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This memorial website was created in memory of Ashish Grover.

We invite you to share your memories of him in the Stories section (see tabs above), post photos in the Gallery section, and leave thoughts in the Tributes section below.

In light of these unprecedented times, this site will provide a way to gather together to reflect on lives and memories shared and to celebrate a beloved husband, father, son, brother, uncle, friend, mentor.

We will keep this site available, so please return to add more memories and to experience the stories of others.
July 13, 2023
July 13, 2023
Aashu I have the strength to handle betrayal, poverty etc but the time I lost you all my strength vanished, it was impossible to accept the loss of my Son part of my body. Words are not enough to face the loss and the heartache can't be healed easily . It has been said, Time heals all wounds, but I certainly don't agree to it,the wounds remain in time. The mind protecting its sanity, cover them with scare tissue and the pain lessons but it's never gone.
I miss my passed life with your naughty mischief 's which are my precious treasures . Alas why can't you come back for a little while & fullfil my dreams.  
July 7, 2023
July 7, 2023
Ashish, Missing your presence amidst us to this day. 
Stay blessed where you are.
July 6, 2023
July 6, 2023
Dear Ashish

You are remembered with love and care every day. Today just happens to be the same time of the year when we all realized how much of a space in our lives you filled with your exuberant personality!

That you remain with us in our hearts and minds is not surprising. Keep inspiring us to love and live this life as well as you.

July 6, 2023
July 6, 2023
Missing you bro…still get goosebumps!! Spread your smile wherever you are as always. Miss you.
July 5, 2023
July 5, 2023
I m short of words,love you always....miss you.....
July 5, 2023
July 5, 2023
The saddest moment is when the person who gave you wonderful memories, becomes a memory. Ashish you are sadly missed along life's way, quietly remembered every day. You are no longer in our life to share, but in our hearts, you are always there.
Remembering you is easy, missing you is heartache, that never goes away.
Your memories are a treasure in the heart of all GROVERS, BHATNAGARS, friends and extended families. But none of us can answer the question, why did you have to depart.
Bro wherever you are stay blessed.
Surinder Grover
July 1, 2023
July 1, 2023

Ashish your soul took part of our souls. We were certain we will never experience normal again. The hollowness created huge cavity that not a tickle of light is visible in the dark tunnel of life since last three years.
We walk with imaginary stick of hope tumbling here & there. The almighty helps by sending throttle nose of your huge super bike's.
Car suddenly stops as if someone else is driving , giving us chance to gaze at the seldom passing by a super motorcycle. Suddenly the dream comes true. My soul surely knows that you are at peace.
November 2, 2022
November 2, 2022
Happy Birthday my dear Brother…still miss you as much and think about you on every single day…it never gets easier..feel like sharing so much, keep seeing that ever smiling face , miss our nonsense chats about potty & everything else..while facing many problems ..we say..”Ashu hota to Ek minute main answer mil jata “
All those memories make us smile and cry at the same time..
You have touched our lives in so many ways , We just keep wishing that we didn’t have to say goodbye so you always..keep shining ..
Till we meet again
October 27, 2022
October 27, 2022
A Nephews eyes have gone forever, his smile, his laugh, his face, where once he stood, before us, a lone picture, takes his place. Gone too soon, a fine young man, from here, your place of birth. I can’t believe, that this is real, that you no longer walk this earth. Reality is, I know it’s true, but still I can’t believe, a fine young man, with so much life, really had to leave. We loved you from your time of birth, we watched you grow and learn, my Nephew, we shall meet again, when it’s our time, to return.
October 27, 2022
October 27, 2022
I still can not digest , I was to lead & go on your shoulder , but you vanished in no time in front of me leaving me aghast.
My tears get hidden with in showers, pillow absorbs my sobs & sorrows in the middle of nights. Darkness is now part of me. It is only in saying " Time Heals" my wounds are today as fresh as they were when you stopped calling Mama.
Your departure created a big hole in my heart, impossible to be cured or filled. Grief is now eternal to me. Ashu each pore of my body cries and rushes to embrace you, only to find You no where. Alas one last hug can I not expect from my dear loving Son ?
Your childhood, Your growing year's, Your personal time with Only me, every day comes back reconstructing dreams in my life , but Tears are my companions now. I still don't believe that you are gone for ever.
July 6, 2022
July 6, 2022
“Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings into infinity.”
In loving memory of Ashish! Wherever you are RIP BRO..,,,,Grover’s
July 6, 2022
July 6, 2022
Miss You Dost ... I am sure you are continuing to spread smiles ... jaha raho khush raho .

Love Hamesha ... and Hamesha : Bists
January 4, 2022
January 4, 2022
Ashish do you know lockdown is again back in few places .. this Carona shit is still hanging on our head !!! Yes...very bugging !!! You would've really got irritated with this , it's going to be 2 yrs and we are still discovering it's new variant everyday .....LOL .

Anyways, felt like talking to you ... we went to Dehradun and MIL remembered you while serving us your favourite Mutton.

