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Barr. Oyintare Edith Yeri
  • 42 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 21, 1974
  • Place of birth:
    Warri, Delta State, Nigeria
  • Date of passing: Apr 22, 2017
  • Place of passing:
    Perris, California, United States
Barr.Tare left beautiful memories that shall be with us forever.

"This memorial website was created by Ijaw Women Connect (IWC), in conjunction with the Ijaw Professionals Association (IPA) and the Ijaw Nation Forum (INF), in memory of our Beloved “Champion of Youth Empowerment & Mentorship”, BARR. TARE YERI.

The sad news of Tare’s death came as a rude shock to us all in several Ijaw Organizations. We commiserate with her family for the great loss. We, however, take solace in the fact that she had a vision while she lived and positively impacted on our people, particularly the youth and children. Tare was a brilliant lawyer and committed her life to Youth Empowerment and Mentorship, for the short span that she lived on earth.

We will forever love her and remember the motto. “The Hero Lies in You to Become”.

Tare's Vision that “If each one reaches out to one, the children in the Niger Delta communities will grow to be like you and me tomorrow”' resonates...

TARE, passionate believer in a greater future for children and youths LIVE ON... in your good works!"

1974 - 2017

Please join us for a CANDLELIGHT MEMORIAL SERVICE honoring our beautiful dearly departed sister,  OYINTARE EDITH YERI, who went home to be with her Lord on Saturday, April 22, 2017.  

Date: Saturday, May 20, 2017
Time: 6 p.m
Place: 3084 Bradley Road Perris, CA. 92571  

Felicia Akamande  9517227448
Lulu Koin- -9512202244
Ebi Koin-Murray- -9519072295
Weni Siasia--9512204183

2. A CALL TO GLORY: Nigeria

Tributes Night:
Date:  24th May 2017
Place: Bespoke Centre
(Besides Germaine Auto, 4th Roundabout Lekki, Lagos)
Time: 4.00pm

Funeral Service: 
Date: 25th May 2017
Place: House On The Rock,
(Behind Germaine Auto, 4th Roundabout Lekki, Lagos)
Time: 11.00am prompt

Vaults & Gardens
FRCN, Ikoyi                            

Elvina Obidi (nee: Yeri) - 0803 342 1049
Jerry Yeri - 0902 030 6060

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Ebi Koin on 19th May 2017

that's what you are.
The marks of your imprint will live forever in our hearts.
It's incredible you are gone so soon.
Gone but here so close so near.
I will miss you my sister, my friend for your warmth heats up my soul.
My heart weeps but my soul sings.
I command the light of our God to shine on you forever.
What an incredible journey, life unforgettable.  
Destiny has written and so it has become.
that's who you are!

Your sister,  your sister,

This tribute was added by Tare Kentebe on 19th May 2017


Tare Edith Yeri, my sister, my "child", my friend, my ANGEL.
I have tried very hard not to write a tribute in your memory as that would be confirming to me that you have truly left us.
When people call to ask me if it’s really true that you have departed, I look around and there is no one for me to ask the same question. That memorable day will forever remain etched in my memory. When I saw you early that morning looking relaxed, radiant and in your typical TY elements, nothing betrayed what the Lord had in store for you. Nothing indicated that I was having the rare privilege of sharing your final moments on this earth with you as you were destined to move on to greater heights by day’s end. Nothing indicated that the good Lord had sent his Angels to bring you home to Him for you had fulfilled diligently your task on earth and it was time to sit at His feet.
I remember vividly our discussions and your dream to make Kings and Queens out of our region. Your plan to come home in September to continue the good work you were doing in giving hope to the young ones and opportunities for the underprivileged . Your love for your family and friends especially those who cared for you when you needed it. Your concern and care for your staff. As usual, you talked about everyone and everything except concern for yourself. I can assure you that as God grants me strength, your Legacy will continue to live.
My wife, my children and I will forever be grateful to God Almighty for the opportunity and privilege of knowing you and sharing you with your immediate family. You were a true friend, loving Aunt, committed and dedicated colleague, and dependable sister. I will be forever proud of you. I have no doubt you are An Angel seconded to us from heaven.
Sleep well Oyintare till we meet again at Jesus's feet.
Denzil Amagbe Kentebe
Your Papa K"

