Barbara & David last summer at the Cape
Barbara Lang
  • 72 years old
  • Date of birth: Feb 16, 1944
  • Date of passing: Feb 17, 2016
  • Place of passing:
    Easter Island, Chile
“What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” –Helen Keller

Attached is a link to Barbara Lang's obituary, which was published yesterday in The Patriot Ledger.  

A Funeral Mass will be celebrated on:
Saturday, Apr. 2, 2016 
10:30 AM
Immaculate Conception Church
720 Broad St. WeymouthMA

May all know peace.  
May all know they are never alone.  
May all see beauty unexpectedly, Barbara's beauty, in all things.
May all dance again, and laugh, as she would want them too. 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by charlotte jenkins on 17th February 2017

"A year has gone by since Barbara left us. I think of her so often, all the special times we shared. She was my soul mate, and every time I read one of the little notes she sent me a tear flows down my cheek. On my refrigerator are a few pictures of our many journeys out and about on the water and in the woods. As I was looking at them on Thursday, a song came over my phone which was on Pandora-the title-MEMORIES, A WALK IN THE WOODS! I know she is watching over all of us, we love you."

This tribute was added by Gloria Gregory on 17th February 2017

"Had to believe a year has gone by but know you will always be with us in our hearts
Never forgotten"

This tribute was added by Sandra Brady on 16th February 2017

"still deep in my memories learned so much from you as a special person & for that I am grateful. Rest in peace my friend & soar with the angels lov to ya. Sandra"

This tribute was added by Kerri Murphy on 28th August 2016

"Barbara, I still miss you.  I miss seeing you in class and get distracted by it sometimes.  I miss your attitude and happiness.  And talking with you after class and our little mini private lessons haha.  Every time I think of you I smile.  Thanks for being you!  I miss you."

This tribute was added by Chris Richmond on 28th March 2016

"I am deeply shocked and saddened by the passing of Barbara.  She was so full of enthusiasm for everything she did, be it Jazzercise or kayaking or traveling to all the far-flung places in the world and showing everyone how to DANCE! She was a powerful and lovely "force of being", and I know she will be missed by all of the people she touched. My sympathies to all her family and friends."

This tribute was added by jean giagrande on 14th March 2016

"I would like to extend my sorrow of the passing of Barbara to Krissy and her whole family.  This was sad news.  Barbara was an inspiration with her life.  I thank her for jazzercise classes, she motivated me with her personality and her zest for life. She lived life to the fullest. She will be missed.   ."She left deep footprints on earth""

This tribute was added by Terry Cook on 13th March 2016

"We are all sadden and shocked by the tragic loss of Barbara.  Our hearts' go out to her husband David, and their children David, Chrissy, and their families.  We send our deepest condolences to you all.  

We all marveled at Barbara's energy (our Clinton Road neighbor) over the many years, and would enjoy seeing her travel up our beloved marsh in her kayak.  

Please know that you are all in our thoughts, and prayers.

The Cook Family"

This tribute was added by Rab Khan on 11th March 2016

"When we take our vows and say, "until death do we part," we are lying to ourselves. Death only brings a physical departure. A marriage and the bond between a husband and wife make two people into one. That means that even when we lose a wife, we are still left with that special love that burns inside and never dies. That internal love burns on even if our wife is no longer with us. Clinging to that love inside of us, even if it can never be physically expressed, should carry us and sustain us in her passing."

This tribute was added by monica benedetti on 4th March 2016

"So sorry to hear of Barbara's passing. Hadn't seen her for a few years since Jazzercise , but bumped into her at the gym in Weymouth only a few weeks ago. Chatted for a while - she spoke proudly of her grandchildren. She had a vibrant personality and enthusiasm for life, travel and adventure. She was a character - who will forget the silly costumes she wore at the Thanksgiving Jazzercise classes? My deepest condolences to Krissy and all her family and friends."

This tribute was added by Mandy Avery on 4th March 2016

"Barbara lived everyday of her life to the best of her ability. She lived with passion and curiosity. The poem below is longer than shown here but says what is in my heart.

You start dying slowly

if you do not travel,

if you do not read,

If you do not listen to the sounds of life,

If you do not appreciate yourself ...

You start dying slowly …

If you do not wear different colors

or you do not speak to those you don’t know.

You start dying slowly

If you avoid to feel passion

and its turbulent emotions, those which make your eyes glisten

and your heart beat fast ….

You start dying slowly…

If you do not risk what is safe for the uncertain,

If you do not go after a dream,

If you do not allow yourself, at least once in your lifetime,

to run away from sensible advice.