Don't know how to.....wish you 2022 ... miss you my friend... sure you are spreading happiness wherever you are !!!

Love hamesha AG
November 5, 2021
November 5, 2021
Missed you on your Birthday and now....its Deepawali ... every occasion bring back memories...time spent with you , Manisha and Bri .

I am sure you are spreading happiness wherever you are AG ...

Love Hamesha : Bist's
July 7, 2021
July 7, 2021
Its been a painful year for all of us at the work place...
We all miss you a lot.
The company and the facilities that you created so painstakingly, yearns for your presence, now more than ever..... We will have to live with the fond memories of the past.
July 7, 2021
July 7, 2021
There hasn’t been a day when we haven’t thought about you and the times spent together. The question still keeps popping up- Is this for Real?? The pain is still there mate, we miss you a lot, we will cherish the times spent together and keep sailing through. The loss is still felt but what to do. We really lost a great soul but keep praying that wherever you may be, keep shining bro, keep shining.
July 6, 2021
July 6, 2021
It has been a year of missing you. It will be a lifetime. Thinking of you and the times we had together.
July 6, 2021
July 6, 2021
Time has failed to heal but maybe I did not try ..... as I still wait for your return to India from New York as you said in our last conversation and how we talked about you guys being in bangalore to make new beginnings yet again. Then you chose a different new beginning...
July 6, 2021
July 6, 2021
Those special memories we made help you to live on even though you’re gone. I will use today, the 1st anniversary of your passing, to remember what a truly wonderful person you were.
Days will pass and turn into years.....but I will always remember you with tears. Missing You Ashish
July 6, 2021
July 6, 2021
A year has gone by
Without you in our lives
I have missed you every single day
There is an emptiness at the end of every day, every achievement , every event..
As if something is missing from every where
A painful hollow ,
Of beautiful memories
Of childhood days
Of playful happy times
Of grown up days ,sharing & cheering
Of parenthood days ,loving and laughing 
Of celebrations & vacations
Of sharing recipes and altercations
That voice of yours , reassuring , calm ,strong , wise
That infectious smile, always on
Ever ready for a challenge, a new adventure
What a spirit , helping , sharing , caring , generous and beyond …
Loving , doting , spoiling the children
I wish that life was not so unfair
I wish that I could bring you back
I wish that you had had a chance
And we were blessed enough to have more of you
But I know He needs you too
And wherever you are, though not with us..
You are smiling and making others smile …
Carrying on your good work ..
On more fortunate shores …
And I am sure, we will roll in and meet once more
Till we meet again
Forever missed
Forever loved, Ashu….
July 5, 2021
July 5, 2021
मेरा अनमोल रत्न

मेरे कंघे पर बैठा मेरा बेटा
 जब मेरे कंधे पे खड़ा हो गया
मुझी से कहने लगा
  देखो पापा मैं तुमसे बड़ा हो गया
मैने कहा बेटा इस खूबसूरत
 गलत फैमी में भले ही जकड़े रहना
मगर मेरा हाथ पकड़े रखना
  जिस दिन ये हाथ छूट जाएगा
बेटा तेरा रंगीन सपना भी टूट जाएगा
  दुनिया वास्तव में उतनी हसीन नहीं है
देख तेरे पांव तले अभी जमीं नहीं है
  मैं तो बाप हूं बेटा बहुत खुश हो जाऊंगा
जिस दिन तू वास्तव में मुझसे बड़ा हो जाएगा
   बेटे कंधे पे नहीं ....
जब तू जमीन पे खड़ा हो जायगा
  ये बाप तुझे अपना सब कुछ दे जाएगा
और तेरे कंधे पर दुनिया से चला जाएगा. !

        दुआ मांगी थी आश्याने की ,
         चल पड़ी आंधियां जमाने की ,
        मेरे गम को कोई न समझ पाया ,
       क्योंकि मेरी आदत थी
             मुस्कराने की .....

        ।। टूटा हारा सुरेंद्र ।।

February 27, 2021
February 27, 2021
It is more than six months since Ashish left us . I still feel that this is a bad dream & he shall be with me playing Squash as promised at Saket Sports Club . I had a long talk with him before his last visit to Raman's place . We made tentative programme to visit Sports Club ; play Squash & have bindas and coffee from its small canteen .                His greatest quality is that he befriended everyone from 8yrs to 80yrs . He always made me feel so young ; fighting for every point and not giving concession for being his so so senior . I MISS HIM BADLY.                              I still don't have the courage to talk to Manisha or Brinda for their collosal loss. How much Manisha must have missed him on their marriaige anniversary .    I can't find words to console Veena & Surinder for their loss.                  My only submission is that he was a GEM and should be remembered with "Bheegi Palkon Se" but not while weeping .                              WHAT CAN NOT BE CURED             MUST BE ENDURED. 
February 25, 2021
February 25, 2021
Thinking of you on your anniversary today! Warm wishes and lots of love.
February 20, 2021
February 20, 2021
My Son , The King of Kings carrier of my soul still searching you in the darkness of daytime , as for me you have carried away Sun too.
 My mind still talks to you and my heart still cries , but my soul knows you are at peace .How could God take away my greatest gift on earth MY SON ASHISH , for whom will I bake cakes . Kitchen my heaven is lying in solitude without you . Destiny could have given some discount of years to poor mother who kept on waiting waiting , waiting hiding your favourites in the deep corners of refrigerator.