This tribute was added by Tega Odudu on 18th May 2017

"Edith, the news of your demise came as a rude shock to me. We were classmates at the Edo State University and the Nigerian Law School and all through our stay in school, you were calm, calculated and peaceful. You knew what you wanted and went for them. You created no room for quarrels, malice and altercations. Oh death where is thy string, grave where is thy victory? Tare, your death created a vacuum only God can fill. Even though your sojourn on earth was short, my joy is that, you affected lives. You will be greatly missed. Rest on beloved. You have fought a good fight and i hope to see you on the resurrection morning. May God grant your family and friends the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

Pastor (Mrs.) Peace Odudu.

Edo State University.
Nigerian Law School."

This tribute was added by Paul Abhulimen on 17th May 2017

"The day I learnt of Edith's passing is still fresh in my mind. Someone has posted the message on our Class's whatsapp group chat, AAU Law class of '99. I did not believe it. Edith was too young and too good to be gone so soon. I had her phone number, I have not called the number in years  but since I did not believe that she is gone, I had to call. It rang and rang out. No answer, Edith was gone!  Edith and I were classmates. We knew each other at the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma .  We talked when we run into each other. She was a sweet, humble and hardworking lady. I admired her gracefulness and poise, who wouldn't admire her.
Edith was gentle but firm. After Law school, we did not meet for a long time until we met at the National Assembly years later and she had not changed a bit except that she was more beautiful and graceful. we did exchange phone numbers but i did not call her, i did not keep in touch.
Now i wish i did.
Edith Tare Yeri has left indelible footprints on the sand of time. Her name will live forever!
Goodbye Lovely one till we meet again in the heavenly kingdom

Paul Abhulimen
AAU Law Class of '99;
Class 2001 NLS"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Usoh on 17th May 2017

"The early exit of my friend and colleaque Edith came as a shock. You were so calm and never showed that you were a child of top military brass. So humble and intelligent.  I remember watching you play lawn tennis at the law school. Saw you sometime ago and recalled University days. Adieu. The Lord grant you eternal rest and by the Holyspirit comfort your family and law class of "99 and law school of 2001.We will miss you here but rest with the Lord. Emmanuel Usoh."

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Usoh on 17th May 2017

"Edith, your early exit came as a shock to me. You were to calm to be described as a military administrator's child. So humble and focused. I  remember watching you practice playing lawn tennis at the law school.For you, it is not the years in the life but the life in the years. Congratulations my dear colleaque and friend.  May the Lord receive your humble soul in heaven. May the Holyspirit Spirit console your family and our colleagues."

This tribute was added by Innocent Eremionkhale on 16th May 2017

"A calm and peaceful fellow you were at the law faculty of  Edo State University, Ekpoma and at the Nigerian Law School . You  will be greatly missed.  Rest in peace Edith."

This tribute was added by Ebi Umusu on 16th May 2017

"Edith & I go way back to secondary school, university and Law school. In all the years I've known her I can't remember her having any serious altercation with anyone, not because she was docile, but more like ''there are better things I can do with my life'' because she was never afraid to make her point. When we bumped into each other again years back, we discovered we lived just a couple of streets apart. We bump into each other now and then in the salon, wave excitedly & smile at at one another like little kids seeing their long lost friend when we drive past on the road. Most of us never consciously think of death or dying, therefore we put off that visit till a 'tomorrow ' that may never come. You embraced life with both hands, always maintaining a perfect balance with work and play. Sleep with the Angels Edith. May God grant your loved ones the fortitude to bear this loss. Amen."