Excerpted from a poem by

~ Pablo Neruda ~

(pen name of Chilean poet-diplomat and politician
Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto)"

This tribute was added by Colleen Nolan Armstrong on 3rd March 2016

"There was something so kind and loving in Barbara's voice.  The way she said my name aloud "ah, colleeeen" as she stepped toward me, arms open, to hug me.  To have heard this voice, for 40+ years,  since 1st grade, it is as familiar to me as my own mother's.

Its timbre  - I can still hear it now  - this low, vibrating (like joy was inside it tap dancing), stretched-out long and slow tone. Barbara's voice embraced you, even before her hug arrived.  It made you know you mattered, that you were loved.  It was as warm as a favorite blanket, that was her voice to me, embodying her spirit, her way of being in the world."

This tribute was added by Debi Llewelyn on 3rd March 2016

"I am shocked to just hear of Barbara's sudden passing. Such a vibrant life cut short.(thank you Kathy Hanson for getting in touch with me). My heartfelt prayers and condolences to Barbara's family at this very sad time. May the many wonderful memories she left you with fill your hearts."

This tribute was added by Gary Cormier on 2nd March 2016

"Do not stand by my grave and weep,
For I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glint of snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning, hush,
For I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circle flight,
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand by my grave and cry,
I am not there, I did not die.
                       -Hopi prayer"

This tribute was added by Lesley Wilkins on 29th February 2016

"I want to offer your entire family my condolences.  I had not known Barbara for long, I met her at Northeast Health and Fitness about a year ago when I joined the gym.  I was a total novice at everything gym related, especially Zumba, a class in which she excelled.  I was so impressed with her dance ability, fitness and positive energy.  She encouraged me to keep at it.  She will be missed by all."

This tribute was added by Sandra Brady on 29th February 2016

"My prayers & thoughts are with Barbara & her family. She was an amazing women & taught everyone she touched that life is what you make it & the choices you make determine what kind of life you will lead. She always manage to find the good in everything even the not so good. Her memories will be instilled in my heart & the energetic legacy will go on forever. Krissy hold on to all those wonderful memories you Mom created & remember she will always be with you were ever you are. She will be missed greatly, God has received an angel who has inspired many people in her lifetime. Till then my friend may you rest in peace. Love to all her family."

This tribute was added by Shannon Gordon on 29th February 2016

"I have just learned about Barbara's sudden passing and am deeply saddened and my heart goes out to Krissy and her family.  I was lucky enough to be mentored by both Barbara and Krissy in the wonderful world of Jaźercise that she loved so much!  I remember how much I loved going to class and how she inspired us to move as dance without a care in the world.  
Then one day several years later I asked her about becoming an instructor  Here I was an overweight woman trying to figure out a way to lose weight and change my life  Lucky for me she did not discourage me because of my weight but said That's great and together I became a Lite Instructor teaching with Barbara and Krissy. Needless to say it was an amazing journey and gave me more joy to teach than I exercise imagined.  I loved hearing her travel stories and could not wait till I could start my own adventures   Barbara was an amazing woman and that really does not describe her love for life and people and her family. My heart goes out her family now and each day going forward. But I know she will be all around you in God's Nature and Music.  May you WOW everyone in Heaven with you dancing and spirit Barbara.
With much love and deepest sympathy,

This tribute was added by Katherine Hanson on 26th February 2016

"For 28 years I shared fitness, friendship and community with Barbara at
Jazzercise.  I will especially remember fondly starting my Thanksgiving
Day at class with Barbara and my Jazzercise Family.  It was the most anticpated class of the year!

Dance On in Heaven Barbara. Until we met again, I will be seeing you in all Familiar Places.  

Sending much love to all the Langs and Canniffs.     Kathy Hanson"

This tribute was added by Maryann Meehan on 26th February 2016

"Barbara was my inspiration. Not only was she my jazzercise instructor for many years, but she was a dear friend. We shared many Zumba and spin classes at the gym and also some good conversations. She had a zest for life and found beauty in the smallest things. She was so looking forward to her adventurous trips and especially biking across Ireland with her grandson this spring. My heart is aching with her loss and my heart goes out to her family. It just isn't fair that someone so devoted to fitness and health has had her journey cut short. I will miss you Barbara-you touched many lives and made a difference in my life. May you always be dancing. Love, Maryann Meehan"

This tribute was added by Gloria Gregory on 26th February 2016

"Barbara will always be in my heart and thoughts .
She showed me that she could live life to the fullest without losing a beat .
I was lucky to have known her"

This tribute was added by Joanie Nowicki on 25th February 2016

"I'm so so sorry: Barbara was my Dearest friend , my cheerleader when I was sick, my inspiration. Thank you for so many memories-I will miss you beyond words. Praying for your Dear family. Love,Joanie"

This tribute was added by Janet Nelson on 25th February 2016

"David, Dave and Krissy, There are no words to express the deep sorrow we feel on the loss of your Wife, Mother and Grandmother. I didn't know Barbara all that well but did have a few run ins at the church with her. Can't imagine what you are all going through. Let her memories live in your hearts forever. May God bless each one of you in this trying time."

