Remembering the best Paw Paw any girl could ask for...

Shared by Lisa Grady on March 12, 2014
I can remember being a little girl and my Paw Paw saving bread to take me to the lake to feed the ducks. It was always the highlight of my day to go out to that lake with him and be swarmed by ducks chasing pieces of bread. I can still hear the two of us laughing and him "shooing" away the ducks after we ran out of bread. Then he would tell me the story of the "giant turtle" at the bottom on the lake. - I also remember screaming for him when I would see a spider and he always ran over to me as quickly as he could, only to laugh and say "Gal, it's just an Oscar, he won't hurt you" and he would pick up the spider (Oscar as he called them) and set him free outside! - I can remember coming in from a long day of playing outside, being told to go right to the bath tub to get cleaned up, having dinner, and grabbing the "green sheet" TV guide for Paw Paw and I to pick a scary movie to watch. He would grab our favorite little green bowl and fill it up with Cheetos and we would sit at the tv watching the movie. As I got interested, I'd always inch my way closer to the tv and just when I got as close as I could get Paw Paw would squeeze my shoulders and make a scary noise. I always jumped from the floor to the ceiling and we both cracked up laughing! When we weren't watching a scary movie at night, we would watch wrestling. - I remember my Paw Paw always buying can sodas and freezer pops in bulk to supply the whole neighborhood. As well as werther's original caramel candy to fill up the candy jar. - I remember sitting in the front porch with him while he told me his war stories or old railroad stories. We would sit out there for hours while he told me what it was like back then. I've always thought he was the most interesting person in my life. - My Paw Paw always had a can of cashews ready and waiting for me when I came to visit :) - I was always his little shadow. When he went to the store, I went. When he delivered car parts, I tagged along. When he worked on his car, I was under the hood or the car with him being his "little helper" handing out wrenches and pretending to work on the car too. - My Paw Paw is my favorite person in this world. We have always been two peas in a pod. I will miss him so much. But, I am so very thankful that I got to spend time with him during his last couple of "good" days. I'll forever remember laughing with and talking to him during those days. I feel very blessed that I got that special time and that I was able to be at his bed side and hold his hand in the hospital. I'm forever grateful to God that I was able to get him back in his own bed and in his home to be comfortable during the last couple hours of his life. My Paw Paw passed away at 7:35 pm on Thursday night March 6th, 2014. But, I know he is always with me and watching over me. I will always hold all of our precious memories in my heart. I am his "Gal" and he's my "Paw Paw", Always and Forever.

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