a great man. loved&missed by many!
Posted by Shane Wingrove on 7th April 2013
arthur how can i forget about him he was a great man and a funny one too and he will always be remembered!
Posted by Danielle Hill on 7th April 2013
Arthur was my dad and I'm so proud to call him that! I love him so much and he is greatly missed! He was a great man and will always be remembered! Once you met him you would never forget him!

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