Let the memory of Ating be with us forever
  • 24 years old
  • Born on February 19, 1991 .
  • Passed away on August 30, 2015 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ating Eminue 24 years old , born on February 19, 1991 and passed away on August 30, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Dee Nichols on 14th November 2018
Broke my heart when I watched this young mans life ripped away in such a thoughtless violent senseless way. I hope you find solace somehow in how Ating is still touching people today. God bless you all.
Posted by Koketso Tau on 30th August 2018
I am writing from Gaborone, Botswana, and I have just watched "The First 48" on Crime Investigation. It was indeed sad watching how a handsome young man by the name Sgt. Ating Eminue was brutally killed. A young man from Nigeria pursuing the American dream, killed by a useless, ruthless, heartless, trigger-happy boy!!! May his soul rest in perfect peace and may God grant his family permanent healing.
Posted by Ariel Alston on 30th August 2018
You dont know how much i think of you. That day i poured my heart out to you. the way you were there for me when i was out here bad. You always had my back . you loved me unconditionally. I am going to truly miss my friend. Love you Atting..My soldier.
Posted by Edith Esubok on 30th August 2018
Sleep on oh angel in heaven. God bless your soul.
Posted by WE'RE THE SMITH'S EST.201... on 30th August 2018
Still hard saying goodbye to one of my best friends Now I know what it means to be forever missed.
Posted by Paris Howell on 15th August 2018
It’s getting close to that time and everyone handles death differently, I probably won’t visit your gravesite again, it feels so permanent, so cold. I like to believe your still here in spirit.... certain songs, memories and situations remind me of you, I no longer cry, I smile. I was blessed to have had such a wonderful person in my life. I know your looking down and I know I’ll see you in another life ....I love you brother, Always ! “Y'all make sure it's poppin' When we get up there, man, don't front” 2pac Life Goes On
Posted by Nsikak Willie on 6th August 2018
May God console the family you left behind as you continue to rest in the Lord.
Posted by Greg S on 31st July 2018
I’m so sorry for your loss. Your son sounded like an amazing man and his death is a great loss to this world. I’ll be praying for you, for healing and for peace.
Posted by Sheena Hughes on 30th July 2018
I’ve just seen the awful murder of Ating on The First 48hrs. Nothing I can say will make your pain any less I’m just pleased that justice was done. Ating sounds like a genuine conscientious & caring man. To have served 3 tours in Afghanistan & to be murdered in his home town when all he was doing was trying to help a homeless guy who had no shoes. Breaks my heart at the waste of such a generous soul, who would’ve made a difference to so many had he lived his life to the full. My love & best wishes to all that knew & loved Ating
Posted by Jennifer Schrader on 19th February 2018
Ating and family, I just saw the show the first 48 about your wonderful son ating and what a wonderful person,son,father and friend he was. And I also want to say thank him for his service, my father was in Air Force for 33 years. Every time I see a service man or woman in uniform I always say thank u for your service and I have a 14 year old son who is autistic I tell him if he sees someone in a military uniform u say to them thank u for your service to and he does. Our deepest condolences to u and all your beautiful family. Like I said I saw the show and are wonderful and please take care of that beautiful little boy he has he looks so much like him and please continue to talk about his dad so he will always remember him and never be forgotten and keep a wonderful picture of him (his son and ating together) in a frame by his bed side so will remember him and tell all the wonderful things about hom. God bless all of you Jennifer, marcus and Geoffrey Jacob Alexander schrader 14.
Posted by James Holly on 28th November 2017
My deepest condolences to Sgt Ating Eminue family and friends. I just saw his story on "The first 48 hours". What a senseless act! My God what is happening to our world and country? I just can't wrap my head around what happen... Just senseless and a waste! May God keep you all in his tender hands. "Eternal rest grant to him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace, Amen"
Posted by Edith Esubok on 30th August 2017
Rest on in peace Etiyin. You are forever missed.
