Prevent S.I.D.S. for our wonderful baby Bella
  • Born on February 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Passed away on June 3, 2014 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

I created this memorial site to remember my 3rd daughter Bella Carol Michelle Fink named after her older sister Carol Fink who died of Malaria on March 10th 2014. Bella was 3 months and 18 days when she passed away. It was one of two of the hardest days of my entire life. She was a blessing to us.

Bella has 2 older sisters. Carol Addison Fink who was 3 when she died of Malaria and 1 year old Justine who is living healthly. She is the child of me and Woody Fink, her daddy. 

Bella loved to sleep. She always would sleep through the night and I had to wake her up in the middle of the night to feed her. Bella also said her first word which was water on April 23rd 2014. She was a slow learner. 

Bella's favorite colour was blue. That's why I'm writing in blue for my angel baby. All of my 3 children had/has a favorite colour. Carol: Pink. Justine: Purple. Bella: Blue.

No changes occured in Bella. She was always the same easy heavy baby as she was since February.

 JUNE 3RD 2014: 9:00AM
Today, I was staying home with Bella and I sent Justine to the nursery. The bad worker is gone and they have amazing ones now. So, I woke Bella up and we had a decent morning of feeding her and dressing her. For breakfast, I got Bella her favorite peach baby food. She ate slowly and beautifully.

JUNE 3RD 2014: 10:30AM
Bella was cold in her little outfit so I put her back in her pink onezie. She said onezie today and it was beautiful. She crawled around the room for a little until she got thirsty. She had a drink of milk and was put to sleep after that. She was a little bit fussy.

JUNE 3RD 2014: 11:00AM
Bella had been sleeping for a long time and I went to wake her up. The first thing I saw is Bella lying in her crib back turned to me. I went and shook her. I turned her around and the next thing I know it, my baby has a blue face and is suffocated. I was panicked. I called Ms. Nalonan. She showed up with the ambulance and they took my angel to the hospital to try and revive Bella.

JUNE 3RD 2014: 11:57
The saddest part is, I can barely say it but Bella Carol Michelle Fink joined her big sister in Heaven. Our angel died. I have 2 Heavenly angels and 1 earthly angel. Today my angel died. I'm still crying. I miss her and I want to hold Bella in my arms again. I miss her so much. I'll never forget Bella Carol Michelle Fink. She's always been my baby.

Bella was such a blessing to this family and she filled in for Carol for a while. I spent nearly 4 months loving Bella and now I want her back to move on to another 5 and then 6 and then 7 and soon a year. Now, we only have Justine in our lives. My beautiful angel has went to see her sister. This family wouldn't be where we are now if Bella hadn't come along. And she did and were very happy to have had Bella in the Fink family. The second Fink flew to Heaven and it wasn't because of Malaria.

Bella died of SIDS which stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It happens to any baby any time. It normally happens in between 2 and 4 months. Bella was almost 4 months. She was 3 months and 18 days.  SIDS is common in healthy babies. Bell was very healthy and SIDS got her. I wouldn't necessarily say SIDS is a disease. It happens a lot.

 In Loving Heavenly Memory of Bella Carol Michelle Fink from February 16th 2014-June 3rd 2014.


Posted by Roberta Beller on 16th September 2018
How was she named after her older sister who was not yet dead when Bella was born?
Posted by Aria Higgins on 14th August 2018
Posted by Shyera Reese on 3rd May 2018
I know its been close to five years since your beautiful baby girl died,but your lose was also a gain for god I hope that June 3rd is not to hard of a day for you!
Posted by Addison And Woody on 19th November 2014
Baby, you should be 9 months! 9 months, Bell! Unbelievable! We miss you! 5 months since I've held you. Keep being a brave girl with your big sister, Carol. I hope you two have fun! ADDISON
Posted by Addison And Woody on 29th July 2014
I just read the story that twilightangel05 made for you, Bell. It made me cry at the ending. It made me think back to the day you actually did pass. June 3rd 2014.... I MISS YOU SO MUCH BELLA! Bell, all I want is to give you a proper goodbye. Why can't that just happen? Bella, I miss you so much! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU, SWEET ANGEL!
Posted by Amy Larenson on 21st July 2014
Hi Addison! I've been dying to talk to you! First of all, I wanted to say I apologize for Bella's death of sids and I feel terrible. I cannot even imagine the pain you're going through. I have a little girl myself, and losing her would be so painful. I wanted to say that you have been strong through the sudden loss of Bella Carol, and she was beautiful. You've given me more strength through things. I learn to be happy even when mistakes are made, because I think I could be losing my daughter like you lost Bella. I've seen your YouTube page and videos and feel bad! I cannot imagine the pain you, Woody, Justine, Elliot, and Adalia are going through. I also wanted to let you know you're invited to my Bible Club page to remember all sudden angel losses. I'm so sorry for Bella Carol Michelle Fink's loss, and I feel for you and how strong you are. Thank you for being my inspiration, Addison. -Amy Larenson"
Posted by Addison And Woody on 8th July 2014
It's been over 1 month that we've seen you, beautiful Bell! I miss you! Knowing you're gone kills me! Hearing that music in the background only makes me remember the day you passed on, and I REALLY miss you lately! I LOVE YOU AND SO DO YOUR NEW BROTHER AND SISTER, ELLIOT AND ADALIA! Justine misses you too! Carol loves you, so do we all! I miss you, Bell. PLEASE COME BACK TO ADDI! I WISH YOU WERE HERE SO BADLY TO MEET ADALIA AND ELLIOT! Goodbye beautiful angel.
Posted by Addison And Woody on 24th June 2014
3 weeks Bella Girl. We miss you so much!
Posted by Addison And Woody on 18th June 2014
Bell, 2 weeks have gone by since I've seen you. I miss you sweet angel. I wish I prevented this. ADDI MISSES YOU SO MUCH!
Posted by Addison And Woody on 9th June 2014
6 days without you my Bell. Bell, we miss you.
Posted by Addison And Woody on 5th June 2014
Posted by Bailey Pickett on 4th June 2014
Miss you so much precious Bella!
Posted by Addison And Woody on 3rd June 2014
I want you back Bella! You joined your sister in Heaven today!! -Addison!
Posted by Addison And Woody on 3rd June 2014
Your sister Justine misses you, Bella! If she knew you were gone, she'd busrt into tears!
Posted by Bailey Pickett on 3rd June 2014
Bella Carol Michelle Fink, I never knew your day would come so soon. I thought I would see you become a big girl and grow up big and strong and become very successful. SIDS is a very stupid disease in my opinion. They should have shots at birth to prevent it. Carol and now you. What is happening to the Fink girls? There was 3 and now there is only one! I miss you Bella and I hope the doctors and medical researchers clue in to finding a birth shot medicine that can prevent this horrible disease. Thank you for being the baby I held one night when I was sad. I remember, you were very little. It may have been the night Justine was discovered to be child abused. Love and miss you forever and ever angel Bella! Your true friend forever, Bailey Marie Pickett

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