I want you to continue sharing your life with me , come over and laugh at me ,I don't mind make fool of me But Come.
Alas my search is going on on on......
February 16, 2021
February 16, 2021
Memories of Ashish shared by Arvind Kaul

It has been more than six months since Ashish passed on. I am still unable to reconcile to the fact that he is no more. His liveliness and lust for life are as clear as daylight in my mind’s eye.
I wasn’t a friend from his school or college days. I came in contact with him when he engaged my services as an HR consultant to Silver Spark at Doddaballapur.
I’d like to share instances / incidents from Ashish’s life that tell a lot about how very “Human” he was as a human being and other aspects of his self. I’ll share them gradually over time. Hopefully that will give me succour.

Ashish as a Father – staying connected long distance

Over a period of time we became good friends and would share with each other happenings from outside the work arena as well. I could see that Ashish doted over Brinda (his daughter). One day I found him in a pensive frame of mind. I got to understand that he felt helpless about not being able to give Brinda his time and attention, the way he would have liked to. This was owing to frequent work related travel. It was upsetting him. It occurred to me all of a sudden that Jawahar Lal Nehru had spent over 9 years in jail during the freedom movement, if one added up all his imprisonment terms. From jail he wrote letters to his daughter Indira, which later got published as Glimpses of World History. If he could do it in 1928, why could it not be done now! We reasoned out that, for starters, he could buy two copies of a crossword puzzle book, one for himself and one for Brinda. Even though they would be in different cities, they could work on the same puzzle and have a meaningful discussion on the puzzle every evening. Ashish grabbed the idea and procured two copies of a crossword puzzle book the same evening!

Toto Chan for Brinda

I remember that I once passed on an ebook called Toto Chan toAshish, for Brinda.
This book consists of the childhood recollections of the author, whose childhood name is Toto-Chan. She shares the story of her school and her wonderful headmaster who worked to bring out the best in every child. I believe Brinda still treasures the book.
He was super excited the day Brinda had made pastries on her own and even sold some in her neighbourhood. 
He could extract great joy out from very simple things.

He couldn’t remain upset with anyone for long

Ashish couldn’t be cross with anyone for any extended period of time. Perhaps it used to make him feel uneasy. He would find a way to be on good terms with the person soon enough.
I remember an episode when, for some reason, he became cross with me. I was sitting in his cabin across the table. I thought it best to retreat. Just next to his cabin was a conference room. It was empty. So I left his cabin, went and sat in the conference room to work quietly on my laptop.
About 15 or 20 minutes later, the office boy came to the conference room bearing an envelope from Ashish. When I opened the envelope, I found a copy of a very rare photograph of Tagore and Einstein together. I knew that it was Ashish’s way of saying that he was sorry for being cross with me.

Nurturing Empowerment through his involvement in Quality Circles

We were able to successfully promote Quality Circles in a prominent way at Silver Spark. A significant number of the shop floor operators were involved. There were 22 Quality Circle teams. The teams used to meet religiously every week to analyse the problems they faced at work. Tea and snacks were served to the operators in their weekly meetings. Ashish would always say to me, “Mr Kaul, these operators come from economically poor backgrounds. They must be having iron deficiencies. Ensure that they get good and plenty of snacks.”
The Steering Committee would meet once a month. Ashish was the chairperson of this committee. As the operators presented novel solutions to the problems at work on the shop floor, I could see Ashish’s confidence in his operators go up and a feeling of empowerment growing in the people.
I remember someone approached him to buy software for the Cutting Dept. It was expensive. Ashish negotiated with the seller that he wouldn’t buy the software outright but would like his operators to try it out first for 6 months and approve it. For the six month period Ashish agreed to pay a rental charge for using the software. A very rational way to decide on the purchase, letting the user be the decision maker.
I remember another case of letting the user be the decision maker. The unit was procuring laptop for executives. Instead of placing a bulk order on one brand and getting a better discount, he let individuals decide on the brand they wanted. Naturally, people had different preferences and got the brand they wanted. His logic was simple. It was a small price to pay for people’shappiness.
Whenever any team completed a project, they would have the privilege of having lunch with Ashish. Lunch used to be arranged for the team with Ashish at a separate table in the dining area. In honour of the team members the table would be specially laid out with some decoration like a flower vase. Invariably, Ashish would come to the lunch with his pockets full of “goodies” like toffees and chocolates for the children of the lady operators. He would make polite enquiries about their families and their welfare and give the “goodies” to them. In such simple ways he would add his human touch to the work place.
This Quality Circle movement kept growing stronger and stronger. Eventually, it led Silver Spark to getting the first rank in the manufacturing sector of the ladies segment in 2009.