Posted by Victoria Kulszan on 27th June 2017
dear Ating and family - I just watched your story on first 48 - first, i sincerely thank you for your service to our freedom and pray that God's peace, love and spirit will continue to heal the hearts of your beautiful son and family. your story is indeed, deeply sad and tragic for us to comprehend, but it is your act of compassion towards the homeless man that has so touched my heart. you were an angel on this earth, and I can be certain you inspired the hearts of so many who hear your story. rest in peace, and God's greatest blessings be upon your son and family.
Posted by Edith Esubok on 14th April 2017
...........I wish he had not taken your life in the first place, but this justice served is a consolation that your killer will be locked away for the rest of his miserable life, and other families will not have to face what he put your mom and everyone who holds your dear through, by ending your life so suddenly. REST ON IN PEACE SGT. Atting AEminue.
Posted by Edith Esubok on 19th February 2017
What a glorious thing to celebrate your birthday with the angels....happy birthday bro.
Posted by Edith Esubok on 30th August 2016
It's been a year now it still seems like yesterday. Rest well and sleep in peace little brother. God bless your gentle soul.
Posted by M'shabase Zulu on 13th June 2016
Miss you lots
Posted by Destiny Anim on 19th February 2016
Happy birthday dearest bro. Today would have made you a year plus on earth but I know; o yes I know you are having the best bash up there. We all miss you so much and not a dine short of the love we have always had for you, in short it increases more cos you died for a course. We have not forgotten. Your dear friends have decided to continue this for the love of you (yearly shoe donation to homeless shelter). See you on that glorious morning bro. #XoXo. #TeamAtting #Gonebutnotforgotten
Posted by Ariel Alston on 19th February 2016
Afternoon birthday boy. I must say you never really miss people until they are gone. You were a really good friend to me and i appreciate you the most. Continue to watch over me. Continue to love uncondtionally.Rest in paradise..love you
Posted by Renita Wulah on 19th February 2016
Happy Birthday Atting! I really didn't know you like that, I met you a couple of times, but I can tell that you were a loving person with a good heart. You touched so many people and your spirit will forever live through your family & friends. One thing I can say about you, you were a loving father and you always had a smile on your face. You are in a better place now, may your precious soul continue to rest in prace.
Posted by Edith Esubok on 19th February 2016
Happy birthday bro......I know you are having the best of birthdays with the angelic host in attendance. You are forever in our hearts.
Posted by Miracle Height on 11th November 2015
It hurts. It hurts knowing a wonderful man and father is gone and this world is left with so many terrible people. You were an angel. A beautiful angel and I miss you so much Ating. I pray you watch over your baby boy and keep him safe. I love and miss you rip.
Posted by Miracle Height on 11th November 2015
It hurts. It hurts knowing a wonderful man and father is gone and this world is left with so many terrible people. You were an angel. A beautiful angel and I miss you so much Ating. I pray you watch over your baby boy and keep him safe. I love and miss you rip.
Posted by Mck'La Kindell on 8th November 2015
You were my best friend...now you're my guardian Angel. Ily so much rip
Posted by Tiara Breland on 16th September 2015
It's still surreal my friend, I can't believe I can't text or call you to hear your voice. Last time I was home in August we were supposed to get together but we both were busy.. But I cherish the times I did share your company.. Such a generous person gone too soon. I love you Ating
Posted by Laura Busby on 11th September 2015
We are doing a Shoe Drive for Sgt Ating - is there anyone here who served with him that can contact me in helping to get shoes donated? Thanks! RIP Ating
Posted by Anthony Odume on 11th September 2015
The last time I saw you, you were just a 9 year old boy about leaving Nigeria with your family. You were a bundle of energy as a child and also as a man...my heart sank when I heard this terrible news...All I can say is that you will never be forgotten.. May God give your family the strength and courage that they need. REST WELL..GOD BLESS YOU!