This tribute was added by Tare Kentebe on 16th May 2017

"A Tribute to a Friend and Sister – Tare Yeri
Remember when ……..  Memories! That’s what we are left with.  Lots of memories of you!  
I remember when we were crafting the BirthKings programme, sharing ideas and making decisions on the way things should work, you making us bole and fish, lots of laughs and lots of hard work.  Searching for accommodations for the programme and trainees, we encountered lots of different scenarios, it was an adventure everyday! Working with the delegates – never a dull moment – you wanted the best for them and went above and beyond to make sure they felt loved (sometimes to the chagrin of the staff).  Always taking pictures! You made us participate in these photo shoots and we had to beg you to stop, trying to convince you that the hundreds of pictures we had taken were enough.  We became a close knit family because of all the experiences we shared.
You became a part of my family very quickly and you remained a strong part of us all.  Lexie, your baby, as you called her, loved spending time with you.  She always looked forward to her sleepovers with you and was always full of stories of what you both got up to.  You talked about playing oldies in your car and being shocked to hear Lexie sing these songs. She loved her Aunty Tare!
You got to know Andie and Jr. and you became like their big sister as well.  You reached out to them every chance you got and you were always quick to help when they asked.
You became my mom’s daughter.  She was sharing the other day of how you would tell her you needed to get some wrappers and she would say to you “no problem” and head out to the market and get you a selection and you would decide on which ones you wanted.  You checked in on her many times without my knowledge and you were always so generous to her.
You did your best to be there for special occasions and outings.  You were there for birthdays, graduations, weddings.  You were a part of the life of our family.  It was so easy to love you like a younger sister.  Your special bond with Ams was beautiful to see.  He cared for you like a daughter and friend and you were there for him too.  You had a generous and loving heart and my whole family (which became your family) was a recipient of your love.
It is still so unbelievable that you are gone!  I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that we will not see you again, this side of heaven!
What a life you lived though! What passion you had for the less privileged youth, particularly from the Niger Delta!  What lives you touched with your passion! What hope you gave that they could all rise to the place God had called them!
You lived your life to the full!  You did your best to bring God glory!  I am comforted know this.
I am grateful for these memories and thankful for the life you led. I know that whenever I feel sad that you are no longer here, the memories will be there to put a smile on my face and I am sure on the faces of many!   Sleep well Tare!"

This tribute was added by P J on 15th May 2017

"My sincere condolences to the family.  God has promised to bring about a time when we can see our loved ones again. Revelations 21:3,4.  At that time all mankind will enjoy perfect health on a paradise earth.  May you find comfort from the God of all comfort."

This tribute was added by nyengi koin on 13th May 2017

"Our darling Tare's star faded away last month,
It lost its light in the glorious sun that went down in the evening,
Just like that we all would pass from this earth and its toiling,
Only remembered by what we have done.

Will Tare be missed, though by others succeeded?
Will she be missed when others begin to reap the fields she in springtime has sown?
Of course she will be missed; none can gather like she did; none can be as loving, as gracious, as encouraging.
Yet, when the laborer's task on earth is done, the laborer, the sower must pass from her labors,
Forever to be remembered by the works of their hands.

Only the truth that Tare on earth has spoken,
Only the seeds that she had sown while here on earth,
Shall go ahead of her when she becomes just a memory,
These shall be accompanied by the fruits, the rewards of her harvest and all she had done.

Oh, when the Savior shall gather up His jewels,
His precious jewels,
When the saints in glory shall wear the bright crowns of rejoicing that have been reserved for them,
Then shall He remember His faithful disciple, my baby, my darling Oyintare.

And He will say to her,  "My good and faithful daughter. I remember all you have done...your love for Me and Mine and your good works. You have passed from the earth and its toiling.
Come into your rest!"

I love you, my darling Tare. You'll forever be in my heart.


This tribute was added by Rosemary Graham Naingba on 11th May 2017

The news of your sudden death left many heart broken even though we know that death is an inevitable end of the physical body on earth. It hurts to lose a caring sister with a beautiful soul like you Tare.‎

You were simply amazing, you bridged the gap for the classless people. You were truly a Diamond that reflects and shines in dark places. The grace you carried puts smiles in the faces of others. 

