Let the memory of Audrey be with us forever.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Audrey ( Nee Eckmier ) Robinson . We will remember her forever.
Posted by Tanya George Robinson on January 30, 2019
Grandma Robinson, you were there for me when no one else ever was and your strength is what kept me living. I did not have the best life growing up and I lived my life in fear but your love was enough for me to help build my strength. I did learn a lot from you when was a child although I didn't get to visit you as much as I wanted to. Although I didn't get to see you as much as I wanted to see you I always felt warm and welcome in your house. you were always so very well organized and your memory was sharp. I remember how you always made a point to remember birthdays and also Christmas. you always made holidays special for me and everyone else. you treated everyone with respect and showed love in every way possible. I remember they layout of your house inside and out pretty much every detail. I miss going into your closet in the bathroom because that's where you would keep all your puzzles and games. I know I probably drove you nuts a lot of the time when I would ask to play ( Pairs) it was one of our favourite's. every time I got a certain card you had a catchy phrase that helped me to remember the cards. one of those pharse's I remember most was ( Fishey fishey in the brooke daddy caught him with a hook mommy cooked him in the pan and baby ate him like a man. I remember sitting in your kitchen watching and listening to the planes fly by. I still remember the sound of you voice and the way you answered your phone sometimes you would talk about the same things over and over again but I didn't care because it was nice to hear from you. I still remember going for walks in your back yard and climbing tress. I would always play in the old barn's and look at all the antique tools that you had in there. I remember always sitting on your freezer and looking out the window at the wildlife. I remember certain months out of the year we couldn't flush the toilet because it would always flood your back yard. I do miss sleeping at your house and climbing in to your bed in the morning. I remember looking at all your photo albums and you would explain who everyone was and what they were doing. I remember when you got the c.d player for Christmas and you were playing My heart will go on - by Celine dion for us kids we always loved hearing you sing or watching you boogie around the house. We never missed a meal in your house and the table was always set with or without or help. I remember how you purposely set out enough cookies in the cookie Jar for us kids because you knew we would take them. I would always climb your counter and grab some raisins but I think you knew about that also. I remember how you would never miss your soap hopper or you would never miss your Jeopardy. I still have the knitted blanket that you had on your couch or chesterfield as you would say. I remember how observant you were you know when someone was at your house even before they knocked at your door. you would hear almost anything and you always knew when someone was walking into your house because of your wind chimes.... I can go on and on with all my memories of you but then id be writing forever. Your in heaven now with Jesus and your still hear giving me strength and keeping my strong. I thank God I had such an amazing Grandma who knew exactly how much love I needed . I wish I was able to spend more time with you then I did and I blame my mother and Children's Aid for that but that's all in the past and they are forgiven. I am longing for that day where I can sit with you and talk to you about the good old day's and life in general. I love you and miss you so very much xoxo
I would love more then anything to have your warm and loving hugs again. <3

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