Posted by Glory Asanga on 10th September 2015
Sad! Sad! !Sad!!! Killed after giving on a beautiful Sunday. When I heard your Mom weeping on phone, it was heart breaking. "I have lost my son "was the message. Etinyin saha sung. Ediye akparawa saha sung. Ete Emory saha sung. Ubok eno eno saha sung. Owo ekong Obio US saha sung. Candles are burning. The angels are on guard. Your way to your creator is bright. Peace be still.
Posted by Glory Asanga on 10th September 2015
Sad!Sad!!Sad!!!Killed after giving. What a majestic exit on a beautiful Sunday. Etinyin saha sung. Ete Emory saha sung. Ubok eno eno saha sung Eyen eti ete ye eka saha sung Owo ekong Obio US saha sung The candle is burning . May your way be bright. Tha angels are on guard as you march on to your creator. Peace be still.
Posted by Alexandra Johnson on 10th September 2015
I've been soo hesitant about what to say to you because I'm still trying to grasp the concept of death. Didn't realize that you would be leaving us this soon. Although we had our disagreements, you always kept it loyal. Dang Atting, you really gone??? Sleep easy oh my friend. You fought a Great War on this earth and now God wants his warrior home. Enjoy your time up there and hope you see you in the next life soon. Miss you and rest easy my brother.
Posted by KoShayla Vann on 8th September 2015
I will always and forever love u tingy ❤️❤️❤️. I read a scripture today and I think God was telling Me he wanted u. You have always been a very good Person and had such a good soul. And I will miss all The good times we had. It's such more more I want to Say but all talk to you tommorow. Me. and Simone will Be there to see you and I know your soul will be there Listening. And your son is going to be good. God has Him to you don't have to worry. I love u always and forever
Posted by Veronica Eminue on 6th September 2015
May your gentle soul rest in peace. Before joining the U.S. Army, I worked in same establishment in Atlanta with your father Mr. Atabang. I am not surprised that you died while giving shoes to the homeless, a chip from the old block...that is how kind your father is....SSG Kingsley Dike
Posted by Attih Attikpe on 6th September 2015
Nda ating, Eti udung is our family name . You were about to do one of your beneficent work when the devil stopped you. Am glad you are in heaven with your maker. You are fine your child will be fine. Andi your parent and siblings. Eti udung rest, just rest in peace.
Posted by LaJessica Thompson on 5th September 2015
So where do I start? I first met you in Afghanistan back in 2013. I was in the PX with one of my Soldiers and I guess you noticed me, I paid for my stuff and walked out of the store and was standing outside waiting on my Soldier. You came out of the store and and started walking over to where I was standing and said can I talk to you for a minute, me being Active Duty and a SGT I was like what do this SPC want lol. You started talking and asked me if you could take me out to Chilli's that night. You was like I'm not from her and we only supposed to be here for the night. I told you that I was still at work and was not sure what time I was getting off, so when my Soldier came out of the store you made sure that you had my Facebook info and before I got back to work and logged on to Facebook you had sent me a friend request lol. We talked on Facebook for a little bit and then you asked for my Roshan number lol, I gave it to you, but we never got a chance to link up. I was shocked at how bold you were to step to me the way that you did lol. I was impressed, not to many SPC would have done that. I redeployment and we talked a few times on Facebook. You deployed again and I ended up coming to the same FOB you were on, but because of my job I still didn't get a chance to link up with you. Y'all were redeploying before I had a chance to establish a battle rythem lol. Now that you are gone I wish I had found the time to get to know you better, other than what I see on Facebook. RIP and I'm still praying for strength for you loved ones!! My heart really goes out to your son, because I could see how much he loved you.