Your departure only succeeded in creating a very large vacuum. You are irreplaceable. 

Sist TY, We are consoled and comforted by the fact that you left behind a solid and unforgettable foot prints. 

You impacted positively on so many and gave them reasons to leave a worthy life. You may be gone to occupy that beautiful mansion prepared for angels, but your legacies lives. God bless and receive your good heart my darling sister.

Sleep on daughter of the most high God.‎
Adieu! ‎
‎Di Mu Bina-arua!!‎
Di Mu!!!

‎Your Sist.

This tribute was added by Uzor Okonmah on 11th May 2017

"Dear Tare, I still see your beautiful smile and feel your tight hugs. Rest well dear friend, till we meet again"

This tribute was added by OyinTarela Umeri on 10th May 2017

"We were name sakes.  We loved similar things- the love for everything related to the Niger Delta region being one common love.  Your smile, zeal for life, and ability to share my vision was inspiring and encouraging to me.  God knows best the time of departure and the number of days written in His book for each one of us (Psalm 139:16). So, I trust that you finished well in His eyes and that is all that matters.  May we also finish well and make Heaven in Jesus name."

This tribute was added by Yetunde Okojie on 9th May 2017

When I met you the first thing you said to me was my name is “Tare” and it means love. I radiate love, I am love and I love love.
Yes, I must say that you truly lived out your name. You poured love and passion into all you did. It was wonderful working with you. You were always bursting with energy and always beautifully adorned. You looked out for me during both my pregnancies. During our SBL conferences, you cared for me more than I did for myself.
My darling colleague, friend and sister, I really miss you, but I take solace in the fact that you are in a better place and the angels can see the love you radiate.
On behalf of the Protocol and Accommodation’s Subcommittee of the NBA-SBL Conference Planning Committee, we say that even in heaven; “do keep on radiating the love you were known for”.
Yetunde Okojie"

This tribute was added by Uche Nnaji on 9th May 2017

"Tare all you wanted to do was just help others ☹️☹️"

This tribute was added by Uche Nnaji on 9th May 2017

"Tare all you wanted to do was just help others ☹️☹️"

This tribute was added by Amaibi Abraham-Bakumo on 7th May 2017

"Tare, you were a beautiful person inside and outside with so much you have done and still more to do. Though you are gone and will be greatly missed but God knows best. With the legacy you have left behind your memory will forever shine like the stars with us. RIP dear sister."

This tribute was added by Timi Agama on 5th May 2017

"Dear Tare ,
I screamed when i saw the post of your demise , I clearly remember our first meeting 20years ago and i know I saw the strength of steel in you and as you journeyed through life you had a sense of purpose ,Yet you left so early in the day to be with the Lord , Can we hold you back ? No because we all are subject to the will of the Father. Adieu Tare Rest in Peace"

This tribute was added by Jenkins Ebiware on 5th May 2017

"Words cannot express the shock . I still remember that radiant smile you always wore and the kindness and light you generate.
Sleep well my Sister. RIP"

This tribute was added by Ebiere Helen Fumudoh on 4th May 2017

"This is tough. It is humbling. I thought I had known grief… but Tare, words cannot mend this heartache, it is the kind that one feels in the bones. Your transformation from mortality has become a pulpit. Truly, ‘no one knows the day nor hour’. ‘Our citizenship is not of this world’. Yet, it is so hard for me to say ‘good-bye’. Your loveliness cannot die!

Your life truly gave meaning to many lives. Young age never stopped you from having big dreams and goals for society. Your sincerity and public spiritedness gave you unhindered access to acquaintances from all age brackets and social strata. You were full of new ideas, plus zeal to translate them into reality. That, was the joining between us; ‘translating ideas into reality’. I remember our moments together, the meetings, the new initiatives, the phone calls, the meals, the trips, the smiles, the laughter, the tears, the sharing, the shared passion for mentorship, your loving nature!
Tare, you will remain in my memories forever!"