Management by Mass Momentum

I remember Ashish attending a Workshop conducted by Dave Ulrich (of the GE Workout fame). In some context,Ashish expressed a different view point from Dave;when Dave Ulrich enquired what theory/model he was following, Ashishpromptlycoined a very apt name for his style of management. He called his style Management by Mass Momentum (3M). Indeed an apt name for how things were happening in Silver Spark where the masses were feeling empowered!

Six Thinking Hats

I was singularly lucky in that there was no other consultant / trainer besides me for HR in Silver Spark. I would do the training I considered appropriate for all levels from the top right down to the operators. The operators had received training in some elementary statistical problem solving tools. Now I was trying to introduce the Six Thinking Hats methodology to Ashish and his core team. The core team did use that methodology for a few meetings and then gave up. Ashish chose to use part of the six hats method whenever required. And it was pretty often. If he got a bright idea and felt strongly enough to implement it, he would propose his idea to a colleague or colleagues and then ask them to don the Black Hat to point out why the idea may fail, or the cautions, the obstacles, dangers etc that he may encounter. Then he would use these points to suitably weigh the present and potential benefits of his idea or refine and improve it.

Ashish as a Husband

Ashish used to talk of Manisha’s role in the planning for the Delhi Metro with a lot of pride. At one stage I think he wanted me to take up HR consultancy for Manisha’s organisation and arranged for us to meet.
Edward de Bono, who had propounded the Six Thinking Hats methodology, had come to India. He was in India and was conducting workshops in Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore on behalf of Raymond. I had told Ashish not to miss the Bangalore workshop at any cost. Not only did he go to the workshop but he got Manisha also to join in. The workshop must have started at 10 am. I got a call from him during the tea break (around 12 noon) saying that had Manisha and he learnt the parallel thinking concept earlier, they may have avoided the petty disagreements that take place between a husband and wife.
November 2, 2020
November 2, 2020
Happy Birthday Ashish...your smile and laughter stay with us forever..Enjoy your journey ahead wherever you are
November 1, 2020
November 1, 2020
Happy birthday dear Ashish. Miss you like never before. Stay safe. Lots of love always.
August 9, 2020
August 9, 2020
I still cannot believe that Ashish is no more with us. I still remember the first time I met him on a boat at the Raymond Annual Do In Kochi in 2006. His warm out going personality, impish warm smile and a big heart will be missed. I will never forget his zest for life- in things big and small. May the Almighty give Manisha, Brinda and family strength in these times.
August 7, 2020
August 7, 2020
It’s been a month and I still cannot believe that Ashish has left us!! The imprint of his memories with us will remain forever. I have known Ashish since 1995 when we met at a common workplace. We soon became buddies, but he was more of a younger brother to me.

Initially our friendship started as bike riders, to & fro from work & weekends. He had a Yezdi and I used to ride Enfield. Gradually we became great family friends. Watched our first movie Machis with Manisha and Bindu my wife at Sapna theatre, went to dine at Karim’s where we came out with our mouths on fire….food was so hot, made road trips in our small Maruti 800 car to Binsar, Jageshwar and Ranikhet. The car could barely take our load while going to Binsar and Ashish was driving literally in the first gear throughout, were so scared as the roads were quite treacherous. Binsar, a protected reserve with no electricity was a fantastic place where we were woken at night with Ashish screaming on top of his voice and abusing someone in Hindi adjectives….it was pitch dark and perhaps some wild animals around…..we mustered courage, lit our oil lamps and came out shivering from our rooms. Could not find anyone but boy, Ashish was fuming, never seen him like that but we all had a good laugh at the end when we found out that some villagers were drinking and having a fight amongst themselves that night. Ashish had recently bought a top of the range, think it was a Nikon SLR Camera and would show off the zoom range by clicking beautiful picture of birds and wildlife. He had a real passion for photography.

Time flew, remember visiting you guys in hospital when Brinda was born, how excited and thrilled were you both. Also had a great time when we visited Bangalore for the first time….Ashish, you got such a scolding from Manisha and Bindu for taking along 6 month old dear Brinda to a pub with us with cotton buds in her ears where there was blaring music, noise & smoke. We still cherish the cake your mum used to make, what a day it was when we finished off 1kg of rasgullas between both of us and then had a terrible tummy. Remember you eating chocolates when Manisha was not around as she would keep an eye on your sweet tooth appetite.

You settled in Bangalore, we moved to Australia but stayed connected off and on, shared each other’s joys and pains. Your trip to Melbourne just for a night to visit us and our 2 daughters in 2007 was just out of the blue.

Your hospitality was second to none, not just limited to us but Bindu’s sister and her parents whenever they were in Bangalore.

It was lovely to meet you, Manisha and Brinda couple of times in 2017 when we visited Bangalore. And you were so enthusiastic to show your dream home, car and bike collections to us.

