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May 21, 2017

L I F E ’S  S O J O U R N E Y

The world indeed is not our home;

We are all sojourner;

Each life’s journey does have its package;

It might look like, Tare Edith Yeri completed her life’s journey so soon;

It all about completing one’s mission on earth;

From all indications, Tare Edith Yeri did complete her earthly mission gracefully.

My encounter with Tare Edith Yeri,

First in Ijaw Nation Forum (INF) chat, as a family with concerns for humanity affair;

Second, at Atlanta, October 2016, furthering the mission of humanity under women organization;

Third at Californian, April 2017 at her hospital bed, and suddenly the journey is over.

Full of life, smile, and soft spoken, yet no tolerance of injustice.

These great memories just slip out in six months;

Lesson I learned visiting Tare Edith Yeri on her hospital bed on the 13th April 2017,

Still vibrant in her spirit of caring for others,

Even in her hospital bed she did outreach to people, and encouraging out encouraging words;

No self-pity, rather we laughed over the Mixed Cultural Dance Steps we will show off on her discharge from the hospital.

Little did I know, that will be my last chance of hearing her soft voice and smile.

Your sojourney you did complete in an amazing way.

To the family, stay strong.

To other associates be strong.

Life indeed is a sojourney, utilize every opportunity given wisely.

Tare Edith Yeri, we do Love and miss you, but Christ Loves you best!

Dein Na Mu, beloved sister.

From: Daerebo Brown-West

My sister, my friend

May 20, 2017

Dear Tare,
It is still a shock to me that less than five hours after speaking with you, I would get a call that you have returned home to your father and my father.

When we met, I was not interested in a friendship, I wanted to keep it simple, just the business of our Ijaw people especially our women and young girls, but you bulldozed your way into my life with your happy, loving and joyful ways. Who can resist that? We became sisters and shared so much. I could always rely on you to follow thru on our many plans. Sometimes you were in a hurry but now I understand, you were on a mission and needed to finish the job. I am heartbroken, I cannot hold back the burning tears that flow every time I remember all the good times we shared and all our plans.

Tare, you came and you lit the candle you were given and it will continue to shine brightly forever. Though your physical work on earth is complete, your heavenly work begins. My sister, as you put on your angels wings, remember us who are still here. May God Almighty grant you eternal rest "Correct Ijaw Babe" as you called yourself. Love you loads.

Today We Laid To Rest Fanny

May 17, 2017

<p>On this day, a classmate call Miss. Fanny passed away just like in the instant case. The entire class gathered in the campus premises after a solemn procession around the school to honour our departed. After which we posed for a group photograph.  You can see our own Tare Edith Yeri played her part by her presence as usual.</p><p>As always Tare is in the center of surrounded by many our others. We all prefer to be round her.</p><p>The Graduating AAU Law Class of "99</p><p>Roger O.</p>

A sister to all

May 1, 2017

I never met Tare until I joined IPA. Before then I had heard of her from my wife and my inlaw Ebieyi Adebayo Nee Dogubo. I think they had been school mates or friends in PH.  I heard the good work she was doing and when my daughter wanted to do her  work experience in the broadcast media I mentioned it to Tare. Tare immediately linked my daughter up with Sylverbird TV and Ben Bruce. She was really well connected. My daughter is ever grateful for that.  

Tare took up every assignment in IPA with much enthusiasm.  She inspired me to take up a position in IPA EXCO. 

Recently when I saw what she was doing with the less privileged ijaw children I was blown away with joy that such a young person with so much years of life ahead of her is already thinking of giving back to society. Typically we see such things from people who have acquired wealth and have reached a self actualization stage of life where there is nothing more to acquire.  The billionaires! But not for Tare. She got there at such a young age. 


HOTR Protocol Spotters Unit - Training Session

April 30, 2017

This picture was taken during one of the training sessions for the Spotters Unit - Protocol Directorate House On The Rock as part of the preparation for The Experience 2016 where Tare has participated actively in the last few years. 

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