This tribute was added by Mobie Anyanwu on 4th May 2017

"Your departure left me speechless. My sister "Nedum " was really fond of you. You left a deep hole in our heart. We love you forever and will miss you too. Rest well Ma."

This tribute was added by Chinedum Anyanwu on 4th May 2017

"You left without a goodbye, with instructions for me to execute,memories of your visit and advises.
I am glad that i learned things from you and consoled by the life you lived.
You were a great boss!
Words fail me.
May God grant you eternal rest ma'am. You are missed."

This tribute was added by Pedro Vargas on 2nd May 2017

"4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away"

This tribute was added by Preye Olorogun on 2nd May 2017

"The Ijaw Nation and the world at large has lost an incredible talent,a cheerful giver,a philanthropist, a generous human being, a beautiful spirit, and a cultural icon, who was proud of her regional heritage. Your death is still a shock to me..Rest in peace Barr Oyintare Yeri

Mummy Pee"

This tribute was added by Bibi Bakumo on 2nd May 2017

"My T, as I always call you,it pains me deeply and it is most unbelievable that I am writing a burial tribute for you,You were such a beautiful soul.....Still is like a dream to me.The Lord is supreme ....The pain I feel cannot be penned down in words but The Lord knows a lot of us will be pained like this but His WILL will always be done in our lives cos He is the Owner of our lives. Rest on my T......."

This tribute was added by Eunice Apreala on 30th April 2017

"On behalf of the president and members of Ijaw Women of America IWA, deeply mourn with the family, president,  members of Ijaw Women Connect IWC and ijaw nation  as a whole on the sudden death of an icon, a great women leader, Barr.Tariere Yeri. we pray that the Lord will comfort you all. IWA members had the opportunity to meet Barr.Tari Yeri during the inauguration delibration in October of 2016 in Atlanta GA. Only God can fill the vacuum she has left. Words might not describe our heat felt sympathy on this great loss. Teri strong will for Ijaw youth empowerment and women liberation in Niger Delta. IWA is strongly behind the Ijaw nation and all Ijaw activist group fighting for the liberation  and the continue work for Ijaw nation. Sleep our sister sleep...
Your footprint will continue to be seen in Ijaw nation."

This tribute was added by Stella Babudoh on 30th April 2017

"You showed a good example of how to live life. Selfless, enriching others, following the example of your father Jesus Christ.

You made your contributions and left the world a better place than you met it. Your legacy lives on

Good night, sleep well and rest in the bosom of your maker."

This tribute was added by Toyin Aina on 30th April 2017

"Tare. A woman of gold with a voice and a soul. Very vivacious indeed. A goal getter with a "can do spirit". I miss your warm smile and genuineness. The Spotters Unit of the Protocol Directorate in House On The Rock misses you. We love you deeply. Once again thank you for opening up your home to the Protocol Directorate for the End of Year Party 2016 as You promised. You will forever live in our hearts. Our comfort is that you are with your maker and the lover of your soul. We shall meet again at the right hand of God our father with Jesus Christ our Lord. I love you dearly and miss you sore. Oyintare,! live on in glory,"

This tribute was added by MAGI Lawrence on 29th April 2017

"...Very, very senior colleague, Barr. Tare Teri,  neither you are my acquaintance nor had on first acquaintance during your brief sojourn on earth. But your commendable heroic proportions effected on the  lives of humanity had a memory tale in the mouth of every discerning mind. Therefore you are  indeed a paragon of virtue the entire Ijaw nation lost! But God knows best. As a celestial and intelligent lass, an irreplaceable vacuum is created! We really miss you adieu!!!

K. M. Lawrence, Esq."

This tribute was added by MAGI Lawrence on 29th April 2017

"...Very, very senior colleague, Barr. Tare Teri,  neither you are my acquaintance nor had on first acquaintance during your brief sojourn on earth. But your commendable heroic proportions effected on the  lives of humanity had a memory tale in the mouth of every discerning mind. Therefore you are  indeed a paragon of virtue the entire Ijaw nation lost! But God knows best. As a celestial and intelligent lass, an irreplaceable vacuum is created! We really miss you adieu!!!