There was a peculiar relation amongst us, the bond, that love and that care for each other. Something I cannot describe in words. I just feel we had a relation from a previous lifetime as his departure just jolted me. I have been trying to write this for few weeks, have started and stopped several times as I cannot comprehend that he is no longer physically amongst us, will never hear him, will never hug each other and have that laugh. His smile flashes across my mind often every day, his voice echoes in my ears number of times, the way he used to call me and greet me over the phone with few Hindi adjectives($$**&&$$) to showcase his love, that was a unique relation on its own. Ashish was very well aware that I did not shake hands with many people, but once I did, it was a relation till the grave.

What is more surprising is that we spoke/face timed for over an hour in April…..we had moved to a new house and he wanted to see the house so I showed him the entire house, he was very happy for us. We made plans to catch up here in Australia after this COVID crisis, travel to New Zealand and have some great time. We spoke about our retirement plans and lifestyle, visiting Binsar and Jageshwar one more time with our kids.

His whatsapp messages just hrs before his demise are still with me, keep going back to them & find it hard to digest all this.

Well bro, we know you are in a much better place now, we will deal and go through this pain by remembering the times we have spent, the talks we have had, the silly things we have done and keep you alive in our thoughts till we meet again.

Rest in peace mate, you have gone too soon!
July 25, 2020
July 25, 2020
Will miss the glint in his eyes that forever had an innocence and excitement about everything 
Will miss the hug that made one feel instantly comforted
Will miss the camaraderie that had a heady mix of teasing & affection
Will miss sharing the common loves and the common peeves
Will miss knowing that he is there somewhere and always available.
Will miss sharing collective memories of 32 years. And still discovering more in them.
Will miss the long detailed conversations with every detail crafted out.
Will miss all the years ahead that we had promised to share...

Wishing all the love strength and blessings to his two wonderful ladies Manisha and Brinda. They are his treasure.

Wishing every minute that we had met more often and spent more time together. In my mind and heart forever .

We have all through our life played hide and seek between cities , houses , jobs and kept meeting back as though no years passed in between. And now it is again just that.... Till we meet again...
July 25, 2020
July 25, 2020
Never got an opportunity to work with Ashish on business or otherwise but in the Textiles and Apparel Industry, Ashishs name would pop for anything being done different & exceptional. Remember meeting him at the Raymond Bangalore MTM set Up and how Passionately he showed us around the whole plant . Guy like him will be missed in the industry for his energy and passion and new thinking . RIP
July 25, 2020
July 25, 2020
The angels looked down from heaven one night.
They searched for miles afar,
And deep within the distance
They could see a shining star.

They knew that very instant
That the star was theirs to gain,
So they took you up to heaven,
Forever to remain.

Look down on us from heaven.
Keep us free from hurt and pain.
You'll always be within my heart
Until we meet again.

Ashish .... This isn't a permanent goodbye , I will miss you forever ... will surely miss your naughty smiles , your guidance , your care for us , your generosity , the trust you always shown , your immense love for Aaliyah and ofcourse not to miss our crazy fights ( Fun fights , serious fights & sick horrible fights ) . You only said once that you will only fight with someone whom you loved so much. My friend I love you ya.....vapass aa ja yaar !!! This is crazy !!! So tough & so crazy !!! Very difficult to come to terms with your loss....difficult to settle down ...

You were our 1st "family" in Bangalore...still remember our MTR Rs.5/- ice-cream in your new car Accent , memorable & most precious time with your lil Brinda ( thank you for sharing your baby with us too) , will miss all our fun many eat-outs together , crazy road trips , our gifts every time we met , DBC vs. your flop peppermint green ice-cream at Corner house, how much we laughed when water came inside your car in that heavy rain , our hysterical Bhopal trip & your Bollywood dance in the wedding , once how badly you wanted to buy a gold colour saree(surprise gift) for Manisha for her birthday & which we all went to exchange in few hours, your plans to take all kids to HK Disney land ( Santa Uncle ) , Aaliyah learnt the mango eating in desi style from you , will miss you at our Ganesha lunch at Khots in Ethenic attire...your care for your help staff from everyone at work ... everything was so balanced. so many and more memories since we met in 1998 and after then there was no looking back ...we were together , we are together & we will be together - FOREVER !

You were an amazing dad , loving husband , caring son , super amazing brother , fun friend & perfect pet daddy . Tara and Venchi will miss getting pampered . Your beautiful dreamhouse "GHAR will miss you , Your garden & pool will miss you......Ashish you will be missed .....

Manisha is amazingly brave & taking care of all of us ... You should be proud of her as she is handling everyone with lot of courage & calmness.

Will miss you Ashish....

