Mein Spatz, don't focus on the negative.
  • 79 years old
  • Born on July 8, 1935 in Hamburg, Germany.
  • Passed away on February 11, 2015 in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Mom left this earth peacefully, surrounded by love and incredible care. Though she preferred not to have a service, we know she loved technology and think she would approve of this virtual memorial. 

We invite you to share any thoughts, stories or pictures.  Please feel no pressure as mom would frown on that. :)    

We thought a wonderful way to honor mom would be through an act of kindness. It doesn't need to be a big deal.  It might simply be opening the door for an elderly person.  Whatever you do will be perfect. A worthy tribute to her selfless nature and gift of caring for others. 

We are so touched by the outpouring of support. Thank you for sending your love and care our way.    

Peter, Nicki, Anya & Rick

Posted by Juergen Meinberg on 8th July 2018
Beate and Peter, our BEST friends for all those many are very much missed by your life long friend Jürgen
Posted by Anya Jepsen on 12th February 2018
Mom, It doesn't feel like three years...You are with us all the time. We feel your happy and kind presence every day. We think of you when we use your dishes, when the spring flowers start to bloom, when the stock market makes a move and when we look at old pictures. What a gift you were to us; we continue to be grateful for your love and positive energy. You are missed in the best way! Love you!
Posted by Elizabeth Gribben on 12th February 2017
Beate - Thinking of you often. Can't believe its been two years since you left us for heaven.There is certainly a void in our life with you gone, but we know you are watching over us all. Love to you and Peter! xoxoxo
Posted by Anya Jepsen on 8th July 2016
Happy Birthday Mom, You would have been 81 today. We happily think of you all the time (without dwelling on the past!) and continue to feel the blessing of your presence in our lives. I know this is just for me, but I'm forever grateful that you were my mom. You were the best mom. Love you. Anya
Posted by L Hanaford on 12th February 2016
We can't believe Beate has been gone for a year. Robin and I were talking about her just last weekend. Love to all.
Posted by Christoph Doering on 8th July 2015
Hi Beate, hope you have a nice Party in heaven on a lovely cloud! I never forget you!!!! Love Christoph
Posted by Ina Loedel on 21st May 2015
Vielen Dank liebe Anya und Nicki - es bleiben viele schoene und Froehliche Erinnrungen - es war fuer mich als alte Flendsburgerin immer was ganz besonderes wenn Beate und Peter bei uns in Escondido und spaeter die letzten 17 Jahre hier in Encinitas bei uns einliefen - wie sehr liebte Beate einen guten Schluck heissen Kaffee.... Moin Moin lieber Peter.. so machen wir den mal weiter - immer Beate in unserer Erinnerung ! INA und BILL
Posted by Karsten Fischer on 11th March 2015
In memory of Beate I like write these few lines. In the name of Family Fischer (Ingrid, Karsten, Anja, Chiara Marie, Ilian Joe and Lenya May) I like to send a last farewell note to and for Beate. I know Beate and Peter for many years, lets say since I'm born 46 yrs ago. As friends of Inge Eilers, my mom as her nice met them a loooong time ago. We lived in Duesseldorf, Germany and whenever we visited the US, we saw Beate & Peter in Laguna Niguel. In 1996 they were so kind to let me stay at their place for a few months while I attended some classes at UC Irvine. This time will remain unforgotten. In the following years, even when we moved to Singapore, I always tried to stop by on my business trips to Orange County to see and visit them. It was always nice to be so welcomed. Beate will always be memorized as a fantastic person. Beate will always remain in our hearts. We will never forget you. Karsten & family (Richmond, TX - USA)
Posted by Tatiana Fichtner on 11th March 2015
Dear Peter, Nicki, Anya & Rick! Beate..., she was a wonderful lady! I will always remember her!, in this moment I think of her laugh and her eyes..., she was kind and happy and warmhearted and we always felt welcome by you three, and very much at home on our visits with Hans Martin and Tania, at your house in South Laguna!! It is a real privilege having known her!! Peter, Nicki, Anya and Rick! May many happy and wonderful and loving memories of her, help to comfort you... Thank you for your friendship! Receive a very warm and loving hug from us, yours tatiana and Hans
Posted by Stephanie Taylor Zabriski... on 4th March 2015
I was lucky to have Beate in my life for a few short, very fun years. She was an amazing, kind, and gentle woman who had an amazing, kind and gentle family. I am sending you all much love and much peace.
Posted by Dianne Reynolds on 2nd March 2015
Though I only met your beautiful Mom for a brief moment, her wonderful light is still lit in the both of you Anya & Nicki. Love and hugs
Posted by Monica Silva on 24th February 2015
Your mom must have been an incredibly wonderful person to have raised such loving, warm and genuine women. Thinking of you and your family during this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Monica
Posted by Elizabeth Gribben on 24th February 2015
I was lucky enough to call Beate my Godmother. And even luckier to be called “Mein Spatz.” Her heart, her warmth, her wit – Beate was the real deal. A truly magnificent person. It’s hard to put into words the respect and adoration I have for Beate. She was one of the most genuine, loving and supportive people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. I feel extremely blessed to have had her in my life. Thank you Beate. I am a better person because of you. I love you, and you will be greatly missed. Give a big hug to WPG for me. Xoxo
Posted by Lindsay Hanaford on 22nd February 2015
Beate, I will always remember you. Thank you for always caring about my family and me. You were one of the kindest, sweetest and most cheerful people i have ever known. I will really miss you.
Posted by Juergen Meinberg on 22nd February 2015
Beate and Peter came to this country about the same time as we did and we have been the very best of friends for as long As I can remember.Even though we later lived far apart we have always stayed in touch.Beate and my lovely wife Marion had so much in common,beauty,grace,generosity and love for others,I miss both very much.Now it is for my best friend Peter and me "to hang in there" and enjoy the memories.Beate,We talked on the phone only 2 weeks ago,unbelievable,and now you are in heaven.