K. M. Lawrence, Esq."

This tribute was added by Akeem Alabaja on 29th April 2017

"I extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family. May the soul of your mother be at peace with our Heavenly Father."

This tribute was added by Wasiu Shoetan on 29th April 2017

"Rip tare God loves you more"

This tribute was added by Charles Keni George on 29th April 2017

"What will you be remembered for when your time on earth is done...? This is just but another salient question to answer when you wake up to realize that a rare gem like Tare has passed on.

She was of a truth a unique, vibrant and strong Niger Delta icon, whose legacy can never be erased, due to her passion and commitment to bring out the hero that lies in me to become! The whole of my birth kings experience is a pretty remarkable one, the power in her sense of responsibility and intellectual capability was what made it a huge success... Today we are all where we are with the help of her initiative. Uhm, what else can i say... I pray to God her soul to keep!"

This tribute was added by Marcus Ebikemiyen on 29th April 2017

"Finally Home

Although your work on earth is done
Your life in heaven has just begun.
Your struggles here were hard and long
But they're over now, you're finally home.

Life wasn't easy, by choice or fate
A decision made, sometimes too late.
A fight to the finish, always strong
Rest easy Barr. Tare Yeri, this time 2014
you were training us in BKL and and the only thing
that was ringing then and is still ringing in my brain is
"The hero lies in you to become". By Barr. Tari Yeri
The last time we met in Abuja you promised to attend
our convocation. We will not disappoint you......
We love you but God loves you most.
you're finally home. RIP."

This tribute was added by ebizi brown on 29th April 2017

"This is such a rude shock. You were such a beautiful person. Always polite and respectful. You had such beautiful plans but the Almighty God knows best. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Tolu Adedeji on 28th April 2017

"It definitely saddens my heart to leave this tribute and only because such a good hearted person has gone. Beautiful in and out with so much to offer this world. Heaven has another angel and be sure that what we gained from you will be felt by everyone around us. Sleep well Tare. God bless you"

This tribute was added by Abby Igbinovia on 28th April 2017

"Tare! Words fail us as we realise that the beautiful, selfless, kind, ever ready to help Tare is actually gone. Tare joined the firm of George Etomi & Partners in 2009 and left in 2011 to set up her NGO. During her time with the firm, she made a tremendous impact. She was one of the nicest people we had ever come across. She was always ready to take on assignments and execute them perfectly, a wonderful team player. She had such a kind and giving heart.

We are all saddened by her untimely demise. We pray that God comforts her family as we all have indeed lost a precious gem. Our dear Tare, may your soul rest in perfect peace.

Management and Staff of George Etomi and Partners"

This tribute was added by Ben Okoro on 28th April 2017

"Dear Tare,

Even though we first met only 5 years ago, it was as if we’ve known each other for much longer than that.  That was primarily due to how you carried yourself and related to people while you lived. The drive, confidence, and passion that you demonstrated on Niger Delta affairs endeared you to many persons, including my good self. I will surely miss that salutation of yours that always resonates with “Uncle B…..” whenever we met or spoke on phone. It is still difficult for me to come to terms with your passage.

Tare, you will be greatly missed.  May you Rest in Perfect Peace in the bosom of the Lord. Amen.
… Ben Amaebi Okoro"

This tribute was added by Opuama Akeni on 27th April 2017

"O God,in your mercy and compassion,I humbly pray for Tari in Christ,who have passed from this life.I beg your mercy,through the intercession of Blessed Mary,ever virgin,all of your saints that Tari be joined into everlasting life with You and may have a share in Your eternal happiness.I ask this in Jesus' name .Amen."