Posted by Shirley Sharp on 4th September 2015
I know this is true yet it is so hard to believe, God is so happy with you that he wanted you back before we were ready for you to go. We thank HIM for the time He let you share your sweet spirit with us. We pray to see you again in the spirit. I will miss you sweet boy Always Auntie
Posted by Madrid Nkereuwem on 4th September 2015
I'm still having a hard time grasping that you're no longer here with us. It hurts so much. I remember when you guys first moved here to the States. I remember my Dad bringing us over to your house and saying "These are your cousins." And then left! Lol it was so awkward. We all just looked at each other! And then Godwin and Glory broke the ice. Lol I remember coming there all the time. Seeing each other at family events, celebrations, ect. As we grew older we grew into ourselves. Figuring out life. But we always remained connected. When we both became parents for the first time, that's what brought us closer than ever. We always said we wanted our kids to grow up together and kicked ourselves for being too busy to make time. I promise to do all I can for Emory as I know you would do the same for Aaliyah. You were such a family man. You always would say "Yo we need to do a family get together, cousins only." It saddens me that we never got a chance to make that happen but in your memory we will. I miss you so much! This still feels like a dream. Like I can't believe I'm writing a tribute about YOU! Smh. I know your spirit will always be felt even though you're not here in physical form. Our last encounter was at James birthday party. We had so much fun! It was a 'Family Affair' lol and even after that we made plans to hang out but time wasn't on our side. Continue to watch over us. I love you Cuzzo! Until we meet again!
Posted by MonkeeMoney HungryLewis on 4th September 2015
Fly high Bruh u was a good dude even tried to inspire me down the right road I know it's been a minute but I jus wanna let ya no big Bruh it ain't nun but love fa ya on my end Bruh from Mississippi to Georgia RIP
Posted by Ciera Byrd on 4th September 2015
Atting you will truly be missed. It's sad to see such a good soul leave this earth. To see that you have better yourself and have come along way. That first day I met you all I could say was who is this short dude. Lol. Rest in paradise. Fallen solider. We down here showing love to you and sharing all memories.
Posted by Anonymous Love on 4th September 2015
Ting. It's very hard to believe that you are gone. I've watched you grown into an amazing man and an incredible father. You lived life as if it was your last and I know you truly enjoyed it. I remember kicking it years ago you stayed making jokes I laughed at everyone just to see your smile and I will do it all over again just to see your smile. I pray for you family and most importantly your son. Love you always. Until I see you again ting :)
Posted by Tommy Antakikam on 4th September 2015
It's been hard these last few days because this news has not become a reality for me. I feel confused in life often and this has really got me asking questions and wanting answers. Atting you were too young on the right track, you were ahead in life and I was so proud to see that. I will never forget picking you up because you needed a ride back in 2008 and having that grown man discussion with you. In 2015 you were a full grown man you reversed course and stood out among your peers. It pains my heart when I think of your son Emory but I hope you are in a better place. Watch over us and guide us so that when it is our time we will meet again and celebrate in the afterlife.
Posted by Deja Myles on 3rd September 2015
Ating we will all miss you. I pray you can see how your presence affected us all. We will forever love and miss you. The world was truly a better place with you here. To my friend, I love you!
Posted by Paul Uptown on 3rd September 2015
First and foremost I would like to respectfully send my condolences to the eminue family and may god bless you all, but where do I start I've known String since middle school so this is hard for me to cope with String was great man he was a big influence to a lot of people I remember when I didn't have a pot to piss in he accepted me with open arms when I didn't have nothin he was there and even though we grew up and fall off I still look at him as a big brother I will forever and always remember atting Eminue and I hope and pray that the lord spreads his blessings upon the eminue Family.
Posted by Brenda Asuquo on 3rd September 2015
Sad to see young people dying.. Ii pray God grant your soul mercy and receive you into heaven. Rest in peace my fren s nephew.