Love hamesha : Anamika

July 22, 2020
July 22, 2020
Ashish Grover my Student at NIFT-AMM from 1994 to 1996 was a live wire full of energy and cheer.Later as a professional I saw him rise to top echelons and make his stellar contributions and win awards in Wool garments Exports category many times.He always was very respectful and showed his warmth and regards.His untimely death has caused a void difficult to fill.My fond memories about him will always remain.May GodAlmighty give peace to his soul and comfort and heal the deep wound in the hearts of his family caused by his sudden demise ..RIP.Deepest condolences..
July 22, 2020
July 22, 2020
I knew Ashish since primary school as my class teacher’s nephew and my first impression of him was a good school mate with a great family background. Never got to interact much with him in earlier years as there were around 400 students in each grade. He definitely caught my attention in high school when he and my brilliant friend Manisha got together and stayed together forever. He had to be special to win over Manisha ! Manisha is my college mate too and so although we were in touch casually but destiny got me close to them when they moved to New York and played the role of local guardians for my son who started working there around the same time too. Ashish became his good friend, guided him and also pampered him with gifts. Ashish had a captivating personality and could mingle with people of all ages !
I was very proud to see the heights Ashish had attained in life. Me and my husband Rajan met Ashish and Manisha for dinner many times and enjoyed Ashish’s sense of humour and delicious chicken that he cooked himself. He was very mature and had great judgement ! He said so much in such few words ! I saw a great dad in him in his support and guidance for Brinda in all possible ways !
His sudden demise left my entire family in great shock but I know Ashish will always be Manisha’s strength and Brinda’s guide ! An amazing and wise person , there for his loved ones forever...
July 21, 2020
July 21, 2020
Ashish is a "Blessing Forever"......
He is with me, being my strength......
With Brinda, guiding and encouraging her....
With everyone of us, inspiring us with incredible & endless possibilities.....

He Loves Life.....the small things and the Big ones....
The lovely Roses and Tabebuia trees in the garden......
The Cadillacs and the Beetles.....
Putting smiles on kids' faces....
Making us all laugh, playing the Joker......

He is High on Life.....
Always curious, exploring, obsessing......
Pouring passion into everything....
Making the most mundane so exotic so beautiful!

He is Larger than Life.....
Having such a meaningful presence in so many lives....
Making everyone feel so special...
Building everlasting memories with each and all...

He surrounds me with LOVE Laughs Pranks....
He is this naughty boy from my school...
Who tied my long plait to the classroom bench....
.....And never let me Go....
July 21, 2020
July 21, 2020
Ashish lives forever - in Manisha, in Brinda..and in every song that we have listened to, on his Bose speakers. Someone as passionate as him - about everything in life, and life itself - breathes life into everything and everyone he touches. 
Lots of love to Manisha, Brinda and the family. We are with you always. Just like Ashish also remains with all of us.
July 20, 2020
July 20, 2020
Ashish..... He will remain in our thoughts always.
His smile and his mischievous demeanour will stay with me as long as I live.
He had something in him that made people bond with him instantly and connect as though he was their long lost friend.........
His vision and business acumen was stupendous.
He was a true visionary, with the courage of conviction to go out and make it happen.
It has been my privilege to work with him for the last 15 years and it was an absolute pleasure. 
He will continue to inspire us.

A true braveheart....
July 20, 2020
July 20, 2020
It has been almost a fortnight since Ashish left us for his final destination....too early and too many things unfinished.... It is responsibility of us to take his thoughts forward , that would be the right tribute to such exemplary persona...
All the years of my association , threw totally different aspects ... He believed in process of networking, helping, trusting, giving freedom to perform, stood by all decisions ... Most importantly humane touch....
His candid and transparent approach made him "go to man" across the band width of fraternity knowing him...
He shall be missed forever...and shall remain in our thoughts... ... Always there in thoughts and action...
July 18, 2020
July 18, 2020
Remembering the time with Ashish after all the guests have gone home after a get-together. He would take out his best and favorite chocolates and share them with me well into the night!
July 18, 2020
July 18, 2020
Ashish was my senior in NIFT. He was one of the most intelligent , yet a very humble human being I have come across. He was someone who always had a shy yet endearing smile on his face.
It was clear that he was cut out for a great career and a wonderful life journey awaited him. Filled with talent, passion and zest for life, he made many life long friendships. Always a true leader and went out of his way to help others. It’s tragic that he went away so early. He will be missed by his family, friends , colleagues and acquaintances. Rest in peace.
July 12, 2020
July 12, 2020
मैं नितिन हूँ, आशीष का brother-in-law, मनीषा का भाई!