Posted by Annie Copps on 18th February 2015
It doesn't seem possible, but sadly it is true. Beate was (and will always be) an incredible influence on me during a very important time of my life. I am different for the better because of her quiet influence and gentle ideas about morality and ethics. I know so much because of her and I am eternally grateful. I am sorry not to be with you all, but I know you know I am there in spirit. My heart is with you Peter, Nicki, Anya, Rick and your wonderful Seattle community. Bali Hai Beate
Posted by Christoph Doering on 17th February 2015
Beate was for me one of the most open minded persons I met in my life. Compare to all my european aunties she was a shining star and very positivly different. I never forget her and it is so sad that there was such a big distance (miles) between us. If I would be able to give you a hug now - it would be the biggest one I ever could give you. Sorry for my english. Love Christoph
Posted by Karla Jones on 16th February 2015
Beate, Thank you for giving me two sisters, Nicki and Anya. That is a great way to pay it forward for a very long time! Nicki and Anya: "What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us" -Helen Keller
Posted by Elisabeth Goellner on 16th February 2015
Lieber Peter, liebe Anja mit Rick, und liebe Nicky, ja, das sind wirklich traurige Nachrichten! Wir sind bei Euch in Gedanken und hoffen, daß Ihr Euch gegenseitig stützen und halten könnt. Wie schön, daß Beate in Frieden mit Eurer Begleitung in Eurer Nähe gehen durfte. Ich denke an unser Telefongespräch im Herbst, wo wir mit ihr und Peter lange und fröhlich über die vergangenen Zeiten und die Veränderungen der Gegenwart gesprochen haben. Wir Hirsch- und Jepsen-Kinder können froh und dankbar sein, daß unsere Eltern uns so liebevoll durch unsere Leben geführt haben, und wir jetzt in der Zeit ihres Alters und ihrer Hilfsbedürftigkeit bei ihnen sein dürfen und ihnen die Liebe und Fürsorge zurückgeben können. Wir umarmen Euch und schicken Euch unsere Kraft und Stärke für diese traurige Zeit. Alles Liebe Elisabeth und Peter
Posted by Arielle Blum on 16th February 2015
As you comprehend this profound loss, let yourself cry knowing that each tear is a note of love rising to the heavens. -Unknown Author Nicki and Anya, I am so glad to have known your mother, even for a short time. She had a beautiful spirit she clearly passed on to her girls. May she rest in peace until you all meet again. -Ari
Posted by Steve Gribben on 16th February 2015
I have been truly blessed to have had Beate Jepsen in my life as far back as I can remember. All of her wonderful attributes –most notably her warmth, generosity and appreciation for life—should serve as a measuring stick for what it takes to be a great person. I have drawn inspiration from her in so many ways— from the fact that she and Peter were able to come to this country with nothing and build such a rich life . . . by watching her and Peter grow old together, in what was nothing short of a love story for the ages . . . and by listening to her talk about the stock market in ways that might make you think she was a guest analyst on CNBC (she never wanted to stop learning :) ). Over three decades, she shared many happy times with my family—from holidays to graduations—and she was there in the tough times as well—offering love and support to my mom when my father passed away. Beate will forever be missed by all of us. She was a rare gem. P.S. Anya & Nicki—Thank you for sharing so many great photos!
Posted by Marty Tromburg on 15th February 2015
I didn't grow up with the Jepsen/superlative sisters, so I didn't see exactly how Beate and Peter did it, but Beate's thoughtful listening, quiet smile, and ever-present grace must have had something to do with Anya and Nicki's compassion for others, and their cups always being full...not half full. Beate's ready smile and warm welcome for any weary traveler that was lucky enough to walk through her front door gave every visitor a little home away from home. Thank you Beate.
Posted by Stefanie Zwilling on 15th February 2015
Beate was the most generous and amazing person one can imagine. She didn`t only take care of her own family but also of us, friends of her wonderful daughters. Thank you for everything, Beate! lots of love, Kathleen and Stefanie
Posted by Chuck Bowes on 15th February 2015
Not long ago I found myself talking with my kids about people who had really impacted my life in a positive way. Although I didn't spend much time with Beate she was a major part of the conversation with the kids. Her warmth, kindness, and peaceful nature are part of my daily inspiration to make the world a more loving place. Anya and Nicki are a living legacy to Beate and her loving husband Peter - the world is in good hands.
Posted by Annie White on 14th February 2015
A mother of two amazing women. May her family find comfort in each others love, and in the wonderful memories they share. Love to you Anya and Nicki, and our thoughts are with you, Rick and your dad. The Whites xxx
Posted by L Hanaford on 14th February 2015
Beate, Thank you for being a light in my life and the life of my family. Thank you for your example as a caregiver. In your quiet and humble way, you touched many lives. Love, Laura
Posted by Lisa Hartley on 14th February 2015
A beautiful lady who left the world more rich than she found it. She instilled fun, wonder, and a love of life that is carried on by her two amazing daughters. We are all blessed by her life and her example.
Posted by Dana Frank on 14th February 2015
There is something beyond special about the Jepsens... I am forever grateful that Walter P. Gribben introduced me to Anya 25 years ago and I have been blessed with the gift of their love, light, laughter, and friendship. Beate was a beautiful, smart (I will always remember her stock choices), gracious, genuine, caring mom. It is an added joy to write this on Valentine's Day, as she was all about LOVE! I am so proud of the women she raised to be some of my best friends who will carry on her legacy. Much love to you all! xoxoxo Dana

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