Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.
  • 40 years old
  • Born on June 29, 1976 .
  • Passed away on June 22, 2017 .

Benjamin David Horwitz passed away on June 22, 2017 at Anchorage Providence Hospital with his family and loved ones by his side. Ben’s mother, Cathleen, passed on before him on December 29, 2011. Ben is survived by his father, Bob Horwitz of Anchorage, Alaska, brothers Zach and Jesse Horwitz of Anchorage, Alaska, sister Maribeth Horwitz and niece Violet Sky Horwitz both of Anchorage, Alaska, and brother Mack Horwitz of Seattle, Washington, plus many dear friends across the country whose lives he touched in his nearly 41 years.

Ben was born in Anchorage Providence Hospital on June 29, 1976 and raised mostly in Anchorage, Alaska. He graduated Service High School, class of 1995, and enlisted in the United States Air Force where he served with honor from 1995 to 1999. He proudly served two tours of duty, stationed in both Saudi Arabia and South Korea where among many other life tools, he learned to run fuel operations for military aircraft. After his service he moved to Seattle, Washington, and worked diligently to complete the prerequisite courses at North Seattle Community College required to enroll at the University of Washington. Once at the University of Washington, he found a passion for environmental protection and graduated from the University of Washington’s College of the Environment in 2009. With his background in environmental protection and fuels, coupled with his love for the outdoors and federal service, he landed his dream job of a career at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2008 where he served as fuels storage tank inspector for nine years. Ben approached his work with an enthusiasm, professionalism, and focus on mission. Ben was extremely proud of his federal service, both in the military and as a civilian.

Ben was a son, brother, a co-worker, and a close friend to many. His laughter was contagious and his storytelling about his adventures made you just honored to have a ticket to listen. Ben had a way of making everyone feel important and special. He loved spending time in the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest, or ‘Alaska light’ as he called it. He always enjoyed being in the moment and taking a pause for the cause. Ben shared his love of music, biking, and paddling with friends and family at his home in the Land’s End neighborhood of Seattle. His spirit will forever light up our memories and warm our hearts.


Please contribute to relieve his family of any costs for this celebration and to help create a memorial fund in his name at the Tahoma National Veteran's Cemetary, where Ben often volunteered his time. Just click below and follow the directions.

Posted by Whitney Jones on 15th August 2017
May the God of all comfort be with the entire family. He can give us comfort regardless of how distressing our situation may be. His Word assures us: "He is near to all those calling upon him, ... and their cry for help he will hear." (Ps. 145:18, 19)
Posted by Adam Baron on 10th August 2017
Thinking about and missing you today Ben. You always added balance and laughter and realness to my days.
Posted by Amy Glen on 24th July 2017
I've known Ben since we were either 16 or 17. I met him under not so perfect circumstances at a party. Unfortunately, his first experience of me was me waking up from sleeping upright on the couch yelling at him for trying to put his hand down my shirt. It wasn't him but the other guy sitting on the others side of him. Of course, I found that out later but somewhere along the way we became inseparable - Me, Ben, Crissy, Jeff, Ron, and Tami - that was our group. I think Ben was really the one that brought us all together. Eventually we grew up and went our different ways but we always came back together somehow usually orchestrated by Ben. Ben and I ended up in Seattle together after he his stint in the military. I think the letters we wrote each other when he was overseas, the drunken in the middle of the night phone calls during the middle of my work week from the barracks which would be me listening to him yell on the answering machine that he knew I was listening and would keep calling back till I answered - which he consistently did until I picked up, and him finally making the move to Seattle sealed the deal of us becoming best friends. Ben was my laughter or I could say my Chris Farley – I am sure all of you know that stands true, he was my go to person for long talks to brighten up my day. I would like to think I was the same for him. He would save up incidents that happened to him that he knew would make me laugh till I almost peed my pants but he also knew when to just be there for me as my friend and to be there by my side when I needed it most. He was a part of my family. Several times my mom and dad tried to convince us to date. In fact, my mom had decided she was going to buy him a book on how to pick me up. I took joy in telling him about that. It of course never happened. I think we both knew our friendship meant to much. Besides, I think we would have killed each other. Truly I know Ben loved me. I think I first really realized that when I had a scare of cancer and he went with me to the doctor for the results. Seeing him tear up hit me that I really meant something to him. But now, I know that even more from all the people that have reached out to me since his passing with kinds words, people I didn't even know. Funny how he still brings people together even after he has left us. If you are listening Ben, I want you to know how proud I am of the person you had become. You truly made something of your life and I hope in what little time you had here impacting all of us that you were fulfilled. You have touched so many lives and filled all of us with laughter. You truly are a one of a kind and were truly loved. I could go on and on about stories that we have shared but I will try keep it short. (All of which made me laugh uncontrollably.) I know each of us have those to keep in our hearts. – to the time I was angry at you for not coming to the hospital when I had Jayvian unware you had fallen off your driveway cliff and sprained both ankles, to the time you jumped in lake Washington screaming “they got me” meaning the lilly pads had wrapped around your legs, to losing my only car keys in Portland at my aunt’s party where to this day cease to have been found, to hiding your watch from people at your house party at my house which ultimately was truly only hiding it from yourself and then of course blaming me of stealing it, to all the drunken nights where I had to make sure you didn’t go home with “that” girl almost getting myself into altercations, to your gag reflexes at just the site of mold, to the piece of dirt you got in your eye when watching the Notebook, to the time you bought only Crissy and I roses at the club forgetting your girlfriend was sitting right next to you, to the stupid tattoo I am now forced to get, and most importantly your imaginary awkward list of things to talk to me about when we ran out of things to say on the phone. I will truly miss you my buckethead – you were a part of me and I love you with all my heart. You were priceless to all of us. To the time I see you again. You better be there waiting for me.
Posted by Rob Rau on 21st July 2017
What a great friend you were Ben. You will be forever missed
Posted by Julie Meyer on 20th July 2017
Ben was my 'other son' & always made a huge effort to stop & see me on his visits to Alaska. The day he died, he called me & was to come over the next afternoon. Little did I know it would be the last time I would hear his voice, or see his sweet face at the hospital. Life is so precious! I cherish being a part of Ben's circle of friends & the memories of his short life. He loved his family & touched so many lives. Ben will be greatly missed! Thank you to everyone joining in the celebration to honor Ben - he would be proud to know how very loved he is...
Posted by Dorothy Joy on 2nd July 2017
Ben was my oldest nephew. Even though he had a new life outside Alaska, he was a cherished soul. I will always love him and miss his laugh. Forever in my heart Ben.
Posted by Happy Hutson on 1st July 2017
BEN you were such a bright spot in this world. I can't count the number of times I've stayed with you and Mark on my SEATTLE trips and you picking me up once from the Bremerton ferry and that little car

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