मैं आशीष से पहली बार ३० साल पहले मिला था। आशीष के साथ मेरी बहुत सारी memories जुड़ीं हैं। हमारे जयपुर, आगरा और शिमला के road trips, cruise जिसमे हम Greece और Italy गए थे, दिल्ली और बैंगलोर में साथ बिताया हुआ time, हंसी-मज़ाक, cars और audio system पे discussions, मेरी शादी से पहले की clothes shopping, New York का time __

आशीष की हमेशा यही कोशिश रहती थी की कैसे हर situation को और भी enjoyable बनाया जाये। Rules को break तो बहुत लोग कर लेते हैं, पर यह काम बिना किसी को hurt किये और funny तरीके से कैसे किया जाये, ये आशीष को ही पता था।

बहुत मुश्किल है इस बात को accept करना की अब हम वो पहले की तरह साथ में टाइम नहीं गुज़ार पाएंगे। लेकिन जितना मुझे इस बात का दुःख, है, उस से कहीं ज़्यादा मुझे इस बात की ख़ुशी है है की मैं आशीष को जानता हूँ।

आशीष specialist है दूसरों को हंसाने में, खुश रखने में, और उनकी care करने में। आशीष ने अपना पूरा effort लगाया अपनी family का ध्यान रखने में, अपने friends और connections की care में। आशीष मेरे साथ हमेशा रहेगा, मेरी precious memory बन के। He is immortal for me! Thank you Ashish for everything
Love you brother!
July 11, 2020
July 11, 2020
Ashish, I'm really glad I got to know you recently. I knew at once what a wonderful person you were. When we first met, I felt instantly put at ease and accepted by you. Your heart radiated outward. I keep remembering the time in Portland when I was determined to find you the perfect jacket. You went along as Sam, Manisha and I dragged you into different stores. Always patient. Always shooting down my recommendations lol. We never did find a jacket good enough for you and instead went to have a drink on a rooftop and enjoy the nice weather. We are all better for having known you and I only wish you had been given more time on this earth. Safe travels friend.
July 10, 2020
July 10, 2020
For Dearly Loved Ashish (Ashu). His eyes have gone forever, his smile, his laugh, his face, where once he stood, before us, a lone picture, takes his place. Gone too soon, a fine young man, from here. I can’t believe that this is real, that you no longer walk this earth. Reality is, I know it’s true, but still I can’t believe, a fine young man, with so much life, really had to leave. We loved you from your time of birth, we watched you grow and learn.
He belongs to the heavens now and his spirit walks among those of his dear mother, father – uncles and aunts and cousins. As I think of the absolute finality of death and realize that I can no longer speak to him, I rue the missed opportunities – the conversations I could have had with him but never did. I suppose that is the cruelty of death – and life. No number of tears can wash away the wound of losing the dearest nephew in my life but I still cry – and at times, it's difficult to stop.
When I close my eyes, that pervasive image of him – supine, lifeless and his face cast in a black shadow – invades my mind and my only relief then becomes a gut-wrenching grief. I cannot stop crying for the man who represented everything that was beautiful in this world to me. My heart cannot accept the passing of my greatest nephew – my brother’s most cherished son – Ashu – a beloved brother to his sisters and brother and a beautiful uncle who was loved and worshipped by his nieces and nephews – and most of all, his dear, dear wife Manisha and daughter Brinda, as he always called them endearingly.
Ashu my nephew approached his own existence armed with a great deal of delight and wisdom. He had the most beautiful sense of humour. He could make the most mundane of events seem the most interesting with his gift for joking and dancing. No one could relate a story quite like he did. He utilised his great sense of humour to inspire people too – to instill in people that nothing that they aimed for was unattainable
I know very well that, although dead in flesh and blood, he may somehow live on. Back at school, I was once so fascinated by a friend's concept of immortality. He said that as we meet different people in that great journey we call life, we impart a little bit of ourselves in them and once we pass on, we never cease to exist because we live in their memory. That, my friend said, was immortality.
Ashu imparted much too much of himself. He gave so much and inspired so many people. Ashu belongs to the world and in the years to come, he will continue to inspire many more people. That way, his immortality will be ensured. To me, us – the entire family – we lost a man who had a deep, deep reserve of love. We mourn him because we will miss him terribly – because life will never be the same without him. For his country, his passing represents the loss of a national treasure. My Ashu should have lived a bit longer because he had so much more to give.

Farewell my dearest Ashu – Like you once conferred with the mountains and valleys, may you now walk with the spirits of your ancestors.
Ashish, we shall meet again, when it’s our time, to return.

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July 13, 2023
July 13, 2023
Aashu I have the strength to handle betrayal, poverty etc but the time I lost you all my strength vanished, it was impossible to accept the loss of my Son part of my body. Words are not enough to face the loss and the heartache can't be healed easily . It has been said, Time heals all wounds, but I certainly don't agree to it,the wounds remain in time. The mind protecting its sanity, cover them with scare tissue and the pain lessons but it's never gone.
I miss my passed life with your naughty mischief 's which are my precious treasures . Alas why can't you come back for a little while & fullfil my dreams.  
July 7, 2023
July 7, 2023
Ashish, Missing your presence amidst us to this day. 
Stay blessed where you are.
July 6, 2023
July 6, 2023
Dear Ashish

You are remembered with love and care every day. Today just happens to be the same time of the year when we all realized how much of a space in our lives you filled with your exuberant personality!

That you remain with us in our hearts and minds is not surprising. Keep inspiring us to love and live this life as well as you.