This tribute was added by Timi Okoinyan on 27th April 2017

"The news of Tare Edith Yeri's demise came as a shock to me and it hurts.
When I met Tare the first time in Yenagoa in 2016/17 during an IPA meeting, her poise and equanimity was amazing as her smile lighted up
the room. Tare's first impressions resonated in me. A young and vibrant
Ijaw woman of substance gone too soon. Rest In Peace in the Lord's Eternal Garden."

This tribute was added by Yenrin Amanah on 27th April 2017

"Didn't get to see you! Didn't get to meet you, but your footprints and works tell your story.  You will be greatly missed by the children you've given purpose and life.  May the people you left behind be given the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.  Rest in perfect peace!!"

This tribute was added by Bolouere Opukiri on 27th April 2017

"It all seems so surreal. Such a stunning person with all that class and poise dripping from all she was involved in. Always would hug me and say "keep your head up little sister". Had no problems encouraging, cheering and offering advice on anything when asked. May the angels guide you Aunty Tari. Rest in Christ."

This tribute was added by keziah Joseph on 27th April 2017

"May her soul Rest in Peace. Its so sad indeed."

This tribute was added by Thankgod Isaac on 27th April 2017

"Dear Tare....Never knew you had such a short  time  to impact your generation and exit the scene, you where a bright and shining star from the Ijaw Ethnic group, we are proud of your life and time on earth, you made us proud and hopeful that yes "some thing good could also come out of the Ijaw Nation" !
Your memory shall not fade out like a candlelight but shall keep shining and radiating in our hearts till we meet to part no more.
Adieu Tare....Sleep on and rest in the bossom of Abraham
Isaac Tee"

This tribute was added by Presidor Ghomorai on 27th April 2017

"It’s really sad…as there is heavy pain in our hearts on the news of your demise. … Don buo-moo… Sis Tare
May your gentle Soul Rest in Peace"

This tribute was added by kingsley kuku on 26th April 2017

"My Tare-ere, we spent Easter Day together, ate,  drank and had lovely
pictures on your insistence.I thank God we did.
You selflessly touched lives and you know what babes?Hey, don't K3 me.Surely, am lucky to be a part of your fantastic 42 years, Just speechless!
May pretty you occupy your possession in the heavenly mansions.Speechless!!
I love you,
Your K3."

This tribute was added by Kelechi Okeahialam-Olawoyin on 26th April 2017

"Tare... I'm so sad about your passing... I saw you briefly last year. we hugged and hugged. You looked so well and bubbly. Just like your usual self I would say.. Rest in in Christ's bossom my dear sister... Rest..."

This tribute was added by Ayodeji omowo on 25th April 2017

"The best things in life come in threes. Friends, dreams, and memories.
Tare your Memories will Live On Forever In Our Hearts....Ayodeji T Omowo(A-WHY)"

This tribute was added by Adefunke Adeyeye on 25th April 2017

"Tare my heart is heavy as I write this. Still can't believe you are gone forever. I haven't been myself since I heard the news and tears alone cannot express how I feel. We met at GEP in 2008 ans have remained friends. All those concerts, comedy shows, events, SBL conferences, sharing a room at the conferences, lunches and loads of pictures. It's hard for me tare and I can't believe your exit would hit me this much but it did real hard. I'm grateful for the life you lived and the impact you made. Most of all you knew loved and served Christ wholeheartedly so I have no doubts you are in heaven smiling with the angels. Hmmmm I am speechless and in shock. All those dreams is well and God indeed knows best. I can't stop staring at all our pictures and still have our chat. You told me you were ok ans the worst was over. I can go on and on tare but this really hurts. I will always remember you as fun loving and full of life. Sleep on my dear friend and may God bless your soul."

This tribute was added by Charles Toye on 25th April 2017

"Words fail me as I write this. Tare was my friend and sister. Very spiritual and open. I made my first 1million Naira cash from the biznesss she offered me some years back. A very loving and loyal person. Also very dependable. You will be missed deeply for u are always truthful in all u do. Rest well my sister. Till we meet again"

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Rosemary Graham Naingba
Ebiere Helen Fumudoh
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