Benita Elizabeth Moore has been missing since October 24, 1989.
In an effort to bring temporary closure to our family, we celebrate her life with this memorial website. 
We also hope to bring attention to abuse victims, missing persons
the struggles and grief faced by the families they leave behind.
Benita is gone but not forgotten.
We will celebrate her life with a memorial service
on November 28, 2009
at Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Gary, IN.
Posted by Yvette Williamson on November 23, 2009
I light this candle in memory of all the school days & play times we had together with you, your sibling; and even the friendship between our moms @ home & as pta parents. 4ever missed, never 4gotten
Posted by Wede Hare on November 21, 2009
My deepest condolescences to you bro' Robert, Crystal, Dionne, and the rest of the family. It is always unfortunate to lose a family member and I hope that you are filled with the joys of her memory.
Posted by Shannan Moore on November 21, 2009
I never met aunt Benita but she sounds like a caring woman. Her pictures are beautiful. Her brother, Robert, who is my dad, shares them with me. I wish I had a chance to meet you.
Posted by Angela Preston on November 21, 2009
I am proud to know the Moore family. You all are wonderful people and I pray that God grants you His peace which surpasses all understadning..

God Bless You All
Posted by Rolisha Moore on November 20, 2009
Aunt Benita, I never got to meet you. I wish I had. You never expect a thing like this to happen in your own family. I never met you but I still miss you
Posted by Dionne Moore Jones on November 17, 2009
I am thankful for the love and good times shared with Benita and my other sibblings. I am glad that I am able to see her in her children. Benita is truly missed but definitely not forgotten.
Posted by Crystal Jennings on October 28, 2009
Benita, I am honored to be the first to light a candle in your memory. I am who I am because of you.
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Posted by Tawana Proctor-Robinson on July 26, 2021
Benita you will never be forgotten. Happy birthday Queen. I will always remember and honor your memory. May God keep you in His bosom.
Posted by Tawana Proctor-Robinson on July 26, 2020
Dear Benita,
Every year for your birthday I get a reminder of you. You will never be forgotten. My prayer is that your family and friends are comforted and trusting God always that you will be found. I never give up hope that you are somewhere doing well and you will reach out to your family and are reunited. A girl can dream. Happy happy birthday. Love you. God bless.
Posted by Crystal Jennings on October 24, 2019
Dear Sister,

Want you to know you are not forgotten. I am SOOO thankful for the fun times and memories we shared in your short life. God has also allowed me to enjoy many blessings in the THIRTY years since your disappearance. Both the joy of knowing you and the sadness over your loss remain safely tucked in my heart. 
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A Child's Grief

Shared by Crystal Jennings on October 28, 2009

A Child's Grief

Lord you care so much
For the tears of a hurting child
Who has felt the grief of tragedy
Now no longer wears a smile

Unable to clearly express
How much he’s hurting inside
Not fully understanding the pain
Nor knowing the reasons ‘why’

He wants so much to reach out
To someone who will listen
Someone that can hold him close
And respond with godly wisdom

For he just needs a grown up
To know what he’s going through
But often we don’t realize his grief
Because we are hurting too

Let him know you care Lord
And will be there when we’re not
The emptiness he feels within
May be filled with you oh God

May he know you as a father
And know you’re by his side
To come and wipe his tears away
When alone he silently cries

Hold him in your arms Lord
So he will be at peace
Allow us all to give him time
In dealing with his grief

For tears may last all night
But joy comes in the morning
So let him grieve throughout the night
For a new day will be dawning

© By M.S.Lowndes