Let the memory of Askia Khalil be with us forever. From the moment you were born and I held the "Gift" that God gave me, I have loved you more than mere words. You were such a huge blessing to me and even now, I thank God that I was chosen to be your mom
  • 18 years old
  • Born on December 30, 1978 in Tacoma, Washington, United States.
  • Passed away on October 23, 1997 in Burien, Washington, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Askia Khalil Thompson 18 years old , born on December 30, 1978 and passed away on October 23, 1997. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Bernetta Branch on 23rd October 2016
Askia we love and miss you daily. We know you ,mom and Miss are entertaining each other to the fullest degrees. Life has taken us all into a joyful, painful and loving journey. ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️❤️ Auntie Bernetta
Posted by Marquse Watkines on 27th October 2015
I light a candle in the memory of you, my good friend Askia.I miss you, but i know you still come around to say "wus sup". I appreciate that homie. Just know you are loved and never forgotten Askia Thompson. God Bless.
Posted by P. Tymas on 30th December 2014
Happy Birthday Son. No I don't remember how old you'll be at at 12:08pm this afternoon. But geting up there. I am just back from 6 days in San Diego to celebrate my 65th Birthday amoung strangers like I did 15 years ago when I went to Jerusalem to celebrate my 50th BD. I had a great time. Stilling missing you after all this time. I sometimes wonder how many grand-kids you would have given me by now. Most likely a boat-load of them. Most of the family is doing well and more are being added almost every year or so. We are excited that "Bre" and his little family is moving back home. He finally graduated. You'd have like Candace. She fits well in the family. Can't wait to kiss the "Prince". I love you son, kiss meme and moms for me.
Posted by Bernetta Branch on 30th December 2014
Good morning nephew. We miss you dearly. I pray you and miss are catching up. Won't bother you with all the details but I want you to know your mom is a world traveller. She found another hobby and having a ball. Breland and family are moving home next week and I am very excited I get to see Princeton everyday if I want too. Still working and plan to for another four or five years. We lost many family members dancing with the angels. Want to wish you happy holidays and of course happy birthday to you. Love and lots of hugs to you.
Posted by P. Tymas on 14th November 2014
Wow: Song I can't believe that I did not leave a little note for you, but YOU Were/ARE in my heart and thoughts. 17 years have come and gone and for the most part I am doing just fine, getting older. I turn 65 this Christmas and I am going to go to San Diego to celebrate for a week. Several friends of your have left a note for you. This next year I hope to upload more pictures of you. God Bless you Son. Love Mom
Posted by Marquse Watkines on 12th November 2014
Dear Askia, This is my first tribute to you homie. I remember all the good times, Hanging out, going to basketball practice and the B-ball games. chillin at the north sea-tac community center working on our game.17 years ago I was 17 years old. I can remember you with high spirits cheering on the tyee totems to the crowd from the bench or the floor. You were so positive and always routed for the under dog. I miss Askia you will always be one of my best friends. Sorry it took so long for me to leave a tribute. Just know I Luv and miss you dogg. Always your Friend, Marquse Watkines.
Posted by Farrah Gregg on 23rd October 2014
Miss you!
Posted by Farrah Gregg on 23rd October 2014
Oh.. Askia I think of you often..Can't believe it's been 17 years since you have left us. You were a wonderful friend and co-worker. For the 2 years that I've known you, you sure make an impact in my life. I still work at the airport and think of us often going for starbucks and chatting away. When I found out about ur passing a few days after you were gone my heart just completely broke. You had your whole life ahead of you and I'm always curious on what your life would've turned out. I'm sure you would've had a great one!! Miss you, my friend!
Posted by Bernetta Branch on 12th July 2014
Good morning my dear Askia we (I) miss you so you are one of my favorite nephews and loved by many. I miss your laugh I miss your smile and you calling me auntie bet. Please celebrate with missy today it's her birthday 45 years young. Love you with all my heart
Posted by P. Tymas on 9th May 2014
Good Morning Son. It is the Friday be fore Mothers's Day and I think about you and wondering what you woud have gotten for me. I miss yu. I may take myself out for brunch. I will surely buy flowers and a card from you. Love and miss you so much. Love Mom
Posted by P. Tymas on 18th April 2014
Good Morning Son. I wanted to wish you a Blessed Easter this year. Praying that I will be home soon. Love Mom
Posted by P. Tymas on 3rd February 2014
Good morning Som. Guess What? The Sea Hawks won the championship. 48 to 8 and it was a bLow out. The first 12 seconds of the game, they scored and it was all up hill from there. Even though i did not watch the game, I heard the neighbors upstairs yelling their heads like crazy. I can hear you now, remembering the games when you were yelling and hollering your head off. I can see you even now rooting for the home team. I decided to get you a "Hat" and put it with all the rest of your "Hats". I love you and think of you often. love mom
Posted by P. Tymas on 10th December 2013
Dear Son, it is that time of year again and i decided to wish you Merry Chritmas and Happy Birthday early lest I get too busy and forget. Askia Granny Shirley left us October 19th after I had spent 12 days in Mexico City. November 23rd, your cousin T.J. left us also. Needless to say we have been wheeling from the loss, but Heaven's gain. I love You, Ma
Posted by P. Tymas on 25th November 2013
Dear Son, Now that Grandma Shirley is there with you and all the rest, I'm sure you are all having a blast. Sorry to inform you that T.J. shot and killed himself last Saturday, November 23, 2013. We found out during the memorial service for "Granny". We are all reeling from it. Love Mom
Posted by P. Tymas on 18th December 2012
Merry Christmas and Happy 35th Birthday, son. I just wrote to Missi and told her to hug and kiss you for me. No matter how much time goes by, I still miss you so much. I wonder how many little grand-babies I would have to buy for this year? No matter, I still have Sierra and Adriahanna whom I hope to see shortly. San Juan was really nice and I had a ball. I do alot of traveling now days.
Posted by P. Tymas on 23rd October 2012
Dear Son: Time says that it has been 15 years since your home-going but to me it has been forever. Today, October 23, 2012, I wore your letterman jacket to work. Did you know that I have on your gold necklace that you wore and your first grade ID bracelet. I am getting ready to fly out to San Juan, Peurto Rico next Tuesday for a little vacation in the sun. Whereever I go, I take you. love
Posted by P. Tymas on 30th March 2012
Dear Son, even though it has been almost 15 years since your Eternal-Home going, I miss you just the same. It has been a very long 15 years but I have found ways to go on living and enjoying life. The Girls are doing fine. I have been out of the country 3 times, seeing, meeting and tasting all the good food. You would have loved Hawaii. "Ski", we had to bury Missy, died of cancer. Kiss her

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