Posted by Dria Shantrell on 2nd September 2015
It is such a blessing to know you wur apart of my life!! You always looked out for my son and I and not only did we have great moments we learned a lot from each other. I remember u telling me about how your bunkies had amazing care packages sent from their loved ones and I had u write a list of alllllll the things ur heart desired lol i promise I stayed in Walmart almost 3 hours that night I would not leave until everything on that list was in my cart!! Then when u bought Emory and Ace matching jordans they were best friends. I also remember when u tried to teach me to drive lol u had a brand new car u barely even drove yourself and you trusted me enough to practice in it. We def had our differences but I can and will always agree that you were an amazing person and extraordinary father!! Much respect to you and I pray for your family and best friends to find peace in this tragic time. See you on the other side love I know you are the freshest angel up there ;)
Posted by Anne Umoren on 2nd September 2015
Hmmmmmmm my heart aches for this family.this is soooooo painful but I pray that God should give the Eminues straight to go through this hard and difficult situation .Rest with the Angels Etiyin.
Posted by Gloria Oduro-Boakye on 2nd September 2015
Little brother, why do you have to leave so soon? This is a journey we'll all someday embark on, yet yours has created a huge vacuum in our hearts 'cos you were so full of life and love. Why did God look on? Why couldn't He send the bullet back to the sender? Who are we to question Him? but I still wanna know why it happened at that moment when you were doing what His word tells us to do? Feed and clothe the poor. Maybe, He needs you, a young and strong man up there to carry the weak and old. I'll forever remember you and the poems you write for your mom. I can hear her calling me as we sit to eat our breakfast to either read all listen to one of your poems on her phone. No matter how bad our day is, your messages always put a smile on her face. Ating, how can I look at Mama Vero on February 19th wishing me a happy birthday with you not in the picture anymore? Please appear in our dreams and tell us what happened that faithful night. It's unbearable hearing the names 'casket' and 'funeral home' from anyone's mouth in the house so please let us know you are okay, that you are in a place of no pain. no stress and no sorrows. A new flower has fallen from it's tree. Pls God receive him and give him a resting place in your bosom. God place your cold icy hands on our hearts to quench the burning fire. May the good Lord grant each and everyone in this family peace and harmony and show a smile on everyone's face as we celebrate Ating's life. Ating, as I lit this candle tonight with it flames spreading into the heavens so shall your soul be lifted up high into the bosom of Abraham. Anyone reading this, pls join me in singing: 'Oh God our help in ages past, our hope for years to come, our shelter from the stormy blast, and our eternal home. Under the shadow of thy throne still may we dwell secure sufficient is thine arm alone, and our defense is sure. Rest in peace little brother, Da yie onua, adieu, adieu.
Posted by Tosin Adewale on 2nd September 2015
Etinyin i was shocked when i heard the news of your death . It makes me wonder what the future holds for us . But God knows why this happened and you were a hero .You served your country . May your soul rest in perfect peace .i pray for your family that Almighty God be with them and give them the strength to hold on. we will always remember the good times you shared with your family. sleep on brother.
Posted by Ajeiya Middlebrook on 2nd September 2015
I met Atting in middle school at sweet water , he was a loving sweet and caring person . Always smiled and love to hold conversation . I can't believe someone took a father a friend a son and at last a solider . I do send condolences to the Eminue family and his handsome son . Till we meet again friend RIH !
Posted by Elizabeth Edet on 2nd September 2015
I still can't believe that you are gone,I keep telling myself that its a dream that I will wake up from it.. I was suppose to call you last Wednesday to meet with you and inquire about a job posting at your job, but I ended up calling your brother..oh how I wished I did ,if I knew you were leaving so soon. Adieu Ating! rest on....
Posted by Florence Isang on 2nd September 2015
My cute & caring nephew, my heart aches so much from your exit but God knows best. I thank God you lived a purposeful life that impacted on many. I'll never 4get you for the days you & 1 used to stroll to visit my friend down the street & you'll ask me to carry you when you were tired, the way you used to play & run around in grandpa's room & your sweet accent. I love you. May your sweet soul rest in the bosom of our Lord. Rest on my little nephew.

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