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July 3, 2021
I gave birth to you , but you came with no instructions. All I know that I loved you long before I saw you.You were my eldest child ,my life, my dreams for tomorrow.
I keep deceiving myself that I have removed you from my heart , but it's only pretention . The fact is that you are deep within my heart and the sorrow of missing you physically seems impossible to bear.
  You still are a constant source of pleasure with your naughty deeds , keep playing with my feelings and thoughts.
  While a little piece of my heart went to heaven along with your soul . I keep bearing  all sorrows while smiling through tears of my love for you.

I am blessed to have a rarest of the rare SON ,who brought so much happiness in a very short stay on earth.
I am short of word's to explain the loss of one part of my body which can not be cured till the time I am alive.

 जो ना सोचा था , वो हो गया
क्यों नसीबा मेरा सो गया 
गम की ऐसी घटा छा गई
चैन दिल का कहीं खो गया ।

Happy Anniversary Mr&Mrs.Grover

February 25, 2021
 “Yeh humari Manisha hai,
Yeh hamara Ashish hai,
Yea unka Anniversary hai,
Aur yeh humari pawri ho rahi hai.” 
Happy Wedding Anniversary to this most beautiful , witty and fun jodi...stay together guys ... hamesha hamesha ❤❤amazing made for each other wali jodi❤❤ 
Now time for some fun memories.... 
This picture and memories attached to this picture is absolutely crazy ! Unforgettable for sure !
As usual we went to celebrate their anniversary at their house with few close friends who are also reading this story here :-) 
So Ashish and I shared  very unique relationship where we  never left any oppertunity to take PANGAssss with each other !
Before coming to this party I went to buy a gift like a good friend and when I was crossing Yelahanka local market I saw this  kart / thelewala selling some interesting stuff which suddenly started matching my expectations of their perfect Anniversary gifts.  Wanted to buy whole lot of stuff but somehow I had to control my emotions as I kept buying & eyes of that poor Cart fellow was getting wider and wider. I was shopping with a equally mad friend of mine who kept giving me chabhi & more ideas.... some brilliant ones for sure. Finally I think I spent some Rs.300/- max for this so called exotic gift for their Anniversary.
Finally we reached to the party and asusual we had a full on BLAST where they do everything over the top...amazing host.... party with them used to be real fun & laughter ....and  sometimes with as we really used to pull each other to another level. And it was a great balance of his turn & my turn ... where we got equal support from audience. And he always loved my Bihari Hinglish 
I insisted that he should open my gift which was a good sized box , wrapped with some fancy paper etc.. very stylish as per my standard. 
Unboxing started ... & Mr.Grover started sweating ...we all started laughing like mad !! 
So, I tried making some kinki honeymoon box with some Bihari masala :-) his main kick used to be to call me Biharan I poured my heart & soul of Bihariness into that fancy Anniversary gift box ! 
Here's some stuff I clearly remember which is now out of stock so dare you all rush to Yelahanka local road side market.
List as below :- ( sure it made their Anniversary  memorable forever  )
1. Small baby plastic make Doll with all parts well defined . Doll had a cute smily face. 
2. Doctor set with injection ( with how to use instructions) all metal and plastic combo 
3. Very thin light weight Hindi pocket book with few pages were folded & highlighted with marker so he can refer those tough hindi words. Something like those adult magazines....but with few pages. Very local and full of masalas. 
4. Some Cheapy Lottery ticket and draw was suppose to be following week or so...everything was in kanadda we tried guessing the prize money and date of draw and we translated with some artwork .
5. Navy blue nagina brand undy wrapped and folded ( plastic baby doll was quietly sitting inside that well folded undy )
6. Jadibuti for better  performance ( please mind nothing official here, nothing to do with Raymond )
7. Neon plastic  Comb ... and tiny foldable scissors with some important instructions to use  
8. The plastic Garland which he is wearing and later danced on Hare rama song ... with full cigar and dev ji look with Manni as Zinnat Aman !!! 
All these precious item had instructions with highlighter & I was very responsible not to leave anything for imagination . Absolutely NOT . My useless friends never took any opportunity to take picture of my EXOTIC gift
So our sexy jodi Mr&Mrs.Grover opened this box and in few seconds later I saw Manisha running inside to hide this exotic gift box in some cupboard so that it should not get noticed by Bri at any cost ....this happy red cheeks picture was taken just before Manisha ran inside to hide these exotic gifts ...gosh !! Whenever we remember this night.... we laugh like crazy !!  Later I came to know Manisha had to personally dispose off and not disposed in her garbage bin also ... had to share this memory with his friends and family.. so we all can smile with them ..❤❤
Hey guys you both ❤❤
Janam Janam ka saath ho ❤❤
Will always see you both together❤❤ 
I miss you one to take PANGA dost and no one to take my exotic gifts from me and burst with laughter like you ❤❤
Stay happy ... stay blessed ... and keep smiling ❤️❤️
Cheers and Happy Anniversary ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Your Biharan Dost

Miss you my dear brother ......i miss u...

November 1, 2020
Dear Bhai
Words are less.......god only knows what you have done for me......and i love you and today is your birthday.....i m missing you always.....
Your sister

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