This tribute was added by Paula Avitabile on 25th February 2016

"I will also remember Barbara for her "passion for travel, fitness, family,  healthy living, learning new things, kayaking, religion, exploring nature"  as stated above from Paula Jacobs. I met Barbara years back in Quincy at a tap class, no less. She could of taught the class as a former teacher, but she enjoyed tapping away with other adults. I then met Barbara again at Jazzercise. Wow, as she would always say....wlhat lan amazing ball of energy and how she loved talking about her grandchildren. I felt as though I knew each of them. She was so proud of her family. I often talked about wanting to kayak. "Meet me at my house when the tide is high, and off we'll go", said Barbara. What a wonderful experience. Untying the kayaks from stairs on steep hill (she was so proud when David built them for her), getting into marsh, keeping quiet while Barbara pointed out specific birds all the while picking up litter along the way. Peace to you, amazing lady, and your family. You will be missed."

This tribute was added by Kathy Stinson on 25th February 2016

"I'm sorry------ all I can seem to say Dave is -----shocking-------as it must be for yourself .  I pray The Lord gives you His unconditional peace at this time and also for Davey and Krissy.  So so so sorry for your loss.   My thoughts are with you now and ALWAYS.   Love Kathy Dawes Stinson"

This tribute was added by Paula Jacobs on 24th February 2016

"I will forever remember Mrs. Lang as an energetic, inspirational, fun loving, supportive, dedicated, world traveling, free spirit.   Her passion for travel, fitness, family,  healthy living, learning new things, kayaking, religion, exploring nature, attending her grandkids sporting and school events, whatever it was she did it 110%, never less.  She was adored by her 6 beautiful grandchildren always including them on her exciting, fun filled, adventurous excursions .  I am grateful to have had  the opportunity to  experience first hand her great wisdom, knowledge, determination and compassion.  I truly enjoyed listening to her stories whether it was about travel, world news, music, everyday situations or her grandchildren.  

You will always be in the hearts of the people that love you so much.


This tribute was added by Victor Alosi on 24th February 2016

"Don't really know wat to say. . My thoughts and prayers. For the Lang family. ."

This tribute was added by Katen Gauthier on 24th February 2016

"Thank you for creating this page and sharing the news . I grew up right next door to the Langs . They were  an amazing family led by Dave and Barbara , whose heart was so wide and welcoming . She was a wonderful neighbor, mother , grandmother , teacher and soul.  My deepest sympathies to David, "Davey" and Krissy ."

This tribute was added by Cheryl Hunter on 24th February 2016

"From all the Dawes family on the farm where you spent a portion of your life.From those that have left and those who remain we were glad you were a part of our life."

This tribute was added by Colleen Nolan Armstrong on 24th February 2016

"“Love Sonnet LXXXIX,” by Pablo Neruda

When I die, I wish your hands upon my eyes:
I want the light and the wheat of your beloved hands
to pass once more their cool touch over me:
to sense the softness that changed my fate.

I want you to live while I, asleep, await you.
I want your ears to go on hearing the wind.
I want you to smell the sea’s aroma we loved so together,
and to go on walking the sands we walked.

I want what I love to go on living.
And you, whom I loved and sung above all else,
for all that, flourish again, my flower,
to reach for everything my love demands of you,
so that my shadow is passed through your hair,
so that all can know the reason for my song.

(Pablo Neruda was a Chilean poet, who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.)"

This tribute was added by Jeannie Lasonde on 22nd February 2016

"She will be forever missed."

This tribute was added by charlotte jenkins on 22nd February 2016

"To my forever fellow kayaker, where the wonders of nature always nurtured our bond of friendship, the love of nature, all the beauty of God's earth and our ever inquisitive nature. We traveled the oceans, glided over the rivers in our kayaks, always getting that HIGH from the beauty that we saw. We were quite sure that there was never another words to describe the beauty that we saw other than "WOW" We were always one in our hearts, and may that always be, and so it is."

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